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Pinnacle Property Management

Our Services

Pinnacle Property Management currently oversees a commercial portfolio in excess of half a million square feet located in the Phoenix, Tempe and Tucson metro areas. PPM functions as the management arm of various ownership groups, who are dedicated to long term investments. In this regard, it is in the best interests of all parties to maintain mutually beneficial business relationships insuring high tenant retention as well as a high level of guardianship of the assets and their continued appreciation.

PPM employs a select group of experienced and dedicated individuals who function as a seamless team in all aspects of property management, leasing, tenant improvements, accounting and tenant relations. Our administrative, accounting and mechanical personnel are seasoned veterans who prefer to be pro-active in attending to our tenant’s needs and the daily requirements of each property.

Since we self-manage all of our properties, we employ economy of scale when choosing vendors and therefore have the ability to provide cost containment at the highest level. Long-term relationships with many vendors allow us the ability to negotiate below industry costs while retaining above industry level of service. Our accounting practices will withstand the closest scrutiny and consistently strive for the lowest operating costs possible with the highest level of service to our tenant population. Cost savings and tenant relations are an important part of any tenancy and compliment “location, location, location” as nothing else can. Our Management services provide evidence for all to see.

We are selective in our tenant mix and can provide full floor requirements of a Fortune 100 tenant, as well as see to the needs of a 200 square foot Executive Suite tenant. When a tenant chooses a PPM managed property we are glad to welcome them. It is our goal to insure that you’re pleased in choosing a Pinnacle Property.


Designated Broker: Timothy B. Hafer

Phoenix Main Office
2700 N. Central Av. #120
Phoenix, AZ 85004
Phone: (602) 604-7500
Fax: (602) 604-7501

Tempe Branch Office
4500 South Lakeshore Dr. #300
Tempe, AZ 85282
Phone: (480) 345-2828
Fax: (480) 345-7067

Tucson Branch Office
310 South Williams Blvd. #101
Tucson, AZ 85711
Phone: (520) 571-9878
Fax: (520) 571-9792

Please visit our Real Estate Properties for a description and pictures of our commercial real estate in the Phoenix and Tucson
metropolitan area.

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Residential & Household Moving Anywhere In The World!

  • Commercial & Office Moving Services

  • Worldwide Warehousing & Storage Solutions

  • Professional Moving Services
    For Local, National & International Moves

  • International Shipping Solutions

  • Special Products Moving Services

    Need Outstanding Movers? Atlantic Relocation Systems is a Local, Interstate, and International Moving Company Offering Premium Service

    Homeowners and Fortune 500 companies alike turn to Atlantic Relocation Systems when they want professional movers with the expertise and resources to get the job done right. With highly experienced moving coordinators and specially trained moving teams, we are the moving company you can truly depend on for successful moves of any size and scope. We have 13 locations across the country and can handle moves from anywhere to anywhere nationwide, and even internationally. Our exceptional moving services are further bolstered by our standing as an agent of Atlas Van Lines – a world-renowned leader in moving and logistics.

    The quality of our moving services. trucks, and storage facilities have helped us earn a ProMover designation from the American Moving Storage Association, and several of our locations have received the Milton M. Hill Quality Award from Atlas Van Lines. We’ve also passed rigorous security and safety inspections to receive government approval for the handling and storage of goods for the United States Armed Forces.

    Residential, Commercial, In-State, Interstate, and International Moving Company for any Office, Household, Industrial or Electronics Relocation

    Whether you are moving a household across town or relocating a business across the country, you can rest assured your residential or commercial items are properly packed and transported with exceptional skill and care when you choose the movers at Atlantic Relocation Systems. When it comes to interstate moves, our moving company has the support and resources of Atlas’ network of more than 500 agents nationwide.

    For those in need of international moving professionals, our experienced moving coordinators with International Association of Movers certification and verified agents around the world have the expertise necessary to ensure your items meet all international shipping regulations and requirements and make it to their destinations without delays.

    Our movers are dedicated to achieving the complete satisfaction of each and every customer, whether residential or commercial, local or long distance. From assigning you a knowledgeable moving coordinator to serve as your convenient single point of contact, to our What’s Important to You pre-move surveys that allow you to provide us special instruction that will help our movers serve you better, our commitment to exemplary service is clear. Our movers go the extra mile for you.

    Contact us when you need movers in Atlanta, GA, Anaheim, CA, Chicago, IL, Colorado Springs, CO, Denver, CO, Dallas, TX, Houston, TX, Indianapolis, IN, Phoenix, AZ, Sarasota, FL, Tacoma, WA, or Tampa, FL.

    Our Services

    We are adding top performing members to our growing team of professional drivers (both employees and owner operators), branch managers, sales representatives, customer service and operations personnel. We are seeking individuals who have a strong passion for the van line moving and storage industry and who take exceptional pride in their work. We offer competitive compensation programs, advancement potential, and the necessary tools for a successful career. Apply today using the link below to the right .

    video & resource center

    Check out our resource center packed full on useful moving info, how-to guides and planning downloads.

    how to prepare for in-home moving estimate

    don’t forget to get your free estimate


    what our customers are saying

    Outstanding Professional Service

    Outstanding professional service at every level. The packing crew were fast and very careful with our belongings. We actually received our furniture earlier than estimated. If you are moving long distance go with this company.

    Bob amp; Toni

    Very Professional Manner

    Movers were very professional in the manner in which they moved our belongings. Our son (10 years old) was pleased that the movers cleaned up his room and took care of all his toys too!

    By Far Best Experience

    My husband and I have moved several times and this was. by far. the best experience that we have ever had. They were great and I would definitely use Atlantic Relocation again as well as recommend this company. Great job!!

    Fantastic Job

    Howard did a Fantastic job packing and relocating my possessions despite having some location challenges. He was professional and customer oriented. Diane, my coordinator did an outstanding job as well, arranging my move and preparing my documentation.

    Terrific Job

    I just like to say that Raul did a terrific job. He and is crew were outstanding, insuring that everything went smoothly from packing to unpacking. also heck of a job in transporting my car.

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    northwest pest control tucson

    Northwest pest control tucson

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    Northwest pest control tucson

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    Northwest pest control tucsonNorthwest pest control tucson

    Northwest pest control tucson

    Please select from the categories above or scroll through the lists of training courses announcements and training providers below.

    Please select below from our current list of EPA-sponsored on-demand training courses available.

    • Environmental Compliance for Federal Laboratories (FedCenter membership required)
    • Environmental Management Systems (FedCenter membership required)
    • Underground Storage Tanks (FedCenter membership required)

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    Tucson AZ Eye Doctors – Corneal Disease Symptoms, Treatment & Causes #rehab


    Tucson Eye Doctors for Corneal Disease

    Type of Physician: Eye Doctor

    What is a Eye Doctor? A certification by the Board of Ophthalmology; practitioners provide comprehensive eye and vision care. They are trained to diagnose, monitor and medically or surgically treat all eyelid and orbital problems affecting the eye and visual pathways, and to diagnose, monitor and treat all eye and visual disorders. They often prescribe vision services (glasses and contact lenses) as well as serve as a consultant to physicians and other professionals.

    Common Name: Eye Doctor

    Eye Doctors in Tucson *

    Ajay Sanan
    Pima Eye Institute
    7396 N La Cholla Blvd
    Tucson, AZ 85741
    (520) 229-1554

    Don’t see your city? Use the WebMD Physician Directory to expand your search.

    Tucson, Arizona

    Tucson is a city in and the county seat of Pima County, Arizona, United States, located 118 miles (188 km) southeast of Phoenix and 60 miles (98 km) north of the U.S.-Mexico border. The English name Tucson derives from the Spanish name of the city, Tucson, which was borrowed from the O’odham name Cuk Son, meaning “(at the) base of the black [hill]”, a reference to an adjacent volcanic mountain. Tucson is sometimes referred to as “The Old Pueblo”.

    Corneal Disease

    What is the cornea?

    The cornea is the clear tissue at the front and center of the eye. Its transparency permits light to pass into the eye, through the pupil, lens, and onto the retina at the back of the eye. The.

    Other Related Corneal Disease Articles

    Children’s Clinics—Rehab Services—Pediatric Physical Therapy in Tucson #rehab #tucson


    Children s Clinics Offering specialty clinics and rehab services, physical, speech, and occupational therapy, audiology and hearing aids to children, teens, and families.

    Children’s Clinics offers a full complement of outpatient therapies, including physical, speech and occupational therapies, audiology and hearing aids. The Rehab Department provides evaluation, therapy, education, and equipment to children from birth to young adulthood. The therapists who staff the department are recognized as community experts in a number of pediatric specialty areas including: feeding, wheelchairs, seating and mobility, splinting and bracing, therapeutic casting, special equipment, communication, hearing screenings, hearing aids, and cochlear implants. An important goal across the disciplines, is to educate parents about their child’s special needs and teach them how to improve their child’s day-to-day functioning. Therapists coordinate with schools and primary care providers to ensure a consistent approach. Parents and families are included in planning and setting goals.

    Physical Therapy

    Children’s Clinics’ Physical Therapists evaluate gross motor skills, such as sitting, standing, and walking, and provide direct therapy to improve these and other functional skills.

    They evaluate adaptive equipment and bracing needs, and recommend appropriate equipment to increase mobility and independence.

    Our Physical Therapists are experts with many years of pediatric therapy experience. They are highly regarded in the community for their skills in treating youngsters with Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, Muscular Dystrophy and related disorders, Torticollis, and every type of children’s orthopedic problem.

    Occupational Therapy

    Children’s Clinics’ Occupational Therapists evaluate fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, and functional abilities such as feeding, dressing, grooming, and writing. They provide direct therapy to improve these and other “activities of daily living.”

    Occupational Therapists evaluate the need for adaptive equipment and make appropriate recommendations. They fabricate and fit wrist, hand, and finger splints to improve function.

    Our Occupational Therapists are well-known in the community for their skills in treating children with Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, Muscular Dystrophy and other Neuromuscular Disorders, and Autism Spectrum Disorders.

    Speech Language Therapy

    Children’s Clinics’ Speech-Language Therapists evaluate the ability to understand and use language for learning and socialization. They provide therapy to improve oral speech and language, or to develop alternative communication methods if speech is not possible.

    Speech-Language Therapists also assess and treat problems related to voice, eating, and swallowing.

    All our Speech-Language Therapists have many years of pediatric experience. They are highly-regarded in the community for their skills in treating children with Cleft Lip and Palate, Cerebral Palsy, Hearing Loss, and a wide range of other speech and language problems.


    Children’s Clinics Audiologists specialize in the assessment of hearing ability in infants, children, and teens. When needed, they select, customize, and fit state-of-the-art hearing aids.

    They teach the child and family how to care for and use hearing aids and cochlear implants to achieve the greatest benefit. They provide ongoing hearing aid and earmold support and services.

    Our Audiologists are well-known for their ability to assess very young children, and youngsters with Cleft Lip and Palate, Cerebral Palsy, and developmental delays.

    Tucson ac #royal #automotive #group, #royal #tucson, #used #cars #tucson, #royal #buick


    Royal Automotive Carries 3 Different Convertibles

    Royal Automotive Carries 9 Different Coupes

    Royal Automotive Carries 7 Different Hatchbacks

    Royal Automotive Carries 28 Different SUVs

    Royal Automotive Carries 30 Different Sedans

    Royal Automotive Carries 6 Different Trucks

    Royal Automotive Carries 3 Different Vans

    Royal Automotive Carries 1 Different Wagons

    Welcome to Royal Automotive Group

    In Tucson, AZ, we are Known as “the dealership that’s different” because of our highly rated fast, fair and simple car shopping process. We know that you have high expectations, and as a car dealer we enjoy the opportunity of meeting and exceeding those standards each and every time. Allow us to show you a better way to buy your next new or pre-owned vehicle in Tucson.

    Our sales consultants are highly trained and are not on a commission. We want you to experience a hassle-free car buying experience. It means our consultants will help you find the best and least expensive vehicle in the shortest time possible. We also want you to be sure you purchased the right car for you. After your purchase, Royal Automotive offers a three-day return policy so it is virtually impossible to make a mistake! We want you to be comfortable with your decision and to love your new car.

    Our dealership group includes t he following brands: Buick, GMC, Cadillac. Jaguar, Land Rover. Lexus. MINI & Kia. Each of these locations also sells used vehicles. In addition, we have 2 insurance preferred Collision Centers .

    Additionally, if you don’t see a particular vehicle, click on CarFinder and complete the form. We will gladly inform you when a matching car arrives. If you’d like to see a vehicle in person, click on Dealership: Directions for step-by-step driving instructions to our site, or give us a call. We look forward to serving you!

    Lexus of Tucson at the Automall

    Lexus of Tucson on Speedway

    Royal Jaguar Tucson

    Royal Land Rover Tucson

    MINI of Tucson

    Royal Buick GMC Cadillac

    Royal Buick GMC Cadillac

    Royal Buick GMC Cadillac

    Water Treatment in Tucson, AZ #plumber #in #tucson


    Tucson, AZ’s Premier Water Treatment Service

    For nearly 50 years we have provided exceptional service locally to thousands of residential and commercial customers.

    Water Tec of Tucson was started in 1967 by the DeGrave family. Originally the DeGrave family was primarily performing residential service, sales and installation of water treatment equipment in Southern Arizona. Over the years Water Tec of Tucson added commercial service, sales and installation to serve restaurants, hotels and other commercial institutions.


    In the early 1980’s the second generation of the DeGraves became involved with the company under current ownership of Leigh DeGrave and his wife Jennifer. Water Tec has expanded to have offices in Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Mexico. In 2007 Water Tec of Tucson, to better serve its customers, moved from a 20,000 square foot building to a 40,000 square foot building at 4601 S. 3rd avenue. This facility has allowed Water Tec of Tucson to have one of the largest warehouses, and manufacturing facilities in the western United States. Not only do customers in southern Arizona have one of the largest inventories in the Western United States but they also have access to a staff with over 200 combined years of water treatment experience.

    To better serve its customers Water Tec of Tucson opened a centrally located showroom and warehouse in January 2014. The new showroom location at 3333 N. 1st Avenue is a convenient location to see the latest technology in water treatment, purchase supplies and have access to a staff to answer any question or to help with do-it-yourself projects.

    Water Tec of Tucson provides a wide array of services including repairing all makes and models, preventative maintenance programs, convenient salt or potassium delivery and installation of equipment by our own installers. Our sales representatives are non-commissioned, low pressure sales people that are sure to listen to your needs and only recommend and quote what is necessary to solve your water issues. That low pressure non-commissioned sales approach saves you thousands of dollars when compared to our competition. Water Tec has always strived to provide unparalleled service at a fair price which is evident in its Better Business Bureau A+ rating and Angie’s List customer service award winner for 2012, 2013 and 2014. Water Tec of Tucson is licensed, bonded and insured in Arizona and Nevada.

    Please remember we have been “Providing Service After the Sale……since 1967!”


    Independent Insurance Agency #auto #insurance #tucson


    About Lloyd Koty

    Agency Co-Owner

    Koty-Leavitt Insurance Agency is one of Arizona’s largest insurance agencies. Lloyd Koty, the agency’s co-owner and manager, has distinguished himself as an outstanding insurance professional. Lloyd has earned the Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriters (CPCU), the Associate of Risk Management (ARM), and Associate in Fidelity and Surety Bonding (AFSB) designations, setting him apart in the insurance industry as an agent who has achieved the highest standards of education, ethics, and experience. Lloyd received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Colorado before beginning his insurance career as a Claims Adjuster with Aetna Casualty and Surety in 1982.

    About Koty-Leavitt Insurance

    Koty-Leavitt Insurance Agency’s roots date back to 1940 in Tucson. Through internal growth and mergers of several Tucson based insurance firms, Koty-Leavitt has become one of the largest independent agencies in Arizona.

    Our goal is to exceed your expectations and we have the expertise and resources to do it. We safeguard your business with a consultative approach that starts by taking the time to appreciate your unique situation. We stand out not only because of what we do for our clients, but how we do it.

    We help our clients every day with:

    Business Insurance

    Auto, General Liability, Property, Workers Compensation, Umbrella,
    and more.

    Personal Insurance

    Auto, Homeowners, Renters, Motorcycle, Recreational Vehicles, Umbrella Liability, Life, Health, Dental and more.

    Employee Benefits

    Medical, Dental, Vision, Disability, and more.

    Surety Bonding

    License and permit Bonds, Bid Bonds, Performance and Payment Bonds, Notary Bonds, Court bonds and more.

    Tucson dui attorney #tucson #dui #attorney

    We Defend Your Rights!

    What is a DUI?

    Aggressive and Effective Representation

    Tucson DUI Attorney

    A conviction for DUI or other Criminal offense has potential far reaching and serious consequences that could linger for a lifetime. Often times, a conviction can result in incarceration, a lengthy and restrictive probation, large fines, restitution assessments, and deportation if you are not a citizen. If you find yourself in a compromising position The Law Office of Mark W. Heckele, can help.

    When you go to Court without the help of a skilled and experienced Tucson DUI attorney, you are going into a hostile environment blindfolded. NO ONE in the Court, aside from your attorney, has the exclusive responsibility to protect your rights. Many of the people who you come into contact with in Court are primarily interested in moving your case through the system as quickly as possible which is not in a Defendant’s best interest.

    Aggressive representation tailored to defend Tucson DUI charges both in any court and at DMV hearings, by strategizing with clients to develop an effective defense, is one of the most effective ways to increase your chances of successfully defending DUI charges. We want to know why the police stopped your car, how well you performed on the field sobriety tests, whether the officer completed a 15-minute observation period prior to the breath test, if the machine had any history of malfunction, and many other factual events leading up to your arrest.

    To explore your legal rights and options further, please call The Law Office of Mark W. Heckele to speak to a qualified representative TODAY!

    Legal Disclaimer: The information you obtain at this site is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice. You should consult an attorney for advice regarding your individual situation. We invite you to contact us and welcome your calls, letters and electronic mail. Contacting us does not create an attorney-client relationship. Please do not send any confidential information to us until such time as an attorney-client relationship has been established

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