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Free psychic readings on . An online fortune teller, a yes or no oracle and many other divinations.

Lenormand Reading – Cartomancy online and free

What do you want to know?

Clear your mind, center yourself, and form a mental picture of your question. What do you feel? What do you really need or want? What truly works for you? Take THE ORACLE’s answer as a mirror for your needs. Ask THE ORACLE, consult THE ORACLE, be THE ORACLE, and get the answers you need now. You can ask any YES or NO question.

Oracle Readings Lead You to Undiscovered Wonders

Instead of an apple a day, maybe a better choice would be an oracle a day. With an oracle, you have a guide that can assist you in making those important life decisions. Why feel alone and anxious when the oracle’s mystical powers are waiting to help you discover a better life?

For thousands of years, people have depended upon an oracle to help them choose the best course of action. When you rely upon an oracle, you can ask questions about the past, present, or future. Find out what you should do about a perplexing personal problem or get the answers to those questions about your career. If there is something that you need help with, the oracle can help you make the right decision.

Belief in the oracle has been a key concept that has spurred many of the most famous people in history to achieve seemingly impossible goals. The divinations that were ascribed to oracles were not viewed as mere ramblings or coincidence. These revelations were believed to come directly from the gods and were taken very seriously. Today there are millions of individuals who depend upon these readings to help them plan their personal course through life.

Throughout history, the mysteries of the oracle have been recorded in most cultures and countries. In some instances, the oracle was accessed via one of the high-ranking priests or priestesses. At other times, there were certain landmarks that were designated as oracles.

Whether an oracle was described as a particular location or a specific person is not as important as its purpose. Oracles are defined as having a direct connection to the highest level of spiritual energy. This mystical portal permits the exchange of ideas and information between our human world and the spiritual dimension.

Divinations are a form of fortune telling, and there are many different ways that individuals can foretell the future. Mediums, oracles, crystal balls, tarot cards, and numerology are just a few of the methods that can be used to help unlock the mysteries of the universe.

Choose the oracle that you prefer and let the wisdom of the ages give you the self-empowerment that you deserve. The readings that are available will provide you with knowledge, enlightenment, and guidance that can build your confidence and self-realization. Your path through life does not have to be a cold and difficult journey. You have the power to make positive changes, and the oracle can lead you in the right direction.


key key – 2012-07-03 19:16:10

Thank you for discussing with me at those really hard times in my life.
It means a lot to me.

Bryce – 2012-07-27 18:33:57

yeah, it’s a crock. but it was good for a few laughs.
thanks mate.

Getting Free Math Homework Help – Expert Advise At No Cost #question

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Math prepa

Where to Ask Math Questions and Get Answers for Free

Do you sometimes feel trapped by a complicated or tricky math problem? The solution to a math problem could be elusive. To access the answer to the problem could avoid further frustration and help you learn about solving the problem. With the answer to a complicated math problem already in hand, most of the times it is possible for you to work backwards to figure out how the problem has been solved. Now the question is: In order to access the answers to your math problems, where can you ask math questions and get answers for free?

A lot of times you can get the answer to your math question from resources or people around you. To name a few:

  • Search for answers appendix at the back of your textbook. You may have noticed that it contains over half of the answers to your math questions, covering all the odd numbered events or questions.
  • Reach out for homework help. Ask someone who could easily understand your math homework. Ask a family member for help. Call or email a classmate who could be helpful.
  • Seek math help at school as soon as you can. Set a meeting time with your math teacher. Don’t forget to take advantage of the class when there is cooperative work time for you to ask your classmates for assistance. Ask your teacher about obtaining free tutoring that your school offers, or join an after-school study group to avoid future frustration.

If you are left with no help around you at the moment, you can always use the unlimited free resources online. Here are a few ways to do so:

  • Search the archives on math help websites. Archives from previously posted problems and answers are usually maintained at educational websites. Your problem might have already been solved on those sites. If not, you might find a similar problem to help you find the steps of solving our problem.
  • Try entering your problem into a math problem-solving program on a math website. Those programs can solve most of the basic math, trigonometry, calculus, statistics and algebra problems. If you don’t know which websites have these programs, use search engine and find out.
  • Ask a math expert at a math tutoring website to solve your problem and give you the answer. A lot of math websites have experts that are available to answer math questions free of charge. Some websites have volunteers with expertise in a lot of fields of math.

All you need to know about math

Homework related recources

Catholic and Enjoying It! Mark Shea – s Blog: So That No

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Everything happening right now in the world of baseball reminded me of a story from my childhood:When I was very small I had a baseball cap that I loved. I don’t know where I got it. It had a little smiling face on it, which seemed like a pretty good fashion statement.That little smiling guy was actually the mascot for the Cleveland Indians baseball team, now widely considered to be super duper racist, but at the time, I wasn’t aware of the concept of racism, America’s history of [Read More. ]

Absolutely despicable: “Totally betrayed, that’s how I feel,” Susan Haley, who served 26 years in the Army and now owes $20,500, says. “I didn’t knowingly accept money I wasn’t supposed to have. They wanted me to re-enlist and I was assured everything was fine.” How about, instead of this, we order every member of Congress to pay back everything they have earned since the outbreak of the war and, if they refuse, they be sent to a battle zone as mine sweepers?One of the four sins that cry [Read More. ]

Ouch:“Sean Hannity has entered the pantheon of a true propagandist. His behavior reminds me of a conversation I had with a [Soviet] political officer in the mid-1980s when I was an air attaché to Bulgaria. I asked this officer what truth was to him. He responded without hesitation, ‘Truth is what serves the party.’” – Michael Hayden, Ex-CIA DirectorDouble ouch:“FOX News has almost entirely jumped the shark,” said Michael Hayden, the CIA director under George W. Bush. “They have gi [Read More. ]

is a corrupt Nixonian policy wonk. Don’t forget that. The moment she wins it will be time to fight her. [Read More. ]

Had a lovely day yesterday. After Mass (which was deeply nourishing), took a five mile walk through the neighborhood, through an October wood, across the freeway overpass, down the interurban trail, around the lake, up and around the quiet lane behind our house, down to the store and home. Then my [Read More. ]

A reader writes:This lad, Nolan Scully, is in great need of immediate prayer. He is undergoing intensive cancer surgery today that he may very well not survive. Our parish held a prayer service for him Sunday, pleading with the Lord for His Divine Mercy.Any assistance you can provide via [Read More. ]

I wanted to make you aware of an exciting new project. Dynamic Catholic released its first Christmas Advent album. The album, O Emmanuel, is a new 10 track album featuring a mesmerizing synthesis of jazz improvisation, classical and sacred music. In the first week of pre-order the album sold [Read More. ]

On Monday, Sherry Antonetti gabbed about Deathstorm 2016 and other adventures:On Tuesday, Michael Lichens and I yakked about the Discovery of the Trinity:On Wednesday, Rod Bennett and I had a grand time talking about Frankenstein, both the book and the film(s):On Thursday, [Read More. ]

The 45 Best Online MPA Programs #mpa #online #programs #no #gre


Best Affordable Online MPA

Looking for the best online MPA from an accredited university at a truly affordable cost?

Get Educated surveyed 50 master’s degree programs nationwide to create this fact-based ranking list of Best Buys in Public Administration degrees in the USA—24 accredited MPA online, all with a price tag less than $22,500.

These online degree rankings were calculated by analyzing tuition and online learning fees at 45 regionally accredited universities in the USA that offer 50 different online master’s degrees for students interested in public administration careers. This is an objective ranking list of the most affordable MPA online programs.

To appear on a Get Educated Best Buy list, the online degree profiled must objectively cost less than the average cost of all the degrees surveyed in the comprehensive data set.

Average Cost. $22,244
Most Affordable. University of North Carolina at Pembroke

Most Expensive: Rutgers University

Search all Online MPA Degree Programs >>

These online public administration degree rankings are based on a national survey of regionally accredited MPA online programs or the allied career area of public affairs. Costs were verified valid at time of collection (Fall 2013).

Rankings Note. These online degree rankings are based on a Fall 2013 distance learning survey of regionally accredited or accredited university candidates which offer an MPA online. Tuition and fees stated were valid at the time of collection (Fall 2013). Profiles for each distance degree in the Get Educated online college directory may reflect slightly different costs based on a different update schedule.

The published cost is an estimated sticker price for the entire online master’s degree and typically reflects the most affordable, cheapest distance degree program. Factors such as transfer credits at entrance, prerequisite online course requirements, and financial aid will affect your final purchase price.

Editorial Note: Colleges NEVER pay to be included in the Get Educated online university rankings. These rankings are editorially independent, open to any regionally accredited university which offers a degree that is delivered at least 80% at a distance and open to the public. There is no cost to use the Get Educated Best Buy award seals, should your degree appear on these rankings.

If your online university is regionally accredited and not currently surveyed by Get Educated, please contact us for inclusion. Each affordability ranking list is calculated every two years. The next MPA online degree rankings will be undertaken Fall 2015.

To see affordability rankings of the best online colleges for other business master’s degree programs, check out the following lists:

1 American Counseling Association’s Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP)

2 Commission on Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy Education (COAMFTE)
American Counseling Association’s Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP)

3 Commission on Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy Education of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy

4 Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP)

5 Council for the Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP)

6 Council on Rehabilitation Education (CORE)

7 Council on Social Work Education (CSWE)

8 National Addiction Studies Accreditation Commission (NASAC)

Education Anywhere, Homeschool, High School, Accredited diploma, Curriculum, Online classes #homeschool, #high


Homeschool, Credit Recovery Classes, Alternative Educational Services for Middle School and High School, Accredited Curriculum and Diploma With ED Anywhere!

ED Anywhere!

Welcome to ED Anywhere, an affordable middle school & high school educational program designed to help youth & adults build strong academic skills, effective personal and social problem-solving and critical thinking techniques, and productive pre-career and workplace skills. ED Anywhere provides youth & adults with the very best in on-campus programs, homeschooling online education, rigorous curriculum, and teacher support. ED Anywhere provides homeschoolers, private schools, and public schools with the opportunity to use the latest technology equipment to:

  • Earn an accredited high school diploma with online classes & excellent for summer school, homeschooling, & credit recovery
  • Attend accelerated classes that will allow students to quickly earn a High School Diploma in less than 18-24 months.
  • Prepare for the GED online
  • Prepare for a career pathway using the latest career assessment tools
  • Prepare for SAT prep & ACT exams
  • Build basic academic skills
  • Develop positive choices & life skills
  • Prepare for state standardized exams
  • Enroll in K to 8th Technology Classes
  • Gain official credits for classes taken as a homeschool with our unique Pre-Assessment & Testing Program
  • Earn money with the Friends & Family Rewards Program, YYC
  • Provide the best possible added service for public schools, private schools, and homeschool environments.

Get Personalized Attention at ED Anywhere

In ED Anywhere, we look at education differently. For us, education does not lie in the quantification of knowledge. But it lies in the quality of knowledge and practical skills that helps form the character of students. Nobody knows this need more than ED Anywhere. This we achieve by offering a custom approach to education – because we know that each student has a different need. We offer FREE consultations for students to make sure they get the program that works for them. Our staff has years of experience with all levels of student needs – we know what motivates them and what can get in the way of learning.

If you are looking for the best comprehensive educational services for your student then please arrange for your FREE consultation. We offer a comprehensive assessment of your students needs either by phone or in person that will provide you with a complete educational plan. Our customized program of study will find the best way to learn, whether it’s seeking an accredited High School diploma, summer school classes, remedial classes, credit recovery, homeschool, GED, vocational services for your home school–public or private school program or any one of the other programs we offer. ED Anywhere offers both on campus and off campus (online) placements depending on your need and location. Contact us today!

Leave No Student Behind

We stand firmly behind our pledge to leave no student behind. We work closely with students and parents to provide creative solutions to challenging cases.

The GOAL of ED Anywhere is to build independent young adults who possess strong academic skills, effective personal and social problem solving techniques, and productive pre-career and workplace skills and values.

Popular News

A note about homeschool and education.
– ED Anywhere

Accredited Diploma Requirements and Program of Studies for Middle School High School.
– ED Anywhere

Financial Help for Homeschooling Support Groups.

ED Anywhere High School provides several campus services for Loudoun County Public School students in Northern Virginia.

Loudoun County School Board adopts new alternative education policy, References about ED Anywhere and interesting comments from sensitive citizens.

Our 100% Online, AACSB Accredited MBA Program #online #mba #no #gmat #aacsb


Our 100% Online, AACSB Accredited MBA Program

Arthur J. Bauernfeind Master of Business Administration

MSU’s 100% Online, AACSB Accredited MBA Program

The Arthur J. Bauernfeind College of Business at Murray State University has a 100% Online, AACSB Accredited MBA Program. No, as a student you won’t need to come to Murray, KY, except for the happy occasion of your graduation ceremony. All ten (10) graduate courses are offered completely online. We offer only the general MBA 100% online, meaning that we do not have any concentrations. Everything about our online MBA is the same as the regular MBA Program in Murray, KY, including:

  • Admission Requirements: A minimum overall GPA of 2.75 is required for conditional admission. Within 2 months of receiving the conditional admission letter from the MBA Office, the applicant MUST submit the GRE or GMAT score specified in the conditional admission letter. At that point, the student will be fully admitted into the program (called “unconditional admission”).
  • The 7 Core Courses: ACC 604, CIS 653, FIN 602, ECO 625, MGT 651, MKT 667, and the capstone course MGT 656. These are described, briefly, under the MBA Curriculum link on this website. As for electives, we currently offer only a specified number of these—typically MKT 675 (E-Business), MGT 653 (HR-Staffing), MGT 654 (Human Resources Management); BUS 615 (Communicating in an International Business Environment), and FIN 632 (Investment Management), among others.
  • Name of Degree (MBA): Yes, it will be the same, on your actual degree, as the on-campus, regular MBA.
  • How do the 100% Online Courses Work?
    All instruction is delivered online, via a program called Canvas. Some 70% of our online MBA students work full time, and therefore expect to do most of their academic work during the evenings. We know and recognize this reality, and will work with you. As for how many graduate courses you can take online each semester, we advise 2 graduate courses maximum.

    How much does the 100% Online MBA at Murray State University Cost?
    See the Tuition and Books link on this website for answers.

    How Quickly can I Complete the 100% Online MBA Program at MSU?
    If you already have all the MBA foundation (prerequisite) courses, you can complete our MBA within 18 months.

    How Do I apply to your 100% Online MBA Program?
    The same way as the regular MBA Program. See the “MBA Application” link on this website.

    Do I need to send letters of recommendation (references) as part of the application process?
    No. Please do not send any letters of recommendation.

    Best Term Life Insurance Quotes & Rates – 100% Online #life, #insurance,


    Life Insurance Quotes

    Term Life Insurance Quotes with No Hassles

    The team at is dedicated to answering all of your questions with regard to life insurance. We are a no-hassle online quote service combining professional expertise and the best rates from top rated life insurers nationwide. Don’t waster your time submitting your personal information to our competitors, we do all the heavy lifting so you can make a wise, informed decision for you and your loved ones.

    2 Types of Policies

    Before you compare term life insurance quotes online and get hassled by countless people you don’t know you will first want to consider what type of coverage that you need in a policy. The following are our most popular options that we offer – no medical exam or fully underwritten:

    No Medical Exam Life Insurance

    Acquiring a life insurance policy often involves a detailed medical exam, and this, sometimes, deters individuals from attempting to buy life insurance. One life insurance option we offer significantly simplifies the process and eliminates some of the stress involved in acquiring life insurance is our simplified issue term life insurance policies, or policies for which you do not need to undergo a medical exam. Purchasing a simplified issue term life insurance policy also decreases the amount of medical red tape you have to go through in order to take out a policy. Instant issued coverage provides solutions and options to individuals who might have a history of medical problems or who simply don’t wish to go through a medical exam.

    Fully Underwritten Term Life Insurance

    Fully underwritten term life insurance policies generally require you to submit a blood test and answer more questions about your health history. The shortest term during which you can take out a level term life insurance policy is generally 10 years. A level term life insurance policy guarantees your beneficiaries a cash payout if you die within the year. The death benefit amount is agreed upon when the policy starts, and although premiums are lower than they would be in a whole life insurance policy, there are no benefits paid back if the policy owner does not die before the policy’s term is completed. A level term life insurance policy is much like an annual renewable policy, except that it is generally longer term-10, 20, or 30 years for example-and guarantees fixed premium amounts throughout the policy’s life or for a number of years that is decided upon before the policy goes into effect.

    Carefully consider all of these options – and any quotes on policies that you have been offered by life insurance providers before committing yourself to a life insurance policy. The decision between “whole life” and “term life” should be fairly simple depending on your wants, needs and financial situation, but the particulars of which insurer you decide upon and which particular policy is best for you can be tough questions which is why we offer our experience to you for free – call us day or night.

    The Necessity of Life Insurance

    There are some financial decisions in life that can have a significant impact on the future of both you and your family. Although it can be cumbersome and tedious to weed through the intricate details of your options when making such a decision, the more research you put into the subject, the more likely it will be that you will avoid financial nightmares in the coming years and that your family will carry on and flourish while enjoying financial prosperity.

    Life insurance is a necessity for any individual who is the primary income provider in a household that includes one or more dependents. Regardless of how healthy or young you are, you should always keep in mind your mortality when considering the well being of those who depend on you. While important, life insurance is by no means a simple product to understand. When you make the decision on which policy to purchase, you should be sure that you have thoroughly explored two vital topics: the different types of life insurance available (whole, universal, term, etc.), and the various policies offered by the life insurance providers doing business in your area. At, we provide information pertinent to both of these topics, and we offer a valuable and helpful resource to those who are currently in the market for the perfect life insurance policy for their circumstances.

    The first step towards finding the right life insurance for you is to understand the difference between “term life” and “whole life” policies. When you purchase life insurance, you should decide whether you want to take out one policy that will last the rest of your life, or take out a temporary insurance policy that will last a certain length of time.

    As the name implies, whole life policies are permanent investments- usually called whole life insurance-and their value grows over time depending on the growth of the overall market but will cost SIGNIFICANTLY more than “term life” If you do not want your life insurance policy to be a life-long investment, but rather a temporary assurance that your family will be provided for in the event of your untimely death, you can take out a term life insurance policy.

    Ask yourself the following question when deciding which type of insurance policy to go with: Are you more interested in the investment aspect of life insurance, or the safety net aspect of life insurance? A permanent life insurance policy is best for you if you have the financial ability to afford these types of coverage, wish to invest through your policy and if you want to be sure that every penny you devote to your insurance policy will provide benefits to you and your family. But, if cost is important and you don’t want to break the bank or are concerned for the financial welfare of your dependent spouse and/or children while you are their sole provider, term life insurance will often meet your needs.

    Policies provided are licensed nationwide with each State and we can find the best plan to meet your needs. Call us today for a no-obligation consultation or if you have questions about your quotes: 1-888-890-6211

    State Guides

    For assistance call 1-888-890-6211 8am–7pm Monday-Friday (Mountain time). – 6225 Meeker Place Suite 1000 Boise, ID 83713.

    Todd Ruplinger is a licensed life insurance agent in all states and the District of Columbia. The following life insurance agent license numbers are provided for Todd Ruplinger as required by state law: CA agent #0F94101, LA agent #423861, MA agent #1838064, MN agent #40024026, UT agent #256321. Commercial use by others is prohibited by law. This site provides term life insurance quotes. Each rate shown is a quote based on information provided by the carrier. No portion of may be copied, published, faxed, mailed or distributed in any manner for any purpose without prior written authorization.

    What People Are Saying

    “Life Insurance Quotes provided a one-stop shopping experience and excellent assistance in finding the policy to fit my needs.”

    Sharon B. Thompsonville, IL

    Used Cars Calgary AB, Pre-Owned Autos Canmore, Bad Credit Car Loans Banff,


    Do you have bad credit?

    Rush Autos can help you get approved for a used car loan in Calgary AB regardless of your bad credit. Welcome to Rush your source for “Rent To Own” used cars in Calgary Alberta. Are you looking for a Used Car in Calgary AB but have damaged credit? If so, don’t worry we can help you. Everyone is approved at in Calgary AB. We have a large selection of used cars, used vans, used trucks, used SUVs, used sedans and family crossovers for you to choose from in Calgary. All of the used cars that we carry come standard with a Car Proof vehicle history report to ensure the quality of the inventory that we sell. Don’t let your bad credit hold you back from getting auto financing approval any longer. We can help you get quick and easy used car loan approval today!

    What is Rent-To-Own?

    With our “Rent To Own” auto financing program, we can get you approved regardless of your past bad credit history. Have you had past: bankruptcies, repossessions, foreclosures, or unpaid medical bills holding you back from driving the used car of your dreams? If so then you owe it to yourself to come down to Rush Autos in Calgary and finally hear the words “Yes, You’re Approved!”. We don’t let your bad credit score affect your approval process. Let one of our highly trained In-House financing bad credit specialists get you into the used car of your dreams with affordable payments that fit your current budget.

    Bad Credit is OK, No Credit is OK, and Bankruptcies are OK! Rush Autos is located in Calgary Alberta, however we also offer bad credit auto loan approval to residents in: Calgary, Canmore, Banff, Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, Red Deer, Edmonton, Airdrie, Cochrane, Crossfield, Okotoks, Irricana, Black Diamond, Strathmore, Carstairs, High River, Didsbury, Olds, Nanton, Sundre, Three Hills and Vulcan Alberta.

    Web PC Suite #file #transfer, #transfer #files, #wireless #transfer, #wireless #file #transfer,


    Web PC SuiteEasy and fast file transfer for Android and PC

    Wireless Transfer

    Transfer pictures, music, videos, files ect quickly via Wi-Fi or mobile network between Android devices and PC.

    Transfer Methods

    Support mainstream platforms: Windows, Mac, Unix, Linux etc. No software needs to be installed on PC. Connect your devices by scanning a QR code or logging in by account on a webpage.

    Fully-featured Management

    File Management: Categorize your files on smart phones: photos, music, videos, documents, Apps etc. Support file uploading and downloading of all formats.
    Contact Management: Manage all your contacts on the phone via a webpage like adding and deleting contacts.
    SMS Management: Send short messages via a webpage and make batch operations.

    Secure transmission

    Use HTTPS for transmission to prevent data being modified or corrupted during transfer.

    Easy file transfer between Android and PC

    Easy photos, documents and links transfer between PC and Android devices without data wire. Perfectly cover PC and Mac platforms.

  • Cross-Platform Service

    Free connection between PC, tablet and phone. Barrier-free transfer between Android and all OS, such as Mac OS, IOS (iPhone), Linux, Symbian (Nokia Phone), Windows Phone, Blackberry and etc.

  • Media Management on Your Phone

    Manage pictures, ringtone, music, video etc. Copy, rename, delete and move files with ease.

  • Contacts Manager

    Manage phone contacts via a web browser: view, delete, modify and send SMS to phone contacts.

    Account login