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(=reply) (to question) réponse f
→ He left without waiting for an answer.
→ Her remarks did not need an answer.
in answer to sth [+criticism, comments] en réponse à qch
→ In answer to this criticism, she declared she would sue them.
to not take no for an answer ne pas se contenter d’un non comme réponse
He won’t take no for an answer. Il ne se contentera pas d’un non comme réponse.

(to phone call, knock at the door) there was no answer (to phone call) ça ne répondait pas
→ I phoned several times but there was no answer.
(to knock at the door) personne n’a ouvert
→ I knocked at the front door but there was no answer.

(to letter) réponse f
→ I wrote to him but never got an answer.
→ I finally got an answer to my letter.
in answer to your letter suite à votre lettre, en réponse à votre lettre

(in exam, test) réponse f
→ The answer you gave was incorrect.

(=solution) (to problem) solution f
→ Legislation is only part of the answer.
There is no easy answer to this problem. Il n’y a pas de solution simple à ce problème.

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Q A Software that Makes it Easy to Build a Vibrant Community Hub

You get your own fully hosted, fully customizable Q A pages for your site, or a new stand-alone Q A site, voted number one by Inspired Magazine and AppAppeal

It integrates with WordPress

You get a dedicated WordPress Plugin for hosting Qhub powered question and answer pages right inside your existing WordPress site

It connects with Google Analytics

Add your favorite analytics code to your Qhub from Google Analytics, Woopra, or Get Clicky to precisely measure your visitor statistics

It gives you full control of your community

As well as having simple but powerful moderation settings. our advanced SPAM filter saves you time and effort by preventing offensive posts

It’s your public or PRIVATE community hub

You can set your Qhub to Private so that only people who you invite can see it, and you can also decide who can ask and answer questions

It uses YOUR domain name

You can brand your Qhub with any domain that you own so that it looks just like part of your current web site (this is great for SEO too!)

It connects with PayPal

You can earn payment for providing expert answers to your Qhub members’ questions, either publicly or privately

It embeds right into your current web site

You get seamless integration into your Facebook Page or web site via easy-to-add widgets (e.g. the green FAQ tab at the edge of this page)

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Android Monitoring App

Android mobile app developer

Android mobile app developer

Android mobile app developer

Mobile Spy was the first and remains the premier monitoring software for the Android operating system. Now you can use the powerful monitoring features of Mobile Spy on your Android device! Works with ALL Android models, even the new Motorola Devour and T-Mobile MyTouch 3G!

Mobile Spy will help parents learn about their child’s smartphone activies. Learn about your child’s calls, text messages and GPS locations by logging into your Mobile Spy account from any web browser. Now you can view all photos taken by the phone too!

Program Description

Mobile Spy is a hybrid software/service which allows you to monitor your smartphone that you own or have proper consent to monitor. This unique system logs the activities when your child uses your Google-powered device.

After the software is setup on your phone it will log SMS text messages and call activities and then inserts the logs to your private Mobile Spy account. The software also logs GPS locations every 15 minutes when signal is available. The GPS rate is adjustable.

When you want to view results, simply login to the Online Control Panel from any computer or phone web browser and enter your username and password to proceed.

Android mobile app developer

Android mobile app developer

Smartphone Interface

This program is loaded directly onto the phone you want to monitor. It is accessible by opening the app and entering your username and password.

Android mobile app developer

Android mobile app developer

Online Control Panel

This is where you login to your account to see the logged results saved by the phone. Accessible from any PC or phone web browser connected to the internet.

Android mobile app developer

Android mobile app developer

LIVE Control Panel

By purchasing the premium plan, you will have the ability to see the phone’s screen location live in real-time, send commands to control the phone receive logs via e-mail.

Android mobile app developer

This high-tech monitoring software will allow you to see exactly what they do while you are away. Are your kids texting while they’re driving or using the phone in all hours of the night? Are your employees sending company property to competitors? Do they erase their phone logs? That won’t matter because the software instantly saves the information before erasing is possible.

*Live screenshot not available in Android (non-rooted).

LIVE Control Panel*

Android mobile app developerMobile Spy towers above the rest by offering the world’s only LIVE Control Panel. Unlike anything ever seen in the mobile monitoring software industry, this innovation allows you to securely perform LIVE monitoring and control on your smartphone from anywhere.

If you choose to purchase our premium plan, you can view the device’s screen like a television along with a map of the current location instantly. Also included are other instant commands such as Initiate a normal call or send an SMS from the device.

Also included are SMS Commands which allow you to send commands to the monitored device by an SMS message. Get the current GPS location, SIM information, Lock or Unlock the device, Wipe the device and more.

Need the ability to have logs sent to your email? Our add-on allows you to do exactly that. You can have selected logs sent at any interval you choose, such as hourly or daily. Included in the premium plan is the ability to instantly email your logs to your address within the LIVE Control Panel.

*Live Control Panel is available in the Premium Plan only.

Android mobile app developer

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Online Only Blowout Sale! Order Now and Save Big!

Welcome to we have partnered with Amazon to offer you the Best Cell Phone Deals online. Whether you are looking to upgrade to a new phone or add a line to your existing account, or just want to try out another wireless carrier – We have the right mobile phone from AT ?>

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How to Prevent DoS Attacks

A Denial of Service attack can disrupt your organization’s web site and network services. Here’s how to defend yourself.

Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, in which attackers make it impossible for network users to access information or services by flooding the network with requests that tie up its resources, are among the most feared threats in today’s cybersecurity landscape. According to the US-CERT, DoS attacks are characterized by unusually slow network performance or inability to access websites or other internet services.

Difficult to defend against and potentially costly, DoS attacks can cause outages of web sites and network services for organizations large and small. DoS attacks can also be lucrative for criminals, some of whom use these attacks to shake down businesses for anywhere from thousands to millions of dollars.

Any deliberate effort to cut off your web site or network from its intended users qualifies as a DoS attack. Such attacks have been successfully deployed against major online businesses including Visa and Mastercard. Twitter. and WordPress. DoS attacks effectively knock the services offline, costing lost business and negative publicity. They also force IT staff to expend valuable resources defending against the attackers.

If there is a silver lining to DoS attacks, it’s this: The objective of the typical DoS attack is not to steal or expose confidential data. Most DoS attacks do not actually breach a company’s network, they simply overwhelm it with traffic. In many recent cases, DoS attacks have been used by Anonymous and other hacktivist groups as a form of online protest against corporate and governmental targets whose policies or actions are at odds with the demonstrators.

The exception to this is when a DoS attack is used as a distraction to funnel attention and resources away while a targeted breach attack is being launched. Sony claims that Anonymous used that technique against them in a major 2011 attack that ultimately led to the theft of over 12 million customers’ credit card data.

The most easily executed type of DoS attack is one that is launched from a single origin. In this attack, a single machine somewhere on the Internet issues a barrage of network requests against a targeted victim machine. The requests themselves can take a variety of forms for example, an attack might use ICMP flooding via ping requests, or HTTP requests against a web server.

Single-origin DoS attacks can be effective against undefended victims, but they have a few key limitations:

  • Victims can block the originating IP address, either at the firewall level (to kill HTTP requests) or further upstream at the ISP level (to kill network-level floods).
  • Security tools now exist to detect and prevent ICMP flood attacks. Web servers can be configured to detect and block HTTP request attacks.
  • Enterprise products can identify and block single origin attacks as soon as they begin.

These days, the more nefarious type of DoS is called the DDoS, or Distributed Denial of Service attack.

In a DDoS attack, the incoming traffic flooding the victim originates from many different sources potentially hundreds of thousands or more. This effectively makes it impossible to stop the attack simply by blocking a single IP address; plus, it is very difficult to distinguish legitimate user traffic from attack traffic when spread across so many points of origin.

DDoS: The Rise of the Botnets

Where does an attacker even get thousands of machines to launch a DDoS? Distributed Denial of Service attacks are executed by a so-called botnet a collection of computers around the world infected with an attacker’s malware.

Malware infections can install silent software on a victim machine which places it under the control of a remote attacker. Successful botnets can be comprised of hundreds of thousands of infected machines, typically without the owners’ knowledge. There big money in creating botnets among other things, botnet creators rent out their creations to criminal enterprises who can use them to launch a DDoS.

Large-scale DDoS attacks are not random. The perpetrators choose their victim deliberately, either due to a grudge, revenge, or an attempt to bully them into meeting some demands possibly including paying extortion. Renting a botnot to launch a DDoS can cost about $100 per day. so the duration of an attack is partially dependent on how well-funded the attacker.

The specific mechanisms used by a DDoS to “drop” a web site or network can vary depending on the attacker’s preferred strategy. One major difference between DDoS implementations is whether they target the computing resources of the victim’s machine or the network resources.

An attack against a web server based on HTTP flooding as many as 10,000 requests per second can overwhelm the server software, eventually consuming the machine’s memory, CPU time, and possibly even disk space (if the log files grow out of control).

An attack such as a SYN flood instead focuses on the TCP network, overloading it with unacknowledged packets. Depending on how an organization’s network is managed, this kind of DDoS can not only overwhelm a server, it also can overload switches or other network resources, potentially impacing a victim’s entire network, including casualties unrelated to the victim if they share network space with the same ISP.

HTTP and SYN floods are not the only weapons in a DDoS attacker’s arsenal but they are among the most common. Other attack mechanisms may include UDP, ICMP and DNS floods, as well as mailbombs. A so-called “mixed DDoS” can incorporate several of these weapons into one attack.

Can a DDoS be stopped?

Let’s start with the bad news: It is very difficult to defend against a sophisticated DDoS attack launched by a determined adversary.

Many organizations struck by a DDoS are left to scramble in an effort to stop the attack once it has already begun. Sometimes this requires coordination with the ISP that provides network access. This is especially true when an ISP is forced to “null route” a victim meaning that to protect other customers, the ISP routes traffic intended for the victim into the trash. This of course effectively prevents all access, including from legitimate users.

One of the more well-known countermeasures against a SYN flood is the use of “SYN cookies ” either in the server OS or, better yet for network efficiency, in a network security device at the network edge such as the Cisco Guard. SYN cookies provide a more efficient method for tracking incoming TCP connections lessening the chance for a typical SYN flood to overwhelm the stack.

An effective defense against an HTTP flood can be the deployment of a reverse proxy in particular a collection of reverse proxies spread across multiple hosting locations. A reverse proxy is somewhat akin to a bouncer at a nightclub, deciding which guests are allowed into the party, where the real web server is. By deploying many bouncers in different locations, the crush of incoming traffic is split into fractions, lessening the possibility of the network becoming overwhelmed. Deploying this type of architecture can be done in the scramble after an attack has begun, or baked into the network architecture of a web site as a preventative defense.

The limitation with these DDoS defenses is that if the attacker can generate network traffic at a higher rate than your network’s Internet connection can handle, it will be hard to avoid a meltdown. But what these defense strategies do accomplish is at least force the attacker to get a bigger gun.

Aaron Weiss is a technology writer and frequent contributor to eSecurity Planet and Wi-Fi Planet.

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About Appster

Phone #: +1 844 277 7837

Appster provides a full spectrum of services dealing with Product Strategy, Business Planning, Detainment Strategy, User Acquirement and Growth Improvement.

Appster is a wide-ranging developer with the offices in Silicon Valley (San Francisco), Melbourne (Australia), New York City and India. If you are dreaming of creating the best possible app as a productive business strategy, you are welcome to choose this organization.

The Reasons to choose Appster

There are millions of developers worldwide, so why is it necessary to choose Appster? There are three primary reasons for this:

  • Technical Support and Maintenance
  • Usage of Recent Technologies
  • Cooperation with both Startups and Established Enterprises

In addition, there are some features that guarantee the successful cooperation of the firm with the client:

  • Presence of Large Datacenters and Post-Development Stage
  • Exclusive Long-Term Business Contracts (with the option of free exit from the project any time)
  • Impressive Startups within the Frames of Entrepreneurial Movement
  • Responsible Customer s Support
  • The Absence of B.S. Consulting
  • Tight Partnership with Startups
  • Fixed Payments and Flexibility of Contract
  • A Plethora of Design Frameworks
  • User Growth Partnership
  • Protection of Intellectual Property
  • Business Model Consulting of any Digital Product

Appster Services:

The Services of the company include:

  • Web development solutions
  • Software development for enterprises
  • Development of mobile applications

Appster Development Process.

The process of generating a new project within the company includes seven stages:

  • Attentive prior planning stage includes the needs of the project and its leading goals. The team prepares a detailed business plan on how to introduce the idea into life without any restrictions;
  • Choice of wireframes for every particular screen to let the user know about the general outer features of the application;
  • Introducing additional design nuances such as concept, graphical elements, icons, etc.
  • Developing of the code for a new application in order to guarantee its usability;
  • Test stage to make sure about the quality of the product;
  • Eliminating any possible drawbacks about the product;
  • Submitting the application to the app store to make your business flourish.

Additionally, we have to mention about the leading directions of company s activity for today:

  • Mobile App Strategy (4-day development of the app’s idea)
  • Mobile App Development (iOS/Android/Web) finally provides a premium app
  • Mobile App Design (individualized approach to the design of any application)
  • Post Launch (The guarantee of the further implementation of the app)

Reviews of Appster

Judging by the comments on the, Blue Rocket is a reliable partner for business decisions providing a clear communication on every stage of development. Here are some examples:

«Appster possesses an unsurpassed communication style. The company is inclined to help every time you need it, and the customer s support works throughout the whole day».
Business Manager, FOSH

«One can rely on the company, since they are meeting deadlines and are comfortable to work with… When you cooperate with Appster on any project, you really feel as if you are a relative in a friendly family».
Co-Founder, QuidProQuo (Startup)

«The team of Appster stands out with their professional style and has been cooperating on every aspect of communication. The company treats the client like a celebrity and makes him a repeat customer in the future».
Founder, Planet of the Apps (Startup)

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Web PC SuiteEasy and fast file transfer for Android and PC

Wireless Transfer

Transfer pictures, music, videos, files ect quickly via Wi-Fi or mobile network between Android devices and PC.

Transfer Methods

Support mainstream platforms: Windows, Mac, Unix, Linux etc. No software needs to be installed on PC. Connect your devices by scanning a QR code or logging in by account on a webpage.

Fully-featured Management

File Management: Categorize your files on smart phones: photos, music, videos, documents, Apps etc. Support file uploading and downloading of all formats.
Contact Management: Manage all your contacts on the phone via a webpage like adding and deleting contacts.
SMS Management: Send short messages via a webpage and make batch operations.

Secure transmission

Use HTTPS for transmission to prevent data being modified or corrupted during transfer.

Easy file transfer between Android and PC

Easy photos, documents and links transfer between PC and Android devices without data wire. Perfectly cover PC and Mac platforms.

  • Cross-Platform Service

    Free connection between PC, tablet and phone. Barrier-free transfer between Android and all OS, such as Mac OS, IOS (iPhone), Linux, Symbian (Nokia Phone), Windows Phone, Blackberry and etc.

  • Media Management on Your Phone

    Manage pictures, ringtone, music, video etc. Copy, rename, delete and move files with ease.

  • Contacts Manager

    Manage phone contacts via a web browser: view, delete, modify and send SMS to phone contacts.

    Account login

  • Routing Software, Fleet Route Planning Software, Delivery Route Planner #route #optimization #software,


    By The Time You’re Through Reading This Report, You’ll:

    Route Planning
    for Your Business

    Our Easy-to-Use Optimization Software
    Puts Route Planning On Auto-Pilot
    So You Can Grow Your Business

    Early Morning Routing Chaos

    Your Optimized Routes Are Ready in Seconds

    Learn to Increase Your Profit

    You May Not Need Route4Me If:

    • You visit fewer than 10 Addresses / Destinations per Day
    • You believe your company can invest over 1,000,000 man-hours to create your own optimization platform
    • Your profits are extremely high and 30% savings will not improve your business by much
    • You don’t care where your drivers are currently located or where they were during the business day
    • You are 100% completely sure that your routes are already perfect and cannot be improved at all
    • You enjoy spending time explaining your existing routes to new employees
    • You don’t need to access your routes at the office, on the go, or at home
    • You don’t want to monitor and improve the quality of your customer service
    • You don’t need any proof when your employees, contractors, or end-customers complain or try to swindle you

    And You Definitely Don’t Need Route4Me If:

    You Want to Keep Doing it the “Old Fashioned Way”

    Optimizing delivery routes using Google Maps, Microsoft Map Point, paper maps, or simply guessing is a huge financial risk to you

    You Don’t Want To Save Your Time

    Your routes are planned in seconds for all your drivers.

    You Don’t Want To Increase Your Profit

    During the 7 Day Free Trial you will see by how much you can instantly increase your profits by reducing miles, fuel, and possibly drivers.

    Instant Return on Investment
    Saving Time & Money Guaranteed

    Never Spend More Than 60 Seconds Per Day
    Planning Routes With Route4Me

    World’s First and Fastest Dynamic Route Optimization

    No Training Required – As Simple as E-Mail, for all Your Routes

    Professionals & Businesses Of All Types
    Save Countless Hours By Using Route4Me

    Route Scheduling Route Planning Software That Adapts to Your Business Schedule

    No Expensive Hardware
    to Purchase or Install

    The Best Routes Created For You Everytime

    Stop Worrying About Servicing
    All Those New Customers

    Route4Me’s Platform Works For Businesses Of All Sizes

    Plan Optimized Routes Schedules in Only 3 Steps

    Syncs with your iPhone,
    iPad, and Android

    Our mobile route planning apps feature real-time synchronization of all of your routes and customer addresses, written notes & photos at each stop, sign-on-glass verification, route progress & location tracking, and more.

    Route4Me is the only route planning software that has native applications built for the iPhone iPad and the Google Android platform.

    And, with over 1,000,000 downloads and tens of billions of miles planned since 2009, you can rest assured that our Mobile Apps been continuously tested and improved over the years.

    The Route4Me app offers turn-by-turn directions and works automatically with Google Maps, Waze, and over 500 telematics vendors.

    Maps & Routes
    For Your Country

    Our fleet route planning software has mapping data for every country in the world, so when you start planning optimized routes for your business, it will work in your country.

    Map & Visit Your Customers

    Map, search, and categorize your customers & prospects using Route4Me. If you’re a new business, you can enter customer information every time you close a new account. And, if you’re already established – you can upload thousands of customers at one time. As business continues to grow, you can setup sales and delivery territories.

    Once addresses are loaded, just select the ones you want to visit, or easily plan a new route by drawing a region around customers that need to be visited. You can even specify the exact time at which a customer should be visited.

    See All Your Optimized Routes

    If you have multiple routes and drivers, Route4Me provides an overview of your entire operation. Re-assign drivers and vehicles, move an address from one route to another, and track route progress in real-time.

    In addition to our fleet routing optimization capabilities, your Route4Me account is connected to our Mobile Apps, so that drivers and customers immediately get notified of changes you make, and you see every address, order, note, picture, video, and modification they make inside your account.

    Instantly See Helpful Info About Your Operation

    You’ll see your business in a clearer way because we’ll show you detailed mileages, route manifests, and fuel cost dollars saved. In addition to detailed driving costs, each address on a route can capture extended information such as revenue, cost, and service-time.

    You don’t need to be good with math or fancy accounting software. Everything related to your operation is automatically calculated and can be used to make common business decisions. In a few clicks you can see really helpful info about a specific route, driver, or region.

    Track Route Progress, Take Pictures, Add Videos, Notes, and More

    Route4Me is the only route optimization software on the planet which has iPhone, iPad, and Android applications which permit you to attach notes and media to any stop on your route.

    You and your drivers, users, customers, or employees can mark each location as visited, departed, have sign-on-glass eSignatures, and you can see all notes, media, and track all progress from everyone in your company instantly within your Route4Me account. Arrival and departure times in the route manifest update as soon as a check-in or check-out happens.

    World s first Business ready Node JS eCommerce platform that focuses on


    Using this script: We decided to run our own Ecommerce Marketplace & document the entire process. Why?

    There are plenty of eCommerce scripts & solutions out there. Strangely everyone focuses on just selling their solution & nothing else!

    We wanted to build a world class eCommerce solution that not only excels in Technology, but also focuses on making each customer WIN.

    So, we are undergoing the same journey as you & trying every strategy to make sales happen. We will document every step and result. We will also execute the winning strategies for your business. Lets WIN!


    That are crafted with extreme attention to detail.

    Responsive Be it a Computer, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile phone of any make – the layout of Prime Fusion fits in perfectly.

    Admin Panel A secure, dynamic and responsive Admin Dashboard to control & configure the site & mobile apps end-to-end from anywhere.

    Seller Dashboard A responsive & secure Dashboard for every seller on your marketplace, to upload products and manage sales on the go.

    Payment gateway Paypal is integrated seamlessly to receive Global payments using any Credit Cards or direct payments via. Paypal a Breeze.

    Shipment Tracking Extra care is taken to make shipment tracking easy and understandable by the Sellers via. their Seller Dashboard.

    Sell Digital Products Why sell only Physical products? Now you can sell Digital Products as well ( eBooks, Music, Pictures, Files, Videos etc.)

    Search Engine Every dynamic page in the entire Marketpalce is engineered to be extremely SEO friendly, so it gets an avalanche of search Traffic.

    Revenue Management Built-in the Admin Panel is a cool interface, using which the site owner can manage the entire Finance section of the Marketplace.

    Yes, definitely a Node JS eCommerce platform out-performs a PHP eCommerce platform in all angles ( Be it Performance, Experience or Scalability ). Some of the main reasons we decided to make Prime Fusion a Node JS eCommerce platform are:

    A Node JS eCommerce platform follows an event-driven architecture and uses non-blocking I/O. This gives it super high performance against PHP eCommerce platforms that require a web server to run on.

    Node JS eCommerce platforms prove to be very efficient for high data-intensive & real-time apps like eCommerce stores that can easily have millions of time critical transaction & run across multiple distributed devices. If configured properly, can run on high pay loads effortlessly. On the other hand PHP based applications stumble on such high concurrent transactions ( WooCommerce based shopping carts hang if your products cross 10K in count due this issue )

    The event Driven nature of Node JS eCommerce platforms, makes it super lightweight. Moreover there are no dependencies for NodeJS based apps and Node.js Interpreter is smaller and light when compared to PHP interpreters. This makes pages load lightening fast.

    Moreover Node JS eCommerce platforms are single threaded and concurrency can be bought in via. cluster modules.

    There are many advantages of having a javascript shopping cart. Some of them are:

    – A javascript shopping cart provides premium experience for your site users. The overall checkout process can be made to look sleek and very fast ( like how you browse inside Gmail ).

    – A javascript shopping cart provides quick page load times as data is fetched only on demand, thus reducing page load times and a very quick experience.

    – A javascript shopping cart is very light weight and can also be programmed to be reactive in nature.

    Yes, the front end of Prime Fusion eCommerce is built over an API layer that has the entire server side files beneath it. The project is architected in this manner, so the front end just remains a Angular JS eCommerce template or a React JS eCommerce template & can be plugged out and re-used on any MEAN stack based eCommerce platforms. In this manner any of Prime Fusion AngularJS eCommerce templates can be used on meteor JS eCommerce platforms as well. In fact there are ready made plugins for meteor eCommerce platforms using which one can easily plugin any Angular JS eCommerce templates.

    Yes, Angular JS eCommerce platforms are SEO friendly. Let me explain in simple terms on how Angular JS eCommerce platforms achieve Search Engine friendliness.

    For any web page to become SEO friendly, it needs to be crawl-able by search engine spiders. By default an Angular JS front end page does not give out its HTML content ie. When you do a VIEW SOURCE of the page, you wont be able to see the full HTML content.

    However, when an Angular JS eCommerce platform can be engineered to give out the HTML content when opened by crawlers and give the Angular experience when opened by Humans. There reason for doing it in this manner is to preserve the spectacular Angular experience as well as make it SEO friendly. In PRIME FUSION, we have employed required methods to keep all pages SEO friendly at the same time giving the required experience when opened by users.

    Express JS eCommerce platform is an eCommerce solution built on MEAN stack ie. Mongo DB, Express JS, Angular JS & Node JS. An Express JS eCommerce platform uses the advantage of the ExpressJS framework for constructing the Java script back end of the shopping cart or Marketplace. An Express JS eCommerce platform makes MEAN stack development simple and swift having many extensions and powerful features.

    Yes. Prime Fusion can also be used as a simple single vendor shopping cart script. Though Prime Fusion made to be a Marketplace ready script, it can also be easily used as a simple single vendor shopping cart script.

    LG Mobile Accessories – Buy Cell Phone Supplements #lg #mobile #accessories, #mobile


    To properly experience our website, you will need to use an alternate browser or upgrade to a newer version of internet Explorer (IE9 or greater).

    The website utilizes responsive design to provide convenient experience that conforms to your devices screen size. In order to get the best possible experience our LG.COM website please follow below instructions.

    If you’re using Internet Explorer 8 or earlier, you will need to use an alternate browser such as Firefox or Chrome or upgrade to a newer version of internet Explorer (IE9 or greater) .

    If you’re using Internet Explorer 9 and higher, turn off your Internet Explorer browser’s “Compatibility View settings” by following steps below:

    • Right click at the top of your browser and make sure the “Menu Bar” option is selected
    • Select “Tools” from the menu bar and then select “Compatibility View settings”
    • In the pop-up menu uncheck all three boxes and click “Close”
    • Your browser window will automatically refresh and you’ll be ready to go

    Enhance your mobile experience with accessories from LG, the perfect companion to your favorite device. Designed for you and your busy life, LG accessories keep you connected whether at home or on the go. Just a few of LG’s innovative cell phone accessories include:

    Batteries: Get a superior, uninterrupted cell phone experience while extending the life of your phone with powerful, premium standard and extended-life batteries from LG.

    Cables: Transfer data from your cell phone or PC with ease with LG’s line of cable accessories.

    Chargers: Whether at home or on the go, LG chargers keep you connected, moving forward and on with your day.

    Bluetooth headsets: Experience superior hands-free comfort and safety while driving with a state-of-the-art headset from LG.

    Phone cases and covers: Add a dash of personal style with designer cases and covers that provide a harmonious fit for your LG device. Choose from faux or genuine leather styles that boast a variety of colors and innovative features designed specifically for your LG phone.

    Whether it’s Bluetooth technology or extended-life batteries for added talk time and uninterrupted calls, LG has what you need. LG technology offers superior power and performance with devices to fit your every need and your active lifestyle. LG mobile phone accessories are designed to enhance your mobile experience while keeping you powered throughout your day. Discover LG’s complete collection of accessories, as well as tablets, smart watches, cell phones, as well as our newest phone cases to stylishly separate your cell phone from the pack. Explore and see, how LG accessories are designed to save you valuable time and protect your investment, while making your life easier.