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Washing Machines

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I have lost my instruction manual for my wolf sky blaster 1500w power washer, is there a site I can download it from

Answered on Sep 18, 2017

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Televison & Video

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Hi, I’m using a Sony trinitron KW-HW21. It has stopped working all of a sudden. The standby light on the tv keeps.

Answered on Oct 01, 2017

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Tablets & eReaders

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How to find user guide for galaxy tablet E

Answered on Nov 24, 2017

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Office Equipment & Supplies

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Ricoh Irregular Toner error message Toner levels appear OK, reseated the cartridges, but same error.

Answered on Oct 02, 2017

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How do I turn off the date and time stamp on the camera so it does not show up on the printed pictures?

Answered on Sep 18, 2017

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Cell Phones

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Can I FaceTime

Answered on Sep 12, 2017

  • 2 answers
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    UpToDate Turns 25!

    UpToDate celebrates its 25th anniversary by unveiling its newest medical specialty, Anesthesiology.

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    Closure of patent foramen ovale suggested for patients ≤60 years with an embolic cryptogenic ischemic stroke and a right-to-left shunt.

    Answers online Answers online

    Maternal Zika virus and potential factors associated with birth outcomes (Dr. Karin Nielsen)

    Screening for occult cancer in patients with unprovoked venous thromboembolism (Dr. Jess Mandel)

    Unmatched depth breadth of content: More than 10,500 topics in 25 specialties, continually updated and reviewed by leading experts.

    Our more than 6,500 physician authors, editors, and peer reviewers use their deep clinical domain expertise to critically evaluate available medical literature to produce original content in a succinct, searchable format that can be quickly and easily accessed at the point of care.

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    Is Pokemon GO dangerous

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    Why did the chicken cross the road

    What would you like to do?

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    Does Zeus live on mount Olympus

    What would you like to do?

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    Why does Yoda talk backwards

    Answers online

    What age did Abigail die?

    Answers online

    1742400 sq feet equals how many acres?

    Answers online

    What is the air bypass circuit on a 2000 Mazda Millenia s?

    Answers online

    How do you find a sugar mamma?

    Why do Drug facts about Magnesium citrate oral saline solutions say Dispose of any unused product within 24 hours of opening the bottle?

    Answers online

    What do hurricanes look in real life?

    Answers online

    How do you divide the cream soda on mission 10 club penguin?

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    Where is fuel pump located on 93 sable?

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    If the employee is denied of his pension after working for more than 35 years is there a legal protection in US law?

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    Which sonic game has sonic saving a princess and silver and blaze trying to find sonic?

    Do Russians really play Russian roulette?

    Answers online

    Christina El Moussa Is Answering All Your Flip or Flop Questions, E!

    Christina El Moussa Is Answering All Your Flip or Flop Questions

    Online answering questions Online answering questions Online answering questions

    Online answering questions

    Online answering questions

    Online answering questions

    Online answering questions

    Christina El Moussa has signed on as E!’s celebrity guest editor for lifestyle and home. In addition to starring in one of HGTV’s most popular shows, Flip or Flop, Christina is a real estate investor and interior design expert. Whether she’s tiling walls for a renovation project or switching to mom duty with her two children, this is one woman who’s always on the move and she took over E! Home during Fashion Week to show us how it’s done.

    To finish out the week, the real estate star is answering all your questions about her successful TV series: from everything about flipped houses to flip flops.

    Online answering questions

    We’ve had like two episodes where we lost money. In real life, yes, we’ve lost money. Sometimes when you go into [a project], you know there’s a potential to lose but that’s just the name of the game. I think we lose on maybe 10% [of our projects]. Sometimes there might be a foundation of the house, and then you buy it and you don’t know how bad it really is. One time the foundation was really bad [on a project] and we lost like 60k.

    Online answering questions

    How the material is laid, if the tile is straight, if the cabinets open and close properly you can tell visually right when you walk in from how [the house is] painted and other factors like that.

    Online answering questions

    I like painting, I think it’s relaxing. I also like designing; I don’t really like the manual labor, to be honest.

    Article continues below

    Online answering questions

    Well, since we separated he now wears closed-toe shoes; he tries to look more presentable! But yes, it’s definitely dangerous though, I’d always tell him not to. He just really loves flip flips.

    Online answering questions

    Online answering questions

    One day we came to set and everyone was acting kind of strange (they get there a little before us). I didn’t know what was going on, and I walked into the house and there’s this glowing, purple light coming from the back bedroom and I can hear these slow jams playing. I walk in, and there’s this person sleeping on a blow-up mattress listening to R B music and there are SpaghettiOs on the counter that someone had cooked! His clothes were in the closet, and he was just passed out in the bed and he totally scared me. I screamed and ran out of the house. He had partied there the night before and made the noodles and brought a boom box. We gave him a hundred bucks to get him out of there, and then watched him walk away with his little backpack.

    Article continues below

    Online answering questions

    So we don’t stage all houses. We do for the show because it looks better on TV, but it’s expensive to stage. It’s not always necessary especially if you flip a house and you do a really good job on design, I usually tell people who go through our seminar company that you don’t have to spend money on staging. Also, we hire staging companies we don’t do it ourselves. But I tell them to work based off of the style of the house, so for example if it’s a modern design, they’ll stage the space with modern furniture. If it’s a traditional or Spanish look, they’re going to go with more of that d cor.

    Online answering questions

    I like to go to this design center in Costa Mesa, everything is custom there though. I actually have a hard time finding furniture I like. I guess Z Gallerie is where I get my accessories and tableware. I used to like Restoration Hardware a lot.

    Online answering questions

    In one of the episodes that actually aired, there were like 1000 cockroaches everywhere. There was still food in the fridge from who knows how long, and a million cockroaches. So when we pulled the refrigerator out of the house, there was like a line of them following the refrigerator out the door. It was disgusting. And cockroaches are really hard to get rid of when you have that many. It was constant bombing, bombing, bombing [to treat the problem]. Really gross.

    Article continues below

    Online answering questions

    One of my best friends has a cosmetic line, her name is Shannon Houston, so I use Pink Dust Cosmetics. I like to do a bronze smoky eye with some lashes and a nude lip. That’s my favorite look.

    Online answering questions

    It depends what stage the project is in. If I’m going to be painting and tiling, I usually wear gym clothes [from a brand like] Lululemon. Otherwise, just jeans and a cute top with boots. I usually wear closed-toe shoes on the first couple days of filming because it’s usually pretty gross inside the houses, so I try not to wear sandals or anything open-toed.

    Online answering questions

    We’re still filming right now. We’re currently doing six episodes for season seven, all at the same time. We film together about three days a week and everything is going fine. Things are they way they were before, we work well together and we’re used to it.

    Article continues below

    Online answering questions

    Yea, I’m sure that’s one of the reasons we continue [with the show], because we have to continue to co-parent no matter what, so we definitely agreed that for the best interest of the kids that we’re going to work together and do the show together and keep a united front.

    Find out more about Christina’s E! Home takeover here.

    Answering Common Oral Hiring Board Questions, online answering questions.#Online #answering #questions

    Answering Common Oral Hiring Board Questions

    Online answering questions

    Featured Author:

    Dr. Richard Weinblatt

    Online answering questions

    Dr. Richard B. Weinblatt, Ed.D., M.P.A., is the former Director of the Institute for Public Safety for Central Ohio Technical College and an ex Police Chief. He previously served as a professor and program manager for the Criminal Justice Institute at Seminole Community College in Sanford, FL. He holds the Certified Law Enforcement Trainer ( CLET ) designation from the American Society for Law Enforcement Training ( ASLET ). He has appeared on local and national television news programs and written extensively on law enforcement topics since 1990.

    For more information visit:

    More articles from this author:

    Dr. Richard Weinblatt

    My last Law Enforcement Career Expert column for covered ten tips for mastering the police oral board. This column covers how to answer the questions themselves. While I can’t give you the exact wording that will work for you, understanding why certain questions are asked, and how to formulate the answer that fits you, is the key to getting hired in the competitive law enforcement hiring process. Of course that presumes that all political or favoritism issues are removed from the oral panel’s judgment of the candidates.

    As mentioned in the previous articles, as a police academy manager and former police chief, I have seen many people bomb that first impression formed at an oral board (usually within the first 15 seconds). Having been on both sides of the process as the interviewer and the interviewee (one large agency that I interviewed successfully with told me I scored the highest of any sworn applicant to that date – “Half a point away from a perfect score.”), I have learned a few tricks that may help you. Some applicants may be well-dressed and appear sharp on oral board day, but when they open their mouth, it all goes out the window.

    Here are some typical questions or concepts posed at oral panels and how to view them. Note that I could not possibly address all questions, but here are the more common ones that crop up. All of these broadly based answers will need to be refined by you to reflect the details that are unique to your life and circumstances.

    The key here is to give an honest, heart-felt response that also falls within the acceptable broad parameters of oral interviews. Remember, oral board panels are made up of seasoned patrol officers and law enforcement executives. They are experienced, trained interviewers who are adept at ferreting out answers from people that are deceptive or not genuine.

    1) Tell this panel about yourself. This is an open-ended statement, usually posed in the beginning, and it gives you a terrific opportunity to create that great first impression. It is also the point at which many people turn the panel members off. In the words of my good friend and recruiting guru Commander Mark Anderson, of the Altamonte Springs, FL, Police Department: “Tell me the time, don’t build me a clock.”

    All too often the long-winded answer starts with: “Well, it all started 21 years ago when I was born in a small town…” The background sound everyone hears next is the snoring of the panel members. You should only hit the highlights that are relevant to their judging you as appropriate for the position. Relevant information includes education (college degree in criminal justice, etc.), work or volunteer experience (police explorer, sales or managerial experience, and military service), or family background and familiarization with the job (relatives or multiple generations that have served as police officers) that could be used to show your potential success as a law enforcement officer.

    Practice your delivery of this brief, albeit important, synopsis of your life in front of a mirror or video camera. You may even want to hold a mock oral panel to hone your delivery and answers. Your answers, as with all of these panel responses, should be delivered with a confident tone that does not trail off at the end of each sentence. If they can’t hear the end of your sentence, you convey the message that it’s not worth hearing and consequently, they won’t exert any effort to do so.

    Become a Cop: Career Profiles

    2) Why do you want to be a police officer/deputy sheriff/trooper? (depending on the type of agency you are applying to) Try to avoid the cliché answers of “I want to serve and protect” or “I want to give back to the community.” Cynical panel members are on the lookout for people who tell them what they think they want to hear.

    I advise people, when you picture yourself as an officer, what is it that you are doing? If it is helping small children and being role model because the same thing occurred to you when you were a child interacting with a neighbor who was an officer, then say so. If it’s because you’ve tried the indoor, office cubicle type of career path and you are looking for a more varied, outdoor type of excitement, then say so. If it’s because you want to help bust drug dealers because your best friend from high school died after graduation from an overdose, then say so.

    You have to help the panel understand that your desire stems from more than just the cars are pretty or you want to carry a gun and drive fast. Try not to focus solely on why the agency is good for you, but rather show the synergy between what you can bring to the agency and how that in turn will help you.

    3) Why do you want to work for my agency? Here’s where something more than the vague “it’s the best department” is appropriate. You need to be more specific. First hand knowledge of the agency that you have gained from doing ride-alongs or talking to the officers is crucial to helping you to come up with an answer that is truthful and works.

    For example, maybe, after riding with a variety of agencies in your area, you were particularly impressed at how officers on a particular shift handled people at calls for police service with dignity and respect which reflects how you want to practice the art of policing. Or perhaps you found that the agency is heavy into DUI and traffic enforcement, which has meaning for you since a relative died from a drunk driver crash.

    4) Tell me about a strength you have. This isn’t something like I can benchpress 500 pounds. What about your character is illustrated in a trait. Are you a hard worker? Are you full of integrity and honor? Do you have a personal story that illustrates that trait in concrete terms.

    10 Website that Pays to Answer Questions from Home My Honest Recommendation,

    10 Website that Pays You to Answer Questions from Home

    Online answering questions

    Looking for a work from home opportunity where you can get paid to share your expertise?

    There are a few question-answer sites which you can join and get paid to answer questions via email, phone and chat.

    Check out the list of website that allows people to answer questions from home and make money online.

    Answer Questions from Home via Text Message:

    63336 – They have not updated their website for the last few years. Even their Facebook page is not working. I have emailed them a few times to inquire about their current positions but have not received any response.

    According to their contact page – “if you are interested in working for us, please send your CV and cover letter to [email protected]”.

    Answer Questions from Home via Phone/Email/Chat:

    Weegy – As a Weegy expert, you can expect to make $0.20 USD for each question answered only if the user asking the question is willing to pay for an answer.

    In today’s age of Quora, Yahoo Answers and Reddit, very few people uses Weegy’s Pro feature to get their questions answered and the popularity of the website have declined drastically over the years.

    So basically, you will spend almost all your time waiting for a paid question and mostly answering free question from home. By the end of the month, you will earn peanuts for all your time and effort.

    I would recommend you not to apply for the position of Weegy’s paid expert.

    Experts 123 – According to Experts123, to get more traffic to your article or answered questions, you have to:

    • Write the best articles on a topic
    • Write answers in the most helpful way possible so that it get a lot of up-votes
    • Share the article on social media sites
    • Ask your friends to join Experts123 and contribute to each other’s traffic too.

    If your answer garner a lot of up-votes, you will be considered an expert and you might get an opportunity to write a paid article (which is rare).

    Online answering questions

    Most people join Experts123 to promote their dubious health products or business. Even the community is not much active with only a handful of questions asked on each category every month.

    If you are a great writer then I would recommend you to start your own blog or work as a freelance writer.

    FixYa – As a FixYa expert, you have to help people out with their technical queries. If you love DIY’s and fixing stuffs, you can help people by answering their technical questions via chat to get paid.

    I would recommend you to work as a technical chat agent for FixYa only if you love technology. As most of the questions are related to fixing technical stuffs.

    For a few questions like “Where is the water pump on a Yamaha 20 electric start 2014?”, you can find out a solution simply by researching online.

    But for other questions like – “How to fix a printer?”, you have to answer those questions in a way that can be easily understood by a non-technical person.

    Help Owl – You have to do one of the following:

    • ask 1000 new and original questions
    • answer 500 questions
    • upload 200 original – never uploaded before on HelpOwl – 1-10 page manual
    • upload 100 original 11-50 page manual
    • upload 67 original 51-100 page manual
    • upload 50 original 100+ pages manual
    • write 67 reviews of a company, product or automobile

    … to earn 50000 points that you can exchange for $10 Amazon or Walmart gift card.

    Is it worth your time? You decide.

    Just Answer – If you are a real expert in any field, you can get paid to share your expertise and earn a percentage of what customers are willing to pay for the answer.

    To start with the application process, you have to fill out an application form, choose the categories of expertise and submit your resume, personal identification documents, work certificates and educational certificates.

    After your application is verified and approved, you can start working from home as a paid expert for Just Answer. Just Answer hire experts from worldwide.

    I would recommend you to join this website but don’t expect much from the very beginning. Just focus on answering the questions as best as you can to get positive customer rating, money will automatically follow.

    KGB – Their application, apps and about page works fine but none of the other pages work.

    May be there is something really wrong with my internet connection or with my location.

    Did the other pages open for you? Do let me know in the comments below.

    Wonder – As a paid researcher for Wonder, you have to answer questions from their Research Dashboard. If the client is satisfied with your answer, you will get paid.

    The website does not have much of an activity and the number of clients are decreasing day by day. I would not recommend you join Wonder.

    Ether – Another website that is fading away from the crowded internet.

    Almost all their experts have not received any paid opportunities within the last 90 days (June 2017 – Sep. 2017) and the situation was same before that too.

    So, you won’t be able to earn any money joining as a paid expert and answering questions from home for Ether.

    Maven – In the last year, I have referred over 60 qualified experts and a few hundred-other people to Maven.

    Among them, only 2 qualified experts a general physician and a dietician managed to earn $150 and $30 respectively.

    So, even if you are a qualified expert, you won’t make much money working as a paid expert for Maven.

    I agree, if you promote your Maven profile both physically (business cards and stuff) and virtually (on social media sites) then you might get a few calls/chats here and there.

    But why bother joining Maven when you can create your own website and market your business on social media sites to attract clients. At least you will weed out the competition that you have to face when you start working for websites like Maven.

    Do you agree with my recommendations? What else would you like to add to this list?

    Share your thoughts in the comments below.

    Do share this article with your friends on social media so that more and more people become aware about these work from home question-answer sites.

    Answering Application Assessment Questions, Snagajob, online answering questions.#Online #answering #questions

    The right answer to assessment questions

    Online answering questionsJames asks:

    “I think another form of discrimination that needs to be addressed is the ‘assessment questionnaire.’ Every time I fill out an application online I run into that, and they say there is no right or wrong answer ( WRONG!). And if you believe that, I’ve got some swamp land in Arizona you might be interested in.”

    Hi, James. Fair enough – certainly there are answers an employer wants to see for specific positions. What “there is no wrong answer” is trying to get across is that you need to answer truthfully to be placed in the best position for you.

    Say you’re applying for a customer service job, and one of the questions is, “Are you often able to solve problems between other people?” And your answer is truthfully, “No.” You may not be well-suited for customer service. Imagine going through an eight-hour day behind the service desk or on the phone and having half of your interactions end with angry customers calling your manager – that wouldn’t make you (or your employer) happy. Sure, the employer is likely to choose someone who is equally qualified though better suited to the task — someone who can problem-solve like a professional negotiator when a faulty item is returned — but that person is also more likely to succeed in the role and enjoy job satisfaction.

    In order to succeed in a job, it needs to match up with your skills and personality; social butterflies aren’t likely to enjoy being a 3rd shift stock person any more than a shy person is going to enjoy waiting tables.

    The only wrong answer is the one that puts you into a job you hate, when someone else would have enjoyed it. That can be hard to accept if you’re struggling to find a job, but imagine you’re the well-fit candidate who lost out on a job you would have loved because someone else answered the assessments untruthfully. Hope that answers your question, James!

    A Revolutionary Marketing Strategy: Answer Customers – Questions, online answering questions.#Online #answering

    The New York Times

    Increasing Sales by Answering Customers Questions

    Online answering questions

    February 27, 2013

    It is an indelible image of the financial crisis: a bird’s-eye view of the backyards of foreclosed houses, their in-ground pools festering with algae and mosquitoes. In Northern Virginia, Marcus Sheridan was in the financial storm.

    By early 2009, his company, River Pools and Spas, a 20-employee installer of in-ground fiberglass pools in Virginia and Maryland, had a decline in orders from an average of six a month to barely two. That winter, four customers who had planned to install pools costing more than $50,000 each demanded their deposits back. For three consecutive weeks, the company overdrew its bank account.

    Around this time, Mr. Sheridan began to overhaul his marketing. The company had been spending about $250,000 a year on radio, television and pay-per-click advertising. It would now cut the budget to about a tenth of that and focus on generating sales through informational blog posts and videos, what has become known as content marketing. But Mr. Sheridan took an unconventional approach to his content.

    As a result, River Pools has recovered to exceed its peak pre-2007 revenue, and Mr. Sheridan, a 35-year-old father of four, has become something of a Web marketing guru. While he still owns a 33 percent interest in the pool company, his partners manage it day to day while he concentrates on his new venture, He recently spoke about his marketing approach in a conversation that has been edited and condensed.

    Q. Take us back. How did you save your company?

    A. I just started thinking more about the way I use the Internet. Most of the time when I type in a search, I’m looking for an answer to a specific question. The problem in my industry, and a lot of industries, is you don’t get a lot of great search results because most businesses don’t want to give answers; they want to talk about their company. So I realized that if I was willing to answer all these questions that people have about fiberglass pools, we might have a chance to pull this out.

    Q. What was the first question you answered?

    A. The question I was always asked within the first two minutes of talking to customers was, How much does a fiberglass pool cost? Pool installers are like mattress or car dealers — we hate talking about how much a pool costs until we have you in person because there are so many options and accessories we want to sell you. As a result, pool companies never mention price on their Web sites. But I said, I don’t care what the question is, we’re going to answer it.

    Q. Did you actually tell people the price of a pool?

    A. No — because I couldn’t. But see, that’s the magic behind this. Google’s search engine doesn’t really care if we answer the question. It’s just looking for companies that are willing to address the question. So I said in that article, there are a ton of options, so it depends, the price can range anywhere from $20,000 to $200,000 and a lot of our customers end up between $40,000 and $80,000. And that was enough. Within about 24 hours of writing that article, it was No. 1 for every fiberglass-pool, cost-related phrase you could possibly type in. And because I have analytics, so far to this day, I’ve been able to track a minimum of $1.7 million in sales to that one article.

    A. People used to ask me all the time, “Marcus, I’ve been hearing that fiberglass pools have all sorts of problems and issues. So what are the problems and issues?” Of course, they’d been talking to a concrete pool guy, but it doesn’t matter where they got it, now they have the question. So we wrote an article about the problems with fiberglass pools and specifically came right out and said: Here are the issues. Here are the benefits. You decide. Now, when you go in and type anything about fiberglass issues and problems, you’re going to see the River Pools Web site and you’re going to think, “Oh my gosh, these guys are so honest.”

    A. In most industries, there comes a time in the sale process where the customer turns to you and says, “O.K., I like you, but who are some of the other good companies that do this?” Half the time it’s a test, because people know who our competitors are because they can find them in .5 seconds online. Most contractors avoid the question. They say, “Oh, we don’t really have competition.” But because I was asked that question so often, I decided to answer it. I wrote a blog post about the best swimming pool builders in Richmond, Va., one of our main service areas.

    A. No, because the moment I put my name up there I would lose all my credibility. But here’s the thing. Take the first company on the list, Pla-Mor Pools, a top competitor of ours. If you type in, “Pla-Mor Pools reviews Richmond, Va.,” which of course people do all the time when they’re vetting a company, what comes up? Me! You vet all my competitors, now I’m showing up for all their key words. If you really want to understand the power of inbound marketing, it comes down to this idea: I want to have the conversation at my house.

    Q. Once you wrote a blog post, how much time did you spend promoting it on Twitter and Facebook?

    A. I didn’t. Dude, that one article on price has never been tweeted. It’s never been Facebooked. I’m not saying social media doesn’t help, but it’s nowhere near what people think. The only metric that really matters is total pages viewed. Here’s a statistic for you: If somebody reads 30 pages of my River Pools Web site, and we go on a sales appointment, they buy 80 percent of the time. The industry average for sales appointments is 10 percent. So, our whole marketing campaign revolves around getting people to stick around and read our stuff, because the longer they stay on our site, the greater the chance they’re going to fall in love with our company.

    Q. What do you say to business owners who say they don’t know what to blog about?

    A. That’s the dumbest thing I ever heard, and I hear it a lot. What they should be doing is just listening to every single question they get and answering it. In my consulting business the first thing we do is brainstorm what questions the company gets on a regular basis. I’ve never had a company come up with less than 100 questions in 30 minutes.

    Q. How do you suggest companies find time to do all of this blogging?

    A. Most of the time, they can take the employees they already have talking to customers and turn them into content producers. If you have 25 salespeople, and each one of them writes one post a month, your search is going to be through the roof because that’s a new piece of content every day.

    Q. How have your competitors responded to all of this?

    A. They still don’t really get it. They’re nice about it. I’ll have one of my best-pool-builder lists come out, and I’ll run into them. And they’ll say, “Hey, man, thanks for including me in that list. I’m not sure why you did it, but thanks.”

    Answering My Kids – Questions About My Less-Than-Stellar Youth, Learning, online answering

    Answering My Kids Questions About My Less-Than-Stellar Youth

    By Selena Mills

    Sep 15, 2017

    What are some of the toughest questions kids ask? (And ask, and ask, and ask. )

    The birds and the bees? Doesn t phase me. Why they can t do what some other kid does (play on screen more, play the violent game, stay up later, etc. etc. etc.)? No problem, I m all over that action. Ready to don my philosopher s hat or ask Siri at any given moment, I am definitely up to the challenge of helping my kids understand why they can t have cake for dinner, why unicorns aren t real, and why grown-ups have hair down there .

    I have no qualms outright lying to them about how their dad and I were wrestling when one of them walked in on us NOT wrestling. (Door locks, I know. You re better than us.) You bet I miss the days of their adorable questions like, why don t I have a tail? and where does my poop go from the toilet?

    Out of the hundreds of questions that my kids ask me every day (not an exaggeration), it s the personal questions about me and my past that really get me. I m not alone in this, but I ve yet to see articles with any kind of popularity about how parents with shady pasts answer their kids personal questions.

    Why didn t you meet your dad, mama? Where is he?

    Why don t we see our other grandma as much?

    Is your step-dad your dad?

    Do you have other brothers and sisters?

    Where did you live, what school did you go to?

    Questions like these have answers. And my answers spur more questions from them. At least they re not asking me *yet* if I did drugs. Or how did I eat, or who helped me, or what happened to me when I lived on the streets. There are no easy/acceptable answers that involve tried once and happy endings . They have yet to connect the dots between my being an advocate for Violence Unsilenced and the movement that is I Believe Her. But I know they will.

    The truth of it is, there are lots of us parents who roamed WAY wild back in the day, for perfectly natural reasons and perhaps, more uncomfortably, unhealthy (yet still natural) reasons stemming from childhood/youth trauma, abuse and neglect.

    As tough as it often is to admit, the choices and mistakes I made and the reality I lived all those years ago affects my kids today.

    I m not necessarily conscious of my own childhood, teen and young-adulthood stories day to day. But kids? They are SO keen, I tell ya! Kids focus not only on their own experiences, but those of whom they love the most. It s part of how they learn about relationship dynamics and how they work through the mysteries and confusion they have about growing up. They are compassionate, caring, curious little sponges. It is a mighty task, answering these questions, and I do my best to walk that line of not sharing it all (because they just don t need to know it all), and helping them navigate my responses.

    It is quite the emotional wham-POW, to have your own child s heart hurt for you, mirrored through their furrowed brows and sorrow in their eyes. I don t want my kids to feel sorry for me. They ve no reason to, but I have to respect their feelings and help them move through knowing me (as much as I share) the best they can. I m not going to fib about every little detail. As tough as it often is to admit, the choices and mistakes I made and the reality I lived (which was often, but not always out of my control) all those years ago affects my kids today. How come no one ever told me THAT? Well, okay maybe a few wise souls did when I was a bit older.

    These days, I am a firm believer that everything we experience has the power to move us forward. Having kids has been a great example of such to me.

    I keep a few self-appointed reminders in my arsenal for dealing with tough questions about my past and they have served me well, perhaps if you have similar questions to wade through with your kids, they will serve you well too.

    • Information vs. Honesty: Keep it age-appropriate while still being honest. If a simple yes or no answer will do, go for the gold! (You lucky devil!)
    • Intuition: Tap into your parenting mojo here and get hip to what they re really asking. Try and think from a kid s perspective, not how you might be triggered by their question.
    • Emotion: Try to answer matter-of-factly and don t make light of something that might be serious. We want our kids to trust us and feel comfortable talking to us and asking us about the tough stuff.

    After all, it can t be be questions like why does the moon follow us home all the time, can it?