8 Famous Murder Riddles – Propensity for Curiosity, answer to riddles.#Answer #to

8 Famous Murder Riddles

Can you figure out the answer? Read below for the famous Dead Wife Riddle!

Murder Riddles

Answer to riddles

STATUS: Solved by Luz. Answer: The third one. The poor lions died of starvation.

Answer to riddles

STATUS: Solved by Shonda. Answer: The poison was in the ice, as she slowly drank her one drink, the melting ice released the poison.

Answer to riddles

STATUS: Solved by Shonda. Answer: She shot her husband with her camera and then developed the picture.

Answer to riddles

STATUS: Solved by Luz. Answer: The maid. There is no mail on Sundays.

More Murder Riddles

A man is in court for killing his wife. In the closing statements the man s lawyer surprises everyone when he announces His wife was just missing. Everyone look at those doors. His wife is going to walk in those doors in about 30 seconds. The entire court is silent and the jury stares at the door as the lawyer and the defendant stare at them. After a couple of minutes the lawyer says See! If you were so sure he killed his wife, you wouldn t be watching that door!

The jury goes into deliberation and comes back almost immediately with a guilty verdict. Why did the jury convict him?

STATUS: Solved by Shonda. Answer: The man was guilty because he was watching the jury and not the door, because he knew she wouldn’t be walking in.

Murder Riddles Answers

A man was found dead in his study. He was slumped over his desk and a gun was in his hand. There was a cassette recorder on his desk. When the police entered the room and pressed the play button on the tape recorder they heard: I can t go on. I have nothing to live for. Then there was the sound of a gunshot.

How did the detective immediately know that the man had been murdered and it wasn t a suicide?

STATUS: Solved by Shonda. Answer: The suicide tape was rewound by the murderer.

A woman proves in court that her husband was murdered by her sister, but the judge decides that the sister cannot be punished. Why?

STATUS: Solved by Joel. Answer: The sisters are conjoined twins. The guilty one cannot be punished without punishing the innocent one.

A man was shot to death while in his car. There were no powder marks on his clothing, which indicated that the gunman was outside the car. However, all the windows were up and the doors locked. After a close inspection was made, the only bullet-holes discovered were on the man s body.

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7 Super Hard Riddles and Answers – Propensity for Curiosity, answer to

7 Super Hard Riddles And Answers

Answer to riddles

Answer to riddles

Many have heard me, but nobody has seen me, and I will not speak back until spoken to.

Answer to riddles

Alone I am 24th, with a friend I am 20.

Another friend and I am unclean.

More Difficult Riddles

A teacher decides to give a pop quiz one day but all of her students refuse to take the quiz thinking that the teacher will call off the quiz. She can give only one of these students a detention for skipping the quiz. All of the students know each other s names and if a student knows he/she is getting a detention they take the quiz.

How can she threaten her students with the single detention so they all take the quiz?

Answer to riddles

A window cleaner is cleaning a window on the 25th floor of a skyscraper when, suddenly, he slips and falls. He has no safety equipment and nothing to soften his fall, and yet he is not hurt. How can this be?

Answer to riddles

What is the next number in the sequence?

Hard Riddles And Answers

Riddle #1: The ? is L8 . All of the numbers, when read upside down, are the numbers 86 91.

Riddle #3: The letter x . It is the 24th letter of the alphabet, XX in Roman numerals is 20, and XXX is a label for movies that are inappropriate (unclean).

Riddle #4: She tells them that she will give the student who skips the quiz whose name comes first alphabetically a detention. This student won t skip because they know they are getting a detention if they do. The next person alphabetically will then know that they will get a detention so they won t skip either, and so on.

Riddle #5: A microwave. Generally when you run a microwave for 99 it runs for 1 minute and 39 seconds. 100 runs for 1 minute.

Riddle #6: He was inside cleaning windows.

Riddle #7: The next number it: 13112221. Each number describes the previous number. Starting with 1, the second line describes it 11 (one 1). Then the third line describes 11 as 21 (two 1 s). Then the fourth line describes 21 as 1211 (one 2, one 1). This is the pattern.

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Games – Riddles – Adivinanzas para aprender inglйs, answer to riddles.#Answer #to

answer to riddles

Riddles are very useful to learn a language. Many of them are the same in other languages but others are specially British or American. Many of them play with words, meanings and similar sounds. Try to guess the answer to these riddles without translating them!

Why was Cinderella taken off the basketball team?

She always ran away from the ball.

What is the difference between a jeweller and a jailer?

One sells watches and the other one watches cells.

What do you call a deer with no eyes?

No idea. (No-eye deer).

What goes dot-dash-squeak-dash-dot-squeak-squeak?

Why do bees always have sticky hair?

Because they have honeycombs.

What is at the end of everything?

What starts with e , ends with e but only has one letter?

What starts with p , ends with e and has 10,000 letters?

The post office.

If you drop a white hat into the Red Sea, what does it become?

Why are pianos difficult to open?

Because the keys are inside.

How do you stop a cock from crowing on Sunday

morning and waking you up?

Have it for dinner on Saturday night.

What bone will a dog never eat?

Why are Saturdays and Sundays strong days?

Because the other five are weak days.

When is a door not a door?

When it’s ajar. ( ajar significa entornada)

What kind of animal can jump higher than a house?

All animals can jump. House cannot.

What do you serve that you cannot eat?

What do you call a great dog detective?

How can you tell if someone is jealous of the Irish?

They are green with envy.

How does Easter end?

With the letter R.

What do you call a fish without an eye?

What do sea monsters eat?

Brothers and sisters have I none, but that man’s father is my father’s son. Who is that man?

Why do white sheep eat more than black sheep?

There are more white sheep.

Which word becomes shorter when you add a syllable to it?

Where does Friday come before Thursday?

In the dictionary.

What goes up and down stairs without moving?

Who can shave 20 times a day and still have a beard?

What has many keys but can’t open any door?

What word is always pronounced wrong?

What has two hands and a face, but no arms and legs?

What goes up and down stairs without moving?

What Christmas carol is a favourite of parents?

Take off my skin. I won’t cry, but you will. What am I?

What nail should you never hit with a hammer?

What is in the middle of water but is not an island?

I can help keep things safe, keep the unwanted at bay; but if you forget me, you may be outside all day. What am I?

I run all day but I’m always at the same place. What am I?

They come at night without being called and are lost in the day without being stolen. What are they?

I may have a blanket, but I’m never warm. What am I?

Snow. (A blanket of snow means ‘un manto de nieve’).

I have a head, a tail, but no body. What am I?

I run but I have no legs. What am I?

What does a cat have that no other animal has?

What has a horn but doesn’t honk?

What is as big as an elephant, but weighs nothing at all?

The shadow of an elephant.

What belongs to you but others use it more than you do?

What follows a horse wherever he goes?

When do dogs have 16 legs?

When there are four of them.

What has four legs but cannot walk?

What can you found in the middle of nowhere?

What walks all day on its head?

A nail in a horseshoe.

What has five eyes but cannot see?

The Mississippi River. (five i’s)

What letter is the cleanest in the alphabet?

The letter H because it’s in the middle of washing.

What has to be broken before you can use it?

What can you catch but you cannot throw?

What kind of nut has a hole?

A cowboy rode into town on Sunday, stayed three days and left on Sunday. How is this possible?

His horse’s name was Sunday .

How many men were born last year?

None. Only babies were born.

Where do you find roads without vehicles?

Why did the boy throw a bucket of water out the window?

He wanted to see the waterfall.

Which letter of the alphabet has the most water?

Where is the ocean the deepest?

What are two things people never eat before breakfast?

Lunch and dinner.

Why did the man throw his watch out of the window?

He wanted to see time fly.

What do you call a boomerang that won’t come back?

Santa Claus walking backwards.

What goes up and never comes down?

Why do birds fly south in the winter?

Because it’s too far to walk!

Because the B is after it (the bee is after it).

I’m full of holes, but I can hold water. What am I?

Why are elephants poor?

Because they work for peanuts.

What letter of the alphabet is an insect?

What relatives are dependent on you?

Aunt, uncle and cousin. They all need U (you).

What comes once in a minute, twice in a moment but not once in a thousand years?

Why is U the happiest letter?

Because it’s in the middle of fun .

What has a head, a tail, is brown and has no legs?

How many books can you put into an empty backpack?

One! After that, it’s not empty.

If you were in a race and passed the person in second place, what place would you be in?

What had one head, one foot and four legs?

Where does success come before work?

In the dictionary.

What is the center of gravity?

What English word has three consecutive double letters?

What’s the best thing to put into a Christmas cake?

What did the computer do at lunchtime?

Had a byte! (bite means ‘bocado’, byte means ‘unidad de datos’)

How many peas are there in a pint?

There is just one P in a ‘pint’.

What has forty feet and sings?

The school choir.

Otras pбginas que pueden interesarte

Answer to riddles

Mбs juegos para practicar vocabulario

Answer to riddles

Answer to riddles

Math Riddles: Try to answer these brain teasers and math riddles, answer

Math Riddles

Logic Games And Riddles

    Other Math Brain Teasers:
  • Math Puzzles
  • Monty Hall Simulation
  • Cheryl Math Problem
  • Math Jokes
  • Math Horror Stories from Real world
Riddle 1

How can you add eight 8’s to get the number 1,000? (only use addition)

Answer to riddles

The key to this math riddle is realizing that the one place must be zero. 888 + 88 + 8 + 8 + 8 = 1,000

Riddle 2

Two fathers and two sons sat down to eat eggs for breakfast. They ate exactly three eggs, each person had an egg. The riddle is for you to explain how

How to Explain the Riddle

One of the ‘fathers’ is also a grandfather. Therefore the other father is both a son and a father to the grandson.

In other words, the one father is both a son and a father.

Riddle 3

Part I. What digit is the most frequent between the numbers 1 and 1,000 (inclusive)? To solve this riddle you don’t want to manually do all of the math but rather try to figure out a pattern.

Answer to Riddle

The most common digit is ‘1.’ Can you figure out why? No hints until you try the next riddle because the next riddle is closely tied to this one.

Part II. What digit is the least frequent between the numbers 1 and 1,000?

0 is the least common digit even though 1,000 has three zero’s !

Explanations for both riddles

The digits 0 through 9 all follow the same pattern there is exactly 1 occurrence of each digit for every ten numbers.

  • For instance the digit 2 appears once between 10 and 19, at 12. And 2 appears once between, 30 and 39 at 32.
  • However, each of the digits 1 through 9 also appear in other numbers in the tens and hundreds place

Again, let’s look at 2 which appears in 20,21,22, 23, etc.. as well as 200,201, 202,203..

So to figure out how to answer the first riddle you had to see what distinguishes the number 1? Only that we are including 1,000 which would be the first ‘1’ in a new series of ten! In other words, the digit 1 only has a single extra occurrence (301 occurrences) compared to 2 or 3 or 9 which each have exactly 300 occurrences.

The reason that zero has the least (BY FAR at only 192 occurrences) is because zero does not have any equivalents to 22, 33, 44, 222, 3333 etc..

Riddle 4

Three guys rent a hotel room for the night. When they get to the hotel they pay the $$\$30 $$ fee, then go up to their room. Soon the bellhop brings up their bags and gives the lawyers back $5 because the hotel was having a special discount that weekend. So the three lawyers decide to each keep one of the $5 dollars and to give the bellhop a $2 tip. However, when they sat down to tally up their expenses for the weekend the could not explain the following details:

Each one of them had originally paid $10 (towards the initial $30), then each got back $1 which meant that they each paid $9. Then they gave the bellhop a $2 tip. HOWEVER, 3 • $9 + $2 = $29

The guys couldn’t figure out what happened to the other dollar. After all, the three paid out $30 but could only account for $29.

Can you determine what happened?

Answer to Riddle

There are many ways of explaining/thinking about this truly brain bending riddle! It all boils down to the fact that the lawyers’s math is incorrect.

They did NOT spend $9 3 + $2.

They spent exactly $27 dollars. $25 for the room and $2 for the tip. Remember they got exactly $3, in total back.

Another way to think about the answer to this riddle is to just pretend that the bellhop refunded $3 to the lawyers (rather than giving them $5 and receiving $2 back).

If the lawyers get $3 back and each takes $1. They they spent exactly $27 dollars.

Riddle 5

In a certain country of 5 = 3. If the same proportion holds, what is the value of 1/3 of 10 ?

Answer to Riddle

The answer is 4

Answer to riddles

Riddle 6

A merchant can place 8 large boxes or 10 small boxes into a carton for shipping. In one shipment, he sent a total of 96 boxes. If there are more large boxes than small boxes, how many cartons did he ship?

11 cartons total

7 large boxes (7 * 8 = 56 boxes)

4 small boxes (4 10 = 40 boxes

11 total cartons and 96 boxes

Riddle 7

A farmer is trying to cross a river. He is taking with him a rabbit, carrots and a fox, and he has a small raft. He can only bring 1 item a time across the river because his raft can only fit either the rabbit, the carrots or the fox. How does he cross the river. (You can assume that the fox does not eat the rabbit if the man is present, you can also assume that the fox and the rabbit are not trying to escape and run away)

The key to solving this riddle is realizing that you have to take the rabbit over first and the switch the fox with the rabbit. See step 2.

Take the rabbit to the other side

Go back and get the Fox and switch it with the Rabbit

**The key here is that the carrots and the rabbit are not being left alone.

Take the carrots across

Go back and get the rabbit

Riddle 8

Three brothers live in a farm. They agreed to buy new seeds: Adam and Ben would go and Charlie stayed to protect fields. Ben bought 75 sacks of wheat in the market whereas Adam bought 45 sacks. At home, they split the sacks equally. Charlie had paid 1400 dollars for the wheat. How much dollars did Ben and Adam get of the sum, considering equal split of the sacks?

Every farmer’s part is 1/3(45+75) = 40 sacks.

Charlie paid $1400 for 40 sacks, then 1 sack costs $1400/40 = $35/sack.

Adam got $35*(45-40)=35*5 = $175.

Ben got $35*(75-40)=35*35 = $1225.

Riddle 9

An insurance salesman walk up to house and knocks on the door. A woman answers, and he asks her how many children she has and how old they are. She says I will give you a hint. If you multiply the 3 children’s ages, you get 36. He says this is not enough information. So she gives a him 2 nd hint. If you add up the children’s ages, the sum is the number on the house next door. He goes next door and looks at the house number and says this is still not enough information. So she says she’ll give him one last hint which is that her oldest of the 3 plays piano.

Why would he need to go back to get the last hint after seeing the number on the house next door?

Because the sum of their ages ( the number on the house) is ambiguous and could refer to more than 1 trio of factors.

If you list out the trio of factors that multiply to 36 and their sums, you get :

  • 1 1 36 = 38
  • 1 2 18 = 21
  • 1 3 12 = 16
  • 1 4 9 = 14
  • 6 6 1 = 13
  • 2 2 9 = 13
  • 2 3 6 = 11
  • 3 3 4 = 10

Since the number on the house next door is not enough information there must be more than 1 factor trio that sums up to it, leaving two possibilities: < 6, 6, 1>, <2, 2, 9>. When she says her ‘oldest’ you know it can not be <6,6,1>since she would have two ‘older’ sons not an ‘oldest’.

Riddle 10

This is a famous one. The classic Monty hall riddle!

The Situation: Answer to riddles Your First Choice

You are confronted by 3 doors. Behind one of them is a car, behind the two others, you will only see a goat. Now, if you correctly pick the car, you win the car ! Otherwise, if you get one of the 2 goats, you don’t get the car.

So, pick any door. It doesn’t matter which one, but we will suppose that you picked door #2, as an example.

Answer to riddles Should You switch?

Now, after you have picked a door and before finding out what is actually behind it, you are shown a goat behind one of the other doors.(Remember there has to be a goat in 1 of the doors that you have not picked. )

Let’s say you choose door #2, as shown above. For example’s sake, let’s say there’s a goat in door 1. The question and the riddle is : should you switch the door that you picked? In other words, in this example, should you now choose door 3? Or, should you stick with your first choice (door #2)?

There actually is a mathematically correct answer to this riddle: You should indeed change your choice. If you don’t believe me, just try out our free online Monty hall simulation.

Answers to Riddles, answer to riddles.#Answer #to #riddles

answer to riddles

Answer to riddles

Much more than just a journal

What kind of coat can

only be put on when wet?

What goes up a chimney down,

but won’t go down a chimney up?

What letter is next in this sequence?

M, A, M, J, J, A, S, O,__

These are the first letters of the months of the year

What’s full of holes but still holds water?

What building has the most stories?

Why is an island like the letter T?

Pronounced as one letter,

And written with three,

Two letters there are,

And two only in me.

I’m double, I’m single,

I’m black, blue, and gray,

I’m read from both ends,

And the same either way.

My life can be measured in hours,

I serve by being devoured.

Thin, I am quick

What other letter fits in the following series:

B C D E I K O X?

What is the next letter in the series: “B, C, D, E, G, . “? And Why?

Two mothers and two daughters go to a pet store and buy three cats. Each female gets her own cat. How is this possible?

What has wheels and flies, but is not an aircraft?

What is the best month for a parade?

September 29, 2003

What’s white when it’s dirty?

Which is faster, hot or cold?

Six glasses are in a row. The first three are full of juice; the second three are empty. By moving only one glass, can you arrange them so empty and full glasses alternate?

Two fathers and two sons went duck hunting. Each shot a duck but they shot only three ducks in all. How come?

When is your mind like a rumpled bed?

What can you put in a wood box that will make it lighter?

What is it that everybody does at the same time?

Take away my first letter; take away my second letter; take away all my letters, and I would remain the same. What am I?

A doctor and a nurse have a baby boy. But the boy’s father is not the doctor and the mother is not the nurse. How can it be?

What gets wet when drying?

The more you take away, the larger it becomes? What is it?

You can keep it only after giving it away to someone else. What is it?

What goes up a chimney down, but won’t go down a chimney up?

What seven letters did Old Mother Hubbard say when she opened her cupboard?

What is so fragile even saying its name can break it?

How could a cowboy ride into town on Friday, stay two days, and ride out on Friday?

What comes once in a minute, twice in a moment, but never in a thousand years?

The more you take the more you leave behind.

A word I know, six letters it contains. Subtract just one, and twelve is what remains.

This runs fore to aft on one side of a ship, and aft to fore on the other. What is it?

I am a box that holds keys without locks, yet they can unlock your soul. What am I?

What turns everything around, but does not move?

While walking across a bridge I saw a boat full of people. Yet on the boat there wasn’t a single person. Why?

Here on earth it is true, yesterday is always before today; but there is a place where yesterday always follows today. Where?

I am an insect, & the first half of my name reveals another insect. Some famous musicians had a name similar to mine. What am I?

What relation would your father’s sister’s sister-in-law be to you?

There is a seven-letter word in the English language that contains ten words without rearranging any of its letters.” What is the word?

Brothers or sisters have I none, but that mans father is my fathers son. Who is that man?

What word looks the same upside down and backwards?

When can you add two to eleven and get one as the correct answer?

How far can a dog run into the woods?

Two legs I have, and this will confound: only at rest do they touch the ground! What am I?

It goes up, but at the same time goes down. Up toward the sky, and down toward the ground. It’s present tense and past tense too, come for a ride, just me and you. What is it?

Which word from Group B belongs with the words from Group A?

A. blast, paper, box, bank

B. juice, bag, cradle, carpet

I am a path situated between high natural masses. Remove my first letter & you have a path situated between man-made masses. What am I?

What can you hold without ever touching or using your hands?

What 7 letter word becomes longer when the third letter is removed?

Whoever makes it, tells it not. Whoever takes it, knows it not. And whoever knows it wants it not.

You can see nothing else

When you look in my face,

I will look you in the eye

And I will never lie.

I know a word of letters three. Add two, and fewer there will be.

What are the next 3 letters in this riddle?

o t t f f s s _ _ _

The first seven letters stand for – one two three four five six seven

He starts and ends 2 common English words. One painful in love, one painful in everyday matter.

Riddles – Answers – Reader – s Digest, answers to riddles.#Answers #to


Q: What do you call an Amish guy with his hand in a horse s mouth?

What did the Tin Man say when he got run over by a steamroller?

“Curses! Foil again!”

Submitted by Paul Stewart, Richmond, Utah

Q: What did the schizophrenic bookkeeper say?

A: I hear invoices!

Stephen Pickering, Marshall, Michigan

How Far Can a Fox

Q: How far can a fox run into a grove?

A: Only halfway then he s running out of it!

I Travel All Over

Q: I travel all over the world, but always stay in my corner. What am I?

With Pointed Fangs I

Q: With pointed fangs I sit and wait; with piercing force I crunch out fate; grabbing victims, proclaiming might; physically joining with a single bite. What am I?

What Kind of Coat

Q: What kind of coat is always wet when you put it on?

A: A coat of paint.

How Many Seconds

Q: How many seconds are there in one year?

A: 12 of them: January 2nd, February 2nd, March 2nd, April 2nd, May 2nd, June 2nd, July 2nd, August 2nd, September 2nd, October 2nd, November 2nd, December 2nd.

What Has 13 Hearts

Q: What has 13 hearts, but no other organs?

A: A deck of playing cards.

How Many Bananas

Q: How many bananas can you eat if your stomach is empty?

A: Just one after that, it s not empty anymore.

What Do You Call

Q: What do you call a bear without an ear?

Why Was the Chef

Q: Why was the chef embarrassed?

A: Because he saw the salad dressing!

Where Is the Ocean

Q: Where is the ocean the deepest?

A: On the bottom!

What Do You Break

Q: What do you break before you use it?

A Man Rode In

Q: A man rode in to town on Tuesday, and left two days later on Tuesday. How so?

A: His horse is named Tuesday!

Why Is the Letter A

Q: Why is the letter A the most like a flower?

A: Because the B is after it.

What Are Two Things

Q: What are two things you wouldn t eat after waking up?

A: Lunch and dinner.

Why Did the Boy

Q: Why did the boy throw a bucket out the window?

A: He wanted to see the waterfall.

Q: Why did the boy throw butter out the window?

A: He wanted to see the butterfly.

Q: Why did the boy throw his watch out the window?

18 Classic – What Am I – Riddles – Propensity for Curiosity,

18 Classic What Am I Riddles

A collection of the best, most classic What Am I riddles around. How many can you solve?

Answers to riddles

I m teary-eyed but never cry,

silver-tongued, but never lie.

double-winged, but never fly,

air-cooled, but never dry.

Answers to riddles

If it s information you seek,

come and see me.

If it s pairs of letters you need,

I have consecutively three.

Answers to riddles

A natural state, I m sought by all.

Go without me, and you shall fall.

You do me when you spend,

and use me when you eat to no end.

Answers to riddles

We hurt without moving.

We poison without touching.

We bear the truth and the lies.

We are not to be judged by our size.

Answers to riddles

Whoever makes me, tells me not.

Whoever takes me, knows me not.

Whoever knows me, wants me not.

Answers to riddles

Under pressure is the only way I work, and by myself is the only way I m hurt.

Answers to riddles

I go on four legs in the morning, on two legs at noon, and on three legs in the evening.

Answers to riddles

When you need me,

you throw me away.

But when you re done with me,

you bring me back.

I have a tongue

and though I cannot walk,

I’m known to get around.

Smell me, buy me, and deliver me.

Still, I won t change.

What I build, I build stronger than either the mason, the shipwright, or the carpenter.

500 is at my end and my start, yet 5 is at my heart.

The first letter and the first number make me complete.

My name is that of a king.

Many have heard me,

but nobody has seen me,

and I will not speak back

until spoken to.

I am taken from a mine,

and shut up in a wooden case

from which I’m never released,

and yet I am used by many.

Poke your fingers in my eyes

and I will open wide my jaws.

Linen cloth, quills, or paper,

I will devour them all.

I dig out tiny caves, and store gold and silver in them.

I also build bridges of silver and make crowns of gold.

They are the smallest you could imagine.

Sooner or later everybody needs my help,

yet many people are afraid to let me help them.

I take what you receive and surrender it all by waving my flag.

I’m at the beginning of the end

and the start of eternity,

at the end of time and space,

in the middle of yesterday

but nowhere in tomorrow.

Classic Riddles Answers

Riddle #1: Mercury. The element looks shiny, silver, and is wet. The god Mercury has two wings but only uses them to run.

Riddle #7: A man. He crawls as a baby, then walks, then uses a cane in old age.

Riddle #10: Cent, scent, and sent.

Riddle #11: A gravedigger, for his houses will last forever.

Riddle #12: DAVID. D=500, V=5, and I=1 (the first number). A is the first letter of the alphabet.

Like these? Check out more awesome riddles here:

Riddles and answers, puzzles, brain teasers, answers to riddles.#Answers #to #riddles

Riddles and answers

Answers to riddles

Nice collection of riddles with answers. You can find here all kind of riddles, brain teasers riddles, riddles for kids, hard riddles, funny riddles.

Answers to riddles you can find at the bottom of this page.


1. What goes up and down stairs without moving?

2. Give it food and it will live; give it water and it will die.

3. What can you catch but not throw?

4. I run, yet I have no legs. What am I?

5. Remove the outside, cook the inside, eat the outside, throw away the inside.

6. What goes around the world and stays in a corner?

7. The more there is, the less you see.

8. They come at night without being called and are lost in the day without being stolen.

9. What kind of room has no windows or doors?

10. I have holes on the top and bottom. I have holes on my left and on my right. And I have holes in the middle, yet I still hold water. What am I?

11. I look at you, you look at me, I raise my right, you raise your left. What is this object?

12. Light as a feather, there is nothing in it; the strongest man can’t hold it for much more than a minute.

13. What can run but never walks, has a mouth but never talks, has a head but never weeps, has a bed but never sleeps?

14. What can fill a room but takes up no space?

15. It is weightless, you can see it, and if you put it in a barrel it will make the barrel lighter?

16. No sooner spoken than broken. What is it?

17. Only two backbones and thousands of ribs.

18. He has married many women but has never married. Who is he?

19. If you have it, you want to share it. If you share it, you don’t have it. What is it?

20. You can’t keep this until you have given it.

21. Take off my skin, I won’t cry, but you will. What am I?

22. What do you fill with empty hands?

23. What do you serve that you can’t eat?

24. What do you throw out when you want to use it but take in when you don’t want to use it?

25. What goes up and never comes down?

26. You answer me, although I never ask you questions. What am I?

27. You can have me but cannot hold me;

Gain me and quickly lose me.

If treated with care I can be great,

And if betrayed I will break.

28. I can run but not walk. Wherever I go, thought follows close behind. What am I?

29. What gets wetter and wetter the more it dries?

30. I have hands and a face.I sometimes have numbers on my face.

31. It is greater than God and more evil than the devil. The poor have it, the rich need it and if you eat it you’ll die. What is it?

32. I am the beginning of the end, and the end of time and space. I am essential to creation, and I surround every place. What am I?

33. I never was, am always to be. No one ever saw me, nor ever will. And yet I am the confidence of all, To live and breath on this terrestrial ball. What am I?

34. What is in seasons, seconds, centuries and minutes but not in decades, years or days?

35. The one who makes it, sells it. The one who buys it, never uses it. The one that uses it never knows that he’s using it. What is it?

36. What English word has three consecutive double letters?

37. I am always hungry, I must always be fed. The finger I touch, will soon turn red.

38. Until I am measured I am not known, yet how you miss me, when I have flown.

39. All around, but cannot be seen, can be captured, cannot be held. No throat, but can be heard.

40. Each morning I appear, to lie at your feet. All day I will follow, no matter how fast you run. Yet I nearly perish, in the midday sun.

41. Where is 11+2=1?

42. A long snake that smokes. What am I?

43. The more you take, the more you leave behind. What am I?

44. Tear one off and scratch my head.

What once was red is black instead?

45. The eight of us go forth not back, to protect our king from a foe’s attack.

46. What has teeth but can not bite?

47. Poke your fingers in my eyes and I will open wide my jaws. Linen cloth, quills, or paper, my greedy lust devours them all. What am I?

48. What can you break but not touch?

49. Four fingers and a thumb, Yet flesh and blood I have none. What am I?

50. Take one out and scratch my head I am now black but once was red. What am I?

51. Precious stones in a pack of cards.

52. A fruit on a tree. A tree on a fruit.

53. Which bow can’t be tied?

54. What type of dress can never be worn?

55. The white lady who sheds tears all the time.

56. What is black when its clean and white when its dirty?

57. I am something. When you see me, you always clap for meyet you hate me, but prefer me to my wife

120. I never go for water, but I always have water in house.

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Extremely Hard Riddles with Answers

Answers to riddles

Riddles, especially hard riddles, can set the brain working, forcing it to problem-solve and think critically. These skills aren’t just confined to figuring out riddles either; with regular practice and honing, they become important life tools for children and adults alike.

Riddles are a great way to improve vocabulary especially in young adults and people looking to learn a language. The words aren’t really taken at face value so you’re forced to read between the lines. Hard riddles can also contain words that aren’t normally used. They compel you to look them up and expand your vocabulary. Hard riddles, in particular, also fuel reading comprehension. Most adults can read but not everyone can understand or use tough words and phrases. Riddles can turn things around by introducing people to the same.

If you’re looking to give your brain a good workout, indulge in a little hard riddles with answers every day. You will have fun and it can be one of your best time pass activities. Try out the stimulating riddles given here or create your own. Make them as tricky as possible and watch your friends try to crack them.

List of Hard Riddles with Answers

If you eat me, my sender will eat you. What am I?

How do you fit 10 horses into 9 stalls.

I look flat, but I am deep,

Hidden realms I shelter.

Lives I take, but food I offer.

At times I am beautiful.

I can be calm, angry and turbulent.

I have no heart, but offer pleasure as well as death.

No man can own me, yet I encompass what all men must have.

What always ends everything?

What has only two words, but thousands of letters?

What is as big as an elephant, but weighs nothing at all?

Answer: The shadow of an elephant.

How many letters are in the alphabet?

Answer: There are eleven letters in “the alphabet.”

How is Ron 10 years old in 1870, but only 5 years old in 1875?

Answer: Ron was born in 1880 B.C.

There was a man walking in the desert. It was an especially hot day that day. In the distance, the man suddenly saw a restaurant. He rejoiced and ran to the restaurant and immediately asked the waiter for a glass of water. Instead, the waiter pulled out a gun and pointed it at the man’s head. The man replied with, “thank you”. Why did the man say “thank you”?

I am a five-letter word. I sounds the same when you remove my first letter. I sound the same when you remove my 3rd letter. I sound the same when you remove my last letter, and I sound the same when you remove all three. Which word am I?

Answer: Empty, mpty, emty, emp-t, m t.

A man runs away from home. He turns left, and keeps running. After some time he turns left again and keeps running. He later turns left once more and runs back home. Who was the man in the mask?

Answer: The catcher. In baseball game.

There are 6 sisters. Each sister has 1 brother. How many brothers are in the sisters family?

Answer: 1 brother. If there was 6 brothers, each sister would have 6 brothers.

A container without hinges, lock or a key, yet a golden treasure lies inside me. What am I?

Only one color, but not one size,

stuck at the bottom, yet easily flies;

present in sun, but not in rain;

doing no harm, and feeling no pain.

First, think of the color of clouds. Next think of the color of snow. Last, think of the color of the moon. Now, what do cows drink?

Answer: Water. If the teaser worked, you guessed milk.

What can’t be burned in a fire nor drowned in water?

Answer: Ice. It melts instead of burning in a fire and it floats in water.

What is half of 8?

Answer: 3 (if you slice vertically) or 0 (if you slice horizontally).

I can fly but I have no wings. I can cry but I have no eyes. Wherever I go darkness follows me. What am I?

How is 7 different from the rest of the numbers from 1-10?

Answer: 7 (seven) is the only one with two syllables.

If you are running a race, and you pass the person in second, what place are you in?

Two men are in a desert. They both have packs on. One of the guys is dead. The guy who is alive has his pack open, the guy who is dead has his pack closed. What is in the pack?

What is it a child can make that no one can ever see?

What can fill an entire room without taking up any space?

I no longer have eyes, but once I did see. Once I had thoughts, but now I’m white and empty. What am I?

What can you hold in your right hand but never in your left hand?

Poor people have it. Rich people need it. If you eat it, you’ll sick or maybe die. What is it?

What is it that no one wants, but no one wants to lose?

How many months have 28 days?

What comes once in a minute, twice in a moment, but never in a thousand years?

How do you make the number one disappear by adding to it?

Answer: Add the letter ‘G’ and it becomes Gone.

The answer I give is yes, but what I mean is no. What was the question?

I can be written, I can be spoken, I can be exposed, I can be broken. What am I?

Add two letters to me and I become shorter? What am I?

Answer: I’m the word short, so if you add -er, then I literally become shorter.

From house to house I go, sometimes narrow, sometimes wide. And whether there’s rain or snow I always stay outside. What am I?

What’s black when you get it, red when you use it, and white when you’re all through with it?

Thanks for taking out your time for the post and I hope you have fun with the hardest riddles ever!

A Collection of Quant Riddles With Answers, answers to riddles.#Answers #to #riddles

A Collection of Quant Riddles With Answers

– Adam finished first overall with 22 points

– Bob won the Javelin event and finished with 9 points overall.

– Charlie also finished with 9 points overall.

It’s worth taking a clue on this one.

Britney beats Carol by 20 meters.

The King’s scientists develop a test with accuracy as follows: It will fail by false negative at a 1% rate. It will fail by false positive at a 2% rate. The King, planning to test everyone in the kingdom, is pleased. He thinks if he was prepared to secretly murder the 2,000 infected people a 2% rise wont make any difference. ‘Hold on‘ says the chief nerd ‘you’ll actually have to murder X people and only one in Y of them will have The Phage.

-If an egg drops from the Nth floor or above it will break.

-If it’s dropped from any floor below, it will not break.

You’re given 2 eggs.

That is to say the coin does not give heads or tales with equal probability. How can you ensure that decisions made with the coin do have a 50:50 chance?

You may put the gun straight to your head and pull the trigger, or you may re-spin the gun before you do the same.

You can expand this question to determine, for example, the time of the first impact or, is there such a thing as (and if so what is it,) a minimum speed the Bee needs to travel at in order to be able to perform this feat?

Generalize to socks of N different colors.

The man replies, ‘Brothers and sisters, I have none. But that man’s father is my father’s son’.

Who is in the photograph?

May 15, May 16, May 19, June 17, June 18, July 14, July 16, August 14, August 15, August 17

Cheryl then tells Albert and Bernard separately the month and the day of her birthday respectively.

Bernard: At first I don’t know when Cheryl’s birthday is, but I know now.

Albert: Then I also know when Cheryl’s birthday is.

Horses for 10 each, goats for 1 each and ducks, you get 8 of these per bunch and each bunch costs 1. The aim is to acquire 100 animals at the cost of 100, what is the combination of horses, goats and duck that allows you to do this? (you must buy at least one of each.)

Can you generalise the form of your answer?

If you had 2 fuses could you measure 45 seconds?

The player who starts must call out an integer between 1 and 10, inclusive;

A new number called out must exceed the most recent number called by at least one and by no more than 10.

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