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Best answer: The notion that anyone can edit Wikipedia is false. Sure, any company or famous person with boatloads of money can pay to have information about themselves manipulated or removed, but for the rest of us, the chances of our edits being accepted and actually posted are almost nil.

The editing group, according to former editors who have left in disgust, is a closed clique of self-important demigods with a bro mentality who all but ban entry into their exclusive little club. Their obsession with the rituals of process discourages the likes of you and me from submitting a well-intentioned correction of a misspelled word or term in a subject that we might be accredited experts in with decades of experience just because we are outsiders to their exclusive kingdom.

How do I know this? Because, with the best of intentions, I signed up to be a volunteer editor to not only to help copyedit some of the existing poorly written articles, but to provide information in countless subjects that are being ignored.

Having to send a few lines of information through layer upon layer of citation process, then having to justify those citations up the hierarchy of little Jesuses on tin wheels whom will hold up your 3 lines of information indefinitely while they bicker among themselves regarding the placement of a comma or whether or not to use a semi-colon.

Well, I didn t stick around long enough to learn the fate of my three lines, which are probably still in limbo and will never see the light of day. Life s too short to waste it on an organization tied up in the knots of its own red tape.

I can only conclude that the best, most accurate information on the widest variety of subjects will never make it into Wikipedia because the stakeholder group repels the willingly-shared knowledge and fresh ideas on subjects its editors are clueless about because it threatens the power of its exclusive club of know-it-alls.

Best answer: Theres no way to do it without getting caught. Ppl regulate the site and all changes to a page are visible in the page s history. If u use an account ppl can see your change and catch you, but u only get banned if someone reports you, which probably will happen if the vandalism is extensive. If u edit without an account, u can still get caught because when u do this, your IP address becomes visible for all to see.

A lot of people refuse to believe what s written on Wikipedia, but I think that Wikipedia has the most reliable and the most accurate information compared to other websites. I know that people can edit it, but I ve never seen anything false on it so far.

I don t want to use Wikipedia as anybody can edit that website. Thanks.

Best answer: There is plenty of rambling fluff on Wikipedia and similar sites. My work colleague and I wanted info about the Great Wall of China. We looked on Wikipedia and saw a long article which was very badly written – very hard to extract facts from it. Note that my colleague and I had very different educational experiences, but both of us could tell that the quality of writing was very poor.

will go their entire lives without ever editing wikipedia ever/? i say about 70 to 80 something percent,what say you?

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