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The Best Call Center Services of 2017

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Call Center Services Review

Call center services can be an easy, cost-efficient way to provide quality customer service, increase sales and follow up on leads. From services that work solely with small businesses to companies built to handle high call volumes for enterprises, we ve gathered and reviewed the 10 best call center services available.

Top Ten Reviews has been reviewing call center services for over five years, and we ve considered more than 25 call centers to bring you the best 10. We ve included services that do inbound and outbound calls, are U.S.-based, and stay open 24/7.

What Call Center Is Best for Your Business?

In our evaluation, we found that the best call center services are TeleDirect, 1-888-GO-ANSWER and Specialty Answering Service. The call center that s best for your business, though, depends on many factors, including what type of features you re looking for and the size of your business. Below, we recommend businesses based on different needs your company might have.

Many companies are moving away from outbound call services, and few do any cold-call telemarketing as part of their work for you. TeleDirect is different, offering all of the features businesses might need for outbound calls. These features include lead generation, surveys, customer follow-ups and cold calling. If you need to make outbound calls, TeleDirect is a great company to investigate for your call center service.

OnBrand24 offers all of the features we looked for in a call center service, including inbound and outbound call features. It requires that you spend a minimum of $2,500 a month for one person handling your calls. This means that OnBrand24 expects you to have a large call volume in order to work with its call representatives. You can be sure that OnBrand24 has the resources you need to handle a large call volume, whether the calls are inbound or outbound.

If you re a small business, you might not have the largest inbound or outbound call volume every month. 1-888-GO-ANSWER doesn t require a minimum number of calls each month, and it offers all of the features that other call center services that do require minimums offer. 1-888-GO-ANSWER is a cost-effective call center solution for a small business.

Does Your Business Need a Call Center?

Call centers can be great resources, but they re not always necessary. Use our checklist to see if you should seriously investigate call center services. If several of these statements are true, it might be worth trying a call center solution.

  • My employees and I spend too much time answering phone calls.
  • My company is losing sales because we don t have time to follow up on leads.
  • I don t have time to run my business because I have to focus on answering customer questions.
  • We miss many customer calls because the phone lines are busy.
  • It takes my team longer than 24 hours to return customer phone calls because there s so much to do.
  • We have a hard time keeping track of appointments.
  • My team doesn t have time to call and remind clients about upcoming appointments.
  • Several of our customers speak languages other than English, but none of my staff can assist them.
  • I know we need help, but I don t think we have enough work to hire a full-time receptionist to answer phones.
  • Customers often call in for help placing orders, but we don t have the extra time to guide them through ordering processes.
  • We want to improve our customer service, but we don t currently have the resources to do so.
  • Our customers call at all hours, but we can t always answer the phones when our clientele needs us.

How Do Call Centers Work?

All of the companies in our review are U.S.-based and available 24/7. All of them have at least some bilingual agents who speak Spanish as well as English, and several companies in our review can also help your customers with other language needs.

You can instruct your call center service representatives to do any number of things with your calls. They can simply take messages from inbound calls or transfer your calls to you, they can set appointments and help with order processing, or you can have the call center agents handle the technical calls themselves with a custom script for your business. By working with the call center service, you can create a script specifically for your business and industry that call agents follow, which ensures that your brand stands out and your customers receive the best service for their needs. Some companies charge an extra fee for custom scripts, especially for complex ones. Keep this in mind when you look for a call center service.

You can have call centers perform outbound calls as well as take inbound calls. Outbound calls can include surveys, scheduled calls to customers for follow-up purposes, lead generation services and even cold calling, though some call centers no longer participate in cold calling if you do not have the customer s information in your system already.

What Are the Benefits of a Call Center?

Call centers can help free up your and your employees time so that you can focus on important aspects of your business while others focus on handling your phone calls. A call center is a good way to improve your customer service without taxing your current resources, and it s a cost-effective solution, especially if you purchase a plan that lets you pay for minutes you use as you go.

Call center services can also help you close sales, since someone will be available to help with order processing and appointment setting. You can also have call centers follow up with your customers and work on converting leads into customers.

What Does a Call Center Cost?

Call center services have different pricing models. Some companies, like TeleDirect, charge you for a particular number of minutes that never expire, so you can use those minutes at any time and don t pay again until you run out. Other services, like 1-888-GO-ANSWER, charge a monthly fee plus an additional smaller fee per minute you use beyond the limit of your monthly plan.

Some call centers, such as Xact Telesolutions, require that you use a minimum number of minutes each month for inbound and/or outbound calls. Other companies require a minimum invoice amount each month, so the cost of your minutes might be larger if you have a lower monthly call volume so that you meet the minimum invoice. Some solutions, particularly for shared call centers (which means that yours is not the only business representatives are answering phones for), charge only by the minute, and you only pay for what you use. Global Response prices its shared call center services this way.

Call Service Options

If you need a call service that will follow up with customers, convert leads and gather more customers, look for a service that specializes in outbound calling. If you only need inbound calls answered, it might be worth looking into an answering service, which is meant for inbound-only calls, usually for a smaller call volume. Answering services are good options for smaller businesses.

If you want your inbound and outbound calls handled in-house (which may be the case if you have highly technical and specific customer service needs) but need the resources and equipment to be able to do so, visit our business phone services review. If you re a small business and need phone equipment, our small business phone systems review might be helpful.

Verdict Recommendations

TeleDirect, 1-888-GO-ANSWER and Specialty Answering Service are the three best overall call center services, offering all of the features we looked for in call center solutions. If you re a large business, investigate OnBrand24. 1-888-GO-ANSWER or Global Response are both good options for small businesses. Read our reviews for these and other top-ranking call center services.

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