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Zip Remains Politically Neutral

We, as the tech company and as developers of Zip – The Question Answer App, have been thrust into a political firestorm. Which is okay, because we want to be thrust into whatever the national hot topic is at the time for any topic. Whether it be a natural disaster, the Academy Awards or the Super Bowl, we welcome any subject that evokes passion. We merely reported data from our platform that we were seeing from the mountain of questions and answers asked by the users. We had and have zero intent on attracting any one side of the political aisle.

Resolving Squabbles for

There’s no limit to what you can answer with the power of Zip in the palm of your hand

  • Get answers to opinion-based questions by consensus you can’t get online.
  • Settle your questions in the timeframe you choose and in as little as 15 minutes.
  • Swipe to weigh in anonymously on questions that matter to you, from fun and crazy to philosophical and newsworthy.
  • Interact with your favorite events, brands, superheroes, personalities, teams, aliens, entertainers and media.
  • Be notified of trending questions as little or as often as you want.
  • Personalize your feed to only get questions that match your interests.
  • Become the life of any party – instantly!

As a Premium User, you’ll be able to communicate directly and exclusively with your audience via distribution of QuickCodes. Zip can provide you an exclusive channel to communicate with any desired audience. There is no limit to the questions you can ask your audience. Plus, for every question you ask, you will receive real-time analytics on your audience as users engage with you either anonymously in our main stream or your brand via your exclusive QuickCode.

Since each QuickCode is unique to the associated Premium User, they represent a new development in the marketing world, namely the ability to segment, narrow and expand the audience being reached by a particular message or partner immediately without restrictions.

The Zip Story

Like most successful apps, Zip – The Question Answer App was created out of passion. While working on a tech solution to a different problem, what began as a simple disagreement has turned into a social phenomenon. It all started at a lunch meeting with the Crazy Raccoons tech team when the Founder of Zip, Ric Militi, got into a friendly squabble with Alanna Markey, Co-Founder and Director of Brand Development. The two were in disagreement and both started to ask people from the company’s tech team and those around them for their opinion before they began to Google the question, searching for the most definitive answer.

Next, they found polling apps, which were all very likeminded. They began to wonder how no app like this existed. What they were searching for was just a simple app. Something that would answer their not so simple question. With no luck and no answer, Ric as Founder came to a conclusion – to create an easy to use and fun app that would solve this problem. A few months later came Zip – The Question Answer App. Settling arguments with real results from real people, one question at a time. The best part? It’s completely anonymous, it’s simple, and it’s fun for all ages.

The Zip Founding Team Members:

Ric Militi – Founder and CEO
Adam Aparicio – Co-Founder and Legal Counsel
Alanna Markey – Co-Founder and Director of Brand Development
Giselle Campos – Co-Founder and Director of User Experience
Rachel Trujillo – Co-Founder and Director of Production Services
Sean Jaeger – Co-Founder and Director of Architecture & Technology

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