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pest control pricing

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Pest control pricing

Pest control pricing

You have a pest problem? We have the solution.

Connor’s offers quick, convenient, and effective pest control.

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While other companies simply spray and go away, Connor’s determines how and why pests are getting into your home. Our inspection, identification, and exclusion techniques help prevent future infestations.

We come back until the pests don’t. Our unlimited service visits give you the ultimate peace of mind, year-round. Because you deserve a pest control company that’s committed to keeping your lovely home pest-free.

Say goodbye to inflated bills–Connor’s offers transparent pricing up front. Once we’ve inspected your home, we’ll give you a clear price that reflects the custom treatment required to eliminate your pests.

Whenever possible, Connor’s uses environmentally responsible products that are both safe and effective. Our Master Technicians use a proactive approach called integrated pest management (IPM) to safely eliminate pests.

Unlike recent companies that I had reached out to, I truly felt that I was the only customer that Connor’s had. Travis has great communication skills and was able to offer some suggestions in dealing with my fear of bringing bed bugs into my home. Knowing that Travis cleared me free of bugs, well, that’s priceless.

I was very pleased to work with Allen and George to be rid of a few persistent bed bugs, that thankfully did not develop into a major infestation. Distressful, nevertheless!

I am a long-time residential customer of Connor’s. I just wanted you to know what a great job Martin does in taking great care of our home. He is always on time, so professional, and does his work thoroughly and very competently. And, he is personable and always has a smile on his face. In short, we could not be happier with his outstanding service.

We recently had a bat infestation taken care of which left drywall and insulation needing to be replaced. We had Connor’s patch the holes and repaint the ceiling. Marquis was our lead carpenter doing all the repairs. He was extremely polite, professional, and knowledgeable. Thank you for all your hard work and great attitude!

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Simple and transparent pricing

What’s an agent?

An agent is any user within your business who can communicate with customers through Kayako. Every manager, support rep, and administrator will need an agent account.

What’s a collaborator?

Collaborators bring other people in your business closer to your customers. Anyone can join as a collaborator – they’re free! They can view and work on customer conversations and leave internal notes, but they can’t send outbound communications.

Can I try Kayako for free?

Of course! You can trial any Kayako plan free for 14 days. If you want to try another plan, just ask. When you’re confident Kayako is right for you, you can buy any plan from within your trial account.

Can I change or cancel my plan?

If you choose monthly billing, you can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel anytime, hassle-free. If you choose to pay annually, you can upgrade and make adjustments at any time.

Can I add/remove agents?

It’s really easy to add or remove agents whenever you like, all from within your account.

Is my data safe and secure?

Absolutely – we’re fanatical about security. We’ve baked in several layers of enterprise-grade security into our product, platform, and processes. Learn more about Kayako security.

Bring all hands on deck with Collaborators

It’s easy to invite colleagues to Kayako and bring them in the loop. Collaborators can see conversations, leave private notes and draft Help Center articles while your agents handle the conversation.

We built Kayako because we believe traditional helpdesks just aren’t helpful anymore. Customer service software needs to be beautifully simple – but if it doesn’t help you get better, you can’t improve. You need a platform that will help you build closer relationships with your customers, work better together as a team, and deliver experiences that go beyond delight. Not just do more of the same.

Kayako is an investment in your customer experience to build a competitive advantage: effortless, delightful customer service. We set our pricing at a level that lets us grow as you grow, so we too can continuously improve and innovate, and fulfill our goal of helping every business get better at customer service.

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  • Get Pricing For Answering Service Solutions – Control Your Cost, Don’t Be Controlled

    Just how much should an answering service cost and what if you could control the fees and plans to get the best rate from local call centers? The fact is you are in more control than you may think. From flat rate pricing, pay-per-call, or pay by the minute plans we’ll get you the most affordable and competitive rates from companies that will deliver their lowest prices, and the good news you won’t have to be a super negotiator to get that reduced price, because they know you’re shopping. We know time is important and getting the most for your money is even more important. That’s why we offer a one stop solution for you to complete one form and get quotes on answering services within 1 business day. Describe your needs (takes 30 seconds) and we will connect you with providers delivering their best prices on inbound call services that match your requirements. You deal directly with them they fight for your business. You save time and money.

    Pay For Time Usage Only: This type of plan bills you for actual time used. Most of the time you will be billed by the minute. Some companies bill in one minute increments so it’s best to use a service that bills in 10-15 second time increments, and ideally actual seconds used. Expect to pay a typical monthly base rate of $19 $49 plus your actual usage. The cost per minute will vary between $0.79 $1.25 depending on requirements.

    Pay Per Call: Pay a flat for every inbound call. This plan is great for those that have low call volumes but the down side can be that you will pay the same rate for incorrectly dialed numbers. The typical monthly base rate for this service will range from $10 to $30 a month and the price per call will be around $0.69 $1.50, usually depending on the anticipated length of your calls and number of questions that are being asked.

    Flat Rate Plans: A program that promises flat rates can be offered in a few ways, but the basic understanding is you pay one flat price for unlimited calls. This rate is based on your realistic call volume expectations but is a great way to manage the cost of service. These answering service plans range between $49 and $139 a month and usually require no contracts or set up fees.

    Pay as You Go: This program allows you to have a monthly base rate of $0.00 and you only pay for the actual time used. In some cases a small security deposit of up to $100 may be necessary to protect the supplier in the event you have excessive usage and don’t pay your invoice. A credit check may also be requested which you may or may not be required to pay for.

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    Pricing Made Simple


    Is there a contract to sign?
    No. VoiceNation services are based on a month to month agreement.

    How does your ALL INCLUSIVE billing work?
    Each of our price plans (excluding 30 for 30 Quick Start) has a base monthly fee and a certain number of included live operator minutes. This base fee for each plan includes our entire suite of features bundled together. So, unlike most call centers who nickel and dime you with a la carte fees after charging a low monthly rate, VoiceNation charges a flat monthly rate so there are no surprises when you get your monthly bill.

    Examples of these a la carte fees you can expect from other live answering companies are services like taking appointments, charging you for each call transfer/dispatch, charging a per minute fee for the entire time a patched call lasts, order taking, paging, voicemail, holiday or weekend fees, receiving faxes and even charging to send your messages to you any way other than email. With VoiceNation, there are no surprises.

    Is there an extra charge for patching ?
    Nope. VoiceNation does not believe in nickel and diming our customers. Unlike most call centers, VoiceNation only bills for operator call handling time. If your script requires us to transfer (patch) calls directly to you or your team members, there will be no additional per minute or per call fees. Once we have successfully connected you with your callers you are no longer being billed.

    **Make sure to ask about this hidden charge when choosing your answering service.**

    Does VoiceNation charge extra to answer my phones on Holidays?
    No way.

    What billing increment does VoiceNation use?
    All live answering accounts are billed in six second increments. We don t round up to the next minute.

    Do you bill by the minute or per call?
    We bill by the minute rather than by the call so you pay for less time on calls lasting less than a minute.

    How much am I charged if I go over my minutes?
    The per minute charge if you go over your minutes is $.95.

    What’s the difference between the 30for30 plan and the other plans?
    The 30for30 plan was designed for anyone who just needs message taking. If you have more advanced needs, like call transferring or on call dispatching, you will need to go with the other plans we advertise on our pricing page.

    Can I track my minutes?
    Yes, you will be able to track your minutes online from your online account login. From the home page you will see the amount of minutes you have accrued as of 11:59 the previous day.

    Can I order a custom toll free or Vanity toll free number?
    Yes, VoiceNation can order custom toll free vanity numbers. Your custom vanity toll free number can be used as your free VoiceNation number that is included with your account. There is a one time charge of $75 to order a vanity toll free number. Vanity numbers are not available as local area code numbers, only toll free. To order a vanity number, search this site here or here and once you have found your number, proceed through the VoiceNation website ordering process. During the order there will be a field for you to enter your requested number. Please allow 5 business days for vanity numbers to be confirmed. We advise you not to advertise or give out your requested vanity number until we have emailed you to confirm your number has been reserved.

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    The competition can’t even come close.

    Don’t be nickel and dimed anymore by those other answering service companies.
    All of our features are included with every plan so you won’t pay those annoying a la carte fees. VoiceNation is known as the industry leader so relax and trust us with your important business calls just like so many Fortune 500 companies already do. Welcome to the team!

    Relax, we’ve got your back!

    For less than the cost of a phone line and for a fraction of the cost of a receptionist,
    one of VoiceNation’s highly-trained operators will answer your phone 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, after hours, and when your phones are busy. Simple, reliable and totally customizable.

    Call 877-774-1717 to speak with our sales team today!

    Sound like a Fortune 500 company, instantly!

    Join with the ranks of some amazing companies like McDonalds, Dell, Comedy Central, Delta, Rolls Royce and more.

    Sign up today →

    What to Expect with VoiceNation

    Quick Setup, Reliability and Professionalism

    Rest assured, with VoiceNation, you’ll get a very affordable toll free or local business number answered by a live operator who acts as a personal extension of your company. Our virtual receptionists will answer the call with your company name, according to your call script. Our representatives will take messages, enter data into your web form, and forward calls to your out of office location.

    How easy is that? So easy, in fact, that you’ll be up and running in less than a minute. Seriously! See how live answering works. For full details, check out our dedicated live answering site at .

    I love VOICENATION. Everyday I open my dashboard, and listen to messages of people calling me asking for more info on my business! Goodbye cold calling. Hello targeted leads!” — Louise Dickson

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    Call Today: 1-800-500-5020

    With our service pricing starting at just $39 per month, we can answer the calls that you can’t!

    When you have a real operator answering your calls, you give customers a reason to choose your company over that of your competitor. We can t be beat on price and quality

    • Phone representatives are US-based and available 24/7.
    • Phone calls are handled in three rings or fewer.
    • Get your messages delivered via email, text, or fax.
    • No programming fees or set-up fees for your phone script.

    Our affordable answering service pricing can benefits your company

    Answering service pricing ranging upwards of $100 each month, it comes as no surprise that many business owners instead opt for their traditional voicemail and operated messaging systems. However, there are several beneficial aspects to implementing an our service in your company, especially when it comes to customer relations. When you select an service that fits you, you are able to provide current and future customers with a way to reach your business no matter what time or day it may be. Of course, when you investigate service pricing, you are also able to find companies like ours that offer premier services at an affordable rate.

    Most businesses miss most of their opportunities for new customers because of missed calls. Machines simply don’t cut it, as the majority of people calling don’t want to speak to an automated service. This idea has been investigated thoroughly, such as in a 2011 study by Consumer Reports.

    In the study, participants were asked to provide a rating for various circumstances ranging from a scale measuring irritability from 1 to 10, 10 being the highest rating possible. When asked how irritating it is to be unable to reach a live operator on the phone, consumers reported a score of an 8.9! Multi-purpose systems also drew a high irritability rating, ranking at an 8.5.

    In contrast, the same group of participants was asked to rate how irritating a pushy sales associate is while shopping in a retail setting. Surprisingly, this score on the scale above was an 8.2, demonstrating that even obnoxious individuals in person are not worse than the simply inability to speak to someone on the phone.

    Although many businesses resort to a reliance on voicemail instead of paying for services, this has been shown time and time again to simply perpetuate problems. The primary issue with voicemail is that most customers won’t leave a message. As a result, they will turn to one of your competitors instead, especially if they are quickly able to get into contact with them.

    Additionally, urgent issues are incompatible with voicemail. Customers who need something to be handled immediately are those who are the least likely to use voicemail to get into contact with a company. If you are not there to pick up the phone, they will move on to one of your competitors, causing you to miss out on business that you could have had if you had an service for your business.

    When you search around for call center services that works within your budget, you can once again focus on what matters most: using your top skills to develop your company.

    Take advantage of our low pricing to manage all your calls

    Are you curious as to how our call center service can work for your business? If for any reason you’re unable to attend to the phone, one of our operators will be able to pick it up once it has been rerouted. We use your script to greet each individual customer as they would be if they called your business. By taking down a message and their information, we then provide you with what we have received in order to allow you to determine the best approach for each unique customer. Most business owners find that in some cases, a return phone call isn’t necessary, as a simple email acknowledgement is often sufficient.

    If at any point your call volume becomes large, or if your business is simply closed for the time being, our business can provide you with comprehensive call center services at an affordable monthly rate. We pride ourselves on treating your customers as you would, meaning that you can always depend upon our service for the care that your customers have come to expect from your business.

    Our service pricing begins at just $39, giving you an affordable alternative to other companies with service that far surpasses that which you would get elsewhere.

    Our pricing and satisfaction can t be beat

    As a leading industry provider of phone agents services, we are confident that you will be exceptionally pleased with our pricing and standard of excellence.

    With only US-based operators, you can eliminate the dreaded busy signals, dial tones, and automated system that irritate your customers and instead choose First Answering Service for all of your needs.

    Ready to begin your services?

    If you re looking for competitive answering service pricing and exceptional standards of our service are what your company needs, you can sign up below. If you have lingering questions, please feel free to contact us prior to making your final decision.

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    about sedans

    Long before the days of SUVs, minivans and plush crew-cab pickups, the three most popular types of vehicles were coupes, sedans and station wagons. For those who needed seating for up to five, the sedan was the vehicle type of choice, leaving rakish coupes to swanky singletons and wagons to large families. Even now with all those other vehicle types available, the sedan remains a hugely popular choice thanks to its combination of practicality, manageable size, comfort and efficiency.

    Sedans have long been available in small, medium and large sizes. But a big difference between yesteryear and today is that sedans not only come in various sizes but also in a large variety of flavors. The latter range from subcompacts with luxury car features (such as heated seats and navigation) to supersport sedans capable of blistering performance numbers that you might more associate with an exotic sports car.

    The current menu of sedans includes subcompacts such as the Ford Fiesta and Nissan Versa, while compact stalwarts include the Honda Civic and Mazda 3. The popular midsize class counts the Ford Fusion and Kia Optima among its choices, while the full-size segment includes the Chevrolet Impala and Toyota Avalon. Of course, premium brands such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz offer luxurious sedans boasting impressive performance. In short, there’s something for all sedan shoppers here, whether they’re looking for a basic commuter car or the landlocked equivalent of a private business jet.

    Long before the days of SUVs, minivans and plush crew-cab pickups, the three most popular types of vehicles were coupes, sedans and station wagons. For those who needed seating for up to five, the sedan was the vehicle type of choice, leaving rakish coupes to swanky singletons and wagons to large families. Even now with all those other vehicle types available, the sedan remains a hugely popular choice thanks to its combination of practicality, manageable size, comfort and efficiency.

    Sedans have long been available in small, medium and large sizes. But a big difference between yesteryear and today is that sedans not only come in various sizes but also in a large variety of flavors. The latter range from subcompacts with luxury car features (such as heated seats and navigation) to supersport sedans capable of blistering performance numbers that you might more associate with an exotic sports car.

    The current menu of sedans includes subcompacts such as the Ford Fiesta and Nissan Versa, while compact stalwarts include the Honda Civic and Mazda 3. The popular midsize class counts the Ford Fusion and Kia Optima among its choices, while the full-size segment includes the Chevrolet Impala and Toyota Avalon. Of course, premium brands such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz offer luxurious sedans boasting impressive performance. In short, there’s something for all sedan shoppers here, whether they’re looking for a basic commuter car or the landlocked equivalent of a private business jet.

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    Turnkey Market Survey – We collect, refine and report market intelligence

    Acquired Pricing – Automatically populate published and crowd-sourced data

    Market Research – Set up your market survey and train your staff members to create superior market analysis and reporting

    Market analysis is only as trustworthy as the value of data input. As the CEO of CoStar stated: “. crowdsourced data can sometimes be more accurate than data gathered by CoStar’s research staff.”*

    Whether delegating, contracting or populating marketing intelligence, Market Survey Tools offers the most advanced, dependable technology to support your critical marketing decisions.

    10,245,000 units in the Market Survey Tools database

    Market Survey Tools reports on 70+ metropolitan markets and constantly expanding others.

    Corporate users can establish their own alert criteria and see where their property is performing in comparison to the immediate market competition on one bottom-line report.

    Properties in Market Survey Tools have a class distinction rating for more accurate comparison.

    Structure timely, precise, apartment marketing strategies based on immediately accessible, current data and historical rental detail.

    Give yourself a new level of confidence in the pricing, acquisition and disposition decisions you are making in tough economic times. Support your conclusions with accurate, easily accessible, readily presentable marketing data that is not vulnerable to failed formulas, version inconsistencies and poor digital delivery.

    • View update changes at a glance no manual calculations required
    • Automatically generates graphical and comparative data in presentation form
    • Reduce administrative hours no more clumsy spreadsheet retrofit
    • Improves accuracy simple to use and self-calculating
    • Universal publishes data updates instantly to multiple users and locations
    • No installation required totally web-based with 24/7 access
    • Customized criteria create unique selling points per property and product
    • Secures historical data no way to lose vital market trends
    • Instant retrieval no distribution required
    • Calculates average rent, collects concessions, promotions, rental policies and photographs
    • Client-managed content administrative center eliminates costly contract programming

    About Market Survey Tools Apartment Marketing Program creates an apartment market research analysis in just a few steps. Identify your competition; set up utility, apartment features, amenities, and pricing criteria to automatically create an apartment survey, occupancy report, and apartment pricing comparison study.

    This simple, comprehensive, web based apartment marketing program generates rent per square foot rates, net effective rent calculations, apartment market rent comparisons and floor plan pricing comparisons. archives survey histories and produces advanced graphing and trend reporting for changes in the apartment market. instantly publishes colorful, elegant presentations that are always ready for review by investors, owners and apartment management leaders. Defeat the competition by having instant information on hand to make timely apartment pricing and concession decisions that will keep you on the winning edge.

    List of Divisions:

    Apartment Websites, Internet Marketing & Search Engine Performance

    Apartment Prospect Management, Lease Closing Tool & Apartment CRM

    Pushing Revenue To New Elevations

    Marketing Solutions & Lead Generating Machine

    Home Builders Prospect Management & Sales Tool

    Reverse Mortgage CRM

    Apartment Listing Service

    Apartment Listing Service

    Point of Sale Tablet Application

    Ultimate Portable Dashboard and Business Intelligence

    Commission and Bonus Automated Calculations

    Property Inspection Tablet Application

    Kiosks for Apartment Leasing and Management

    Apartment Industry Resources

    Resident Surveys and Training

    Resources for the Apartment Industry
    Institute of Real Estate Management

    Pofessional Property Management Ethics & Business Practices
    National Suppliers Council

    National Apartment Association

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    Heating | Air Conditioning | Plumbing in Douglas County, CO

    Call 303-688-0597 or click here to set an appointment today!

    Serving Castle Rock, Highlands Ranch, Franktown, Sedalia, Parker, Castle Pines, Castle Pines North, Larkspur and greater Douglas County!

    Sign up with us via email and receive $5 off your next service.

    Courtesy is your complete heating. air conditioning and plumbing service company. We offer a full range of services from installation and replacement to repair and maintenance.

    At Courtesy Plumbing and Heating we are dedicated to offering exceptional service in plumbing, heating and air conditioning with an emphasis on customer service and satisfaction. As members of the local community for 30 years, we treat every customer with the friendly, honest attention they deserve.

    Courtesy Plumbing and Heating focuses on professionalism, cleanliness and respect. Our goal is high quality work and an ethic that holds customer satisfaction paramount. We bring our stocked trucks, warehouses on wheels to your home, so we can help you quickly and efficiently.

    • Licensed and Insured
    • Family-owned and operated
    • Background checks on all employees
    • Charge by the job, not the hour

    Whether you need a leaking faucet fixed, a new air conditioner install, a furnace check up, a furnace repair, a furnace replacement, or work to repair or replace a hot water heater or a boiler, Courtesy Plumbing and Heating will take care of the job quickly, professionally and properly.


    Porsche 1600 Speedster Archived Test – Review – Car and Driver #porsche


    Porsche 1600 Speedster

    From the June 1956 issue

    The new Porsche 1600 is one of the world’s truly fine cars. Every hour you spend with it adds to your appreciation of the excellence of its design, workmanship, and performance. It’s a supremely good machine in traffic or on the open highway and a world-beater on winding roads. It makes you hunger for a handy Alp to slide up and down all day. As a precision instrument for maintaining high average speeds regardless of terrain, it’s a revelation.

    At no increase in price over its 1500 cc predecessor, the 1600 offers six percent increases in horsepower and displacement and a five percent increase in torque. Calculations based on the car’s pulling power and tractive resistance indicate that the actual output of the 1582 cc, 96.5 cubic inch engine is more, not less, than the factory-advertised 70 bhp figure.

    The Speedster, as the roadster model is called, lists at $2995 at U. S. port of entry and can be driven away for about $3200 after all fees and compulsory options have been cared for. You don’t get much iron as such for your money but you do get an engineering masterpiece in the full, literal sense of the term.

    Even though this is a country in which the fact or illusion of size is often a criterion of quality, enough Americans dig the Porsche right now so that, if not another order were placed, the factory could continue to operate at full tilt for at least a couple of years. The cars are very difficult to come by.

    For example, the last shipment for the Southwest consisted of ten 1600’s to be doled out among 38 howling dealers. I managed to obtain a test car only by the grace of the deity and film producer Manny Post, whose passion for Porsches caused him to add Europa Motors of North Hollywood to his properties. Mr. Post handed me the keys to his personal spanking new Speedster and said, “Don’t let the low mileage inhibit you. Just get the lube oil warm, then go ahead and stand on it.” His instructions were obeyed to the letter and with profoundly educational results.

    In a road test last month I mentioned that I am not an exponent of the controlled slide. Now, thanks to living with the Porsche for a few days, I am.

    I don’t like to push my driving prejudices at others but it’s necessary here to illustrate the point. In a car with a mushy, tentative road-bite I drive with caution born of doubt. In a car with a tenacious, glued feel I’m so grateful for the being-on-rails sensation that I have no desire to exchange it for a technique of skidding that would only serve a purpose in competition. And then along comes the Porsche.

    Its engine, of course, is mounted at the rear, aft of the pendulum-type rear axle. Our test car, with the fuel tank about three-quarters full, weighed 1680 lbs. and almost 58 percent of this bore on the rear wheels. The springing is typically Porsche, by laminated transverse torsion bars acting through trailing links at the front and solid, adjustable transverse bars at the rear acting through trailing arms.

    The unorthodox weight distribution and suspension give the car handling qualities that are rather unique. At slow speeds it handles quite normally in turns, and the feel is on the moderately “glued” side. Then, at only slightly higher speed, its character changes entirely. In place of a four-square chassis bite on the road you have the rear end of the car slipping toward the outside of the curve.

    Most of us have an instinctive aversion to this sensation which, in the average car, means you’ve lost it. When it happens to you in a Porsche for the first time you’re more than likely to be startled if not plainly scared. This rear-end slip is not like that of a “glued” chassis when it hits a patch of dirt biting firmly, then sideslipping for a split second, then snapping into the rails again. The Porsche does not break away suddenly. It drifts from inside to outside in a gentle, casual way. The sensation is very much like cornering on half-inflated tires.

    Is this bad? Only if you believe it is. Is it good? Emphatically yes, if you accept and understand it. You can corner a Porsche in a sedate and conventional manner if you choose. Just as easily, you can wag its tail and get through short, tight-radius turns with amazing nimbleness and speed. In more open curves you can drift all four wheels and the smooth transition from bite to slip is almost imperceptible.

    The slip effect is as though the car were on a pivot at the front end. You pop the Porsche into a tight turn, deliberately flip the rear end outward so that the car is perfectly aimed to leave the turn, then head for the straight under full acceleration. In turns that are not too tight you can steam through under power all the way, directing the car by a combination of steering wheel, rear-wheel or four-wheel slip, and throttle. Thanks to these characteristics and a set of magnificent brakes the Porsche is hilariously controllable and agile.

    Drifting this ultra-light car seems to have no undue effect on tire wear. Charging down a steep mountain road containing 63 hairpin switchbacks produced the impression that the 1600 spent all its time on the tires’ sidewalls.

    But at the bottom I got out and checked the German Dunlops and found that the shoulder where tread joins sidewall was as sharp as when new. Incidentally, marks were made on the rims and sidewalls at the beginning of the road test. In spite of much heavy acceleration and braking, there was no slippage of the tires on the rims.

    It’s clear that the Porsche’s delightful “driftability,” which helps it to achieve high average speeds, impressed me as the car’s most spectacular feature. But it’s a distinguished car in many other ways.

    In spite of its light weight the 1600 is rock-solid and stable at all speeds. There is scarcely any perceptible difference in sensation inside the car between speeds of 20 and 80 mph. Above that, our test machine’s suspension became slightly harsh, possibly because it was too new for lubricant to have fully penetrated the leaves of the laminated front torsion bars. In common with the ride of many continental cars, the 1600’s is slightly firm on a good road surface and scarcely different on the very worst surface.