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Premier Boston Movers – Benny’s Moving & Storage Company

No job is too big or too small. Local moves can even be scheduled the same day. We are your last minute moving experts. Full packing and storage services available. !

Down the coast or across the USA we can handle it all! Weekly trips from Boston area with delivery throughout the entire USA. to FL and CA? Daily Trips to NY, NJ, DC.

Let our professional packers with years of experience do the packing for you.

Need short term or long term storage? Use our secure storage solutions.

Benny’s Moving & Storage located in Watertown, Massachusetts is the premiere Boston area moving company. We offer first rate moving services for both residential and commercial customers, and do local and interstate moving. We run weekly trailers across the USA and throughout the eastern seaboard. Since opening our doors in 1992, we have earned a reputation for excellent service, professionally trained office and moving staff, and management that is responsive to the needs of today’s busy and demanding consumers. We have an unparalleled rate of return customers and much of our business is generated from referrals, from friends and family, that have used our services and have been 100% satisfied. A professional job at an affordable price.

Benny’s Moving & Storage Company has been serving the relocation needs of Greater Boston for two decades in addition to providing moving services to New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. We offer local moving, interstate moving, and storage, Benny’s Moving & Storage is a full-service moving company, able to walk you through the entire moving process, from your fist contact with our professionally trained customer service representatives to managing every detail of your move including packing, wrapping, and storage of your possessions.

Whether you are moving in Boston or moving to Boston call us for free moving estimate. Our Boston office is voted as One of the best movers in Boston MA.

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  • Official sponsor of Walk for Hunger 2009-2013

    Best long distance moving companies

    Boston Best moving company, featuring:

    Our Boston Moving Company provides Last Minute Moves, Large & Small Jobs, Local and Long Distance, Storage, Packing Services. Benny’s Moving and Storage Company One of the Best Moving Companies in Massachusetts. A Professional Job at an Affordable Price, Fully Licensed and Insured

    Best long distance moving companies

    Best long distance moving companies

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    Moving Quotes from Local & Long Distance Moving Companies

    Our commitment to quality

    We require our movers to be licensed and insured. Read more We work hard to keep your personal information safe and secure. See our Privacy Policy

    Moving is not just one event, but a series of decisions and events over a period of time, and it can get stressful if you let it. The logistical and financial decisions can pile on top of each other � all while you’re also handling your home sale, find a new apartment, working, and handling all of life’s other obligations. Your time is valuable in this transitional period, and wants to save you from getting physically and mentally drained during this time by helping you find great moving companies.

    On the side of this page is our Get Free Quotes Now tool. We’ll go through what each feature covers, and you can create a checklist to help you during your move. We also invite you to view our explore neighborhoods section to prepare for your new home.

    Types of Moving Companies

    There are three main types of moves you can choose from: professional full service moving companies. self-service movers . and truck rental . A full service move leaves nearly all of the work to the moving company. They’ll bring their truck to your current home, and they will pack up and load your belongings (if you want to pack any fragile items yourself, they’ll often let you do so). Self-service moving companies will bring a driver and truck to your home while you do the packing and loading. Once that’s complete they’ll hit the road with your belongings to your new home.

    A truck rental is arranged with either one of our partner companies or a local truck rental company of your choice. You pick up the truck from the rental agency, load it up, drive it to your new home, and then return it to a specified lot nearby. Note that truck rentals will often have some extra charges added if you are moving to a new city versus just in-town.

    National or Local Moving Companies Near me?

    Every move is classified in one of three ways: a local move. long distance move. or an international move. A local move is any move that is completed within the same state lines as your old home. Even if you’ve traveled to another city in the opposite corner of your current state, that’s still a local move. On the other hand, a long distance move is any move that crosses state lines, even if that means you’re only moving an hour away across the state border.

    On top of the added distance, long distance moves tend to be more expensive and logistically challenging because of the extra licensing and insurance regulations movers must fulfill. You can probably guess that an international move will be the most challenging of the three kinds of moves. Not only will your moving company need even more special licensing, you’ll also deal with the logistics and regulations of getting your belongings across international borders and even overseas, depending on the new country you’ll be moving to.

    Size of Your Home

    You’ll be able to determine the size of truck and the amount of labor needed from moving companies by the size of your home. We recommend to all customers renting a truck to reserve one that is at least 10 percent bigger than what you estimate in order to accommodate extra belongings or furniture and boxes that don’t neatly fill space. Most companies rent out trucks starting at 10′ in size for a studio or one bedroom apartment and additional sizes at 14′, 17′, 24′, and all the way up to 26′ for homes larger than four bedrooms or with extra furniture.

    In addition to a truck rental, it may be necessary to purchase boxes for your move if you don’t have enough already around your home. When packing, we recommend using a variety of box sizes. This will allow you or movers to pack fragile items more compactly to minimize the risk of damage.

    Date of Move

    Like most industries, moving has its peak and off-seasons. The summer months from May to September are peak season for moving companies since families often look to move when their kids are out of school and inclement weather will be less of an issue. The costs of your move during this time of year are likely to be at their highest because the demand is greater and service availability is low � if available at all! If it’s possible to complete an off-season move, we encourage you to do so to save money.

    Tips and Guides to Moving

    Savanna Trucking Services #rig #moving #companies


    Savanna Trucking Services Australia

    Customized Solutions

    Savanna Trucking Services offers custom, practical solutions for energy companies through collaborative project management systems which reduce costs and timelines while increasing safety by incorporating the use of daily tracking, real time updates, experienced operators, and modern equipment. All of Savanna Trucking’s vehicles are equipped with In-Vehicle Management Systems (IVMS) which are live-tracking controlled, capable of receiving and confirming delivery instructions via the onboard screen and communications system.

    Savanna Trucking has experience in rig moving and rig relocation for drilling rigs and well service rigs. In accordance with the rig moving plan, all necessary permits, customs clearance, quarantine, and vehicle escorts, are obtained to ensure a safe, efficient move between well sites, provinces, and countries. This dedicated division for import and export of equipment works with Australian Customs and federal departments to obtain key permits and register equipment including Authority to Operate (ATO), Australian Design Rule (ADR) compliance, and Approval in Principal (AIP).

    Additionally, the delivery of drill pipe and well casing throughout the Surat Basin in Western Queensland is a specialty. With pipe trucks capable of delivering 50 ton consignments in one load (that’s up to 200 meters of pipe from Brisbane port to the Surat Basin over a 4-day period) our customers experience efficiency for a lower cost. Savanna Trucking caters to both supply and disposal of water to and from the well site for drilling and well servicing operations, transporting clean and contaminated water, as well as mud reclamation.

    All Savanna Trucking employees are trained and certified through the Australian Department of Environmental Affairs.

    Savanna Trucking’s extensive equipment inventory continues to grow year-round to cater to customers’ growing needs. Each piece of equipment is designed and maintained to exceed federal and regulatory inspections and includes flat top / highboy trailers, drop deck / lowboy trailers, tautliner trailers, pipe trailers, 180 ton prime movers, bed trucks, hot shot trailers, winch trucks, loadmasters, vacuum trucks, flock tanks, water pumps, and water tanks.


    All equipment is operated under the guidelines of the Australian Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS)

    • Winch trucks
    • Prime movers
    • Forklifts 4 4 with attachments (pipe grabs, stingers, etc)
    • Drop deck / lowboy tri axle trailers with hydraulic ramps
    • Flat top / highboy tri axle trailers with roll
    • Jeeps / Dollies tandem 2 4
    • Jeeps / Dollies 2 8
    • Drop deck / Lowboy skell container tri axle
    • Drop deck / lowboy fuel skell tri axle trailers
    • Service vehicles 8t 4 4
    • Light vehicles
    • Water pumps trailer mounted 6 inch
    • Water tankers 25,000 litre
    • Floc tanks 500 brl

    Contact Savanna Trucking Services Phone: 61 7 4633 6700

    Moving to Berlin – expats living in Berlin #expat #guide #to #berlin,moving


    Expats moving to Berlin are lucky enough tto find themselves in Hemingway s romanticised idea of what life overseas should be far too much talking and far too little working. More than twenty years have slipped by since the city was reunified after the Cold War. Over the last two decades, continental Europe s largest capital has built itself up, attracting a variety of expats to a city that thrives on creative prowess.

    Berlin is cosmopolitan and eclectic. The cost of rent is cheaper than most capitals, and accommodation is certainly considerbly more affordable than one would find in Paris or London. As a result, the relatively low cost of living in Berlin has beckoned those that flourish in the underbelly; namely artists, designers, musicians, writers and performers.

    However, unemployment rates are high, the social pressure to work is low and tolerance has been taken to a new limit in fact, locals are known to be less open-minded than they are outright experimental. Suits are relatively rare on the city s wide avenues and job opportunities for expats in the formal sector are decidedly limited. Even so, for those with an entrepreneurial edge, the city can become a centre stage for residents.

    Furthermore, a tradition of intellectual freedom and a policy of loose liquor laws that only require bars to close once the last patron has finished, has created a throng of hip caf s, restaurants, bars and clubs that cater to every taste. Because of the city s long division there are an abundance of attractions and features, from train stations to zoos and art studios.

    Berlin also benefits from civic services that are commonplace to any major metropolis in Western Europe, including an easy and efficient public transportation system, effective healthcare and first-rate education opportunities, especially when it comes to higher learning.

    Though many native Berliners are abandoning the city for greener pastures of employment, there continues to be a massive influx of internationals, and expats who move to Berlin can certainly look forward to a healthy community that is imparting its own character on the German capital.

    Living in Berlin?

    Pet Transport Service, Private Pet Transport, Nationwide Pet Transport #moving #cross #country


    Pet Transport Company

    TLC has become the most popular nationwide pet and small animal transport service in the country. TLC

    TRANSPORT was the FIRST established USDA licensed, Private “families only” Pet Transport Service. We have been safely transporting your loved ones across America since 2001.

    TLC specializes in moving “one family at a time” to provide you and your pet family the safest pet relocation service possible. We give your kids the same love and care they get from you.

    Group Pet Transports are also available as we can have several pets but different families in the same van.


    Readers Beware. TLC does not transport puppies or any animal purchased over the internet. Also, we do not fly pets. Please click below to report these scams. I am sorry they are using our good name.

    Our safe method of Ground Pet Transporting provides for your pets every need.

    Our drivers are experienced Pet Movers. Your pets will travel by Minivan for both private and group transports. Group transports have a limit of 4 pets/crates per van. We do it this way to provide your pets the shortest trip possible. And also because it is more comfortable for them. We also use our larger, customized van for the larger pet families. It is equipped with built-in stainless steel crates. And each crate has it s own heat and air. It just all depends on the size of your family.
    We are always able to provide one on one communication with your pets by just looking over our shoulder. This enables our professional drivers to closely monitor and care for your Pets Shipping throughout their entire air-conditioned and/or heated journey, with frequent rest, exercise and potty breaks along the way. Our drivers stop every 4 hours for potty and exercise breaks. Each dog gets his own 10-minute walk or run. And a back massage or belly rub is always appreciated.

    We do not like to use cargo type vans because we feel they are too bouncy and noisy and impersonal. And there are no windows for them to look out. We do not want your pets to feel alone and separated from their driver by a partition. Our drivers talk to your pets while they travel. Doing this reduces their stress and makes the trip more comfortable for them. This is especially good for Cats Shipping and birds shipping. Cats need the least amount of stress possible. And birds need a smooth and draft free ride.

    Special arrangements can also be made to transport your vehicle and your pets together. Please call the office to find out more about this special feature on how you can save money with your moving expenses.

    We are also able to guarantee on time delivery within 1 to 4 days of departure, depending on the miles of your trip. A coast to coast transport takes only 4 days. Also, we do not give you a window time, instead we are able to give you your exact day for pickup and delivery.

    There are so many people that have multiple pets. TLC offers a “families only” Pet Transportation Package for your convenience. By transporting “one family at a time”, we find that it reduces the stress of being surrounded with other animals. It also eliminates your concern for infectious diseases. Also, your pets do not need to be in a crate if you would prefer they lay on their beds for their trip. This is especially good for senior and disabled dogs.

    We also arrange your Private Family Pet Transport around your dates and schedules. You may choose your transport pickup date.

    In addition to our private family Pet Transports, we also offer and provide intimate group Pet Transports for people with just one or two pets who do not desire or require that their Pets Travel privately.

    Our group Pet Transports run coast to coast every week. Our east coast pickups are on the 7th and the 21st of every month. And our west coast pickups are on the 11th and the 25th of every month. We also offer east coast transports from Maine to Florida on the 15th of every month. And from Florida to Maine on the 17th of every month.

    So whether you are permanently relocating across the country or going on vacation and you want your pets with you or you are a snow bird just going away for the season, TLC

    TRANSPORT will deliver your dog-cat-bird-exotic door to door, safe and sound happy and content.

    If you would like to discuss the Pet Transportation of any of your family members, please contact us.

    If you would like a quote for transport only, please fill out a QUOTEREQUEST form and your quote for transport, along with transport details, will be emailed to you on our TLC

    Transport letterhead the same day as received.

    SHIPPING QUOTES – Oversize shipping, equipment transport, heavy haul trucking #equipment #shipping,


    Get Shipping Quotes from Our Network of Trucking Companies!

    We make it easy to get shipping quotes from many different heavy haul and oversize trucking companies. Connect directly with hundreds of shippers that specialize in transporting oversize and heavy haul freight anywhere in the world. Machinery moving and equipment moving companies monitor our system waiting for your post. In fact if a local company can’t cover your load they post it here. You can also search our oversize and heavy haul transport companies direct.

    Trucking Companies Meet New Customers.

    Meeting new customers is easy using our oversize and heavy haul load board. See our live loads (sign in to view contact info). Get your trucking company plugged in today. We’ve got lots of oversize equipment, machinery, boats and more from brokers and direct customers. For your convenience you can connect to your account via phone app downloadable from either Apple or Google depending your device. We also suggest our customers use our online specialized trucking company directory which you can list in today. Over 10 years of success online! Get signed up.

    Locate Pilot Cars, Truck Escorts & Flaggers on our Live Map!

    Our PiloTrac system enables pilot car companies to post their available locations on a live map. Our location based mapping technology enables you to locate available equipment closest to you so you can see exactly where available equipment for hire is located. We’ve been perfecting our system for over 10 years. Advertise where it counts and post your available equipment now for just pennies a day. Basic accounts start at just a little over $4 a month.

    Customers needing to ship oversize and heavy haul freight get multiple quotes from the carriers in our system.

    Need to ship and item? Machinery, equipment heavy items or international? We’ve been successfully connecting customers and with oversize and heavy haul haul trucking companies online since 2003. Customers only have to enter shipment data one time in one place. Our system is monitored by dispatchers all day long that specialize in oversize and heavy haul transport. They will contact you with questions in order to provide you with a shipping quote to move your freight. All transport quotes are free and non-binding. Save time and money. Try our service today, it’s free!

    Pilot cars this is the place for you! Since oversize trucking companies are already here meeting customers when they need pilot cars they’re getting them here. Get listed in our live pilot car system (PiloTrac) so carriers can see where you’re located in real time. We’ve been perfecting our system for over 10 years and now offer basic accounts for just over $4 a month. The trucks are here. All they need is your location. Make your equipment locations visible by posting them live today.

    Meeting new customers is easy using our oversize and heavy haul load board system see our live loads. Get your trucking company plugged in today. We’ve got lots of oversize shipments including equipment, machinery, boats and more. From brokers and direct customers. For discreet customers (Hollywood, DOD, NASA, etc.) we suggest using our oversize and heavy haul trucking company directory. Using this tool enables you to contact carriers direct so there’s no need to post your load publicly.

    Getting freight quotes is a breeze! Instead of calling all around simply enter your load data and let our system handle the rest. It’s easy, quick and best of all free. Anyone can connect directly to our network of transport companies that specialize in oversize and heavy haul freight. We service all destinations globally so International customers are welcome too. Our system is very simple. Machinery moving and equipment moving company dispatchers monitor our system all day long. When they see your shipment posted they work up a rate quote and submit it to you. That’s all there is to it. If you would prefer to speak with companies direct you can search for them direct by looking them up in our oversize and heavy haul trucking company directory.

    Meet or friend thousands of shipping companies. Market customers who are active shipping customers now!

    For over 10 years we’ve been saying we’re not a loadboard, because we’re not. While you can use our service as a loadboard (as many do daily) we prefer the idea of a “lead board”, meaning we hook all of the transport parties up with each other directly letting them work out their shipping details together which would obviously be a much more advanced and sophisticated than any other shipping system ever devised. By simply drawing upon the existing tools the internet already offers and giving the customer the power to choose from tens of thousands of interested transportation companies. Post your load now, free (no account – easy!)

    Upon initial inception our idea was to create a marketplace where shippers of specialized cargo and specialized carriers (actual physical shippers) as well as pilot car companies could be easily accessible by he public as well as potential customers. Thus giving everyone not only access to the wealth of information from the direct customer, specialized trucking company, pilot cars and more but giving them the choice to work with whom ever they wish directly.

    Get connected with heavy haulers, equipment moving and machinery moving companies online EASY and FREE!

    Get free quotes from multiple machinery moving and equipment moving companies online with our easy no hassle system. WE GET YOU CONNECTED with the right heavy haul or oversize equipment shipping company with very little effort. Our North American network of specialized movers have dispatchers monitoring our system all day long in order to get your project rolling by getting you a quote. We’ve been servicing the needs of customers like you since 2003 by connecting both parties direct. Our streamlined system is simple: connect the customer with the moving companies direct. Meaning everybody deals with each other at the same table without anyone in the middle. This leaves no room for error. Shipping heavy equipment and large freight demands the best in communication and coordination which is exactly what you get. We are THE MEGA MOVERS MARKETPLACE. Need trucking permits, oversize regulations or pilot cars? You will find it here and all up to date. Everything from careers in truck driving to machinery moving, equipment moving and boat shipping guides on “how to” and what to prepare for.
    We’re passionate about our side of the moving and shipping industry and your online experience is important to us. Therefore we generate the absolute finest service offerings available which is why our customers keep coming back.

    In-House Moving Helpers, Inhouse Movers – Xpress Movers #chicagoland #moving #companies


    In-House Moving with the Pro’s

    Affordable In-house Movers and Moving Helpers

    Have you heard of Local Movers offering Full Service Office and Home Furniture Rearranging? Xpress Movers offers great flexibility on In-House moves – Same day, Short notice service and even late night when our teams are available. Hire movers to move your Furniture in the house. We are Bonded, Licensed and Insured In-house movers. We will arrange your furniture following your exact directions. Our In-House Moving Helpers are patient and will make furniture rearrangement as you want it. Whether it is business or home re-decorating, with Xpress Movers’s professional touch, we can help you bring the desired joy and relaxation leisure. No matter if you request in-house moving in Chicago or Boston. we are nationwide, do not hesitate to contact us and do the rearrangement for you.

    Local House Moving

    We offer professional Local House Moving services at affordable prices. Our crews are well trained and experienced, so we can handle every local house moving with great care and professionalism, because of that we are one of the most trusted Local House Moving Companies. Fill our Quick Moving Quote to receive a Free Moving Estimate.

    Other Local Moving Options

    Local Moving

    The most convenient way to move locally – no worries with our Xpress Pack-and-Move all included service.

    Luxury Moving

    High-end moving services – an extra care moving your antiques, precious priceless collections and furniture to your new home.

    Short notice in-house moving services
    Move Furniture, Same House

    Same day/Next Day service have been very helpful to many of our customers when there was urgent work needed to be done and also when special occasions and holidays took place. Let us do the job and move furniture in the same house. We are also among the best rated senior moving companies and student movers in USA.

    Home decorations / Improvements

    Having home improvement done or installing new carpet in some of your rooms? Xpress Movers can move some of you furniture to their temporarily location or even store them in our Secure Storage location to open up the space needed for contractors to complete their job.
    Carpet or hard hardwood installation being done can be very dusty. Our professional in-house movers will not only move the furniture, but offer plastic covers for the furniture located in other rooms of your location. After the home repairs are completed simply contact us and the in-house movers will have the furniture put back in place or rearranged. Use the professional same house movers from Xpress Movers and the same house moving option. We can offer you west coast moving services at inexpensive prices.

    We offer premium furniture arranging service and furniture rearranging service. Let the professional movers do the furniture rearrange in your house – call 800-778-4177 now.


    Healthcare in the United Kingdom #expat #guide #to #the #united #kingdom,moving #to


    The United Kingdom s National Health Service (NHS) is recognised as one the world s leading health systems. All expats in the UK are entitled to free emergency treatment at NHS hospitals, but some expats will be liable for in-patient treatment and dental work, depending on where they are from. The UK has negotiated reciprocal healthcare agreements with a range of foreign countries, including Australia, New Zealand and members of the EU, meaning their citizens are exempt from healthcare payments.

    Expats looking to take advantage of the NHS should be prepared for long waits and hard-to-get appointments.

    Private hospitals in the UK tend to specialise in a particular type of care. Their services tend to be better and patients will be seen to much quicker, but the cost of treatment at private hospitals are pretty high, so most people avoid going to them unless they have health insurance.

    Using the National Health Service (NHS) as an expat in the UK

    Although emergency hospital treatment is free for anyone visiting the UK, expats must register for an NHS Number to be able to make an appointment with a general practitioner (GP) or dentist. GPs are the first point of contact for most people and can refer patients to other specialist NHS services.

    In order to register for an NHS number, expats must make an appointment, do an interview and fill out the necessary paperwork. They will then be assigned an NHS number, which will arrive in the post within a couple of weeks. When an expat receives this piece of information, they can register at a local GP s surgery.

    Once registered, expats apply for a same-day appointment by calling at 8am, which is rarely successful, or book for a date in the future. Technically, it is possible to demand to be seen within 48 hours but most likely the appointment will be in about a week. It is important to note that the long waiting lists are for doctor s appointments; the NHS does treat patients speedily and efficiently in the case of an emergency.

    Those who register with their local NHS dentist get a 25 percent discount on treatments.

    Private healthcare in the UK

    Private hospitals are plentiful and located throughout the country, but some of the UK s best specialists are located on Harley Street in central London.

    Private healthcare and dental care in the UK can be expensive but do guarantee preferential treatment and, crucially, freedom from the long waiting lists that many NHS patients complain about.

    Many health insurance providers also offer international coverage for when expats travel back to their home country, or when travelling overseas in general.

    With the range of health insurance products on offer it is best to do a fair amount of research and comparison in order to find the best policy to suit each individual s healthcare needs.

    Medicines and pharmacies in the UK

    Pharmacies, or chemists as they are more commonly referred to in the UK, can be found on all major high streets and in shopping centres.

    Most medicines are easily available. If a certain type of medication is not available, pharmacies in most UK cities can have it ordered in within 24 to 48 hours. For certain types of medicine one will need a prescription from a GP, while others are available over the counter.

    Expats will often find a pharmacy located close to a GP s surgery or hospital. Independent pharmacies are fast disappearing in the UK and being taken over by chains such as Boots and Superdrug, which sell beauty goods alongside health and medical products.

    Many pharmacies in the UK stay open till midnight.

    Health Insurance in the UK

    Employers in the UK are not obligated by law to provide medical insurance to their employees. While some employers might make contributions towards private healthcare, in most cases, expats will need to pay for their own health insurance.

    International health insurance providers like Axa PPP, Bupa and Allianz provide a number of options to suit the various needs of expats moving to the UK.

    Pre-travel restrictions and vaccinations for the UK

    No special vaccinations are required for expats moving to the UK. However, these routine vaccinations are recommended:

    • Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR)
    • Tetanus
    • Diphtheria
    • Hepatitis B

    Emergency medical services in the UK

    Emergency medical services in the UK are provided free to all and provide immediate care to people with acute illnesses or injuries.

    Emergency calls should be made to 999 or the general European emergency number 112. The operator will then dispatch an ambulance to the location of the incident. Alternatively, one can call 111 when medical help is needed fast but it is not a 999 emergency. If it is less critical, expats can make their own way to the nearest hospital with an accident and emergency unit for immediate treatment.

    Moving Container Size #moving #cross #country #with #cats


    ReloCube ® Size Delivery

    Move Easy in a U-Pack ReloCube ®

    When you choose to move or store in a ReloCube, U-Pack delivers an easy-to-load portable moving and storage container right to your door. Reserve one, or as many as you think you’ll need, and pay only for the Cubes you actually use. Simply load it, lock it, and keep the key; we’ll move it, or store it until you’re ready for delivery.

    It’s just one of the reasons so many customers choose U-Pack. Get a free moving quote today and see how the U-Pack ReloCube makes moving easy and affordable.

    ReloCube Internal External Dimensions

    • Interior dimensions are approximately 70″ x 82″ x 93″ (DWH)
    • Exterior dimensions are approximately 6’3″ x 7′ x 8’4″ (DWH)
    • Loading capacity is approximately 305 cubic feet

    ReloCube Specifics

    • ReloCubes are custom-built, weatherproof, metal containers
    • They sit flat on the ground for convenient loading and unloading
    • They fit easily into a standard-size parking space
    • Each Cube can hold a maximum of 2,500 pounds of household goods
    • Cubes are equipped with logistics tracking throughout the interior, making securing your belongings easy
    • You can place your own padlock on the ReloCube for added security, and it stays on until you remove it at the destination

    ReloCube Delivery

    With U-Pack door-to-door service, we’ll deliver ReloCubes right to your door. The type of equipment we use to get them there differs by service center. In some locations they’ll be delivered using a flatbed trailer, and in some locations we’ll deliver using a drop-deck trailer. With both types of equipment, the Cubes are positioned using a forklift, and we’ll place them right where you want them—as long as it’s a hard, level surface.

    ReloCube Delivery With a Flatbed Trailer

    In areas where we use a flatbed trailer to deliver ReloCubes, we can deliver up to four Cubes at one time. These trailers are approximately 43 feet long (51 feet with the tractor), so they require plenty of room for both turning and parking.

    ReloCube Delivery With a Drop-Deck Trailer

    In areas where we use a drop-deck trailer to deliver ReloCubes, we can deliver up to two Cubes at one time. These trailers are approximately 39 feet long (47 feet with the tractor), so they also require plenty of room for both turning and parking.

    If you have questions about the type of equipment used in your location, call a helpful U-Pack moving consultant at 877-453-7274 .

    Learn More About Moving in a ReloCube

    Boston Local Movers LLC #moving #services #boston


    Moving Relocation Transportation Company in Boston, Massachusetts MA

    We have moved many times in the past and found Peppers to be the best that we have ever used. They are always prompt, professional, and their guys are very mannerly. They have always taken very good care of all our furniture, etc. and we have never had not even one plate or glass broken. In our opinion, we would never use anyone else except Boston Local Movers. They are the only mover’s we trust to move us, and will never use anyone else.”

    BEST Local Moving Truck Company

    Boston Local Movers!

    With over 15+ years of moving experience it s no wonder we ve mastered the process to make YOUR move (and your life) a little easier. Our promises below reflect Boston Local Short Notice Movers and our values:

    Here Are OUR Promises To You

    We DO what we say, and we say what we DO. We keep our customers best interest at heart (no price gouging or sales tactic manipulations). We give honest, upfront estimates with ZERO hidden fee s that are binding. We take all complaints, no matter how small, seriously. We deal with all post-move concerns fairly and quickly. We hire only the BEST, highly qualified movers and screen each one for safety reasons. We protect, care for and love your items as if they are our own the moment you relinquish control into our hands to safely transport.

    Who needs a U-Haul or Two Men and a Truck when you have Boston Local Movers, a local all star ensemble relocation staff, ready and able to give you a superior service?

    “Very pleased. Boston Local Movers were very accommodating. Appreciated there willingness to do all that I ask of them – very professional.”

    Boston Local Movers is THE answer to all of your home and apartment relocating needs!

    Our staff of professional transporters are licensed, bonded and insured to carry out the tedious and difficult task of moving. We know how much you value your belongings, that s why we go to great lengths to screen every one of our movers who enter your home to guarantee we have YOUR best interest at heart.

    If you have a back injury or have a disability, we got you covered with our full-service moving option. And if you only need us to do the heavier lifting (refrigerators, furniture, glass, etc.) we offer that service as an option, too.

    “I was highly satisfied! They were extremely careful and put sticky pads on anything unlevel or anything that could damage the wood floor.

    Boston Local Movers Is The Name, Transporting Is Our Game

    Bottom-line, we know Boston like the back of our hand, and our guys, being locals themselves, know all the shortcuts to make your relocation as smooth and easy as possible. Moving is stressful enough as it is, why complicate matters trying to handle all the logistics alone?

    We re proud of our team. We re proud of our work. And we re proud of our city. Let us prove it.

    Other Massachusetts cities we happily serve include the following surrounding areas below:

    Cambridge, Chelsea, Somerville, Everett, Brookline, Winthrop, Revere, Malden, Medford, Arlington, Watertown, Belmont, Melrose, Milton, Winchester, Downtown Crossing, Beacon Hill, Dock Square, North End, Bay Village, East Cambridge, Charlestown, Back Bay, Jeffries Point, East Boston, South Boston, Dorchester Heights, Cambridgeport, City Point, East Somerville, Admirals Hill, Roxbury Crossing, MA

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