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Motocross Gear, Accessories, Parts and More!

No matter if you’re a serious motocross enthusiast or a casual street bike rider, BTO Sports has everything you’re looking for. We understand that riding motorcycles is more than just a hobby, it’s a way of life, which is why we offer the top motocross gear. parts. and accessories for top performance. Whether you’re looking to upgrade for a customized performance, need to make a repair, or need a new helmet, we have top quality motocross parts and accessories for the best prices.

BTO Sports

BTO Sports has been a leader and respected supplier for all motocross gear since 1998, making it our mission to help riders reach their full potential. In addition to our unsurpassed customer service, we deliver the best prices and quick delivery so you can spend more time hitting the track. We strive to provide great products by brands you already know and trust for the best quality and riding experience. As riders ourselves, we know exactly what you expect, and we make it our mission to deliver.

At BTO Sports, we have everything you need to take your riding experience to the next level. We have exactly what you need for dirt bikes, ATVs, street bikes, and more.

If you’re not a pro rider, no worries! BTO Sports has motorcycle and dirt bike gear for casual riders, too.

Motocross Parts

BTO Sports has top quality motorcycle parts to enhance the riding experience– no matter your riding style. We have all of the parts you need– from sprockets, chains, and brakes to performance pistons and suspension kits. If you need exhaust parts, fuel injector kits, or dirt bike air filters, we have it. We even have leading accessories and customizable pieces, like plastic kits, graphics, seat covers, and much more. With BTO Sports, you can take your bike and make it your own with unique custom backgrounds to transform your bike from a boring factory model to a one-of-a-kind bike.

Motocross Gear

We offer the latest apparel for men, women, and children from leading brands. From top-of-the-line dirt bike boots and motocross helmets to goggles. racing gear. and backpacks– we have it all. All of our riding gear is durable and manufactured to last to ensure maximum comfort and versatility while you ride from brands like Fly-Racing. Troy Lee Designs. Fox Racing. and Alpinestars. Plus, you can order your gear now with customized jersey printing with your name and number so you can save time and money before going to the races.

Our top-of-the-line performance dirt bike parts and accessories will maximize your performance on the motocross track while keeping you looking great and protected with brand name motorcycle gear.

At BTO Sports, we keep our shelves fully stocked and ready to go so you can get back out there riding in a hurry. Whether you need handle bars, a chest protector, tires, or jerseys– we have it. No matter what you’re looking for, we have you covered because we know riding is more than just a hobby– it’s your life. Check out our extensive selection of parts. gear. and accessories today to revolutionize your riding experience.

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eta Application Forms

eta has several campuses. The first thing you need to do is decide which qualification you want and the course you want to take, then which campus you wish to attend (which city). Then download the application form for that campus, complete, sign and apply. Note that campus qualifications require a non-refundable registration fee when the application is approved.

If you are not sure which campus or which course would suit you best, contact us for guidance and advice. If you have already spoken to us and/or know exactly what you want to register for, you can complete and submit your application form.

Qualification Application Forms per Campus:

Click on the link for the eta campus you want to apply to and your computer will display or download the form.
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to download the application form for all Online / Distance Learning qualifications
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Short Course Registration Forms per Campus:

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Specialisations Registration Forms per Campus:

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Click here to download the application form for specialisations at the Dubai campus
Click here to download the application form for specialisations at the Durban campus
Click here to download the application form for specialisations at the George campus
Click here to download the application form for specialisations at the Johannesburg campus
Click here to download the application form for specialisations at the Pretoria campus
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to download the application form for specialisations for eta Online

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Sports Administration Degree Programs with Career Info

Essential Information

People who have an interest in sports, but more talent for organization and management than athletic ability, are especially good candidates to pursue a degree in sports administration. A bachelor’s degree program in sports administration integrates concepts from business administration, health and athletics to prepare students for an array of supporting roles in the sports industry. Graduates can pursue mid-management or coordinator positions in schools, camps, sports marketing companies or fitness centers.

A master’s degree program in sports administration addresses the financial, managerial, organizational, promotional and legal challenges of administering a sports facility, sports program or recreation program. Sports administration curricula are structured to provide practical experience through internships and a theoretical and conceptual foundation through academic courses in marketing and promotion, media relations, organizational structure and finance. Senior management positions in sports marketing firms, sports manufacturing companies, consulting firms, professional sports organizations or sports agencies could be explored by those holding a master’s degree in sports administration.

Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Administration

Event management, facility management, marketing and sports law are among the relevant topics addressed in a 4-year degree program’s curriculum. Many programs require completion of an internship or practicum. Some allow students to choose a concentration, such as coaching.

A high school diploma or GED is the primary admission requirement for a bachelor’s degree program. Additional requirements may include taking a semester of undergraduate general education courses and passing with at least a ‘C’ average.

English, accounting, economics and courses in the arts and humanities may be part of the general education component of a bachelor’s degree program. Courses specific to sports administration might include:

  • Sports administration introduction
  • Kinesiology introduction
  • Sports psychology
  • Health and recreation program planning
  • Sports law and ethics

Find schools that offer these popular programs

  • Kinesiology and Exercise Science
  • Physical Education and Health
  • Sport and Fitness Management
  • Sports Medicine

Master’s Degree in Sports Administration

At the master’s level, students can expect to take courses emphasizing upper management responsibilities and organizational leadership. Some programs offer a dual degree option in business administration and sports administration or law and sports administration. A master’s degree is typically earned in two years.

Applicants to a sports administration master’s degree program need to have completed a bachelor’s degree with a grade point average from 2.7-3.0. The degree may be in any subject, but some programs may require enrollees to take business courses if their degree wasn’t in a business-related subject.

The core component of a master’s degree program may feature business administration courses with a sports emphasis. Students are required to complete a practicum and take electives like sports administration research or modern sports issues. Sports administration courses may include:

  • Sports marketing and promotion
  • Contract negotiation
  • Media relations
  • Sports finance and fundraising
  • College and professional sports
  • Sports research and statistics

Popular Career Options

Graduates of a bachelor’s program in sports management have leadership, problem-solving, management, communication and critical-thinking skills that are necessary to work in the sports industry. Possible employment opportunities for bachelor’s degree holders include:

  • High school coach
  • Facility manager
  • Assistant athletic director
  • Event coordinator
  • Sports camp director

Employment Outlook and Salary Info

Earning a master’s degree in sports administration qualifies degree holders for a range of high-level positions in school athletics, professional athletics and recreation management. Over the 2014-2024 decade, employment of recreation workers will grow 10% (faster than average for all occupations), and employment of college and university athletic directors – categorized as postsecondary education administrators – will grow 9%, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ( ).

According to, most recreation supervisors earned $31,827-$62,563 per year as of October 2016, while most parks and recreation directors earned salaries of $32,207-$96,439 and athletic directors earned $36,452-$95,901 per year.

Continuing Education Information

The highest level positions related to sports administration are more likely to go to candidates who have earned a master’s degree. A broad selection of schools offer master’s degree programs in sports administration. Some offer MBA programs with a sports management focus.

Sports administration degree programs at both the bachelor’s and master’s levels give students training in the fields of business and organizational management. Some bachelor’s degree graduates can take such jobs as high school coaches or facility managers, while others may pursue master’s degrees to prepare for employment in high-level management and administration positions.

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Training in sports psychology typically focuses on the mental and physical processes related to athletic performance. Find out.

Sports medicine certifications are generally optional credentials that demonstrate specialized competence. Continue reading for.

A career in sports writing requires little formal education. Learn about the training, job duties and requirements to see if.

Learn about the education and preparation needed to become a sports photographer. Get a quick view of the requirements as well.

  • EdD in Organizational Leadership – Health Care Administration
  • M.B.A. with an Emphasis in Sports Business
  • MBA: Health Systems Management
  • MS in Health Care Administration
  • Master of Public Administration – Health Care Management
  • BS in Sports Management
  • BS in Health Sciences: Professional Development & Advanced Patient Care
  • Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Health Science
  • BS in Health Care Administration
  • Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Health Science with an Emphasis in Trauma
  • View more
    • Doctor of Psychology – Sport and Performance Psychology
    • Doctor of Psychology – Health and Wellness Psychology
    • Master of Arts in Psychology – Sport and Performance Psychology
    • Master of Arts in Psychology – Health and Wellness Psychology
    • View more

  • Sports Psychology: Helping the Minds of FSU Hockey – Florida State Hockey


    As an athlete, preparing physically is only half of what it takes to get ready for a big game. Just as important as sharpening their physical skills and making sure they re in top shape, is ensuring a player s state of mind and mentality are in the right place. Luckily, the boys have someone with the hockey program able to provide just that for them.

    Carina Thompson is a performance enhancement consultant who works with the sports psychology aspect of training at FSU. After receiving her bachelor s degree in psychology at Fordham University, she came to FSU and is currently pursuing her master s degree in sports psychology. She has been working with the hockey team as their personal performance enhancement consultant this season and will continue to provide services for them through the end of the season.

    I got involved with the team after apprenticing last season, she said. I felt a connection with the team and I knew I could provide the best services for the team so I applied to work with them. After writing an essay explaining why she felt she was the best candidate for the team, her supervisor agreed she was the perfect fit for the team and granted her the position.

    So what exactly is sports psychology? According to Carina, it s the performance enhancement in the sense of training the mental aspects of a sport for athletes. As the team s consultant, she does a variety of things under the sports psychology scope. Sports psychology focuses on topics such as attention, arousal, confidence, leadership, and motivation. The most recent topic the team has been working on is decision making. She also provides individual consultations for the boys if needed. You can cover a variety of things to make sure they are tracking the right stimuli in rink, she said. I make sure they re able to use distractions to their advantage, and help them how to turn what would normally be a debilitating situation into a facilitative situation.

    In addition, she also tries to maintain a supportive and positive presence for the team. I travel with the team and go to every practice because I believe being there for them and being part of a supportive system is vital to the team s confidence and performance, she said. I always like to show them that I m available even when they don t express a desire for a consultation. Carina is a firm believer in maintaining a positive attitude and environment, no matter how the team is doing.

    Prior to this season, Carina sat down with Head Coach, Nat Boiangin, and created a plan for the entire season on what she wanted to focus and work on with the team. We worked on a lot of decision making this semester, she noted. Not only is it vital to the team s success, but it s important in many facets of life, such as academics.

    Not only has the entire team benefitted from her services, Carina has also had nothing but a positive encounter working with the boys. This has been an amazing experience because I feel like I have been able to establish incredible relationships with the athletes, she said. I ve really come to respect them and understand them as people. They are not just athletes, they are students and each of them has their own back story that makes them the unique and remarkable people they are. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to get to know each of them and help them achieve optimal performance.

    About the Author
    Jenny Wills is a senior Media Communication Studies major at FSU and the team’s media manager

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    The Seahawks are just days away from their regular season opener at Green Bay, a contest that will give evidence if the high expectations greeting this season are realistic.

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    Pete Carroll opened his USC program to Jake Olson in 2009, when the boy, then 12, was about to lose his sight due to a rare form of eye cancer. He says he was thrilled to see Olson have his moment on Saturday

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    Seahawks have plenty of reasons to be optimistic, provided offensive line does its job

    College Football Preview

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    The state of Washington could have its best football season in a generation. Are you ready?

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    Earning Potential and Career Outlook for Sports Managers

    Professionals in the sports management industry can hold any number of jobs with a wide variety of responsibilities. For example, a sports event manager will make significantly less than an athletic director at a Division I university. The Bureau of Labor Statistics gathers salary information for many sports management careers and lumps them into one big category of “Athletes, Coaches, Umpires, and Related Workers.” The following is a list of sports management careers, and their median salaries or job prospects according to The BLS.

    • Coaches and Scouts earned a median salary of $28,340 as of May, 2008.

    • Umpires and related workers earned a median salary of $23,730 as of May, 2008.
    • Agents and Managers for Artists and Athletes are their own separate category whose income data is presented as a mean annual wage of $89,840. More specific data for this group, including wage and job prospect info by location within the U.S. can be found at The BLS website .

    What is it Like to Work in Sports Management?

    A degree in sports management will prepare you to do the duties of many of these careers, but factors such as personal experience, location, and who you know are likely to affect what type of organization you work for. Many sports managers started out as high school and college athletes at schools that are regularly visited by big league scouts. Finding a way to meet someone at reputable organization, or starting at an entry level job and working your way up, will make it more likely for you to work for the NFL or NBA than if you start out coaching little league. Networking is crucial for people who want to excel in the field of sports management, coaching, or agency. There are a few other issues that make sports management a non-traditional career that can really influence your lifestyle:

    • Play Time: A lot of sports management jobs, such as recruiting, scouting, coaching, and refereeing, require you to be at actual games: a lot of actual games. Since sports teams typically travel for a lot of their games, and play games in the evening and on the weekends, there’s a good chance you’ll have weird working hours and lots of time away from home in any of these career paths.
    • Injury Prone? Anyone involved in the physical aspects of sport is at risk of injuring themselves. This is mostly applicable to athletes, but coaches. trainers, umpires, and referees are all putting themselves in the way of bodily harm every time they walk out onto the field. While a sports manager’s career probably won’t be ended by an injury the way an athlete’s could be, this is still a very real risk for managers that get close to or on the field.
    • What Job Security? Keen competition and high turnover are standard for athletic competitors, but the sports management field can be just as fickle, especially as you ascend into the higher ranks of professional sports. A high school football coach could keep a job for years, but professional careers are made and broken on the success of a team in a season or even a few games.
    • Going Pro: For many workers in the sporting world, going pro is the goal that is always on the horizon. The reality is that there are very few jobs at the top of the sporting food chain, and the likelihood of hitting the big-time for any given individual is almost nil. That means you shouldn’t do it for the money! If you love sports, and you want to work in the industry and be around other sports fanatics all day, a sports management degree could be great for you, but the love has to come first!

    Job Opportunities for People with Sports Management Degrees

    The BLS keeps detailed statistics on job outlooks all over the country for various sports management related careers, and they’ve got a good breakdown of where the best places in the U.S. are for people in non-player roles in the sports industry.

    The states with the highest concentration of jobs for agents and business managers of athletes, artists, and performers are:

    1. California (Mean annual wage: $116,280)
    2. New York (mean annual wage:$98,740)
    3. Tennessee (mean annual wage:$86,420)
    4. Florida (mean annual wage:$ 44,880)
    5. Massachusetts (mean annual wage: $86,030)

    Below is a chart of mean wages for agents and business managers of athletes and other performers from The BLS.

    How a Degree in Sports Management can Give You a Leg Up

    A lot of sports managers slide directly from their careers as amateur athletes into managerial positions, but going to college for sports management can give you sharper business skills and a better eye for the economics of sport than you’ll get from just playing the game. Classes in sports management degree programs teach you not only the business side of things, but how to integrate business and sport on an industrial level. This knowledge will make you a more compelling job candidate all around.

    Some examples of classes you can take in sports management school are:

    • Principles of Sports Finance and Accounting: This class will teach you how to manage a team’s budget by balancing out income and expenditures. You’ll deal with payroll for players, asset acquisition, and making sure the appropriate taxes get paid. These are skills you need in sports management that you won’t learn on the field.
    • Sports Labor Relations and Negotiation: This class deals with contracts. Some athletes are unionized, and the contracting process for professional athletes is so complicated you could build an entire career based on it. If athletic contracts are what you’re interested in, law school might be a better fit for you, but this class will still help you navigate the complexities of athlete employment negotiations.
    • Sports Sponsorships, Promotions, and Licensing: You know all those Bulls jerseys you have from when Michael Jordan was still dunking from the free throw line? Somebody had to negotiate the licensing deal between the jersey maker and the team! Learning how to merchandise sports and how to squeeze bucks out of a team brand without diluting it too much is a major asset for anyone in the marketing side of sports management.
    • Sports Media and Broadcast Relations: This is more of a public relations job, but for a sports lover, what could be better than managing how their favorite team looks on TV. From organizing interviews to covering up PR messes, this class will teach you how to keep a handle on the extremely public side of a professional sports team.
    • Non-traditional Revenue Strategies: Sports inspires passion, extreme loyalty, and a crazy amount of chips and dip consumption, but ultimately, sports teams exist to make money, and learning how to leverage a sports team in unique ways to pull in money is a skill that will make you desirable in any sports management job setting.

    Getting Started on Your Sports Management Degree

    Since you found this website, you’ve probably already got some experience and strong interest in sports, and specifically sports management. If you’ve looked at the salary and job prospect numbers and you’re still interested in getting a sports management degree, here are some steps to follow to start you down the path towards professional sports management:

    • Make a timeline for yourself that answers the following questions. When do you want to start school, and when do you want to finish? Will you work during that time? Will your schedule for that time allow you to devote adequate time to both work and school?
    • Look into some sports management degree programs. Click around this site and you’ll find links to a variety of schools with programs in this area. More information is available directly from the schools, once you’ve found a few you’re interested in.
    • Apply to schools! The application process can be time consuming, but many online schools have rolling admissions, so you could be taking classes just weeks from when your application is approved.
    • Apply for financial aid. Unless you have significant savings or a trust fund you’ll probably need some help paying for college. There are governmental and private sources of funds just waiting to be tapped, so look around and talk to the financial aid counselors at the schools you’ve applied to for more information on how to have someone else pay for your education.

    Statistics show that people with more education earn more money and have lower overall unemployment rates. While a degree doesn’t guarantee you a job, it can certainly provide professional connections and in-depth knowledge that will make you a strong candidate for the jobs you want to get. Check out the lists of high quality, accredited sports management schools on this site to get started!

    Sponsored Listings for Sports Management Degrees

    Northcentral University Northcentral University offers online programs for an EdD or PhD in Sports Management which prepares students for high profile and leadership positions. Founded in 1996 in Prescott, Arizona, NCU is now the school of choice for over 10,000 students who are active in school events and organizations.

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    Sports Career News Feed

    New Blog Post: Five Goals to Help You Reach Your Sports Broadcasting Dream Job

    APR 4 2017 08:30 MST

    The big goal is to make it into the booth of your favorite sports team, or on the set of ESPN, or on the sidelines of the Super Bowl. But how about the little goals it takes to actually get there and make it a reality?

    Check out these ideas to help you build a realistic plan to reach the top.

    Aspiring Sports Broadcasters – Listen Up!

    APR 3 2017 08:37 MST

    If you want to work in front of the camera covering sports it takes much more skill than you think.

    Sports Turf Assistant

    MAR 29 2017 07:01 MST

    Sheri, the HR Business Partner at Berea College let me know they’re currently recruiting for a Sports Turf Assistant to maintain their high quality athletic fields!

    Click on the link to apply and also read about Berea College’s unique historical Mission as a Work College (tuition free).

    Sounds like a great job and an outstanding college to work for!

    Director of Ticket Sales – Phoenix Rising FC

    MAR 28 2017 12:44 MST

    Michael sent in this great opportunity. Put your sales experience to use with this awesome organization!

    Assistant Director of Skating

    MAR 26 2017 10:38 MST

    Mary Lou with Figure Skating in Harlem just emailed this fun opportunity for an Assistant Director of Skating. H ere’s a way to put your figure skating skills to use while working for an incredible organization!

    Digital Network Assistant (Internship)

    MAR 26 2017 10:32 MST

    Hali, the Assistant Director of Digital Media and Reporter for the American Athletic Conference sent in this great Digital Network Assistant Internship. This sounds like the perfect opportunity for anyone looking for an internship in sports video production!

    Career Outlook For Sports Management – Sports Management Degree Hub #sports #management


    Sports Management News

    When most people think of careers in sports management, they are primarily talking about sports agents representing big-name clients in professional sports. In reality, there are a wide variety of career paths in sports management that can appeal to individuals with different interests and skill sets. However, there is one common characteristic of individuals that pursue sports management careers; they must have a life-long passion for sports. This passion for sports and a career in sports management often arises out of an individual’s amateur athletic career.

    Recommended Sports Management Programs

    Careers in sports management are varied and require different levels of education and experience. The opportunities that exist in sports management include everything from coaching/managing teams to event management to sports venue management to recreation management. Competitive candidates for some of these positions will need backgrounds or education in business and finance, law and marketing. A sports management degree from an accredited program can provide this background and is geared specifically towards those that are interested in pursuing sports management careers.

    Sports Management Salary

    The salaries paid to individuals in the sports management field can vary greatly. Agents of professional athletes who are generally paid percentages based on a player’s salary and endorsements can make a great deal of money. Salaries will decrease significantly if you are involved with promoting events or are involved with amateur athletics. Many of the people at the upper end of the pay scale achieved their position and salary by leveraging their own careers in amateur athletics. College athletes, in particular, are exposed to scouts, agents and coaches and are able to use these connections to further their career.

    On the lower runs of the ladder of sports management, pay can be hourly and the job search can be competitive. Working in sports is a dream job for many, and so a degree in this specific field can be helpful in giving a leg up over other candidates.

    A sports management career can blossom anywhere there are sports and athletes. In other words, regardless of an individual’s location, there will be opportunities to develop a sports management career. Obviously, certain locations are better than others for careers in sports management. Not surprisingly, California and New York are near the top of the list in regards to both employment and income levels. The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists employment data regarding Agents, Business Managers of Artists, Performers and Athletes. A review of these statistics shows that the states with the highest employment level in this category are California, New York, Florida, Illinois and Tennessee and the states with the highest concentration of employment in this category are New York, California, Tennessee, Vermont and Florida. These same statistics show that the states with the highest median salary for this category are California, Connecticut, Virginia, New Jersey and New York. As an example, as of 2011, the mean annual wage for business managers and agents in the United States was $102,240. The mean annual wage for a business manager or agent in California during this time period was $127,990 but the mean annual wage for the same occupation in Florida was $45,350.

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics also shows the disparity in earnings between careers as agents and careers in promoting. The mean annual wage in 2011 of agents and promoters was $92,250. This figure is based on mean annual wage of $102,240 for agents and $65,140 for promoters. The income potential for sports management drops significantly if pursuing a career as a coach or scout. The Bureau of Labor Statistics data for 2010 shows that in 2010, the median pay for coaches and scouts was $28,340 per year. Obviously, coaches and scouts for professional and high-profile college teams will earn amounts significantly in excess of this number.

    The future for those that desire careers in sports management is very bright. The Bureau of Labor Statistics is predicting an increase of 29% in jobs in coaching and scouting through 2020 and a 10% increase in agents and managers of artists, performers and athletes through 2016. These statistics show that the job prospects are good for individuals interested in careers in sports management.

    Sports Management Education

    Before entering the field of sports management, it is important for an individual to determine what area interests them the most and what area their skill set is most suited for. The answers to these questions will determine the education and career path of that individual. For instance, a person interested in coaching athletics will have a much different career and educational path than a person who wants to negotiate contracts for teams and athletes. In the latter instance, a person interested in negotiating contracts will need education in business, finance and law, all of which will be covered in a typical sports management program. Their career path may start out at a law firm or working in-house for a sports team or product line. A person interested in becoming a coach will probably have started their career as a professional or amateur athlete. While connections and athletic experience may be a prerequisite to many of these coaching positions, a degree in sports management is often acquired by these individuals as they proceed in their career. Even amateur sports teams are run like businesses and background and education in the business side of sports is beneficial to anyone pursuing a career in coaching.

    If you re interested in greater detail about degrees that can lead to careers in sports management and related fields, check out our degree guide here .

    Career Path

    Many who enter the field of sports management will begin with an internship. The field is so competitive that pay will be low, or even non-existent at the beginning. While there are sports management jobs all over the country, it is still helpful to be willing to relocate if a job is found in another area. Outside of the high profile agent/athlete management positions, jobs in sports management can be found in nearly every town. Every city of any size has a parks and recreation department with facilities and recreation programs that need managed. Nearly all medium size cities and larger have professional sports, be it at the minor league level or major. Rarely will a sports management candidate start out with a high profile, major league job, but those willing to work hard and put in the time can advance until they are in the position they desire. Keep in mind the caveat that, like any highly desired job, it is a very competitive field, but the harshness of that fact is lessened somewhat by the knowledge that the industry is booming and new positions are being created all the time.

    Career Outlook

    Sports management is an exciting field to work in because it offers a wide variety of career options and paths. It can be lucrative and exciting but it is also hard work. It is an industry with a bright employment outlook and one that a willingness to work hard can lead to bigger and better opportunities. While many paths can lead to a successful career in the sports management industry, one component that should not be overlooked is a degree in sports management. Whether a person’s dream job is coaching athletes or promoting sporting events, understanding the business, legal and marketing aspects of sports management is an invaluable tool.

    The Top 10 Online Sports Management Master – s Degree Programs –


    The Top 10 Online Sports Management Master’s Degree Programs

    The Top 10 Online Sports Management Master s Degree Programs

    The field of Sports Management is one which is designed for fast-paced, intuitive, and business savvy people looking to make a name for themselves in the sports industry. With the economy still struggling a bit and a significant increase in the competition for the lucrative and exclusive jobs in this field, the best way for anyone to separate him or herself from the pack is to obtain a Master’s Degree.

    Featured Sports Management Programs

    • Online Support Services (1/2): online support services including online tutoring, counseling, number of concentrations, academic support, career placement, and so forth.
    • Affordability (1/2): the affordability of online programs as measured by the estimated out-of-state tuition per credit hour rate.

    The following is a comprehensive list of the top online programs for obtaining a sports management master s degree. These schools are ranked through analyzing publicly available data, taking into account job prospects for graduates, cost of tuition, and overall academic quality of the program.

    Finally, our number one which goes to Saint Leo University. Providing an MBA with a concentration in Sports Management, Saint Leo gives students valuable knowledge in sports ethics, law, management, and marketing. Coursework is demanding and the rewards based on post-grad surveys are remarkable. Students are often recruited for jobs after they graduate and have wonderful post-graduation options. Admissions are holistic and competitive, meaning a degree from Saint Leo should carry significant weight with companies and job recruiters.
    Why is Saint Leo University our number one?

    • Highly Ranked Program
    • Helpful and renowned staff
    • Collaborative and engaging environment
    • Amazing job prospects

    $673.15 per credit hour

    2. Liberty University

    The runner up on this list should come as no surprise. Not only does Liberty have a Sports Management degree program, but it has a great online school for everything else as well! Liberty is a school that is paving the way for how professionals will gain knowledge online in the future. With over 80,000…yes 80,000 students in its various online programs, the breadth of its offerings are paramount. Liberty prepares students for careers in sports marketing, broadcasting, and venue management. Students report great success during their studies and afterwards.

    $465- $505 per credit hours

    3. Lasell College

    When it comes to prestige on this list, Lasell has a hard time being beat. It is a small, liberal arts college that has taken the opportunity to diversify and offer degrees in Sports Management. With Lasell, you get the close interaction of a small college with the knowledge and expertise of a large university. Students are required to complete the core curriculum and then branch off into specific and intense concentrations which will take them into such aspects of sports management as sales, intercollegiate athletics, and arena management.

    $575 per credit hour

    4. Southern New Hampshire University

    SNHU might not be the most well known name on our list, but it s sports management program is top notch. Focusing on athletic administration and international sports management, SNHU has been able to cut the cost of its program not by being a Jack of All Trades, but rather a master of a few. Students of this small college enjoy the responsiveness of educators and the lack of red tape with administration. With no GMAT requirement, SNHU is accessible to most students and is a great option for those looking to gain a Sports Management degree.

    $627 per credit hour

    5. Drexel University

    Mr. Drexel was noted to be one of the many partners of famous industrialist, JP Morgan. With this, he founded Drexel University, which is now regarded as a top 50 business school in many rankings and many academic circles. Be it with its online accounting program or its online Sports Management degree programs, Drexel continues to thrive and shoot through the rankings. Providing concentrations in sports law, media, marketing, and management, Drexel has a program for just about everyone interested in Sports Management.

    $1,045 per credit hour

    6. Old Dominion University

    Old Dominion University is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in America. It has boasted great alumni and has gone on to produce some the brightest minds in business and the humanities. Looking at Old Dominion’s Online Sports Management Degree Program, we are impressed with its depth and its intricacies. This program is regarded as one of the best for a very popular reason, and that is its wide selection of classes and flexible scheduling. A GMAT score of 400 or higher is required with a cumulative 3.0 GPA in undergraduate college.

    Approx. $15,000

    7. University of the Southwest

    University of the Southwest, a Christian liberal arts school, has recently started to provide a Master’s in Sports Management to students via its innovative online system. Students can take classes on their own time and can engage in higher levels of education while still maintaining their current commitments. USW has a respected program that is still growing and is looking for more, qualified applicants for the upcoming semesters. Its program includes basic classes after which students can branch off into specific concentration they would like to focus on. Tuition is very reasonable and job prospects for graduates are very competitive. Admissions are more forgiving than most other colleges, making the possibility of gaining a new degree better for those who didn’t do so well in undergraduate college.

    $544 per credit hour

    8. Texas A M University

    Texas A M is a large, public university that is often regarded as the premier public college of the great state of Texas. Designed to rigorously prepare students for careers in the sports industry, the Masters of Science in Sports Management at Texas A M is a renowned program. By providing students with hands-on experience and plentiful internships, A M boasts high job placements for post-grad students. Admissions are based on GPA and prior work experience.

    9. Missouri Baptist University

    Missouri Baptist is a highly respected, religiously affiliated university located in Middle America. Founded just over six decades ago, it has made a name for itself as a quaint, close-knit college which takes care of its students and provides high quality education at an affordable price. Missouri Baptist offers a powerful program which explores the relationships of the different aspects of sports and which sets up students with meaningful internships and opportunities to prepare them for their post-grad careers. Listed as a “selective” university by US News, Missouri Baptist offers a competitive program which students love and return year after year to enjoy. This university focuses on a holistic approach to admissions and does not have strict testing and GPA cutoffs for admissions.

    10. California University of Pennsylvania

    Cal U is often revered as the pioneer of online Master’s Degrees in Management. Its Sports Managements program takes place over thirteen months, engaging students with a wide variety of case studies, topics, and sports management related subjects. All students are required to take classed to fulfill the core curriculum, which acts a base when students are asked to choose a concentration in sports management, counseling, or intercollegiate administration. Cal U began a simple Kindergarten to College Academy and has blossomed into a robust institution with a large student body on campus and a widespread online educational presence. Continually ranked among the top online schools, The California University of Pennsylvania is highly recommended by students and professionals alike for a Masters in Sports Management. A minimum of a 3.0 GPA is required for admission.

    $8,012 in-state
    $11,496 out-of-state

    Chariho grads urged to ‘join the world’ and create adventures #westerly,westerly #sun,wood


    Chariho grads urged to ‘join the world’ and create adventures

    KINGSTON — The Ryan Center was a sea of green and white caps and gowns Friday, as the 299 students of the Class of 2017 received their diplomas.

    Chariho Principal Craig MacKenzie urged the graduates to participate in life, not simply observe.

    “Be the axis around whom great things happen,” he said. “Be bright, whether others see you shine or not. Don’t let social media distract you from immersing yourself in memorable experiences. I mean that in a couple of ways. First of all, don’t be satisfied with living vicariously through the experiences of others on the various social media feeds you are linked to. Get out there and join the world. Explore. Create adventures. Build things. Compete. Give back to the community. Eat interesting foods, travel. Don’t be satisfied with the fact that you know someone who ate crickets at the Zombie Apocalypse Festival. You’ve got to try those crickets. they’re incredibly high in protein.”

    Chariho Superintendent of Schools Barry Ricci congratulated the graduates and surprised the audience when he revealed that this year, he had found the inspiration for his speech in the current kindergarten class.

    “This year, I decided to consult with students in our current kindergarten class, the Class of 2029. I asked ‘What advice do you have for the Chariho graduates?’”

    Ricci then showed a video with the kindergarteners dispensing their advice, which included not forgetting to smile, making sure to call your mom 9,000 times a day, listening to your teachers and not cussing, and having fun.

    Ricci also introduced some of the members of the Class of 2029.

    “Several members of the Class of 2029 and their families are with us tonight, to my right,” he said. “They are the ones wearing the graduation hats! I ask students from the Class of 2029 to stand so that we can thank them for their great advice.”

    In her address, Valedictorian Mackenzie Fox reflected on all the friendships formed during middle school and high school, and said she hoped they would endure after graduation.

    “As a whole, we are a very unified class,” she told her fellow graduates. “When we were fifth-graders, we supported each other as we came together for the first time in the middle school. Then, when we became the babies again, we supported each other in high school as freshmen. Plus, I have to admit that we are a very attractive class, beautiful inside and out. If we have one thing, it’s loyalty. We have some longstanding friendships, many beginning in elementary school. Class of 2017, it is my hope that wherever we go and whatever we do, we will be friends when we meet again.”

    Sporting shocking blue lipstick, Marissa Alfiero, the class salutatorian, talked about mistakes, how everyone makes them and how valuable they can be as learning experiences.

    “I know I have done plenty of pretty dumb things,” she said. “Sometimes, we hurt people, or unintentionally cause harm, leaving destruction in our wake, which I have been mulling over for the past few months. I think that’s something I am rather certain isn’t something that just I do, but we, as idealistic, invincible youth, have a vision of how things will be. It can be jading when our reality falls short of this vision, and I know it is something I have struggled with throughout this year. Still, I have been trying to learn to accept the mistakes I have made, rather than regret them. Focus on what I have learned from them. To dwell on them would be to force myself into unnecessary and constant misery, but I don’t think I should feel miserable about being human. Mistakes are something we all do. In this transitional time, in which we are very formless creatures, we are not yet the people we are to become. This is our beginning. Fumbling a little is part of this messy sort of metamorphosis which we undergo. Without it, we could not learn the ways in which we can and should better ourselves.”

    Attending the ceremony were several town and state officials.

    Sen. Elaine Morgan, R-Ashaway, said she made a point of coming to the Chariho graduation every year.

    “It’s our youth, and it’s our upcoming leaders,” she said. “I just awarded the valedictorian and the salutatorian their state citations.”

    Rep. Blake Filippi, R-Charlestown, said he also enjoyed attending the graduation ceremony.

    “I like to come, because it’s inspiring to see our future leaders,” he said. “I also want them to know that we all have their back and look to them.”

    “It’s a great event,” said Rep. Justin Price, R-Richmond. “The students are graduating and moving on, and I would encourage them to stay involved. The Statehouse is their house. The White House is their house.”

    Richmond Town Council President Paul Michaud said he found it rewarding to see the graduates prepare to enter adult life.

    “What brings me here tonight is to see the graduates graduate and go on to their next stage of life, wherever that’s going to be,” he said.

    Hopkinton Town Council President Frank Landolfi said he tried to attend the ceremony every year.

    “I’m always honored to be a part of the process,” he said. “I usually have a few members of the graduating class as folks that I know. It’s really a special time of year.”

    Charlestown Council President Virginia Lee was accompanied by council Vice President Julie Carroccia and Councilor Bonita Van Slyke. Lee was attending the ceremony for the first time.

    ‘Thrilled to be here’

    “It’s my first Chariho graduation,” she said. “I’m thrilled to be here. I’m the president of the Town Council, and what’s really important to most of our constituents is the quality of the education.”

    School Committee Chair Sylvia Stanley told the graduates to try to find joy in their lives.

    “We all want to be happy in this life, but happiness is a temporary thing,” she said.

    “It depends on circumstances of the moment. Joy is everlasting, and depends on what you choose to do with your life. Find your passion in life, and don’t let anyone stop you from chasing after it.”

    Seniors by the numbers

    Number of graduates: 297

    299 Chariho seniors surveyed

    Chariho High School: 125

    Chariho Tech: 174

    Planning to attend 4-year colleges: 155 or 51.9%

    Planning to attend 2-year colleges: 62 or 20.7 %

    Planning to attend career schools: 12 or 4%

    Planning to enter military: 7 or 2.3%

    Planning to enter workforce: 63 or 21.1%