Xiangqian Zhou at Wright State University, webassign answers.#Webassign #answers

Xiangqian Zhou

Webassign answers

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Joe is an incredibly nice teacher, who really cares for his students. He is always willing to answer questions and give extra help if you dont understand a problem. Homework is once a week and theres only three midterms. Lectures are clear, but he doesnt post them outside of class, so make sure you show up. Great profesor even if you dont like math

Joe is awesome and funny. He does really well in lecture with being able to explain things. He has a little bit of an accent, but he’s completely understandable. He’s really an awesome professor. No need for the actual book except for studying. You just need the webassign code to do the HW. Labs are quick and easy. Wish I could take him for Calc 2!

Dr. Zhou is an absolutely amazing professor; he’s incredibly clear in lecture, gives easy homework and exams, but still somehow truly prepares his students for the difficult common final exam. Please, if you need to take calculus and he’s an option, take his section. He’s the only bright star in a very dark WSU math department.

Joe gives lots of clear examples. Grade consist of 3 exams, a final, recitation homework, and webassign. Lowest 2 recitation assignments and lowest 2 webassign assignments are dropped. Explains what topics need to be studied before each test. He is my favorite math teacher and a nice guy. Book is same as one for Calc 1 and 3.

Great Professor and definitely the best Calc Prof WSU has to offer. He goes through tons of explanations and will tell you exactly what you should know for all the exams.

Excellent professor! If you ever have the chance to take a math class with him, do it! Of the three midterms, my gradeunderstanding got better with each one, and I felt very prepared for the common final- which I passed with an A. I am disappointed I will not be able to take Calculus I with him.

Take him. He tries to make things easier. By the fourth week, he called me by my name. he knows every one in his class. Great guy. Use the problems which are explained in the class and in the lab to study the exams. Easy to get A.

Had him for calc 2 and 3, if you have a choice, take him. Makes things very clear. Doesnt really focus on the math theory unlike many others at wright state, just focuses on the problem solving. Exams are easy, tels you what will be on them. However, if you want a sound understanding of the mathmatical theories and concepts avoid, hes too simple.

Had him for Calc 2 and 3.Best Teacher ever, take him. TAKE HIM. Grades very well, and gives extra credit if everyone does “bad”. His definition of bad is below an 85..

By FAR the best Calculus professor at Wright State. Had him for Calc 2/Calc 3. Makes everything clear, grades VERY fairly, he basically makes Calculus the easiest thing ever. Also, he is pretty funny.

The best professor ever. He made it very easy to understand the material and was very helpful. Has a great attitude and kept his students interested.

Joe is awesome. He always explains things and helps with any problems, and he would give us problems to do on the board for bonus before exams. Plus it’s fun to hear him mispronounce words due to his accent.

He is a great teacher! take him for any Math classes you can. He knows how to explain it and is very helpful when you ask questions. he grades his HW but his lab is not mandatory (he loads the problems on pilot). He wants us to learn 🙂

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