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Range of Applications to Meet a Range of Workstyles

From open bench applications to more individual private space. the flexibility of Answer modular office workstations provides workers with the balance of both privacy and collaboration.

Answer s consistent design language and wide range of aesthetic options ensure integration into any environment while optimizing real estate.

Answer office workstations can help organizations balance collaboration and privacy, support mobility and optimize real estate.

Refined Aesthetic

Refined Aesthetic

Many Design Options.
One Design Language.

  • Thin trim offers a clean, consistent design. Open base trim provides a lighter scale aesthetic.
  • Personal caddy provides quick access to the user s work bag and mobile files.
  • FrameOne leg and Universal storage with FrameOne feet offer design consistency.
  • Soft edge worksurface eliminates pressure points on wrist and forearms.
  • Power and data access door integrates into the worksurface.
  • Recessed frameless glass provides a clean design aesthetic and provides access to natural light.

Design Principles

Design Principles

Ever-evolving Workplaces Present New Challenges. We Have a New Answer.

We’re more mobile, more collaborative, more social and more connected to technology than ever before. Yet we still also need to focus and concentrate.

Answer office workstations can help organizations:

  • Balance Collaboration and Privacy
  • Support Mobility
  • Optimize Real Estate



Efficiently Support the Ways People Work

Answer modular workstations are uniquely designed to help you get as much out of your real estate as possible. Supporting a wide range of planning types, Answer applications
are perfect for creating spaces that are multi-purpose, enabling you to efficiently
support the ways people work while optimizing your real estate.


Support Multi-Person Work

Observation. Multi-person work often happens at spaces designed for one –– resulting in some discomfort for all involved.

Insight. Having available space for visitors can enhance spontaneous collaboration.

Support Mobile Workers

Observation. Mobile workers are often forced to work in less-than-ideal spaces as they seek out a place to sit down and plug in.

Insight. Mobile workers need easy access to others to power and data, and the ability to secure their belongings.

Support Technology

Observation. Work environments aren’t equipped to easily support the amount of technology workers use today.

Insight. All aspects of today’s workplace should support technology tools, offering easy access to power and security.

Answer Components

Junctions + Connections

  • Horizontal Frame Packages
  • End of Run junction
  • Stacking End of Run Junction
  • Inline Junction
  • L Junction
  • Stacking L Junction
  • X Junction
  • Stacking X Junction
  • V Junction
  • Stacking V Junction
  • Y Junction
  • Stacking Y Junction
  • Wall Start Junction
  • Stacking Wall Start Junction
  • Off-module Connection


  • Tackable Acoustical/Performance Tackable Acoustical Fabric*
  • Steel (smooth, ribbed, perforated)*
  • Markerboard
  • Laminate
  • Wood (single, sets)
  • Glass Windows (single pane, double pane, custom glass kit)
  • Slatwall
  • Frameless Glass Screen

*To the Floor versions of these skin types available in some heights.


  • Straight
  • Transition
  • Capsule
  • Rectangle
  • Round
  • Straight + Tapered with Soft Edge, Personal Caddy (Straights Only) + Power and
  • Data Door and Tray

Adjustable Tables

  • Airtouch: 2 different options available

System Worksurfaces

  • Straight
  • Transition
  • Tapered
  • Taper-Flat
  • Corner (flat front, dual, curved front)
  • Extended Corner
  • Spanner
  • Bullet Peninsula
  • Jetty
  • Bubble Jetty
  • Visitor
  • Transaction

System Support

  • FrameOne Legs for Universal

Table Supports

  • Cabby Leg (glide, caster)
  • Adjustable Height Leg (glide, caster)
  • T-Base
  • X-Base

Overhead Storage

  • Bin (sliding door, flat, radius, curved)
  • Shelf
  • Personal Shelf
  • L-shelf
  • Slim Shelf


  • Fixed Pedestal (FF, BBF)
  • Mobile Pedestal (BF, FF, BBF)
  • Lateral File
  • Open Side Tower
  • Full Front Tower
  • Vertical Drawer Tower
  • Combination Cabinet
  • Storage Cabinet
  • Bookcase

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Economic Systems

Types of Economic Systems

“You can’t always get what you want.” That’s what the Rolling Stones sang, anyway (check it out: great song even if it’s a bit before your time). And while Mick Jagger probably didn’t have Econ 101 in mind, he managed to sum up perfectly the core concept underlying all economics.

Scarcity is the fundamental challenge confronting all individuals and nations. We all face limitations. so we all have to make choices. We can’t always get what we want. How we deal with these limitations—that is, how we prioritize and allocate our limited income, time, and resources—is the basic economic challenge that has confronted individuals and nations throughout history.

But not every nation has addressed this challenge in the same way. Societies have developed different broad economic approaches to manage their resources. Economists generally recognize four basic types of economic systems—traditional, command, market, and mixed—but they don’t completely agree on the question of which system best addresses the challenge of scarcity.

A traditional economic system is—here’s a shocker—shaped by tradition. The work that people do, the goods and services they provide, how they use and exchange resources… all tend to follow long-established patterns. These economic systems are not very dynamic—things don’t change very much. Standards of living are static; individuals don’t enjoy much financial or occupational mobility. But economic behaviors and relationships are predictable. You know what you are supposed to do, who you trade with, and what to expect from others.

In many traditional economies, community interests take precedence over the individual. Individuals may be expected to combine their efforts and share equally in the proceeds of their labor. In other traditional economies, some sort of private property is respected, but it is restrained by a strong set of obligations that individuals owe to their community.

Today you can find traditional economic systems at work among Australian aborigines and some isolated tribes in the Amazon. In the past, they could be found everywhere—in the feudal agrarian villages of medieval Europe, for example.

In a command economic system or planned economy. the government controls the economy. The state decides how to use and distribute resources. The government regulates prices and wages; it may even determine what sorts of work individuals do. Socialism is a type of command economic system. Historically, the government has assumed varying degrees of control over the economy in socialist countries. In some, only major industries have been subjected to government management; in others, the government has exercised far more extensive control over the economy.

The classic (failed) example of a command economy was the communist Soviet Union. The collapse of the communist bloc in the late 1980s led to the demise of many command economies around the world; Cuba continues to hold on to its planned economy even today.

In market economies. economic decisions are made by individuals. The unfettered interaction of individuals and companies in the marketplace determines how resources are allocated and goods are distributed. Individuals choose how to invest their personal resources—what training to pursue, what jobs to take, what goods or services to produce. And individuals decide what to consume. Within a pure market economy the government is entirely absent from economic affairs.

The United States in the late nineteenth century, at the height of the lassez-faire era, was about as close as we’ve seen to a pure market economy in modern practice.

A mixed economic system combines elements of the market and command economy. Many economic decisions are made in the market by individuals. But the government also plays a role in the allocation and distribution of resources.

The United States today, like most advanced nations, is a mixed economy. The eternal question for mixed economies is just what the right mix between the public and private sectors of the economy should be.

Why It Matters Today

Half of the twentieth century went down as a global battle between defenders of free markets (democratic capitalist nations, led by the United States) and believers in command economies (the communist bloc, led by the Soviet Union).

The US and USSR never went to war against each other directly, but dozens of smaller (yet still tragic and significant) wars unfolded around the world as bitter fights over economic systems turned bloody. Korea, Vietnam, Nicaragua, Afghanistan, Angola… millions of people died in the various “hot” theaters of a Cold War fought to decide whether markets or states should control economic affairs.

The great irony was that the Cold War finally ended not on a battlefield, but because the Soviet economy finally self-destructed by the late 1980s. For most of the world, the Soviet collapse proved that command economies were simply inferior to the market-dominated mixed economies of the capitalist world. Of course, China – still ruled politically by an authoritarian Communist Party, even though its economy is now more mixed if not exactly free – is now the biggest creditor nation to the United States.

Sometimes, a Song Says it Better: Revolution, by The Beatles

“You say you want a revolution”, the Beatles sang, advising:

“But if you go carrying pictures of chairman Mao You ain’t going to make it with anyone anyhow”

Street Lighting Control – Telematics Wireless #smart #lighting #solution, #smart #lighting #system,


Street Lighting Control

Street lighting, one of the most essential services provided by municipal authorities, is a cost and management challenge. New technological advances can deliver up to 50% reductions in energy usage. Smart control, including proactive maintenance, can slash annual operating costs significantly.

T-Light TM – Telematics Wireless s solution for Smart Lighting enables utilities and maintenance companies to benefit from an improved level of cost-effective, reliable and timely service, by controlling and managing street light operations. It helps provide a safer, urban environment for people, and reduces carbon footprints, contributing to environmental sustainability.

The T-Light family offers Smart Lighting Control and Monitoring Systems differentiated by their coverage, features, configurations, and prices.

This variety, flexibility, and modularity enable customers with a range of light control system requirements to identify solutions ranging from local to wide area metropolitain networks.

The T-Light Family Includes:

  • T-Light Galaxy a wide area network utilizing single Base Station covers an area of up to 20 km radius and monitoring directly up to 50,000 luminaries
  • T-Light Pro a robust multi hop RF Mesh network with self configuring, self healing capabilities, non line of sight links. Provides local or wide area coverage .
  • T-Light Basic RF Mesh network for self-contained local area deployments (e.g. campuses, dealerships, parking lots, gas stations etc).

These systems feature various configuration choices. They also offer seamless scalability as the customer s needs change and expand.

The Smart Street Lighting Controlling system establishes a wireless network between all participating light poles and provides the operator with a web-accessed efficient, automatic or manual, control of the light pole s operation. The system may also apply to a smart lighting system, where the light poles already have, or can have, a wired connection.

The complete and reliable smart light solution features the following elements:

  • T-Light LCU, Light Control Unit. installed on top or inside the luminaire (external NEMA or internal configuration), enabling the transmission of information, and the reception of control commands for the luminaire s LED / HID fixtures. Includes built-in energy meter and possesses autocommissioning functonality .
  • The information from and to the T-Light LCU is routed via the T-Light DCU, Data Communication Unit. and via the Internet, using GPRS/3G or Ethernet connections directly to the BackOffice application.
  • T-Light CMS, Control and Management System. is a web-enabled BackOffice application, accessible at any location in the world – simply by using a standard browser, such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.

Additional T-Light units can be added to the system:

  • T-Light Cabinet Controller: Wireless Cabinet Control unit for monitoring and controlling devices installed in the streetlight cabinet, such as energy meter, I/Os, door open sensor, and more.
  • T-Light Add-ons: Wide range of optional features such as revenue grade energy meter; occupancy/motion sensor, and more. These add-ons enhance overall system capabilities .

System Scheduler enables programmed scheduling of dimming levels for individual luminaire and groups of luminairs.

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Home Security Systems in Minnesota City, MN

Compare the Best Home Security Systems in Minnesota City, MN

When it comes to home security, all systems are not created equally. Homeowners are more focused now than ever before on keeping their property and families safe from harm. One of the best ways to do this is to install a reliable home security system. With so many options available in Minnesota City, MN, it can be difficult to find the system that best suits the unique needs and preferences of each homeowner.

Luckily, Wirefly has thoroughly researched the top home security systems in Minnesota City, MN. This included discussions with field and industry experts in the home security arena. It also included conducting surveys and polling customers that have used many of these systems. Collectively, this research has enabled Wirefly to create the most accurate and up-to-date information available. To help consumers find the right alarm company for them, here is a comparison of the best home security systems.

How Much Will Home Security Cost a Minnesota City, MN Resident?

Each security company has its advantageous and disadvantageous. No matter what a homeowner is looking for, there is a system out there that should fulfill their needs. There are a few things to consider regarding costs, like installation and equipment. A customer may also need to pay monthly monitoring charges. Some homeowners opt for a system that must be installed by a professional, but some systems can be installed without a skilled professional. The security system could cost approximately $230. People should know that some security companies will give a customer the system if he or she signs up for a monthly monitoring plan. The monitoring service cost will depend on the features a user chooses; the price could be $15 or up to $200.

Availability of Wireless Home Security Systems in Minnesota City, MN

The wireless security system is one of the most important advancements in the home security industry. Wireless home security systems provide Minnesota City, MN residents with a relatively quick installation. Wires and drilling is not necessary. The components of this system communicate with the control panel wirelessly, which allows users to control the system easily. Systems that are fully wireless (or have wireless features) communicate through cellular or Wi-Fi signals. Burglars do not like to deal with wireless security systems. This type of system cannot be disabled easily like antiquated security systems. Traditional systems can be disabled by simply cutting the internet cables or a phone line.

Security Camera Security Systems in Minnesota City, MN

You can design your Minnesota City, MN home security system to meet your needs and the description of your home. These systems can include exterior and interior cameras; you can choose between a range of types, including motion-activated cameras or night vision models. No matter what your particular situation, there should be a camera type that will work best for you. With a remote access security system, you can instantly use your smartphone, tablet or computer to watch live footage of your home security cameras in Minnesota City, MN. You can even review previous footage via software or an app. If you install motion-activated cameras, you can easily move forward to specific times when the cameras were activated without wasting time with blank footage. You can use indoor or doorstep security cameras to monitor your pets or home deliveries, or you can even check what’s happening in one room while you’re in another space.

Smart Home Automation in Minnesota City, MN Increases Protection

Yes, homeowners can add additional smart features to their homes. There are many gadgets available that can make home life a little easier and safer. For example, door locks can now be automated. One can log in to the system anywhere and lock the doors or open them if needed. There are several reasons why someone might need to unlock their doors when they are not home. For one, this could be useful if a child or spouse forgets their keys. All one has to do is look through the digital peephole to verify that it is indeed a family member who is asking for the door to be remotely opened. Smart gadgets can be applied to your appliances, too. A heater or AC could be shut off or turned on without someone being home. This means that a homeowner can make sure his or her home is at an ideal temperature before anyone steps through the front door. The home automation system can alert a homeowner through his or her phone about more than just security breaches. The system can warn about a CO2 leak or water leak, just to name a few examples. Smart automation is the next logical, wise, and incredibly affordable step. Homeowners should take advantage of this opportunity.

Simon XT Control Panel – Alarm Systems #alarm #systems #albuquerque


Our systems are designed from the ground up to provide complete, affordable, and customizable protection for your family. And it all starts at just $19.99 per month.

Adding security to your small business or restaurant has never been easier. Live video, Door Sensors, and Glass Break Detection all starting at 46.99 per month.

Your security system will have several flexible monitoring options. Between Landline, Broadband or Cellular Monitoring, you’ll choose the option that best suits your needs.

Alarm systems are the starting point for a truly protected home. From the control panel to lifestyle accessories, discover the elements that make your perfect home security system.

Your security system could save your life. With our life safety equipment, you’ll extend your home security system to protect you and your family.

Your vehicles need protection, too. With our Driveway Sensors, you’ll extend your security beyond the home.

Why Get Home Security?

Home security is an investment in yourself. When you get home security from Protect America, you’ll immediately enjoy several benefits.

Local Crime Stats

How prevalent is burglary in your community? Learn about the crime rates in your city with this helpful resource.

Home security can be complicated. Learn the basics of protecting your home and family.

Complete Home Security

Other home security companies don’t want you to have Complete Home Security. Find out what makes Protect America different.

About Protect America

Protect America is a leader in technology-enabled, self-installed home security and automation, dedicated to the protection of our customers.

Advantage Over ADT

We are driven to provide only the highest quality products and dedicated service at an affordable price. See why we’re the right choice.

Home and Life Blog

Learn what’s new in the world of home protection in Protect America’s home security blog.

Simon XT Control Panel

Panasonic KX-TS4100B – 4-Line Integrated Phone System with Speakerphone #line #phone #systems



  • General Information:
  • Color Black
  • Expandability up to 16
  • Number of Phone Lines up to 4
  • Language English/Spanish
  • Caller ID/Phone Book:
  • Call Waiting Caller ID No
  • One Touch Operation 32
  • Answering System:
  • All-Digital Answering System No
  • Basic Features:
  • Easy operation (menu driven) Yes
  • Voice Mail Message Waiting Indicator No
  • Power Outage Operation (requires battery) Yes
  • Base Unit Keypad Yes
  • Speakerphone Yes
  • Hold Yes
  • Mute Yes
  • Flash Yes
  • Redial Yes
  • Ringer Tones 4 patterns
  • Ringer Volume Control 4-step / Off
  • Talk Volume Control Yes
  • Do Not Disturb Yes
  • LCD Yes
  • Line Status Indicator Yes
  • Call Transfer Yes
  • Intercom Yes
  • Voice Paging Yes
  • Multi-Way Conferencing up to 3-way
  • Barge In / Privacy Yes
  • Programmable Tone / Pulse Yes
  • Wall Mountable Yes
  • Headset Jack Yes


KX-TS4100B is rated 5.0 out of 5 by 2.

Rated 5 out of 5 by Anonymous from Perfect With the many offices we have this phone has made it very easy to add lines and no interruptions when making calls. we have had other phone products from competitors and have had to get rid of them 1 month later. Thanks Panasonic for a great product.

Date published: 2015-09-02

Rated 5 out of 5 by Anonymous from Excellent small business phone We have 5 of these TS4100B Panasonic phones in our office for over 8 years and they’re still working very well. The built-in intercom and speakerphone are very solid and the phones are nicely designed. There is a small lag on pressing a key and having it register occasionally, but this is no major drawback. After 8 years, 2 of the phones need some repair on the speakerphones, but that’s it. Otherwise they still look brand new. We’re going to be buying the TX4300B with the answering machine to eliminate the need for an external unit. I’m so pleased that Panasonic is still making this system so that we can continue to add to it.

Date published: 2013-10-19

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  • clientName_panasonic


How do I view, add, block, and unblock numbers?

Add Blocked Numbers:

To manually block a number:

  1. Press the [MENU][#][2][1][7] on the handset
  2. Press [ADD]
  3. Enter the phone number you want blocked
  4. Press [SAVE]

To store block number from caller list:

Note: If you do not want the first ring from a phone number on the call block list to sound, turn the first ring setting to “Off”. Follow this procedure on the handset:

**For additional information, please refer to the Operating Manual.

View The Numbers I have blocked:

To view the block list do the following procedure:

  1. On the handset press [MENU] [#] [2] [1] [7]
  2. Press the [▲] or the [▼] to view numbers that are blocked.
  3. Press [OFF] to exit the setting.

**For additional information, please refer to the Operating Manual.
Blocking Numbers of Calls I Do Not Wish To Receive:

Some models will allow you to block calls. Caller ID service is required to identify phone numbers to match what you have stored on the call block list. Some units are capable of blocking up to 250 phone numbers, if you have more than 250 numbers to block then subscribing to a call block service from you phone company is an option.

**For additional information, please refer to the Operating Manual
Unblocking Numbers I No Longer Wish to Block:

  1. On the handset press [MENU][#][2][1][7]
  2. Press the [▲] or the [▼] to select your desired entry
  3. Press the soft key [ERASE]
  4. Press [SELECT] on “Yes”
  5. Press [OFF] to exit the setting.

**For additional information, please refer to the Operating Manual.

How do I clear ‘New Voicemail’ on my handset’s display?

Your telephone is alerting you that you have a new voice message from your phone company’s assigned Voice mailbox. The procedure to access your voice mailbox would vary depending on the instructions of your phone company/service provider. Once you listen to your new messages, “New Voicemail” should be cleared from the handset.

Note: If the handset still indicates there are new messages even after you have listened to all new messages, turn it off by pressing and holding [#] until the handset beeps.

If you do not have voicemail service through your telephone service provider that you are aware of:

Press [MENU] [#] [3] [3] [2] then press [0] to select OFF followed by SAVE to disable the Voicemail Tone Detector of the telephone.

How can I re-register my handset or register additional handsets?

To register a handset, perform the following steps:

  1. Press [MENU][#][1][3][0] on the Handset
  2. Press and hold down the [LOCATOR] button on the base for about 5 seconds until you hear the registration tone
    If all registered handsets starts ringing, press [LOCATOR] again to stop, then repeat this step, procedure needs to be completed within 90 seconds
  3. Press [OK] on the handset

Why does the date and time change automatically after I have programmed the date and time on my phone?

If you are subscribed to Caller ID from your phone company, the unit’s date and time setting will be automatically adjusted when caller information is received. If you do not wish for this feature to work, press [MENU][#][2][2][6] on the handset, then press [0] to select “Manual” and press [SAVE]

Applicable Base Model(s):






If you are subscribed to Caller ID from your phone company, the unit’s date and time setting will be automatically adjusted when caller information is received. If you do not wish for this feature to work, on the handset press [MENU] then press the [?] or [?] to scroll to “SET DATE AND TIME” then press [OK]. press the [?] or [?] to scroll to “TIME ADJUSTMENT” then press [?] TO SELECT “MANUAL”. Press [OK] to save the setting.

Applicable Base Model(s):

Best Home Security Systems for Renters – Top Ten List #security #systems


Best Home Security Systems for Renters

Apartments are frequently the target of burglary and home invasion because criminals assume that renters are often gone during the day, and do not have any home security in place to protect their valuables. There are fewer dogs to contend with, and neighbors pay little attention to the comings and goings of strangers… even if they are carrying a 65-inch TV!

As a renter, you have a bigger target painted on your front door than you may imagine. Because of this, it’s often more important to have a reliable security system in an apartment than it would be to have one in a house.

But there’s a problem: most home security companies refuse to service renters. Home security service companies often rely on a 3-year contract to recoup the cost of installation, equipment, and sales commissions. Renters generally do not want to be locked into paying for home security services for 3 years when their rent contract is for 6 months.

Thankfully, there are some security companies that offer special home security systems and services for renters. The following list contains the best home security companies whose services have easy terms, no contract, and even transferable equipment.

This top ten list has been created to help you make an informed decision about protecting your home and family. The rankings, ratings, and opinions expressed on are influenced by site visitors and TheTopTens®, and are subject to change. To keep this valuable service free, we may generate advertising revenue from some companies featured in this list.

The Top Ten

1FrontPointFrontpoint was founded in 2007 to take advantage of new opportunities created by the growth of wireless technology and the introduction of wireless data networks. Traditional home security systems relied on vulnerable land lines that required professional technicians to install. Frontpoint saw the need. read more .Visit Website 9

2VivintThe story of Vivint starts in 1999 with two friends who decided the best way to sell home security systems was the hard way: door to door. They felt that every home had special concerns that truly needed to be understood to get the homeowners the right product for their needs. Their approach worked. read more .

These guys don’t allow renters – they want the owner of the unit on the contract.

3ADT Monitored Security SystemADT is a provider of security and automation solutions for homes and businesses in the United States and Canada. The company is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida and employs approximately 20,000 people at 300 locations. read more .

Minimum 2 -3 yr contract. Not renter friendly. 75% early termination fee of it goes to collections in 30 days.

6SimplisafeSimpliSafe is an award-winning home security system—founded in 2006 by then Harvard Business School students, Chad and Eleanor Laurans. The idea came about after several friends in the Cambridge area had experienced break-ins, but couldn’t find a home security product that was designed to help renters. read more .Visit Website 9

Recommended Lists

Fire Systems Inspection, Installation, Monitoring – Smyrna, (Atlanta) GA #alarm #systems #atlanta


Welcome to FireSystems, Inc.

Established in 1986 with roots dating back to 1946, Fire Systems, Inc has earned a reputation of integrity, dependability, expertise and quality workmanship. Our managers have worked for Fire Systems for an average of over 20 years each. This kind of longevity results in a friendly and efficient customer relationship and helps us attract the best technicians possible. Over the decades, we have become a comprehensive resource for everything from inspections, installations, maintenance, training and engineering of any fire protection equipment you have or may need.

Hidden Cost Savings

All Services One Company: imagine the benefits of eliminating multiple contacts, processing multiple purchase orders, approving multiple invoices and writing multiple checks. The responsibility of managing different vendors and code requirements is a logistical challenge that carries a significant amount of risk. Let us untangle the knot of multiple vendors.

Hard Cost Savings

When your services are bundled, we become more efficient. What does this mean for you? Every additional inspection is discounted. If we inspect your fire alarm system, for example, the additional inspection of extinguishers, sprinklers, kitchen systems, vehicle systems and exit lights will be discounted.

We appreciate your visit and welcome you to give us a trial run at no obligation.

Welcome to FireSystems, Inc.

Established in 1986 with roots dating back to 1946, Fire Systems, Inc has earned a reputation of integrity, dependability, expertise and quality workmanship. Our managers have worked for Fire Systems for an average of over 20 years each. This kind of longevity results in a friendly and efficient customer relationship and helps us attract the best technicians possible. Over the decades, we have become a comprehensive resource for everything from inspections, installations, maintenance, training and engineering of any fire protection equipment you have or may need.

Hidden Cost Savings

All Services One Company: imagine the benefits of eliminating multiple contacts, processing multiple purchase orders, approving multiple invoices and writing multiple checks. The responsibility of managing different vendors and code requirements is a logistical challenge that carries a significant amount of risk. Let us untangle the knot of multiple vendors.

Hard Cost Savings

When your services are bundled, we become more efficient. What does this mean for you? Every additional inspection is discounted. If we inspect your fire alarm system, for example, the additional inspection of extinguishers, sprinklers, kitchen systems, vehicle systems and exit lights will be discounted.

We appreciate your visit and welcome you to give us a trial run at no obligation.

Mr Plumber in Columbus, OH 43232 #mr #plumber, #reviews, #ratings, #recommendations, #best,


Find a local business

Mr Plumber

Other reviews from the web (22) view all


I Had to have a water service line replaced, because mine was broken and leaking water into my basement. I had 6 other plumbing contractors come out and look at it and there estimates ranged between 2350 and 4300. So i kept on with my search and came across mr. plumber check up on them they don’t single bad comment anywhere.

The plumbers from mr. plumber came out gave me a quote of 1225 and I agreed right there on the spot signed the contract they were to come out monday by 10 am they did not make it there until 11. I was not mad or did not say one word to them about it but them manager.

Editorial review from Citysearch

Please don’t use this plumber, Justin Macnealy, he has a record and has been in jail for fraud and passing bad checks (in 2012). Google his name, you will find out. He is totally undependable. His wife is on here is giving an excellent review for the business under the name of Nancy Darst, her real name is Jamie Macnealy. You have to write your checks to Jamie stating she is the “”owner”” of the business. He never tells you she is his wife. She is supposedly on disability, so she is ripping off the government if she owns a business. These people need to be reported.

Business description (3) view all

Mission Statement: To meet our customer’s needs by utilizing the latest technology and standards in professional service, making Mr. Plumber a symbol of dependability and satisfaction. History: Mr. Plumber was founded in 1995. We are a family, locally owned and Operated company with a tradition of professionalism and Quality. Mr. Plumber is led by the most experienced people in our local.

Posted on May 13, 2014. Brought to you by binglocal.

Established in 1995, We strive to set the bar in Reliability, Quality, Performance, and Customer satisfaction! That is why we back all our work with a 2 year Parts & Labor warranty. Which is double the normal standard. We also back our performance with a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, So if your not happy with the quality of our services. You get your money back!

Posted on January 07, 2014. Brought to you by angieslist.

Premium Computer Repair Service in Arizona, Phoenix, AZ, home security systems phoenix


Hardware Support AZ | Computer Repair Support AZ

The best price, the best product, the best service, and the best team.

Let us help you with all your technology needs!

87% of businesses indicated that failure to recover data would be damaging to the business and 23% said it would be ‘disastrous’.

Managed IT Services

Our software and hardware solutions are designed to help you reduce risk and downtime, saving you money monthly.

Computer Repair

Our techs are experts at diagnosing, fixing, and enhancing PC and Mac computers. Let us show you!

VoIP Phones

Internet phones have come a long way, and more importantly they’re saving our clients thousands of dollars annually.

Computer Sales

We sell new, warrantied computers for 25% to 40% cheaper then local competitors (even Walmart). Included in your purchase is a 15 day home managed service.


Whether you need new network solutions, or a current network needs improved performance, availability, and reliability, we can help.

Website Design

We create web experiences that enable you to better market your business and engage your customers. Let us get your business online today!


Our marketing services include, search engine optimization, content, email, social marketing, and direct marketing promotions.

Home & Office Internet

Residential and business Internet solution provided by our Cellular One partners. AirMax offers reliable speeds and simple installation.

Office Security

Installing security cameras throughout your business is easier and more affordable then ever, with the use of wireless technology and smartphone apps.

Interested in Sunstate Tech?

Home security systems phoenix az“After less than 2 months with Sunstate Tech Managed Services, I’m sold and VERY happy! Before my machines were constantly updating or needing updates. When we’d do the updates, either a computer would go down or my attorney software would stop working. The time saved has equated to more than enough income to cover the expense!”

Brendon R. Rogers – Law Offices of

Home security systems phoenix az“Sunstate Tech has provided computer service for Kay Supply, All Custom Exteriors, Hopi Traders, and McGee’s Beyond Native Tradition for years. They provided our companies with the needed software to handle large companies at a reasonable cost. “

Beverlee Kay – Kay Supply

Home security systems phoenix az“Before we engaged Sunstate Tech, IT problems were a constant headache for my staff. Having Managed IT services from your company is truly a dream come true. We no longer have to suffer through extended wait times for a problem to be solved.”

Lynnette Carter – Living Hope Centers

Home security systems phoenix az“Sunstate Tech is only a second away. you send a ticket, they answer! They can fix your computer from wherever they are. Now I am confident and free to do my job at hand not having to worry about my computer going down. “

Hawia Lasiloo – Wide Runis Community School