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Word dictionary thesaurus

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Word dictionary thesaurus Word dictionary thesaurus Word dictionary thesaurus Word dictionary thesaurus Word dictionary thesaurus Word dictionary thesaurus Word dictionary thesaurus Word dictionary thesaurus Word dictionary thesaurus Word dictionary thesaurus Word dictionary thesaurus

Word dictionary thesaurus

Word dictionary thesaurus

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Word dictionary thesaurus

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Word dictionary thesaurus

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Word dictionary thesaurus Word dictionary thesaurus Word dictionary thesaurus

Thesaurus, Define thesaurus at, word dictionary thesaurus.#Word #dictionary #thesaurus


a dictionary of synonyms and antonyms, such as the online Thesaurus.com.

any dictionary, encyclopedia, or other comprehensive reference book.

Definition of thesaurus (continued)

a storehouse, repository, or treasury.

an index to information stored in a computer, consisting of a comprehensive list of subjects concerning which information may be retrieved by using the proper key terms.

a dictionary of synonyms and antonyms stored in memory for use in word processing.

Origin of thesaurus


Grammar Greats and Gaffes


online thesaurus

noun, plural online thesauruses, online thesauri.

a thesaurus or dictionary of words with the same or nearly the same meanings, or synonyms, and their opposites, or antonyms, such as Thesaurus.com, available on the Internet or the World Wide Web, accessed through a web browser, and used by entering a query term into a search box on the site. An online thesaurus provides immediate electronic access to lists of alternate terms for the queried word, covering its various shades of meaning: This online thesaurus showed me that smart, as an adjective, not only means intelligent, but also stylish, or lively, and gave long lists of other words for each meaning.


Examples from the News

  • Had Palin scoured a thesaurus, she could not have come up with a more inflammatory phrase.

Palin Goes Nuclear With Blood Libel Speech


  • Most of these (along with Tatian), are to be found in Schilter s Thesaurus.

Robert Gordon Latham

A Handbook of the English Language

  • And now Pabo distinctly remembered that the Thesaurus was not far beyond it.

    Pabo, The Priest

  • You couldn t trust this Swede as far as you could throw a thesaurus by the tail.

    Yellowstone Nights

  • Then I wrote at the top of the paper, Thesaurus for the Ennuied.

    George Madden Martin


  • First of all his age is thirty-six, and he is the editor of The Thesaurus.

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    Word dictionary thesaurus

    the practice of reducing the size or quantity of a product but keeping its price the same or increasing it read more

    Word dictionary thesaurus

    Word dictionary thesaurus

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    Word dictionary thesaurus

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    Word dictionary thesaurus


    Word dictionary thesaurus

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    Just Jumble – App for Jumble: That Scrambled Word Game #telephone #answering

    #jumble puzzle answers



    The Free and Official Jumble App
    from Jumble Authors Jeff Knurek and David L. Hoyt!

    Play America’s favorite word puzzle game in this fun and punny app!

    • Jumble puzzles are played by millions of fans every day. More than 600 newspapers and over 100 Internet sites carry the daily
      Jumble puzzle!
  • This FREE app has added puzzles 10 times and now contains 794 of the best Jumbles ever created! And the answer to each of these puzzles is a smile about to happen.
  • Each and every puzzle was created by the hugely talented team of David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek, the Most Syndicated Puzzle Author Illustrator Duo in the world.
  • This app is utterly simple to play and fun for players of any age! These are the humorous newspaper puzzles that people have loved for over 60 YEARS (Jumble: That Scrambled Word Game first appeared in print in 1954). In Just Jumble , new players will enjoy the app’s unique play sequence — discovering a cartoon puzzle’s humorous solution is easier than ever! Long-time Jumble players will love tackling every aspect of these word puzzle masterpieces.

    Super easy to play! Hundreds of deliciously fun and punny puzzles! Entertaining hints and insights from Jeff and David. And beautiful high resolution graphics show off the cartoons full-screen (they look great even on older smaller phones).

    Try the free app today! And tell all of the Jumble lovers in your family!

    If you’re curious to know more about the duo that create the puzzles for Jumble: That Scrambled Word Game. and what makes them so creative. check out the bottom of the page.

    All Jumble Puzzles, Logos, Indicia and Marks are the Copyrighted Property of
    Tribune Content Agency, LLC 2016 Content Agency, LLC All Rights Reserved.



    David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek began inventing toys and games together back at the turn of the century (the year 2000). David lives in Chicago and authors puzzles for 20+ daily word games. As this nation’s most syndicated puzzle creator, he is often called The Man Who Puzzles America. Jeff lives near Indianapolis and is an award winning toy and game inventor, consumer product developer, puzzle creator, cartoonist and musician. Together, David and Jeff create the world’s favorite puzzles!
    For more about David L. Hoyt, please click here!
    For more about Jeff Knurek, please click here!

    Another great game by Adveractive, Inc. – Chapel Hill, NC, USA –

    Jumble Solver – Helps you solve jumble word puzzle #www.peter #answer.com

    #jumble puzzle answers


    Jumble Solver

    Jumble is a word puzzle which is played by scrambling the letters to make an anagram, based on some clue. Jumble Solver is a simple, fast and easy to use jumble word solver. You enter the jumbled/scrambled words and it tells you the possible words or answers, that can be made from those letters (kind of single word anagram). So, if you need any help while playing daily jumble solver, or any similar word jumble game or puzzles, it can help you cheat and win đŸ™‚

    Few tips for solving jumble word puzzles

    • Watch out for number of vowels
    • Look for word pairs. e.g TH, BR
    • Double letters may not play well together as it seems
    • Begin with the first letter in the group

    If you want to unjumble words for text twist or scrabble, words with friends etc, then check out our Text Twist solver page.

    Help us improve this site
    If you have any suggestion/idea for improving this website, then let me know.

    Jumble is a registered trademark of Tribune Media Services, Inc.

    JumbleSolver.me is not affiliated with Jumble or Tribune Media Services, Inc in any way. This site is for entertainment purposes only.

    IAssociate 2: A Truly Unique Word Game for the iPhone #textbook #answers

    #iassociate 2 answers


    iAssociate 2: A Truly Unique Word Game for the iPhone

    iAssociate 2 for the iPhone ($3.99) is a truly unique word game. It seems like most of the word games you come across in the App Store are variations of Boggle, Text Twist or Scrabble. iAssociate 2 is refreshingly unlike any of these.

    The object of iAssociate 2 is to uncover associated words which are all related to a theme, such as food. You are initially presented with one central word (the theme word) that is surrounded by related words whose letters are represented by dashes.

    The number of letters for each word is in parentheses. You simply guess what the unknown words are. When you type in a correct answer, 250 points are added to your score, the completed word turns red, and new associations (indicated by dotted lines) appear. If you only guess one or more letters in unsolved words, you receive 5 points per letter. Each puzzle also has at least one bonus word that is more difficult to solve. As you gain points, new levels are opened up, and you are awarded medals.

    Initially, the game can seem intimidating since you aren t given any clues, aside from the number of letters and the theme of the puzzle, to assist you in figuring out a word. But, there are techniques for solving the puzzles that make the task of solving easier. For example, assume your known word is horse and you see several associated words related to it. Possibilities might include colt, foal, mare, filly, equine, etc. You can type your guesses on the blank words, or, to save time and effort, simply click on horse, and type in your guesses. If you do it this way, the game will automatically fill the associated words into their correct slots.

    Even if you don t have any idea what the related terms might be, you can still solve the words simply by typing each letter of the alphabet in turn until you uncover the first letter, second letter, etc. This becomes tedious pretty quickly, but sometimes that s the only way to make progress.

    iAssociate 2 offers help in two forms. First, you can request help for individual words within the app by pressing the hint button, but you are limited as to the number of hints you can receive in a given puzzle. The app also allows you to request help via Facebook. Simply press the Facebook button and then touch the word you can t solve. Your request for help will appear on the app s Facebook page and another player might just give you the assistance you need.

    I m pretty stubborn when it comes to solving puzzles, so I m not likely to use the hint button or the Facebook option. However, I am not above using Google to figure out related words. For example, I worked a puzzle that included numerous words from WWII, including the names of certain aircraft. I utilized Google to research WWII aircraft, discovered possible words, and eventually I solved the puzzle. What s great is that, not only did I have fun solving the puzzle, but I also learned some history (and aircraft trivia) in the process. That s one reason I really like iAssociate. I always learn something new while I m playing it. How often can you say that about a word scramble game?

    What s Macgasmic. iAssociate is a wonderfully unique word game that is both challenging and fun. Gameplay is simple once you learn a few solving techniques. And, when you uncover words, more associations are revealed, so the game is similar to a treasure hunt—one clue leads to another and another. I really enjoy the easy pace of the game. You don t play against a clock, though you can earn medals for solving puzzles quickly. My favorite aspect, as noted above, is that the game encourages learning as you discover new associations and words.

    What s Not: The game does have a few weaknesses, all of them related to typing. If you only partially solve a word or phrase, you have to retype the whole thing in order to solve it. For example, in one puzzle I typed One Flew Over the Cookoo s Nest (obviously I misspelled the word cuckoo ). So, the game showed me the consecutive letters I got correct: One flew over the c – – -. But I couldn t just type the remaining letters to solve the phrase. I had to retype the entire expression again. On the iPhone s tiny keypad, this gets pretty frustrating. Also related to the iPhone s small screen is the fact that words can be hard to see, especially when the puzzle expands. You can zoom in slightly, but I sure hope there s an iPad version in the works. iAssociate would be much easier to play with on the bigger screen.

    One last quirk I noticed: when typing abbreviations, you have to type with the exact punctuation and spacing that the game creator used or you will get the word wrong. So, if the solution is J.F.K. but you type J. [space] F. [space] K. you will only get the first letter and period correct. This isn t a major problem, and I can t think of a way the developer could avoid it. But at 3:00 a.m. with only one word left to solve, little annoyances like that can make the game less enjoyable.

    Puzzles For Kids – Kids Puzzles, Word Searches, Crosswords, Sudoku, Mazes, Online

    #maths crossword puzzles with answers



    We have a huge collection of Kids Puzzles at Activity Village – all sorts of kids puzzles, including crossword puzzles, word search puzzles, cryptograms, sudoku for kids, kakuro, and mazes! We are continually adding new puzzles and updating some of the older puzzles on the site, so please check back often. Our puzzles are organized by theme and holiday celebrations so you should always find something fun to print – and we try to make puzzles for all ages and abilities. Browse our kids puzzles collection below.

    Why not print some of our kids puzzles out and save them for a rainy day, or take them with you to a restaurant or on a journey? Scroll down to find them all.

    Puzzles by Topic

    To find puzzles by topic search our A-Z List of Topics

    Puzzles by Type

    Does your child have a favourite type of puzzle? We have sorted our puzzles by type so you can easily find just what you are after.

    These fun new puzzles are based on the word game Categories . Children need to come up.

    These arithmagon puzzles challenge children to use their brains, and their maths skills! They are a.

    Boggler puzzles for kids are fun word puzzles for all ages, a mixture of anagrams, word searches.

    There s something very exciting about codes and coded messages that many children love. We are.

    Our complete the picture puzzles are a mixture of puzzle and drawing activity, and they.

    We have two types of counting puzzles here at Activity Village, jumbles where you have to count the.

    Crosswords are the classic puzzle. Here at Activity Village we have crosswords on all sorts of.

    Fun for older kids, fill in the letters and solve the code to complete the phrase.

    Dot to dot puzzles have always been popular, and we have a growing collection here at Activity.

    Our find the diffence puzzles are something special, and you ll find a variety of puzzles to.

    Our grid copy puzzles require kids to copy the pictures square by square – using concentration and.

    Hanjie puzzles, also known as griddler puzzles or nonograms, are a real test of your logic skills.

    How many words puzzles can be used in many ways, as a competion, as a timed challenge or just for.

    Kakuro are a number puzzle which require the use of simple addition (and, for harder puzzles.

    Mazes are a very simple yet fun activity and an excellent way of practicing penmanship skills by.

    These simple puzzles (really worksheets in disguise!) encourage children to choose the right path.

    These puzzles are designed to help with early Maths and English learning. Themes include odds and.

    Sudoku for kids is one of the oldest sections of Activity Village and remains one of our most.

    Here s some puzzling fun for the kids from ancient China! Tangrams, seven pieces of.

    We ve designed our tile puzzles so that they can be enjoyed by children in as wide an age range.

    Word wheel puzzles are fun to do and can be used as a time-filler, a group competitive activity, or.

    Word scrambles or anagrams are an excellent way of helping children with their spelling as they.

    The classic puzzle, words searches are a simple idea that all children soon pick up. Here at.

    Here we have a small collection of puzzles that don t fit into our other number puzzle.

    We like to keep things interesting for the kids, so here is an assortment of slightly different.

    Best Brain Teasers: Rebus Word Puzzles With Answers #answer #questions #online

    #rebus puzzle answers


    TOP 20 PUZZLES FOR ADULTS Puzzles for adults Puzzles For Adults 1. Popular Age Problem Difficulty Popularity Two o.

    (1). Murder Mystery Humour Riddle Difficulty Popularity A donkey behind another donkey I m behind that se.

    Top 10 TRICK QUESTIONS TRICK QUESTIONS 1. Hard Math Riddle Difficulty Popularity Take 9 from 6, 10 from 9, 50 from 40.

    Hard Math Problems 1. Smart Math Problem Difficulty Popularity As they say, beggars can t be choosers, in fac.

    Murder Riddles 1. Murder Crime Riddle Difficulty Popularity A dead body is found at the bottom of a multistory.

    Math Word Problems with Answers – Grade 8 #get #paid #to #answer

    #math problems with answers


    Math Word Problems with Answers – Grade 8

  • A car traveled 281 miles in 4 hours 41 minutes. What was the average speed of the car in miles per hour?

  • In a group of 120 people, 90 have an age of more 30 years, and the others have an age of less than 20 years. If a person is selected at random from this group, what is the probability the person’s age is less than 20?
  • The length of a rectangle is four times its width. If the area is 100 m2 what is the length of the rectangle?
  • A six-sided die is rolled once. What is the probability that the number rolled is an even number greater than 2?
  • Point A has the coordinates (2,2). What are the coordinates of its image point if it is translated 2 units up and 5 units to the left, and reflected in the x axis?
  • The length of a rectangle is increased to 2 times its original size and its width is increased to 3 times its original size. If the area of the new rectangle is equal to 1800 square meters, what is the area of the original rectangle?

  • Each dimension of a cube has been increased to twice its original size. If the new cube has a volume of 64,000 cubic centimeters, what is the area of one face of the original cube?
  • Pump A can fill a tank of water in 5 hours. Pump B can fill the same tank in 8 hours. How long does it take the two pumps working together to fill the tank?(round your answer to the nearest minute).
  • A water tank, having the shape of a rectangular prism of base 100 square centimeters, is being filled at the rate of 1 liter per minute. Find the rate at which the height of the water in the water tank increases. Express your answer in centimeters per minute.
  • Dany bought a total of 20 game cards some of which cost $0.25 each and some of which cost $0.15 each. If Dany spent $4.2 to buy these cards, how many cards of each type did he buy?
  • The size of the perimeter of the square ABCD is equal to 100 cm. The length of the segment MN is equal to 5 cm and the triangle MNC is isosceles. Find the area of the pentagon ABNMD.


  • Water is being pumped, at a constant rate, into an underground storage tank that has the shape of a rectangular prism. Which of the graphs below best represent the changes in the height of water in the tank as a function of the time?


  • Initially the rectangular prism on the left was full of water. Then water was poured in the right cylindrical container so that the heights of water in both containers are equal. Find the height h of water in both containers.(round your answer to the nearest tenth of a cm).


  • Peter drove at a constant speed for 2 hours. He then stopped for an hour to do some shopping and have a rest and then drove back home driving at a constant speed. Which graph best represents the changes in the distance from home as Peter was driving?


  • Two balls A and B rotate along a circular track. Ball A makes 2 full rotations in 26 minutes. Ball B makes 5 full rotation in 35 minutes. If they start rotating now from the same point, when will they be at the same starting point again?
  • In a certain college, 40% of the senior class students is taking Physics, 30% is taking calculus and 10% is taking both. If 40 students are enrolled in the senior class, how many students are taking neither Physics nor calculus?
  • Joe drove at the speed of 45 miles per hour for a certain distance. He then drove at the speed of 55 miles per hour for the same distance. What is the average speed for the whole trip?
  • If the radius of a cylindrical container is doubled, how do you change the height of the container so that the volume will stay the same?
  • One leg of a right triangle is 18 cm and its area is 108 square cm. Find its primeter.
  • What is the sum of the sizes of the interior angles of a polygon with 53 sides?
  • Jack is taller than Sarah but shorter than both Malika and Tania. Malika is shorter than tania. Natasha is shorter than Sarah. Who is the shortest?
  • What is the height (one of the legs) and the hypotenuse of an isosceles right triangle that has an area of 800 square feet?
  • Find the circumference of a circle inscribed inside a square with a side of 20 meters.
  • Two different schools (A and B) have the same number of pupils. The ratio of the boys in school A and the boys in school B is 2:1 and the ratio of the girls in school A and the girls in school B is 4:5. Find the ratio of the boys in school A to the girls in school A.

  • What – s The Word Answers #and #dictionary #definition

    #puzzle answers


    Whats The Word has quickly become the most popular game trend on all mobile platforms. We currently have all answers for the original iOS version by Red Spell (now available on Android), the first Android version – What’s The Word? 4 Pics 1 Word and new versions by Itch Mania and Emerging Games.

    July 14, 2014 – 294 additional 4 Pics 1 Word levels added to the site! 204 of those were new words that can now be found on the 4 Pics 1 Word Solver page too!

    February 25, 2014 – 300+ new 4 Pics 1 Word answers have been added to the 4 Pics 1 Word Answers section. The 4 Pics 1 Word Answers section now has answers to all the current levels, including all downloadable levels. You can find all answers on the Whats The Word Solver page as well.

    What’s The Word Answers – iOS and Android

    What’s The Word Answers
    iPhone, iPod Touch
    Developer: RedSpell
    View Answers

    What’s The Word HD Answers
    iPad Version
    Developer: RedSpell
    View Answers

    What’s The Word Answers
    Developer: Red-Spell
    View Answers