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A handy tool to quickly check the understanding of pupils on a wide range of topics. Questions can be made easier or harder as needed and a time limit set for each question. Ideally used with mini whiteboards in the classroom.

Generates a set of differentiated questions on your chosen topic. Answers can be revealed individually by clicking on the tiles or by using the ‘Show Answers’ button.

A bank of GCSE style maths questions for revision and practise. Each question is randomly generated with a full worked solution.

A revision tool which randomly generates a grid of GCSE exam style questions. Worked solutions are created for each question.

A simple to use lesson starter for use on the interactive whiteboard. Answers can be checked individually or all at once.

A set of interactive questions designed to be answered by pupils on a tablet or computer. Each topic ladder can be easily differentiated to suit individual pupils needs.

Free maths worksheet generator. Choose from a huge range of topics and questions. Each worksheet is designed to be printed and used in the classroom.

Activities, Puzzles and Problem Solving

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