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Elementary Algebra – Sample Questions – Testing Services – Monroe Community College

#algebra questions and answers


Elementary Algebra – Sample Questions

ACCUPLACER Placement Testing
Elementary Algebra – Sample Questions

There are three categories of questions on the Elementary Algebra test (17 questions).

  • The first category, operations with integers and rational numbers, includes computation with integers and negative rationals, the use of absolute values, and ordering.
  • The second category is operations with algebraic expressions. It tests your skills in evaluating simple formulas and expressions, and in adding and subtracting monomials and polynomials.
  • Both of the preceeding categories include questions about multiplying and dividing monomials and polynomials, evaluating positive rational roots and exponents, simplifying algebraic fractions, and factoring.

    • The third category tests skill in solving equations, inequalities, and word problems. These questions include solving systems of linear equations, quadratic equations by factoring, verbal problems presented in algebraic context, geometric reasoning, the translation of written phrases into algebraic expressions, and graphing.

    NOTE:Not every student will take the Elementary Algebra test.

    Solve each problem and choose your answer from the alternatives given. You may use scratch paper to work problems, but no calculators are allowed on the Elementary Algebra test.

    Sample Question 1:

    If a number is divided by 4, then 3 is subtracted, the result is 0. What is the number?

    Sample Question 2:

    Sample Question 3:

    Elementary Algebra – Sample Questions Answers

    Software Testing Interview Questions and Answers #answer #riding #gear

    #question and answer software


    Software Testing Interview Questions and Answers

    Software Testing Interview Questions and Answers

    In this post, we will look at some common Software Testing Interview Questions that you may be asked when you attend a Software Testing Interview. The answers to the interview questions is for guidance only. You may want to expand on the answers at the interview if you are asked any of these Software Testing Interview Questions.

    Question: What is Exploratory Testing and when should it be performed?

    Answer. The definition of Exploratory Testing is simultaneous test design and execution against an application. This means that the tester uses her domain knowledge and testing experience to predict where and under what conditions the system might behave unexpectedly. As the tester starts exploring the system, new test design ideas are thought of on the fly and executed against the software under test.

    On an exploratory testing session, the tester executes a chain of actions against the system, each action depends on the result of the previous action, hence the outcome of the result of the actions could influence what the tester does next, therefore the test sessions are not identical.

    This is in contrast to Scripted Testing where tests are designed beforehand using the requirements or design documents, usually before the system is ready and execute those exact same steps against the system in another time.

    Exploratory Testing is usually performed as the product is evolving (agile) or as a final check before the software is released. It is a complimentary activity to automated regression testing.

    Question: What Test Techniques are there and what is their purpose?

    Answer. Test Techniques are primarily used for two purposes: a) To help identify defects, b) To reduce the number of test cases.

    • Equivalence partitioning is mainly used to reduce number of test cases by identifying different sets of data that are not the same and only executing one test from each set of data
    • Boundary Value Analysis is used to check the behaviour of the system at the boundaries of allowed data.
    • State Transition Testing is used to validate allowed and disallowed states and transitions from one state to another by various input data
    • Pair-wise or All Pairs Testing is a very powerful test technique and is mainly used to reduce the number of test cases while increasing the coverage of feature combinations.

    Question: How do you test the login feature of a web application?

    This is a very common software testing interview question and the aim is to see how broad you can think about the feature. Most interviewees start with the obvious answer of checking input fields with positive and negative values, invalid email, valid email but incorrect password, sql injection, etc. But most of these tests can be done and should be done by the developers as part of integration testing.

    Here the focus is on testing at system level, tests which cannot be done without a full integrated system.

    Answer. Possible answers to this testing interview question can be:

    • Sign in with valid login, Close browser and reopen and see whether you are still logged in or not.
    • Session management is important how do we keep track of logged in users, is it via cookies or web sessions?
    • Sign in, then logout and then go back to the login page to see if you are truly logged out.
    • Login, then go back to the same page, do you see the login screen again?
    • Sign in from one browser, then open another browser to see if you need to sign in again?
    • Login, change password, and then logout, then see if you can login again with the old password.

    Question: What Types of Testing is Specifically Important for Web Testing?

    This is also an important Software Testing interview question for web application testing roles. Note, this question is asking about the types of testing.

    Although you would do functional testing, usability testing, accessibility testing, etc, these are all also applicable to desktop application testing. The question is asking specifically for web testing.

    Answer: Two types of testing which are very important for testing web applications are Performance Testing and Security Testing. The difference between a web application and desktop application, is that web applications are open to the world, with potentially many users accessing the application simultaneously at various times, so load testing and stress testing are important.

    Web applications are also vulnerable to all forms of attacks, mostly DDOS, so security testing is also very important to consider when testing web applications .

    Question: How do You Verify the Results of Your Search on Search Results Page?

    This is another common Software Testing Interview Question for e-commerce testing roles. This question refers to verifying the results are what we expect to see.

    Suppose you search for a product on website. On the search results page you will see a list of items related to your search. How can you verify that the results that you see are really the ones that you are supposed to see?

    Answer: The answer to this question is rather simple. At first instance, we need to know where the data is coming from. Are they coming from a database? Or some XML files from 3rd party websites?

    Once we have this information, we can start comparing the results we see on the result page with the results from the source, e.g. database.

    Another option is to use mocks to generate the data that we need so we can fully control the data that we see on the search results page.

    If you are preparing for a Software Testing Interview, or you are interviewing candidates for QA roles, you will find this mind map very useful: 30+ Essential Software Testing Questions to Prepare for Interview

    What is Acceptance Testing?
    Testing conducted to enable a user/customer to determine whether to accept a software product. Normally performed to validate the software meets a set of agreed acceptance criteria.

    What is Accessibility Testing?
    Verifying a product is accessible to the people having disabilities (deaf, blind, mentally disabled etc.).

    What is Adhoc Testing?
    A testing phase where the tester tries to break the system by randomly trying the system s functionality. Can include negative testing as well. See also Monkey Testing.

    What is Agile Testing?
    Testing practice for projects using agile methodologies, treating development as the customer of testing and emphasizing a test-first design paradigm. See also Test Driven Development.

    What is Application Programming Interface (API)?
    A formalized set of software calls and routines that can be referenced by an application program in order to access supporting system or network services.

    What is Automated Testing?
    Testing employing software tools which execute tests without manual intervention. Can be applied in GUI, performance, API, etc. testing. The use of software to control the execution of tests, the comparison of actual outcomes to predicted outcomes, the setting up of test preconditions, and other test control and test reporting functions.

    What is Beta Testing?
    Testing of a release of a software product conducted by customers.

    What is Black Box Testing?
    Testing based on an analysis of the specification of a piece of software without reference to its internal workings. The goal is to test how well the component conforms to the published requirements for the component.

    What is Bottom Up Testing?
    An approach to integration testing where the lowest level components are tested first, then used to facilitate the testing of higher level components. The process is repeated until the component at the top of the hierarchy is tested.

    For Test Automation Interview Questions and Answers, click here

    For Agile Testing Interview Questions and Answers, click here

    Online State-Specific Practice Tests and Benchmark Testing – USATestprep, Inc #cooking #questions

    #online answers


    USATestprep, Inc.


    USATestprep was founded by two teachers who believe that web-based technology could improve student test performance and curriculum mastery.

    Curriculum Resources

    USATestprep offers more than practice questions. It includes games, puzzles, videos, and enhanced technology activities – all aligned to your state’s standards.

    Benchmark Testing

    Our diagnostic benchmark system provides a performance snapshot at the student, class, school, and district level.

    Getting Started

    USATestprep is very user-friendly! Students and teachers can use the site effectively from the first day of purchase. We also offer a live online training session, as well as tutorial videos on every important aspect of our site.

    What Are Email Templates and How to Create Them? #email #template #testing


    What are Email Templates?

    Email templates allow you to customize the formatting and text of emails sent by users who share your content. Templates can be text-only, or HTML and text, in which case the user s email client will determine which is displayed.

    As a publisher, your emails will use the default AddThis email template unless you choose to create your own. This initial AddThis template cannot be edited or removed, however it can be replaced as your default template, in which case any emails generated by users sharing your content using any AddThis code with your Profile ID will utilize new default template.

    You can choose to override your current default template by specifying a different one in your AddThis code. Any emails generated by this code will use that template s text and/or HTML formatting. You can even create multiple templates for different parts of a site or different domains!

    Also, if you have created multiple AddThis Profiles, each profile has it s own Email Templates. This helps publishers who are managing different configurations to more easily organize their implementations without having to create multiple AddThis accounts.

    Creating a Custom Email Template

    To create a new template:

    1. Go to Settings. and select Profiles .
    2. Select your AddThis Profile to make changes to Email Templates. If you have created multiple Profiles, select the Profile for which you wish to add the new Email Template.
    3. Select Add a template.
    4. Name your template (required); you will use this name to assign the template in your AddThis code – it may contain letters, numbers and underscores.
    5. Select the Subject of your email (required); you may use variables such as <> to insert the sender s email address.
    6. Edit or replace the text-only content (required); variables may be used in the text content of your email.
    7. Provide any HTML content that should be presented to users whose email clients can display HTML messages (optional).
    8. When you are finished, select Save .

    Using Template Variables

    The following variables can be used in the Subject and Text/HTML contents of email templates:

    Inserts the sender s email address

    Values of custom variables can also be inserted using the following format:

    To pass a custom variable from the AddThis menu at share time, you must configure the addthis_share variable, adding the email_vars object. For example, to set the value of var_CustomVariable:

    Note: Be sure not to override your existing addthis_share variable when setting the custom email variables. This setting is also page-wide, so you can t set different variables for different share buttons on a page.

    Testing and Previewing Your Templates

    You can send a Test Message using the default AddThis template, or any custom template you create. You will be asked for an email address, and a test message will be sent using the selected template. Note that your email client will determine whether you receive a text-only or HTML template. If you would like to see what your templates will look like, you can also select Preview while editing a template.

    Using a Different Email Template in AddThis Code

    To designate a different email template in your addthis_share object, use the following variable:

    Here is an example of AddThis code designating an alternate template My_Template:

    Selecting a Different Default Template for Your Account

    The default template for your Profile will be applied to any emails shared using any AddThis code with your Profile ID unless a different template has been specifically called for in that particular instance of code. The email template supplied by AddThis is set to be your Profile s default template unless you create your own template AND set it to be your Profile s default.

    To set a custom template to be the default template for your AddThis Profile:

    1. If you have not already done so, create a custom email template following the instructions above.
    2. After you have saved your template, you will see a list of available templates, including the AddThis default template and your new custom template.
    3. To designate your new custom template as the default template for your AddThis account, select the radio button labeled Default to the left; you will be asked to confirm your selection.

    From that point forward, any emails shared using any AddThis code with your Profile ID will use your new custom default template, unless a different template has been specifically called for in that particular instance of code.

    What Are Email Templates and How to Create Them?

    Soasta: Load Testing and Performance Monitoring #soasta #load #testing


    Web Analysis for Soasta –

    HTTP Header Analysis

    Http-Version. 1.1
    Status-Code. 200
    Status. 200 OK
    Cache-Control. public, max-age=600
    Content-Encoding. gzip
    Content-Type. text/html; charset=UTF-8
    Date. Sat, 03 Sep 2016 03:25:10 GMT
    Link. ; rel=shortlink
    Server. nginx
    Timing-Allow-Origin. *
    X-Pantheon-Endpoint. a66fd9d5-c094-46d1-83eb-548979e3545c
    X-Pantheon-Styx-Hostname. styxa28fb950
    X-Styx-Req-Id. styx-2c12a542d80128c9de003b06a1192b8e
    X-Styx-Version. StyxGo
    X-Varnish. 204314670 205883385
    Age. 352
    Via. 1.1 varnish-v4
    Vary. Accept-Encoding, Cookie
    Content-Length. 16342
    Connection. keep-alive
    Accept-Ranges. bytes

    Domain Information

    2005-10-18 1 decade 1 year 10 months ago

    2015-04-27 2 years 3 months 3 weeks ago

    2019-10-18 2 years 1 month 3 weeks from now

    Domain Nameserver Information

    DNS Record Analysis

    TXT: v=spf1 mx

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    Learn LoadRunner #loadrunner, #hp #loadrunner, #performance #testing, #load #testing, #loadrunner #9.0, #8.1,


    So you’re still running that old stable LoadRunner 9.5 version and wondering if you should finally upgrade to 11.5? Well, I’ll try to answer that question and more in this post about the latest and greatest features with this 11.5 release and also answer some questions about recent HP Support announcements. [LoadRunner 11.5 was released

    web_url is not a context sensitive function while web_link is a context sensitive function. Context sensitive functions describe your actions in terms of GUI objects (such as windows, lists, and buttons). If web_url statement occurs before a context sensitive statement like web_link, it should hit the server, otherwise your script will get error ed out.

    How to refresh the scripts in controller? How to create a default save as directory for VUGen and controller?

    What is new in LoadRunner 9.5? Protocol advisor, Host secure Manager Utility, HP service Test integration

    A process is the virtual address space and control information necessary for the execution of a program, while threads are a way for a program to split into two or more simultaneously running tasks.

    An approximation of the cost of our load testing tool, LoadRunner, derived from a link on the old Google Answers.

    Load Testing Rails 5 Action Cable with Tsung #rails #load #testing


    Load Testing Rails 5 Action Cable with Tsung

    As more and more developers begin to implement Rails 5 with Action Cable in order to deliver real-time features, people have been asking me–“how does it scale?”

    My answer so far has been–I don’t know! So, I set out to do some basic load testing on our earlier Action Cable sample app.

    In this post, we’ll use Tsung to run some load tests on the WebSocket connection of our Rails 5 chatting application in order to generate some stats on number of simultaneous users, max connections, etc.

    Let’s get started!

    What is Tsung?

    Tsung is a distributed, multi-protocol load testing tool. Tsung, which is developed in Erlang, simulates users in order to test the scalability and performance of client/server applications.

    Tsung is so great at stress testing because it’s developed with Erlang and based on the Erlang OTP. Erlang is built for concurrency and can support lots and lots of processes running simultaneously on the virtual machine.

    Tsung is protocol-agnostic, and can be configured to stress test via multiple protocols, including (as of version 1.5) WebSocket protocol.

    We’ll install and configure Tsung and tell it to open up lots and lots of connections to our chat app. Then, we’ll use the Tsung reporting feature to generate some helpful charts and tables, visible through the Tsung web console.

    Installing Tsung

    We need to install Tsung on our server. I’ll be running Tsung locally, against my app running locally in production mode. You can run Tsung on your production server as well.

    Installing Tsung on Mac OSX is super easy:


    Tsung has a number of dependencies. none of which I had any trouble with except Template-Toolkit.

    The graph-generating feature of Tsung uses the Template-Toolkit processing system, which is written in Perl.

    When trying to generate by graph reports (more on that later), I encountered the following error:

    To solve this issue, I had to manually install Template-Toolkit.

    To install on Mac, run:

    Using Tsung

    Tsung load tests are written in XML. We’ll configure a WebSocket load test using this guide .

    Configure to Load Test Rails

    We’ll create our Tsung XML file in the root directory of our Rails app.

    Let’s break this down a bit:

    • First, all of our scenarios are enclosed in opening and closing tsung tags:

    Define the Client/Server

    To begin defining our testing scenario, we need to define the client and server.

    Here, we’re telling Tsung to initiate clients from localhost and to send requests from those clients to the server running on on port 3000.

    With the use of use_virtual_controller_vm=”true”. we’re starting the load on the same host and on the same Erlang virtual machine as the controller.

    Then, we define the load progression, which is accomplished by defining arrival phases. You can define a progression of arrival phases, but we’ll keep it simple and just define one:

    Define the Load Progression

    Here, we’ll telling Tsung to run the arrival phase for 1000 seconds, during which it will initiate a maximum of 1500 users at the rate of 200 users every one second.

    Next, we’ll use the options tag to define a range of available client ports, so that we can run lots and lots of concurrent connections:

    Now is where the fun starts–the session configuration.

    Sessions define the content of the scenario itself. They describe the requests to execute.*

    Here we give our session a name, which is just there for the purposes of labeling, and a probability, which determines which session the user will run, and type.

    Within our session, we’ll define the requests we want to make.

    For the WebSocket protocol, there are three types of requests:

    • connect. which will send a request to connect to a given path–in our case, the path to our WebSocket server.
    • message. which sends a message to the server
    • close. which terminates the WebSocket connection.

    Notice that our third request, that one that actually sends the messages through to our Messages Channel (defined in our
    Rails 5 chatting application) does so inside of a for loop, with a thinktime set. Thinktime is the interval that should separate requests.

    And that’s it for our Tsung load test configuration. We’re ready to run it!


    First, make sure that your Rails app is running, in the production environment:

    In order to run Tsung, we use the following command:

    The -f flag specifies the configuration file we are using to run Tsung, and the -k flag stands for “keep alive”. It tells Tsung to continue running the web console on localhost:8091. even after the load tests have terminated. This is useful for us in navigating the reporting.

    We’ll create an executable file to make running this command even easier. In the root of our rails app, the same location where we defined the rails.xml Tsung configuration file, create a file We’ll place our execute of tsung there:

    To make executable from the command line, simply run:

    Now, from the terminal, we can run

    This should start our Tsung load tests running, and we should see the following in the terminal:

    Once the test terminates, we’re ready to generate our report!


    There are two options for our reporting. We can generate a static report once the tests have terminated, and open then in the browser. Or, we use the Tsung web console, running on port 8091 to view reporting stats and graphs on the fly. We’ll look at both options

    Generating a Static Report

    In order to generate our report, we’ll cd into the log directory:

    From here we can run the following command:

    This generates a report.html and a graph.html page, as well as series of additional graph images in the images/ directory of this folder. You can open any or all of these in your favorite browser.

    Reporting in the Web Console

    To view stats and graphs without generating a static report, we can simply visit localhost:8091 and we’ll be offered a number of statics on our load test. Let’s break down some of our reporting metrics now.

    Analyzing The Report

    When we open the report, running on localhost:8091. we’ll see the status of our load tests right away.

    We can navigate around to view reports and graphs. I’m particularly interested in the simultaneous users graph, pictured below:

    You can see that we reached our max number of users, 1500, and maintained that number of simultaneous connections throughout the run of our test.

    We also see some basic stats on our sessions, requests, response time. etc.

    For more info on reporting, check out the Tsung docs .

    SQL Server Consulting Canada #sql #server, #consulting, #performance #tuning, #optimization, #consultant,sql #server


    Database Consulting is Our Core Business

    We are Database Consulting firm and Solution Provider. We are specialized in providing consulting services for all major database systems namely Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Sybase, DB2, PostgreSQL and Cloud based Databases.

    Database Consulting Onsite and Remote

    We provide remote and onsite emeregency and routine database consulting services. Our key services include performance tuning, disaster recovery, migration upgrade, virtualization consolidation, backup maintenance, troubleshooting, auditing, project services and databases in the cloud.

    Partner Network

    We are Registered Member of Microsoft Partner Network and Oracle Partner Network. This helps us to bring top notch database consulting services, technologies and practices to our valued clients.

    License Reseller

    We are authorized License Reseller and Licensing Solution Provider for all Microsoft products. We provide consultancy, sales and support services on all Microsoft software licensing and Volume licensing for all size of organizations. read more

    Our Team

    We maintain a team of Database Experts who are highly experienced, fully trained, certified and have a solid background in the field of database and its related technologies.

    SQL Experts recently helped us implement SQL Mirroring and optimization our DBs to improve performance. Throughout the process they were reliable, professional and impressed the team they worked with. The process was well documented and they took time to train our staff throughout implementation. I would have no hesitation in recommending SQL Experts and we will continue to use them in the future.
    James Watt Vice President, EFT Canada Inc. Toronto, Canada

    We were experiencing performance issues causing application outages 3-4 times daily. The consultant from SQL Experts performed a detailed review of our environment, took performance benchmarks and came up with specific recommendations for remediation. Once the recommendations were implemented the performance issues were gone completely and our application had stabilized. Since then there have been no outage at all. Our Management and IT teams are extremely pleased with the professionalism and dedication demonstrated by the consultant at SQL Experts Inc.
    Luke Townsend Manager, Infrastructure Dealer Communication Systems, Hyundai Auto Canada Corp, Markham, Canada

    Recently SQL Experts Inc. performed a smooth migration of our SQL Server 2000 environment to the SQL Server 2008 R2 environment, and also achieved a business goal of high data availability and disaster recovery by implementing database mirroring . SQL Experts trained our staff to manage fail-over and fail-back situations, as well as providing documentation and hands-on training. Their consulting fees were competitive and the level of service was outstanding. We would highly recommend the services of SQL Experts Inc.
    John Herzig, President, Barcode Graphics Inc. Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

    We are very impressed with the hard work and dedication of the SQL-Experts team. They provided us with excellent advice on various SQL Server configurations (both hardware and software) and are willing to perform work during nights and weekends, which is important to our operation. More importantly, their work has improved the performance of our service! We would happily recommend SQL-Experts.
    Eric Harrington, COO,, Dallas, Texas, USA

    Our company wanted to expand our use of SQL for better analytics. With a small Information Systems department we had a knowledge shortfall. Finding a good and reliable SQL resource amongst our existing consultant contacts was not yielding any success. Then we found SQL Experts Inc. In our first engagement we knew there was a future in this engagement. Their thorough preparation led us to develop a scope for the project that all parties were able to check against their requirements. Their post implementation documentation was exceptional, and saved us hours of effort. These are huge benefits, that make such a partnership successful. We are very pleased with the solution provided by SQL Experts Inc. to meet our business goals for high availability to meet contingency and reporting to load balance performance. Their implementation of database mirroring and transactional replication has enabled us to achieve our business goals and improve operational efficiencies.
    Paul Chatten, Manager Information Systems, George KELK Corporation, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    I want to thank you for implementing the disaster recovery and high availability solution for our mission-critical large databases between our primary and co-location sites. Thank you for excellent job in executing the solution, performance benchmark, preparing detailed documentation and hands-on training our internal IT team. Certainly, in near future, I will be looking more professional services from SQL Experts Inc. Best Regards.
    Tariq Ali, VP IT, Najm For Insurance Services, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    We are extremely pleased with the consulting services of SQL Experts Inc. that they have provided for migrating data from different data sources to our new SQL Server environment and putting all necessary performance and disaster recovery strategies in place. Based on their sincerity, dedication and professionalism, We will continue to get their services for all our future SQL Server needs.
    Said Al-Riyami, Business Development Director, Runib Trading LLC, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

    We have been utilizing the services of SQL Experts for many years for all our database consulting needs including monthly database maintenance. Recently SQL Experts have provided consulting services for moving to the cloud, upgrading from earlier versions and consolidating all the database servers to fewer SQL Server 2014 instances thereby helping us to save SQL Server licensing and maintenance costs. They performed all the tasks professionally, competently and within the maintenance window.
    Tharma Athiththan – Director, Information Technology at OREA, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    The consultants at SQL Experts Inc. were very helpful in resolving some SQL Server
    2008 configuration and performance related problems we were experiencing. Their
    service was excellent and very cost effective.
    John Stoltz, President at SQL Process Design Ltd. Oakville, Ontario, Canada

    We regularly use the services of SQL Experts Inc. Their consultants are highly
    competent and dedicated. Their services are very cost effective.
    Liz Crane, IT Manager of Northwest Eye Surgeons, Seattle, Washington, USA

    SQL Experts Inc. have been of great help in promptly recovering our business critical
    databases running on SQL Server that had corrupted due to hard disk error. Also they
    assisted us in migrating all our databases from older version to the newer version of SQL
    Server. Their consultants are very courteous, result-oriented and highly competent. They
    performed all the tasks at minimal time and cost.
    Ken Gossip, CEO, Advanced Medical Services, Dallas, Texas, USA

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    We work closely to ensure your home is restored quickly and with quality workmanship. You can rely on us to use the industry’s most advanced techniques and tools to effectively restore your home and protect personal property from further damage. We handle jobs as large as your entire home or as small as a single room. When the unexpected happens, call on the quick response of AURA Restoration Services at (416) 660-1484.

    Aura Restoration Services Mission Statement

    Aura Restoration Services will provide a place of employment that is dedicated to the training and rewarding of accomplishments of its employees. When employees are treated well, they in turn do a better job, which in turn generates a better product and an increase in business. We will work together as a team sharing our vast wealth of experience to continue to provide the best product available to you and the property owner. We will strive to provide a superior level of service in your time of need.

    Our goal is to take this experience and provide a superior level of customer service, at a fair price and to continue grow our relationships with our industry partners.

    We are a 24 hour, 7 days a week emergency provider.

    Please feel free to give us a call (416) 660-1484.
    Thank you for considering or continuing to use our services.

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