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How to Play iAssociate 2

Tips Edit

If you’re stuck on a word and you don’t have anymore hints or don’t want to use them, you can figure out the word one letter at a time. Starting with the first letter, try each letter of the alphabet (it helps when you go with the QWERTY keyboard) until you get the word. This trial-and-error method is very tedious but it guarantees completion.

If you’re stuck on a word, do another section of the level. Some levels have more than one starting points too.

If you have Game Center and an internet connection, you can submit your scores and have a chance to earn a speed medal. If you’re among the first 1000 players to complete a level, you’ll be awarded a speed medal and points according to your rank:

  • Top 1000 – Bronze medal and 1000 points
  • Top 100 – Silver medal and 2500 points
  • Top 10 – Gold medal and 5000 points

Playing iAssociate 2 doesn’t require an internet connection, but submitting your scores does.

To buy additional levels, you can either make an in-app purchase with real money or get a free one using tokens. Tokens can be earned by completing free offers, usually by downloading other apps.

Occasionally, you’ll get bonus words––words that are in a golden yellow oval. You can’t use hints on them or use the trial-and-error method above to solve them. Also, be prepared for the one level that consists of all bonus words!

The points system are as follows: 5 points for each correct letter and 250 points for each correct word.

As a last resort, you can use a search engine to look for answers. Many people ask for help on Yahoo! Answers.

Occasionally, TicBit (the game’s developer) may update the game and install additional bonus levels. However you must have a minimum amount of total points (e.g. 500,000) to play them.

Easy Riddles for Kids – Fun quotes, fun facts, fun pictures and

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Easy Riddles for Kids

Easy riddles for kids

1. What is as big as an elephant, but weighs nothing at all?

2. What starts with a P , ends with an E and has thousands of letters?

3. What has two hands, a round face, always runs, but stays in place?

4. What do you get if you milk a cow after an earthquake?

5. I travel the world and I am drunk constantly. Who am I?

6. I run but never walk, I murmur but never talk,I go but never stop. What am I?

7. What is black when it is clean and white when it is dirty?

8. If you throw a white rock into the Red Sea, what does it become?

9. What always goes to sleep with his shoes on?

10. If there are three oranges and you take away two, how many will you have?

11. He has married many but has never been married. Who is he?

12. What shoes should you wear when your basement is flooded?

13. What belongs to you, but is used more by others?

14. What loses its head in the morning but gets it back at night?

15. I have keys but no locks. I have space but no room. You can enter but can t go outside. What am I?

16. The more you have of me, the less you see. Who am I?

17. I m the son of water but when I return to water, I die Who am I?

18. Why did the one handed man cross the road?

19. What is the best thing to get your parents for Christmas?

20. What goes through towns and over hills but never moves?

21. Not my sister nor my brother but still the child of my mother and father. Who am I?

22. The more it dries, the wetter it becomes. What is it?

23. A father s child, a mother s child, yet no one s son. Who am I?

24. They come out at night without being called, and are lost in the day without being stolen. What are they?

25. How can a pants pocket be empty and still have something in it?

26. My neighbor makes mistakes. I get rid of them. Who am I?

27. Poor people have it. Rich people need it. If you eat it you die. What is it?

28. No matter how little or how much you use me, you change me every month. What am I?

29. I give milk and have a horn but I m not a cow? Who am I?

30. What can honk without using a horn?

Answers to easy riddles for kids

1. The shadow of an elephant.

2. The Post Office.

How to Use Ask Jud: 7 Steps (with Pictures) #free #online #math

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wiki How to Use Ask Jud

How to Use Peter Answers

How to Make Money with Free Online Surveys

How to Improve Video Streaming

How to Use the Fitbit Dashboard

How to Use the Functions of Wechat

How to Use the Pixlr Online Image Editor

How to Create an Apple ID Without a Credit Card

How to Shorten a URL

How to Create a Word Cloud at Tagxedo.Com

How to Create a PNG Image in Pixlr

Riddle Questions and Answers With Pictures! Updated Daily #wikipedia #question #answer

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Riddle Rules

The riddles all share simple rules:

  • They have one intended answer. While some riddles seem to have multiple solutions, there was only one solution in mind when writing them. There may be more than one answer that feels like a great answer, but ideally there is one answer that feels like a perfect fit once you think of it.
  • Each line is important and the answer fulfills all clues given in the riddle.
  • Some clues may refer to homophones, which are words that are pronounced the same way but differ in either (or both) spelling or meaning.
  • Most importantly, they are not perfect! These are wordplay riddles and they are sometimes based on unpopular connotative meanings, common phrases, common idioms, tricky and misleading phrasing, etc. Please be mindful of the imperfect nature of this style of riddle. Some of the solutions may not seem fully satisfactory, but you can be sure they were meant to be. [1]


    The purpose of these riddles is first to be entertaining, but beyond that they accentuate different ways of thinking about everyday things, different ways of describing attributes of objects in a less common way, and new ways of looking at the “well that’s one way to put it” sentiment that is hard to define. [1]

    Get started having fun in solving our collection of riddles below!

    The Bride Shoots Her Husband

  • How to Use Peter Answers: 8 Steps (with Pictures) #the #impossible #quiz

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    wiki How to Use Peter Answers

    Ask someone for a question. This is what you’ll ask Peter.

    • If you already know the answer, proceed to the next step.
    • If it’s a question you don’t know the answer to, you can ask them for the answer, telling them that if they say the question and answer out loud, Peter will hear them with his psychic powers. If you don’t know the answer, you won’t be able to follow the next step, and Peter will answer with a very generic statement like “You shall not doubt of me at all, keep trusting on me and soon I’ll answer.” In other words, the trick won’t work!

    In the petition box, press . and then type the answer. Pressing the period key will clue the site into the fact that you’re typing the secret answer, causing each letter you type to appear as part of the phrase, “Peter, please answer the following question.” Since, for this example, the question will be “Why is wikiHow the best website?”, we will now type, “.Because it is a group effort” into the petition box.

    Press . repeatedly until you reach a logical break in the automated question. In our example, the secret response only takes us as far as “Peter, please answer the foll”; to get the phrase to say “Peter, please answer the following ,” simply press the period key five more times. The extra periods will not appear in your secret answer.

    • Note that the full question reads “Peter, please answer the following question” – though you’re welcome to stop anywhere that makes sense before that.

    Press : to move the cursor to the question box. This is essential because it signals you’re your secret answer is done. Moreover, without the colon, you will not be able to proceed to the question box.

    Type the question normally.

    Press ? to submit the question. You may have to agree to a liability release before you can move to the next step.

    Watch for Peter’s answer. He should display the response that you typed. If your audience doesn’t know that you typed in the answer, they will be flabbergasted. You can probably keep them amazed for quite a while as long as they don’t start paying close attention to what your fingers are actually typing.

    You can also tell your viewers to stare at the screen so that they can correct any spelling errors that you might make.

    Peter will accept and display answers that are longer than the petition phrase, but it will be pretty obvious something is up if you continue to type after the screen displays the entire petition phrase. Nothing more will show up once you’ve reached the end of the phrase.

    Peter is only as accurate as you are, so if you enter a typo, Peter will answer with a typo, and people will get suspicious pretty quickly. If you think you made a mistake, you can backspace and start again at any point. If you delete all of what you entered, press Clear and start over; remember to enter a period again to signal to Peter that you’re entering the answer. (Note that deleting everything you entered is not a good idea because people will wonder why you’re erasing a perfectly good petition.)

    If you’re typing a short answer, you can save time by completing only the shorter petition phrase (“Peter:”, “Peter, please:”, or “Peter, please answer:”).

    Also, do not type. twice!

    As soon as you type a colon “:” the cursor will automatically jump to the question box, even if you haven’t finished typing out the petition. This will likely ruin the illusion, so don’t accidentally type that colon too soon.

    If somebody asks a question that you don’t know the answer to, it is best to just type “I cannot answer the following question.”

    When you’re typing in the petition box, it helps to NOT look at the screen, because it can throw you off and make you forget what you’re typing. Instead, look down as you type the answer. Only look up after you’ve typed the period to check how much of the query is finished.

    When you’re typing your answer in the petition box try not to make any mistakes, and try not to use the backspace as it could potentially ruin your answer.

    World noun – Definition, pictures, pronunciation and usage notes #definition #synonyms #and

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    #the earth/its people

  • 1 the world [ singular ] the earth, with all its countries, peoples and natural features to sail around the world travelling (all over) the world a map of the world French is spoken in many parts of the world. Which is the largest city in the world. He’s the world’s highest paid entertainer. a meeting of world leaders campaigning for world peace
  • 2 [ countable. usually singular ] a particular part of the earth; a particular group of countries or people; a particular period of history and the people of that period the Arab world the English-speaking world the industrialized and developing worlds the ancient/modern world see also First World. New World. Old World. Third World another planet
  • 3 [ countable ] a planet like the earth There may be other worlds out there. type of life
  • 4 [ countable ] the people or things belonging to a particular group or connected with a particular interest, job, etc. the animal/plant/insect world the world of fashion stars from the sporting and artistic worlds
  • 5 [ usually singular ] ( usually used with an adjective ) everything that exists of a particular kind; a particular kind of life or existence the natural world ( = animals, plants, minerals, etc. ) They are a couple in the real world as well as in the movie. The island is a world of brilliant colours and dramatic sunsets. They had little contact with the outside world ( = people and places that were not part of their normal life ) . person’s life
  • 6 [ singular ] a person’s environment, experiences, friends and family, etc. Parents are the most important people in a child’s world. When his wife died, his entire world was turned upside down. imagined environment
  • 7 [ countable ] an environment that is imagined or constructed, for example in a computer game Computer games create whole virtual worlds. The game comprises four separate worlds, each split into six levels. You’re living in a fantasy world! Maybe in the best of all possible worlds things would be different. society
  • 8 [ singular ] our society and the way people live and behave; the people in the world We live in a rapidly changing world. He’s too young to understand the ways of the world. The whole world was waiting for news of the astronauts. She felt that the world was against her. The eyes of the world are on the President.
  • 9 the world [ singular ] a way of life where possessions and physical pleasures are important, rather than spiritual values monks and nuns renouncing the world see also olde worlde. old-world human existence
  • 10 [ singular ] the state of human existence this world and the next ( = life on earth and existence after death ) Word Origin Old English w(e)oruld. from a Germanic compound meaning

    ; related to Dutch wereld and German Welt. Extra examples Although they are twins, they are worlds apart in their attitude to life. Aren’t you interested in the world outside your window? As a young man, he wanted to see the world before he settled down. Astronomers across the world will be watching the night sky. At this age, babies are starting to take an interest in the world around them. Can you imagine a world without possessions? Children often have their own private world. Communist parties were formed on a world scale after the Russian Revolution. Computer games create whole virtual worlds. Fast food outlets seem to be taking over the world. First World consumers will have to eat less meat. For the first time since the death of her parents, she felt able to face the world. He closed his eyes and tried to shut out the world. He entered the world of politics in 1997. He felt he was the luckiest man in the whole world. He felt ready to take on the world when he finished college. He has never before featured in the top ten world rankings. He is at the head of a world media empire. He is on a quest to rid the world of evil. He just wanted to shut himself away from the rest of the world. He likes to sit outside his front door and watch the world go by. He seems to think that the world owes him a living. He wanted to tell the world how happy he was. He was easily beaten by the reigning world champion. He was so happy to leave school, he felt ready to take on the world. He’s too young to understand the ways of the world. He’s well known in the fashion world. Heads of state from all over the Arab world gathered for the conference. His world fell apart when his wife died. I like living in the country because I’m interested in the natural world. I tapped on the window to get her attention but she was in a world of her own. I’m sure we’ll meet again. It’s a very small world in this profession. In an ideal world, I’d like to work just three days a week. In the Western world, there is a different attitude to marriage. In the real world things don’t always happen like they do in books. In the world of finance there is little room for sentiment. In today’s globalized world, telecommunications have broken down boundaries. It won’t be the end of the world if you don’t get the job. It’s an interesting part of the world. Machismo is a New World phenomenon with roots in Old World cultures. Many people imagine the world ending with an explosion. Mediums claim to receive messages from the spirit world. One of these days, humankind will destroy the world. People throughout the world will be watching the big game on television. Scientists the world over have been waiting for this breakthrough. She enjoys creating imaginary worlds for children. She had brought six children into the world. She has to deal with the day-to-day world of bills, schools, and problems. She lives in her own inner world. She shattered the world record for the 200 metres. She tends to divide the world into ‘winners’ and ‘losers’. She thinks the world revolves around her and her schedule. She told him he was her only friend in the whole wide world. She was determined to show the world that she was no loser. Show business gave him the chance to escape into another world. Sweden leads the world in safety legislation. Teachers influence the world view of their young students. Technology has remade the world. The Portuguese team looked like world beaters in last night’s game. The band are about to embark on a six-month world tour. The bombing alienated world opinion. The ceremony was watched live by millions around the world. The country became an important player on the world stage. The eyes of the world are on the president. The movie had its world premiere at the Toronto Film Festival. The movie is set in a bizarre post-apocalyptic world. The news of the assassination shook the world. The team is world class. The wider world learned of his illness months after he told his family. There is a whole other world outside school. These tribesmen are proud survivors of a vanishing world. They believe that God created the world. This is an imperfect world, and we have to compromise. Throughout his time in prison he had no contact with the outside world. We come from different worlds. We come into the world with nothing. World oil prices continue to rise. Young people always think they are going to change the world. a medieval map of the known world a meeting of the major world powers a young writer who is taking the world by storm different ways of looking at the world scientists of world renown the architects’ vision of a brave new world of pristine concrete the major world religions the new world order marked by American dominance In the ancient world, the jobs of miller and baker were usually combined. The book has sold 12 million copies in the English-speaking world and has been translated into six languages. The motto was inscribed on buildings throughout the Roman world. Idioms

    be all the world to somebody

    to be loved by and very important to somebody

    be lost to the world

    to be giving all your attention to something so that you do not notice what is happening around you When he’s listening to music he’s lost to the world.

    the best of both worlds/all possible worlds

    the benefits of two or more completely different situations that you can enjoy at the same time If you enjoy the coast and the country, you’ll get the best of both worlds on this walk.

    be worlds apart

    to be completely different in attitudes, opinions, etc.

    (a) brave new world

    a situation or society that changes in a way that is meant to improve people’s lives but is often a source of extra problems the brave new world of technology

    come/go down/up in the world

    to become less/more important or successful in society

  • Define verb – Definition, pictures, pronunciation and usage notes #i #need #answers

    #definition define definition at dictionary com


    ; NAmE NAmE / / dɪˈfaɪnɪŋ / /

  • 1 to say or explain what the meaning of a word or phrase is define something The term ‘mental illness’ is difficult to define. define something as something Life imprisonment is defined as 60 years under state law. Language Bank define Defining terms It is important to clarify what is meant by climate change. Climate change can / may be defined as ‘the long-term fluctuations in temperature, precipitation, wind and other aspects of the earth’s climate’. A generally accepted definition of global warming is the gradual increase in the overall temperature of the earth’s atmosphere due to the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect is defined by the author as the process by which heat from the sun is trapped in the earth’s atmosphere, causing the temperature of the earth to rise. The author uses the term climate change to refer to any significant change in measures of climate lasting for an extended period. The term ‘carbon footprint’ refers to the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere as a result of the activities of an individual or organization. Scientists suggest that increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will result in an increase in global temperatures, and the term ‘global warming’ is used to describe this phenomenon. language bank at first
  • 2 to describe or show something accurately define something We need to define the task ahead very clearly. The difficulty of a problem was defined in terms of how long it took to complete. define what, how, etc… It is difficult to define what makes him so popular.
  • 3 define something to show clearly a line, shape or edge The mountain was sharply defined against the sky. Word Origin late Middle English (also in the sense ‘bring to an end)’. from Old French definer. from a variant of Latin definire. from de- (expressing completion) + finire

    ). Extra examples Social values are not easy to define. There may be problems if responsibilities are not adequately defined. This type of lymphoma is defined by the presence of specific malignant cells. Thread count is defined as the number of threads in one square inch of fabric. We have chosen to define the scope of our study quite broadly. the culturally defined role of women

  • See the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary entry: define

    Chevy Camaro – Chevrolet Camaro pictures and information #chevy #camaro,camaro,camaros,chevy,chevrolet,vin,rpo #codes,trim #tag,engine


    Repair Manuals Books

    Welcome to Here you will find decoding information on Chevrolet Camaro VIN’s, RPO Codes, trim tag codes, Chevrolet engine codes, GM paint codes, First Gen. Camaro part codes and Protect-o-plates among other things.

    From the 1967 Chevrolet Camaro Coupe to the 2002 Anniversary edition, from Pace Cars to IROC-Zs, the history of the Chevy Camaro has been a wild ride. Fast, fun and fabulous!

    The first Chevrolet Camaros started rolling off the assembly line and into dealerships in late 1966, GM’s answer to the Mustang. More than 220,000 were sold in this introductory year, including over 25,000 convertibles. Base price for a 6-cylinder coupe was slightly more than $2400.00. This First Generation of Camaros lasted from 1967 to 1969 and introduced the Z28 to the automotive world. 1970 to 1981 saw the Second Generation and the loss of the convertible option although T-Tops were available from 1978 on. For the 1982 model year, the Camaro was re-styled and the Third Generation was born. The Fourth Generation started in 1993 and has continued until the announcement of the discontinuation of the Camaro line in 2002. Now a fifth generation will soon start.

    The last 35 years have seen many changes in the Camaro line, but the one thing that hasn’t changed has been the fact that it is one of the powerhouses of the Muscle Car world. Camaros are seen in shows across the country in every condition from a pristine, numbers-matching ’68 rally-sport convertible to a full blown 1970 Pro-Street modified car. They bear names like Yenko, Dana and Baldwin/Motion. They’ve been passenger cars, pace cars and police cars. Big block or small block, the Camaro has been a force to reckon with since its conception.

    The information on this web site has been gleaned from many sources and is as accurate as possible. Please feel free to e-mail us with any information you can’t find here or if you see something that is not correct and we will research it as carefully as we can. A lot of love and sweat and personal research has gone into this site, so please, sit back and ..ENJOY THE RIDE!

    Be sure to read about the new Chevy Camaro concept car unveiled at the 2006 Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS)! Unfortunately it is to late for a 2007 or 2008 Chevrolet Camaro. However the new Chevrolet Camaro is slated for the 2009 model year. Check out our FAQ on the planned 2009 Chevy Camaro .

    Send us a picture of your Chevy Camaro here and tell us a little about it.

    Web PC Suite #file #transfer, #transfer #files, #wireless #transfer, #wireless #file #transfer,


    Web PC SuiteEasy and fast file transfer for Android and PC

    Wireless Transfer

    Transfer pictures, music, videos, files ect quickly via Wi-Fi or mobile network between Android devices and PC.

    Transfer Methods

    Support mainstream platforms: Windows, Mac, Unix, Linux etc. No software needs to be installed on PC. Connect your devices by scanning a QR code or logging in by account on a webpage.

    Fully-featured Management

    File Management: Categorize your files on smart phones: photos, music, videos, documents, Apps etc. Support file uploading and downloading of all formats.
    Contact Management: Manage all your contacts on the phone via a webpage like adding and deleting contacts.
    SMS Management: Send short messages via a webpage and make batch operations.

    Secure transmission

    Use HTTPS for transmission to prevent data being modified or corrupted during transfer.

    Easy file transfer between Android and PC

    Easy photos, documents and links transfer between PC and Android devices without data wire. Perfectly cover PC and Mac platforms.

  • Cross-Platform Service

    Free connection between PC, tablet and phone. Barrier-free transfer between Android and all OS, such as Mac OS, IOS (iPhone), Linux, Symbian (Nokia Phone), Windows Phone, Blackberry and etc.

  • Media Management on Your Phone

    Manage pictures, ringtone, music, video etc. Copy, rename, delete and move files with ease.

  • Contacts Manager

    Manage phone contacts via a web browser: view, delete, modify and send SMS to phone contacts.

    Account login

  • Plymouth Auction Rooms, antiques, collectables and paintings, valuations and auctions in Plymouth


    Take a look at some of the highlights at our September Auction
    View more videos

    Welcome to Plymouth Auction Rooms

    Plymouth Auction Rooms is a family run business established in 1992. The team have a wealth of experience enabling them to provide a professional, friendly and efficient auctioneering and valuation service.

    Auctioneer and valuer Paul has some 30 years experience in the auction business and has appeared on BBC television, local and national radio. He is also regularly featured in the Westcountry media with regular newspaper columns and editorial features.

    The auction rooms hold regular sales featuring art, jewellery, watches, antiques and collectors items.

    Enthusiasm for promotion and marketing has yielded many exceptional results including a record price for a pair of Chinese Export pottery parrots at 170,000; the auction of English gold pattern coins, selling worldwide for 330,000; and the sale of a cricket ball from the famous 1933 bodyline series for 10,000.

    Plymouth Auction Rooms is widely respected and recognised as the leading saleroom for works by iconic painter Robert Lenkiewicz with many paintings regularly selling from 10,000 to 20,000.

    A high profile internet presence and an on-line bidding facility has seen Plymouth Auction Rooms evolve into one of the Westcountry s leading auctioneers and valuers.

    SOLD пїЅ32,500 A Geo III gold pattern two pence 1805 proof by William J Taylor

  • SOLD пїЅ20,000 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ (1941-2002) oil on board ‘Self Portrait at the House, Studio, Lower Compton’ signed twice and inscribed in full to verso, inscribed ‘Non Project Piece’ 56cm x 45cm

  • SOLD пїЅ24,500 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ (1941-2002) a fine oil on canvas Self Portrait, signed twice to verso, titled and also inscribed ‘Private Studio’, 60cm x 60cm, in deep moulded black frame and glazed

  • SOLD пїЅ12,400 A Diamond Ring, approx 2.22 carats.

  • SOLD пїЅ20,900 A fine large diamond solitaire ring, recently assessed as approx 3.44 carats, Colour- G-H, Clarity VS, Cut- Old Brilliant, mounted in ten white metal cut down claw setting, with 2.00mm graduated shoulders, each set with four eight cut diamonds, finger size N, gross weight 4.07 grammes, unhallmarked, tested as platinum, note the weight assessed and calculated in mount, girdle showing slight chipping to edge with one natural face.

  • SOLD пїЅ6,000 English ebonised bracket clock by Jonathan Lowndes, London with eight day striking movement with a caddy top and a 6.75 inch dial with cherub spandrels, a signed silvered Roman and Arabic chapter ring ‘J.Lowndes, London’, with mock pendulum and calendar aperture, ring turned winding holes, and strike/not strike lever, with twin fusee movement with verge escapement, the back plate engraved with foliate scrolls signed ‘Jona Lowndes, London’, the case with small hole to right side, possibly for a pull repeat cord, with label to inside back door ‘Percy Webster, Vendor, 37 Gt Portland St’, and the remains of an old paper label to the glazed back door detailing the clock. 39cm handle up, the case stamped 9784

  • SOLD пїЅ54,000 A fine and impressive large Diamond Ring 8.35ct

  • SOLD пїЅ9,100 Rolex, a rare 1940’s/1950’s gents stainless steel chronograph wristwatch, case no 497391, the dial stamped ‘Rolex Oyster Chronographe anti-magnetique’ with an outer telemeter dial (KM), the dial approx 35mm diameter.

  • SOLD пїЅ7,200 Rolex, Deep Sea. Sea Dweller, a fine gents stainless steel wristwatch, 12,800 feet/ 3900 metres, well kept with original box and papers, ref number on the card is 11660, V52830, 2009.

  • SOLD пїЅ4,860 A Jaeger LeCoultre, a gents 18ct gold Reverso Grand Sport wristwatch, with black leather bracelet with original box and book in excellent condition.

  • SOLD пїЅ2,800 Rolex, a gents stainless steel Submariner, Oyster Perpetual, wristwatch, 1000ft/300 metres.

  • SOLD пїЅ3,000 Rolex, a gents Explorer II Oyster Perpetual Date Chronometer wristwatch.

    This fine English carriage clock by Brockbank & Atkins Sold for пїЅ5,500 this month.

    SOLD пїЅ54,000 30th November 2016.

    SOLD пїЅ10,800 Rolex Gents Explorer II 2006.

    LOT 369 10th May 2017 SOLD пїЅ8,400.


    Although it was a diamond ring that took the top price this month at 16,000 it was the sales of rare clocks and instruments that generated the real excitement. A rare 19 th century chronometer by Barrauds of London sold for 6,500, from a fine collection of carriage clocks 5,500 was achieved for an English model by Brockbank Atkins, two longcase regulators sold for 3,000 and 4,600. No watch sale is complete without a good Rolex or two; in fact we had 13 on offer with the top price for a Daytona at 8,000.