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employee training tracking software

TrainingRegister® is a user friendly training management system designed to help manage, track, schedule and document daily training activities and monitor training requirements. TrainingRegister® gives instant access to training records and provides on-time management reports for organizations of all sizes.

TrainingRegister® can be installed on a single workstation for a single person, or installed on a network so it can be used simultaneously used by many training administrators, coordinators, supervisors and participants. The users can be in the same facility or scattered around the world. And, there is not an extra cost for the number of users or the size or your organization!

TrainingRegister® permits creating Training Programs that define curricula for people based on their job, group, task, certification or individual development plan. Reports can then be prepared that list needed classes, people who need the training, and individual progress. Training can be required once in a lifetime or on a periodic basis.

The TrainingRegister® Skill Tracking feature lets you classify and locate individuals who possess a specific or general skill and skill level.

The TrainingRegister® Evaluation Feature permits participants to evaluate training they have completed based on client designed questions and one narrative response. Trainers can report or export the data collected for study and improvement of training.

The TrainingRegister® Web Module contains Self-Enrollment, Personal Reporting, Management Reporting and Training Evaluation features. Participants can schedule for training from anywhere in the world and receive instant confirmation.

TrainingRegister® has Import Utilities that can be used to update employee data from an HR system, and import completed training records from other systems such as computer based training.

TrainingRegister® can help you both manage your training department and keep tabs on the details. Summary management reports provide overall training progress, costs and projected costs by department, division or account code. Detail reports let you confirm an employee’s training, monitor their training progress and see what training they need.

TrainingRegister® is a great Training Management System for organizations that need to schedule and document required training and avoid duplicate or unnecessary training.

TrainingRegister® is a perfect tool for tracking OSHA, ISO, Safety, FDA regulated, and other required or mandated training. We are committed to staying current with these issues.

Most importantly, TrainingRegister® will help you ensure that your employees are trained to perform their tasks safely and efficiently.

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