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Self-Quiz on Psychology and Science

Revised 4/4/2004. Welcome to the self-quiz on Psychology and Science. Introductory psychology textbooks often begin with a chapter which reviews the history of the field and different scientific approaches to psychology. Yours may not be titled “Psychology and Science,” but it will probably cover some of the same material. Read the question and click on an answer. You will jump to a correction or (if the answer is correct) a confirmation. No total score is provided for this quiz because it is meant to be browsed; you can scan the responses to wrong answers as well as right answers. If you run into problems or have a question, read the introductory paragraphs on the self-quiz index page .

End of multiple choice questions for Psychology and Science

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No, 1920 was about the time behaviorism started its dominance in America. Around that time, talk of “mind” became almost taboo for psychologists who were concerned with being scientific.

it can be repeated under the same circumstances and will produce the same result

No, this is a pretty good definition of reliability, not validity.

it accurately represents the value of some variable

No, any operational definition might produce accurate data without telling you anything about the thing you are trying to measure. If you defined intelligence as the reading on a thermometer, you could make accurate measurements, but it would be a poor definition of intelligence.

it measures what you think it measures, as shown by using a different method to measure the same variable

Yes. validity refers to the ability of a particular measurement to give you useful information, to make a useful prediction about the subject of interest, for example. If SAT scores accurately predict school performance, then they are valid for that purpose. They may not be valid for another purpose, such as predicting income or job performance later in life. You always check the validity of a measure by attempting to measure the same thing in a different way, then comparing the results to see if the operations “converge” or agree.

it is described in such a way that it can be measured

No, just because you can take a measurement, that does not mean the measurement is valid.

it seems reasonable

No. there is a type of validity called “face validity” which is essentially “an appearance of reasonableness” but it is usually mentioned only to discuss its inadequacy. In other words, just because a definition seems reasonable or has “face validity” does not mean it is “really” valid.

it means what you think it means

No, that relates to the issue of validity, not reliability. although it is probably true in most cases that a measurement has to be reliable in order to BE valid. However, reliability by itself is not enough to make a definition valid. it is a separate issue.

you can measure the same thing again and get the same results

Yes, that is the meaning of reliability, in a nutshell.

there are no confounded variables

No, confounded variables are two or more variables the effects of which cannot be separately analyzed, when you interpret an experiment. This is an important and complex issue but it is not the same thing as reliability.

it can be used to make accurate predictions

Well, you could make an argument for this one, but you would have to stretch a bit. Reliability has to do more with the repeatability of measurements, not the use of one thing to predict another. Now, if you interpreted this as, “When you use a reliable measurement procedure once, you can predict that it will produce similar results if you measure the same thing again” then you would have an argument. There is a better answer here.

it has been operationally defined

No, just because an operational definition has been specified, this does not mean the measurement procedure is reliable.

relies on self-report methods

No, replication can be used with any type of research and any type of “method.”

is important precisely because it involves the same claim but a different test, with different procedures

No, in replication, the conditions of the original experiment are supposed to be duplicated as exactly as possible.

is “secondary in importance” to honesty, according to the chapter

No; in fact, a scientific investigator might produce a result which is not replicated, even though the research is completely honest. A failure to replicate a study does not mean somebody “cheated,” just that a phenomenon is not yet fully understood.

is possible only with experimental, not observational research

No, you can attempt to replicate observational research by repeating the same types of observations in the same type of situation.

is essentially repetition of an experiment in all its details

Yes. Of course, nobody every COMPLETELY replicated anything. there are always some differences. so a failure to replicate might be due to some details that the researchers did not realize were important

But the basic idea of replication is to ATTEMPT to repeat a piece of research (whether observational or truly experimental) in all its details.

No, there are variables as long as you are measuring anything.

No, there must be operational definitions in any research, whether or not they are spelled out, because any procedure for measuring a variable is an operational definition of that variable.

No, standardized tests (or any other sort of tests) might be used to collect data, without introducing an experimental manipulation.

Yes. the defining characteristic of observational research is that there is no active change produced “as an experiment,” just data- collection of some kind.

No, there could be statistical tests such as correlations run on correlational data.

a variable which nobody controls or changes

No, that is nearly the opposite of the correct answer.

the variable which is manipulated in an experiment

Yes. the independent variable is manipulated “independently” by the experimenter, to see what happens as a result.

the variable which is measured, to see results of an experiment

No, that would be a dependent variable.

a variable which describes some durable characteristic of the subject

No, that would be a subject variable.

a variable which is held steady

No, a variable which is held steady is “controlled” but that is not the defining characteristic of an independent variable.

] Yes. because, in a single blind design, subjects in the experimental and control groups both have an equal “belief” in the treatment they are receiving, ideally, so belief (the root cause of the placebo effect) is not a point of difference between the groups. This removes the placebo effect as a potential confound (in other words, it insures that any differences observed between the groups, later, were not due to belief alone).

No, a single blind design cannot eliminate experimenter effects because the experiment still knows who is receiving what treatment, so the experiment could possibly treat the groups differently.

No, subject variables are characteristics of the subject, such as age or gender, which are not likely to be eliminated in typical experiments.

No, self-selection refers to “groups formed by nature” such as rich people compared to poor people. A single blind design does not address this issue.

No, measurement effects occur because of the measurement process itself and would be more likely to reflect a researcher’s awareness of who is in what group, rather than the subject’s. The single blind design makes only the subjects “blind” to which group they are in.

with a single blind design

No, as discussed in the previous question, a single blind design addresses a different issue and does NOT eliminate experimenter effects.

with a double blind design

Yes. Ideally, a double-blind design (which keeps the researcher or data-collector ignorant of which group a subject is in) prevents the subjects from being treated differently on that basis.

with reactive measures

No. the term “reactive measures” is not typically used to describe any research at all, although one might use the term if drawing a contrast with nonreactive measures (measurement techniques a subject would not notice). A reactive measure would presumably be a measurement technique in which the subject of an experiment notices he or she is being measured, and that would not rule out an experimenter effect.

with operational definitions

No. operational definitions are employed whenever data is collected, by definition, whether the research is good or bad and whether there are experimenter effects or not.

with convergent operations

No, convergent operations are involved in determining the validity of an operational definition and have little to do with experimenter effects.

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    Questions of Discernment —to help with your entertainment decisions. Includes guest editorials by Dr. Ted Baehr of Movieguide.

    Program Rating System

    = Usually okay
    = Caution/Questionable
    = Avoid
    = Not Yet Rated

    Ratings are based upon the average viewer comments we have received from Christian adults visiting our site. Individual opinions and discernment may vary, as do the programs.

    Let your own judgment and conscience be your guide. Also be aware that individual programs within a series might vary from the norm and would therefore warrant a lower or higher rating, if evaluated individually. All ratings are subject to change based upon future comments received from our visitors. Please help .

    DISCLAIMER: These ratings are based on an average of responses received from our Christian visitors, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of our staff, Christian Spotlight. Films for Christ. the Christian Answers Network or its team members.


    Need the correct time in your area?
    See U.S. Atomic Clock

    R anking the best and worst programs / Providing help for controlling your children’s viewing / Easy-to-use ratings include links to comments from Christian viewers.

    Busy parents and others want guidance on choosing television programs. Some parents watch so little TV themselves that they have almost no idea of the appropriateness of their children’s viewing habits or what shows are worth their time. This easy-to-use ratings list includes links to comments and descriptions that provide more detail to assist you in your decision-making.

    Networks and Channels

    Today’s Prayer Focus

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    What are the answers to questions on WebAssign?

    Quick Answer

    The types of answers on WebAssign vary according to the nature of the question and may involve a number, letter, word or a more complex response. Simple factual answers can be graded either by the instructor or an automated program, whereas show-your-work, essays and other complex answers must be graded by the instructor. Answer keys are available to the instructor to facilitate grading.

    Keep Learning

    How can you find answers for MathXL questions?

    What it WebAssign?

    How can you get help on WebAssign?

    After a student has completed an assignment, an instructor can respond in a number of ways. A simple mark might indicate a student has answered a question or part of a question correctly. A feedback bubble with comments might contain explanations or hints to point the student towards the answer. The instructor can also provide the student with the answer key along with the graded material. Students cannot access the answer key on their own unless the instructor allows it.

    The instructor has a lot of discretion when setting up courses on WebAssign. He can use all or part of ready-made course packs available for some courses through WebAssign. The instructor’s own course material, assignments and quizzes can be added to the ready-made content. The instructor can access and change the material at any time while the course is going on. He can also control the students’ access to learning tools, responses, marks and overall scores.

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    Impossible Quiz 2 Answers

    All 120 answers to the wacky puzzle game The Impossible Quiz 2.

    Impossible Quiz Answers 1-20
    1. Up his sleevies
    2. Paint
    3. Earth (the rest are candy bars, remember)
    4. American (A merry can)
    5. Type what Frank tells you to (either arse, carrot, or udder)
    6. 8 (sentence has 8 letters)
    7. Press the right arrow (On your keyboard)
    8. 10 letters in
    9. Click the creature several times. Click the bubble on the right for a skip.
    10. Click and drag “the penguin” to reveal the answer.
    11. Follow the directions. Don’t touch the blue parts and don’t release the mouse button until the end.
    12. Fine
    13. Lederhosen
    14. Click the 14 twice (drag the dots around so that the red markings line up with the white boxes to make letters)
    15. A backwards dog
    16. Chris (you can see it in the credits)
    17. Touch the brown balloon with your mouse, but don’t touch any of the others. It’s best to start with your mouse at the top of the screen then move into position
    18. Fly sandwiches
    19. Fusestopper
    20. Turn on the light then pop the guy’s zits. (Pop the zit on the guys ear to get a fusestopper)

    Impossible Quiz Answers 21-40
    21. 30 (under “other impossible quizzes”)
    22. Pink Clouds
    23. Drag the circle around 23 to the appropriate spot (I thought this one was quite clever :P)
    24. Space (under the “c” key)
    25. When it’s a jar
    26. You run. You run so far away.
    27. Press 1 on the keyboard.
    28. It’s Sparta
    29. Move the mouse to the small area to the right of the stream of water to find a gem. If you accidentally uncover a bomb, drag it to the water to put it out. Under search is a green bomb, let it blow up for a skip.
    30. Click the 0 in 30.
    31. Drive down the M4
    32. Click the finger
    33. Click the 33
    34. Click the death button
    35. Aim for the face
    36. Tequila (to kill her)
    37. Move the mouse off the flash window and an elephant will fall.
    38. Mash two of the arrow keys at the same time repeatedly or hit the space bar repeatedly to fill the meter. (Arrows are faster)
    39. Same as 11, only your pointer disappears. Use the circles to guide you.
    40. Toucan

    Impossible Quiz Answers 41-60
    41. Wait for one of the circles to shrink, then click it. In the bottom-right corner is a fusestopper.
    42. Drag the guy’s fist and drop it on the other guy.
    43. This one somewhat requires that you’ve played the previous impossible quiz. It pops up a random question from it until you get one right. So either be good at guessing or play through the first one.
    44. What you say!!
    45. Click the second E in “I see” (it’ll turn green) then the I, then the E, then the I, then the O in “O RLY?”
    46. Around Orion’s waist
    47. Universal Serial Bus
    48. USB Port
    49. Follow frank’s directions. Be careful not to do anything if it doesn’t say “Frank Says” at the top, though.
    50. Click the dog’s mouth to chew the bone, then move your mouse over it to “pet” it
    51. Click “came last” (it will turn into camel)
    52. Move the mouse back and forth over the lamp to clean it.
    53. Click next to the G (notice it looks like an arrow)
    54. There is a little mouse tail near the bottom right corner. Put that mouse onto the circle.
    55. Pokemon
    56. lol micropenis
    57. Four
    58. Press Space (It’s displaying the exosphere, AKA Space) 59. Grab and move the “R” in Varnish.
    60. Just keep dragging the cat down as quickly as you can.

    Impossible Quiz Answers 61-80
    61. To get to the other side.
    62. Edam
    63. Press the “Quality” thing on the bottom of the screen. Type “Q” on your keyboard to get a skip.
    64. May want to use one of your bomb defusers here until you get it memorized. There are 6. The Planet, a very small cloud missing on the right side, near the missing cloud one of the mountain tops is missing it’s peak, a crease under the critter’s eye, the smallest tooth closest to it’s cheak is missing, at the very bottom near it’s right hand the ground is a different color.
    65. Goat’s Blood
    66. Click all the lighter colored leaves off the body. (Also, hit the flower on it’s necklace for a bomb defuser)
    67. Invisible maze, go to the green light on the left first, then get the key and head through the sliding walls to the finish. When you hit the green dot you get a message saying “To remove the universe the code is 8275” Thought it might apply to #58 but haven’t figured it out yet.
    68. Checkpoints are for the weak and mentally challenged.
    69. Press the bomb when it hits 2
    70. Click the screen first,then memorize how many times that Chris the cat got beaten till faint(remember how many punch the gangster’s hand had punched him till he faint)
    71. 28.8kbps modem
    72. violence
    73. cut the tree thingy quick
    74. No
    75. Replica to Q70,how many punch land chris to faint
    76. AIDS
    77. A fat bloke
    78. Err. for this turn the wheel of the box till the box open,any one has complete ans for this may help me,turn till it open,if not enough time(15s Bomb) then use fusestopper
    79. Take the Dragon the ‘On’ to the circle
    80. A corpse bra

    Impossible Quiz Answers 81-100
    81. 2nd row the bottom one the 4th one(looks like a duck from left to right)
    82. Click obvious when the bomb starts flashing or gets to 2
    83. Drag the screen away(theres a hidden platform when u drag the circle,then click next.
    84 blue red blue yellow. tip before the game
    85. NEVAR!
    86. type U
    87. arrow instead of carrot
    88. dont do anything
    89. you would have thought one of them would have ducked
    90. TL:DR
    91. Not sure about this, but I click her forehead when the red thingy appears
    92. none, im on the impossible quiz question no. 92
    93. Click “the odd one out”
    94. Silence
    95. Click the numbers in ascending order, then click “enough” that will appear on the top left of the picture
    96. Click the number of lives you have
    97. Click ‘K” in “BLACK”
    98. 5
    99. Burst 99 red balloons. Blue will kill you, Green will minus one (balloon).
    100. Click 8275 then click the red (flashing) lever

    Impossible Quiz Answers 101-120
    101. Type “abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz”
    102. Drag away all the pictures, then click chris’ face
    103. Red
    104. Clean the windows. I usually use the fuse stopper. z.
    105. Click the switch behind the question number
    106. Remove the eye of the left thing and put it one the metal thing in the middle, then drag the ball in the hand into the place where the eye originally was
    107. A question from this quiz will come out. Click where the answer can be found for that question.
    108. Follow the green arrow (it’s best to rmb the path)
    109. Graphite
    110. Click the red squares
    112. Drag the can of food to the can opener. Use the mouse to operate the can opener by going round and round. When the can is open, drag it to the dish
    113. Click the colour of “nicest”
    114. Use the left and right keys of the keyboard to brush the teeth
    115. Caturday
    116. Drag the shapes into the box
    117. A question from Giucobs impossible quiz.
    118. don’t do anything
    119. type “horse”, then “peanut” then “chihuahua”
    120. Changes each time I think. You need to pay attention.

    The Impossible Quiz 2 Answers

    All answers Hopefully this helped you correctly answer all 120 questions to the hardest quiz online!

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