What is the best answer to the question – How are you – in

#are you the answer


Fine, thanks. What about you?

There’s nothing wrong with your answer, although it might get tiresome if you word it exactly the same way, every time you’re asked. But the solution for that is to merely use a few simple variations:

I’m doing great today – and you?

Doing well, thanks. How about you?

Not bad, yourself?

Thanks for asking, I’m doing fine.

I think it’s usually best to avoid clever responses to such a standard question, particularly when you’re with new acquaintences. Sure, you could reply with something like, “I’m happy as a clam ,” but that’s not very professional, and it would probably undermine your credibility rather than enhance it. Such jocular ways of answering are best left said among close acquaintences when everyone is kidding around.

I used to work with someone, who when asked how are you? would pause, consider for a few seconds, and then reply Good! with a tone that suggested he was quite touched that you had cared enough about his well-being as to ask. For most of us though, it s a formality more than anything more, and this answer, as with Barrie s, fit the bill fine. Jon Hanna Jan 28 ’13 at 20:45

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