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Why choose Power Pro Plumbing?

Power Pro Plumbing creates an environment that promotes professional growth throughout the organization, which in turn promotes a work culture that strives to meet the needs of all our customers. From the initial phone call to the point of completion, Power Pro Plumbing promptly sends out professional technicians who will provide quality service at an affordable price.

Twenty plus years of experience, continual training and a willingness to innovate, has provided a basis to implement effective processes that incorporate the latest technology. This allows us to be efficient while simultaneously providing our customers the best price without sacrificing quality and professionalism.

The quality of our service and commitment to the community we service has allowed us to build a loyal customer base. We continue to strive and do the right thing for customers and employees because we care. At Power Pro Plumbing understand that when a customer calls in for service they are looking for reassurance and a piece of mind that we will get the job done right. Which is why we guarantee all our customers they will be happy with their decision to trust us today.

We are here to serve all your plumbing needs 24/7. We offer emergency services including nights, weekends and holidays at no extra charge.

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Commercial Solar Panels – Projects, Turnkey – Systems, Borrego Solar, solar power


We’ve been engineering, constructing and maintaining solar power projects since 1980

Commercial Utility-Scale Solar Specialists

Borrego Solar specializes in solar and energy storage services for commercial and utility customers. We partner with private and public large-scale energy users, landowners, independent power producers, and utilities in California, Massachusetts, and New York looking to harness the benefits of PV energy.

We provide a complete suite of services to large-scale solar customers including: Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC); Operations and Maintenance (O M), energy storage, Power Purchase Agreements, and development.

Solar power installers Solar power installers

“When choosing an EPC or developer to work with, we focus on those that don’t just announce projects, but actually put steel in the ground. Borrego Solar comes with a unique combination of development, engineering, construction and finance experience that allows them to breathe new life into stranded mid-stage projects and turns them into high-value financeable assets that meet strict investment standards. Borrego Solar is a low-risk partner for independent power producers like sPower.

Ryan Creamer, CEO, sPower

Solar power installers

Our Experienced Solar Project Teams Can Help

35+ Years · 1,100+ Projects Flexible Financing · Full Service

Some of our Clients

Solar power installers Solar power installers Solar power installers Solar power installers Solar power installers Solar power installers Solar power installers Solar power installers Solar power installers Solar power installers Solar power installers Solar power installers

Better Quality Engineering. Our engineering team’s experience is unique among commercial-scale solar providers. We have a team of professional electrical, structural, and civil engineers on staff enabling us to efficiently design your project and deal with the most challenging engineering issues. As a technology-agnostic provider, we have the flexibility to source products that meet your exact technical and financial specifications. A Low Risk Construction Provider. Our 35 year track record of constructing solar power systems is unmatched in the industry. Our experience, financial strength, bonding capacity, safety record and access to capital makes us a low-risk construction partner. We encourage you to do your own due diligence and explore more than 60 successful case studies here.

Our project finance team will select a finance solution that best suits your organization’s goals. We can provide you with options to finance your solar project either on or off balance sheet.

We have successfully financed over $500M of commercial-scale solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). PPAs allow credit worthy customers to go solar with no capital outlay and just purchase the solar energy as it is produced

For organizations interested in owning their own solar solutions, we can provide a number of long term financing options including: leases, loans, bonds, and property assessed clean energy (PACE) financing.

Borrego Solar operates and maintains (O ?>

Here – s how California ended up with too much solar power


Here s how California ended up with too much solar power

California s power-grid operators are dealing with a glut of daytime electricity produced by household, government, business and industrial solar installations.

This forces the electricity prices on state s real-time marketplace to plummet, leading some power-plant operators to shut down until demand catches up with supply later in the day.

And increasing amounts of wind and solar energy are being wasted or curtailed, as they call it, because no one can use it, according to data obtained from the California Independent System Operator ( Cal ISO).

Last year 305,241 megawatt hours of solar and wind electricity were curtailed a loss of enough carbon-free electricity that could have powered about 45,000 California homes for a year. This was almost double the amount of clean power that was lost through curtailment in 2015.

This energy loss coincided with a 28 percent yearly increase in electricity produced from large-scale solar plants on the state s control grid, according to the data. The grid system, which excludes Los Angeles, Sacramento, and Imperial Valley area utilities, last year got 11.9 percent of its electricity from solar plants, up from 9 percent in 2015 and 6.3 percent in 2014.

The waste could increase unless changes are made. State power officials are pushing to get 50 percent of power from renewable sources by 2030 as required by state law.

Cal ISO officials say the proportion of lost renewable energy is relatively small now.

But they also describe the situation as unsustainable as more big solar plants and rooftop systems come online and create a surge of power late mornings and early afternoons.

The problem is at its worst in springs months, when the sun shines longer reach day, but fewer people are running their air conditioners, the state data shows.

We need to start finding ways to offset curtailment as we add more renewable sources, or we will be wasting renewable energy, said Phil Pettingill, Director of State Regulatory Affairs at Cal ISO.

Officials are weighing several ways to harness the midday glut.

One strategy calls for California to buy and sell more power from neighboring states to the east. This would spread out the midday solar surge because the sun rises as much as two hours earlier in Arizona and Nevada, Pettingill said.

Since 2014, limited trade between Cal ISO and utilities in neighboring state have been allowed, but only on an hourly basis.

Not only does expanding the market provide more flexibility to prevent to waste of solar energy, it also allows gives utilities more opportunities to acquire electricity when prices are low, said David Wright, general manager of Los Angeles utility during a lecture last week at U.C. Riverside.

Meanwhile, utilities are moving toward time-of-use pricing for home electricity costumers.

This would encourage Californians to set timers on pool pumps, washing machines, dishwashers and other appliances to take advantage of cheaper electricity in the middle of the day while discouraging power consumption in the evening when electricity is more expensive and in greatest demand.

Southern California Edison, for example, already offers time-of-use pricing for the those who sign up for it, said Edison spokesman Robert Laffoon-Villegas. Under rules imposed by the California Public Utilities Commission, Edison will begin next year to phase in time-of-use pricing for all costumers.

Riverside s publicly owned utility also plans time-of-use prices, and proposals are expected to go before the city s utility board and council before the end of this year, said Martin Ochotorena, the utility s manager of contracts, projects, and settlements.

Another strategy is for solar and renewable sources to be located near urban areas where most electricity is consumed. One example is Riverside s Tequesquite Solar Project built on the city s former 125-acre landfill. It features enough solar panels to power 2,250 houses.

Situated within the well-populated Inland Southern California, no electricity from this plant has ever been curtailed since it started up in 2015, Ochotorena said.

Another strategy is battery storage, so solar energy can be saved for evening peak demand time.

In January, Edison officials showed off a 1.5-acre, battery-storage facility in Ontario that features 400 modular powerpack battery units made by Tesla that can power 15,000 homes for four hours.

Yet the use of this technology on the power grid is still in its infancy and questions linger about the cost and practicality.

Wright, the general manager of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, the nation s largest municipal utility, said in his lecture at UCR that battery-storage systems are too expensive, run out of electricity too fast, and take up too much space.

To illustrate his point, he showed a slide to the audience with a map showing how replacing one natural gas power plant with a battery- storage system would consume more than 200 acres, which would be extremely costly in places like Los Angeles.

Ironically, Wright was speaking in a College of Engineering building at UC Riverside that is powered by a combination of solar panels and a trailer loaded with batteries that keep the lights on and buildings cool after the sun sets.

Sadrul Ula, a UCR engineering professor, said these solar panels and batteries power three buildings at the university s Center for Environmental Research Technology, which is working to improve battery-storage technology.

As he showed off rows of yellow batteries in a trailer, he described them as the solution to harnessing peak solar production, storing it for evening and nighttime use.

We charge these batteries when we have surplus solar, so we don t waste it, said Ula, managing director of UCR s Winston Chung Global Energy Center.

Ula expects batteries to become more cost-effective as more solar comes online and more surplus electricity is available to charge them. Batteries can be stored in big rig truck trailers, so they can be dispatched where needed to ease bottlenecks in the grid. That can reduce land costs, he said.

Wright and Ula both see the rise of electric vehicles as a boon for solar energy because cars can be charged when most people are at work and the panels are producing electricity at the peak levels.

Wright said the problem now is a lack of charging stations. He said tax credits and other subsidies are needed, as well as land-use regulations that would require charging stations at new apartment buildings and other locations.

Ula added that technology is being developed that could allow batteries in electric cars and trucks to also store electricity for the grid. This would require smart charging stations that would allow electricity to go in two directions.

Ula envisions a time when car owners could get a cellphone messages asking them if it would be OK to pull power from their car batteries in the evening in exchange for credits to recharge the vehicle during the day when solar energy is plentiful. With millions of cars and trucks in California, such a technology could store to a lot of megawatt hours.

But let s not forget natural gas power plants, the main workhorses of our power grid that will be with us decades to come, said Sean Gallagher, vice president of state affairs for the Solar Energy Industries Association.

Modernizing fossil fuel plants would allow them to work in better harmony with solar production by allowing them to start up and shut down more quickly, he said.

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For All Your Residential & Commercial Plumbing Needs

Local and Convenient

Looking for a local New Jersey plumbing company with guaranteed workmanship and an unparalleled reputation for putting customers first? Then call on ALL CLEAR for all your Plumbing, Heating, A/C, Drain & Sewer Cleaning needs.

We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. Call day or night and speak with our cheerful office staff! We offer one-hour emergency service. There is never an extra charge for same-day service including nights, weekends and holidays!

Free Estimates

We charge by the job, not by the hour. One of our professional service technicians will come out and assess your plumbing, drain or sewer problem for free. You will know the cost of the job before any work is performed. We guarantee our work!

If you need quality plumbing services with affordable rates, give us a call and we will radio dispatch a nearby technician out to your residence or business.

That’s right, we do commercial work too!

Residential & Commercial Repairs 24/7

Whether you own a home or run a restaurant, office, or any other type of business, you know how vital rapid and reliable plumbing repairs can be.

Having the ability to replace your broken sump pump during a bad rain storm can save you potentially thousands of dollars in damages to your home and your belongings. And being able to stay open on a Saturday night because drains were unblocked or restrooms and/or kitchens were repaired when you needed it can make a big difference for your bottom line.

Professional and Reliable

You can trust ALL CLEAR to be professional, reliable, and easy to work with. It’s about doing whatever it takes to keep things running smoothly.

We know there are a lot of plumbing companies out there. That’s why we always do our best! We appreciate you taking the time to consider our company for your plumbing and heating needs. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you!

We are also proud to announce that ALL CLEAR has earned the service industry’s coveted ANGIE’S LIST SUPER SERVICE AWARD. We appreciate all the high marks and kind words that our customers have given us to earn this distinct recognition! Read more

We Handle All Your Residential & Commercial Plumbing Needs

We can fix it all! We’ll dig up your underground sewer or water lines with a backhoe. or just come out to fix that leaky faucet or running toilet. All Clear specializes in both residential and commercial plumbing. Whether it’s your home or place of business, we can help! Not many companies can say that.
Call us today for your free, no obligation estimate!

We Can Unclog Any Drain!

From rooter snakes to high pressure jets, All Clear will clear your drains and sewers in the most efficient way possible. Whether it’s a collapsed sewer pipe underground or just a back-up in your basement, you can trust All Clear. We even perform video inspections before performing any major work on underground pipes to isolate the trouble. Call today for your free, no obligation estimate!

High Efficiency Savings & Professional Installations

We offer choice and convenience when selecting a new hot water system that best fits your home, your needs and your budget. Rely on the expert advice, great value and professional installations you’ll receive from All Clear. Choose from the best brands on the market, with industry-leading warranties that offer complete peace of mind.
Call us today for your free, no obligation estimate!

We Can Show You How to Save

The EPA says that one of the most important factors in heating and cooling efficiency is a professional installation. All Clear offers energy-saving solutions, utility rebates, and more. Services include repair and installation of boilers and furnaces, central air conditioning systems, and A/C condensers. We also perform oil to gas conversions for boilers. Call us today for your no obligation estimate!

Emergency Lighting Inverters UL 924 – UL924 Lighting Inverter, Emergency Lighting #central


Controlled Power Company

Emergency Lighting Inverters UL 924

Choose LED-compatible centralized emergency lighting inverters! Lighting designs for new construction and retrofit projects are now including LED fixtures … and of course, some of these LED fixtures will be designated for emergency egress lighting. To stay on par with the LED lighting trend, we’ve designed our inverters with a high peak overload capability to accommodate the inrush current from LED fixtures / drivers while the inverter is fed from the AC power source, or even while in battery mode!

Our inverters simplify NFPA 101 compliance and lower maintenance costs! With NFPA standards now reflecting automatic testing of life safety systems and computer-based reporting of test results, our inverters are being used more now than ever before! That’s because we meet (and can exceed!) the automatic testing defined in NFPA 101 — On models provided with our Intellistat monitor, an “Egress Lighting Integrity Test ” is performed which checks the individual circuits leading to the emergency fixtures, as well the fixture itself!

When selecting an emergency lighting inverter, it is mandatory that the system is UL 924 listed. UL 924 ensures that the battery backup system has passed several critical discharge and recharge tests which are required for life safety. All of our standard 90 minute inverters are listed as UL 924 “Emergency Lighting Equipment”, and are NFPA 101 compliant. Each inverter model is easy to install, and many boast of an industry-leading small cabinet footprint!

Learn more about the “NFPA 101 Life Safety Code”, UL 924 listings, on-line and standby off-line lighting inverter topologies, as well as how our inverters meet (and can exceed!) NFPA 101 … read our “Egress Lighting Solutions” brochure! And for our Canadian customers (including specifying engineers, lighting designers, and distributors), read our CSA / NBCC compliance addendum. which supports the selection and application of our emergency lighting inverters in Canada!

See below for a list of our UL 924 Listed Emergency Lighting Inverters and click on any one for more info.

The price of solar power systems – NZ Solar Power Installers #solar


The Price of a Solar Power System

The price for grid connect solar power system is now less than 1/4 of what it was seven years ago. Because of the massive drop in solar power prices, systems are more affordable for New Zealanders and it can be thought of as a really good investment.

A standard 3kW system size seven years ago cost $40,000, now in 2017 it averages at around $10,000 to $13,000 (completely installed).

The cost of a solar power system varies depending mainly on the system size you select and the type of roof you have.

Below is a small sample of residential system sizes and the rough price of each:

1.5kW – six 250W panels – on a metal roof – *$6,000 inc GST, fully installed.

3kW – twelve 250W panels – on a metal roof – *$10,000 inc GST, fully installed.

5kW – twenty 250W panels – on a metal roof – *$16,000 inc GST, fully installed.

*Please only use these prices as a starting point if you are thinking about going solar. Prices can vary based on a number of factors.

Solar Power Systems With Battery Storage

Prices for grid connected solar power systems with battery storage will vary a lot because of the range of solar array sizes and the range of battery storage sizes. To give you an idea of what a small system would cost; a 2kW grid connect system with 2.5kW worth of battery storage and battery storage set up components would cost between $13,500 and $15,000fully installed.

Common Solar Power System Sizes

The mostly commonly purchased solar power system in New Zealand is a 3kW. The 5kW system sits on the larger side of residential household systems. (For more info on sizes please check out our system sizes page .)

You are free to install as many panels on your roof as you like, limited only by your roof size, your budget and the local lines company restrictions (normally 10kW maximum for residential).

Your Goal For Installing Solar Power

When filling out our free quote-request form. you can let the installers know what your goal is when installing the system—if you want to eliminate your power bill, if you want a size that will maximise your ROI, if you have a budget in mind or if you would like to maximise your roof space. That way, installers will know what system size to quote you for and will be able to give you a good idea of the corresponding price.

Different Roof Types Will Affect The Final Price

Metal or tin roofs are normally easier to install a system on and use less components, therefore has a lower cost. Tile, bitumen, shingle roofs normally cost more to install solar panels on. If you have a flat roof there will be a cost in tilting the panels up to a higher angle.

Other Factors That May Affect The Total Price

  • Lines company charges – Yes some local lines companies will charge around $200 for admin fees to accept your solar power system exporting excess power sent to the grid. Find out exact prices here
  • Council consent – Some councils around New Zealand will charge you for consent.

Buyers Guide for Solar Power in New Zealand

The exclusive My Solar Quotes buyers guide for Solar PV takes you through the steps of purchasing a solar power system for your home, and the factors you will need to consider at each step.

Watts The Price of a Solar Power System?

If you like talking and thinking in watts, the average solar power price per watt is now around $2.00/Wp (watt-peak, the maximum electrical power from a solar panel under standard conditions).

What is the Price of Solar Panels in NZ?

If you are curious about the individual price of a solar panel, one of the many components that makes up a complete system – the price of one standard 200W solar panel is approximately $300.

Should I Hold Off From Buying a Solar Power System?

Because the price of solar power has plummeted dramatically over the last decade, we don’t expect the same drastic price drops in the future. I would recommend that you can expect to see a 3kW solar power system drop no more than $1,000 in price every year (based on current trends). You might be able to buy a solar power system cheaper in a few years time, but the opportunity cost is not saving on power bills over those two years.

There is a possibility that solar power system prices could go up. If there is ever going to be an increase in price, it will likely be due to exchange rates.

The technology for solar power has not had a revolutionary change over the last 10 years, the energy collection concepts are the same, but the technology does tend to get a bit smarter and a bit more efficient over time. Technologist are improving the efficiency of solar panels every year. This is the efficiency at which the panels convert sunlight into power. According to GTM research conventional panels are likely to improve by approximately 0.3% annually, which isn’t fast by any means.

Are There Subsidies For Solar in NZ?

There are no subsidies or incentives in New Zealand for homeowners to install solar power systems. The Government did provide subsidies for solar hot water systems for a few years, but that never applied to solar power.

How My Solar Quotes Can Help You Get Prices!

For a quick and easy way to start your solar power price comparison, click here to get 3 free solar power quotes.

Lesedi Solar PV Project, Kimberly – Power Technology #solar #power #materials


Lesedi Solar PV Project, Kimberly, South Africa

Lesedi Solar Project is a 75MW solar photovoltaic (PV) power project developed in Northern Cape Province near the town of Kimberly, South Africa. The construction of the project started in January 2013 and full commercial operations began in May 2014.

US-based solar developer SolarReserve built the facility, along with its consortium partners Kensani and Australian company Intikon Energy. The plant will be operated and maintained by Gransolar until 2019.

The plant is situated in an area with low population density and receiving 2,500 hours of sunshine a year. It annually generates approximately 150,000MWh of clean, renewable energy, which is enough to meet the yearly electricity needs of approximately 65,000 homes in South Africa.

The project significantly reduces carbon emissions, helping the nation to fulfil its commitment of developing 8,400MW of solar PV energy by 2030.

The project will significantly reduce carbon emissions helping the nation to fulfil its commitment of developing 8,400MW of solar PV energy by 2030.

Development and benefits of the South African solar power project

South African Department of Energy’s (DOE) Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (REIPPPP) awarded the preferred bidder status to the consortium for the construction of the Letsatsi and Lesedi solar (PV) power plants in the first round of bidding.

The two projects together created more than 600 construction jobs and 100 permanent operational and maintenance jobs. The Lesedi project contributes towards rural development programmes, skills and technology transfer, and education enhancement, creating indirect and induced jobs across the supply chain.

Lesedi solar power plant details

The two solar power projects together are built on 150ha of land with 555,264 crystalline silicon solar PV panels. The PV cells are encapsulated with ethylene-vinyl-acetate (EVA) to enhance the quality and longevity of the modules. The Lesedi solar project will spend more than R2bn ($190m) in operations and maintenance during its 20+ year operating life.

Power supply from the Lesedi project

The electrical output of the Lesedi solar project is fed to a 132kV distribution line owned by South Africa’s state-owned power utility Eskom. A power purchase agreement was signed with Eskom to sell the power generated from the project for 20 years.

Financing for the Lesedi solar power project

The project was financed by a mix of equity and debt. Rand Merchant Bank (RMB) was the lead banker for debt financing. IDEAS Managed Fund, Kensani Capital Investments, GCL-Poly Energy Holdings, SolarReserve and Intikon arranged the equity. RMB also provided preference share equity.

The financial closure for the Letsatsi and Lesedi projects was jointly achieved in November 2012 making it the biggest project finance transaction executed in South Africa.

The financial closure for the Letsatsi and Lesedi projects was jointly achieved in November 2012 making it the biggest project finance transaction to be executed in South Africa.

Contractors and suppliers involved

The engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract for the project was awarded to a consortium of ACS Cobra, Spanish firm Gransolar and South Africa’s Kensani Energy. SgurrEnergy was appointed as the technical advisor for the project.

Raubex was subcontracted by Gransolar to perform certain civil and electrical temporary works.

Efacec supplied 22kV ring main units of FLUOFIX-type switchgear, which was installed in the project distribution network. Steel for the mounting structures built at the solar power project was supplied by Robor. Hanwha SolarOne was contracted in December 2012 to supply solar modules for the project.

HOMER – Hybrid Renewable and Distributed Generation System Design Software #renewable #energy,


Microgrid Decisions Made with Confidence


HOMER is the global standard for microgrid optimization. Avoid costly mistakes by focusing on optimal hybrid power systems that meet your needs.

  • Training

    No matter your need, we have a HOMER training program for you. From 3-hr online overviews to custom trainings at your facility, learn HOMER from the experts.

  • Consulting

    We’re HOMER users, too. We bring decades of design and review experience in the microgrid market. Put a HOMER expert on your team.

  • Market Access

    The microgrid market is growing by leaps and bounds – can you leverage your current position into this new space? Our Market Access programs get you in front of your customers.

  • Start modeling microgrids today with a free trial!

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    HOMER Energy LLC is the world’s leading microgrid modeling software company. The HOMER (Hybrid Optimization of Multiple Energy Resources) microgrid software navigates the complexities of building cost effective and reliable microgrids that combine traditionally generated and renewable power, storage, and load management. With over 120,000 users in 193 countries, HOMER is the established global leader for microgrid design optimization and feasibility, and HOMER Energy is a nexus for the microgrid market.

    Top Content
    Microgrid Value Propositions
    Classifying Microgrids
    100% Renewable Energy Challenges

    Mobility Scooters #mobility #walkers, #mobility #scooters, #mobility #scooter #accessories, #hospital #beds, #bathroom


    Crossroads Mobility Solutions

    Home Medical Equipment Sales Service and Rental

    Knowledgeable, experienced and caring staff are here to help with rental, sales and service of scooters, power chairs, lift chairs, wheelchairs, walkers, bathroom safety equipment, hospital beds, incontinence supplies, support braces, compression therapy products, and hundreds of other aids for daily living. Let us help you become as independent as possible.

    We carry mobility aids such as

    Rental medical equipment is also available. Crossroads works with clients, therapists, doctors, families and caregivers to ensure the client is getting the best product to suit their needs at a reasonable price.

    We offer free power equipment in-home demos and power equipment safety education to make certain the client is confident with the operation of their new equipment.

    Crossroads Mobility Solutions works with Extended Health Benefit Companies as well as being an Authorized Veterans Affairs Canada Provider. We provide excellent sales, service and continued support to all our clients.

    We are here to help with all our clients’ mobility and home medical equipment requirements.

    Q: I am thinking about buying a mobility scooter, what do I do now?

    A: Buying a mobility scooter is a great choice that gives you the independence to come and go on your own.

    You need to consider a few things before you get started. How far do you want to go? The size of batteries in a scooter determines the distance you can travel. What is the terrain you want to travel In? Are you traveling down gravel pathways or trail cruising in the parks? Are there many hills in your area? Where do you live and where are you going to park it? It is important that your scooter will fit in your environment, perhaps an elevator is involved. What is your height and weight?

    Picking the proper scooter will insure your comfort level while traveling longer distances as well as the correct weight capacity will determine your scooter’s performance. Which is better, a scooter or a powerchair? Small portable scooters are great for stowing in and out of the car for daytrips. Medium to large scooters are well suited for outdoor traveling and in and out of grocery stores and malls. Smaller powerchairs are best for indoor use while medium to large powerchairs are suitable for indoor use and moderate outdoor travel.

    Scooters and powerchairs come in many sizes and configurations with loads of features for multiple needs. We want to ensure you will be safe, comfortable and confident with the operation and features of your new ride. Please come in and see us today if you are thinking about a personal mobiliity device for yourself or a loved one.

    Can’t come to us? We’ll come to you. Come in or call us today at the numbers listed below, in Surrey or in White Rock.


    Hours: Monday thru Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm
    Saturday: By Appointment Only
    Sunday: Closed

    Address: #110-9547 152nd Street
    Surrey, BC, V3R 5Y5

    Phone Number: (778) 395-2221


    1446 Johnston Road, White Rock, BC V4B 3Z5

    Black and Decker Parts – Tool Replacement Parts #tool #parts #direct, #power


    Black and Decker Parts

    Shop Black and Decker Parts online by tool, model, and schematics.

    Tool Parts Direct carries 94,000 Black and Decker parts and 3,500 Black and Decker power tool schematics.

    For over 100 years, Black and Decker tools have lead the industry in tool innovation and design. As one of the premier names in power tools, as well as appliances and home care, Black and Decker tools are manufactured for the highest performance output and durability. Its inventory includes some of the highest quality cordless power tools available today: drills, saws, sanders, impacts, and much more.

    Tool Parts Direct sells Black and Decker Tool Replacement Parts. If you would like to buy new Black and Decker Power Tools, please visit ToolBarn.com/BlackandDecker

    Drill Parts Impact Parts

    Saw Parts

    Nailer Parts Stapler Parts

    Lawn Garden Parts

    Pressure Washer Parts Sandblaster Parts

    Air Compressor Parts

    Sander, Polisher Grinder Parts

    Router, Shaper and Rotary Parts

    Nibbler, Shear Punch Parts

    Planer Parts Jointer Parts

    Hammer Parts

    Dispensing Tool Parts

    Pump, Motor Engine Parts

    Power Production Management

    Inspection Measurement Parts

    Material Handling Parts

    Level Parts

    Vacuum Parts Filtration Parts

    Heater Parts Heat Gun Parts

    Security GPS Parts

    Tool Accessory Parts

    Other Tool Parts

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