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The Impossible Quiz

The impossible quiz 2 answers is a website where you can take The Impossible Quiz and enjoy all versions of it for free. In fact, it’s a really simple flash game with poor graphics and easy aim – answer all questions. But people all over the world have lost their mind playing it, so let’s find out what makes it so popular. Many people think that they are smart and can answer every question. There are a lot of different tests to find out IQ(level of intelligence) but The Impossible Quiz offers a really unique method to find out how smart you are. There are more than 100 questions in the game and of course they are easy at the beginning and rather difficult as you progress. Those questions are simple at first glance but when you click the answer you think is right and suddenly find out that you were wrong, you realize the whole thing : This quiz is impossible. In order to achieve success in this quiz you must think outside the box. The questions are made in such way, that you must think carefully before making a choice.

A good example of the question in the impossible quiz is the following one : What Follows December 2nd? The 4 answers are : December 3rd, A Question Mark,N, 142 dwarves. Of course in all other tests your answer would be December 3rd, but not in the impossible quiz. Here the right answer is N. Now when you know how tricky can be the questions you must be accrurate and never make your choice in a hurry. Stop for a moment and think, what can be the real idea of author if he asks you the questions. Keep in mind that is a fan made website for the fans of impossible quiz. Here you can find all versions of the game as well as discover cheats (answers). Hope that you will spend great time playing the full version of the impossible quiz at our webpage.

The impossible quiz 2 answers

The impossible quiz 2 answers The impossible quiz 2 answers

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