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Our plumbing, sewer and drain cleaning local plumbers at Mr. Rooter available 24 / 7 for plumbing services to our Lawrenceville & Metro Atlanta customers.

Contact us now to get your drain cleaned for only $95.00. Fast Service – We guarantee to be there in 60 minutes or Less! We are one of the best plumbers in Lawrenceville.

Call now for plumbing service in Lawrenceville and Metro Atlanta! We offer flat rate pricing, no hourly charges and no overtime charges — which means no confusion for our valued customers.

Upfront, Flat Rate Pricing. No Extra Charge for Nights & Weekends. 24 / 7 Insured Plumbers in Lawrenceville, GA. Getting any plumbing problems is addressed immediately can save you thousands of dollars in preventable repairs!

Our local licensed plumbers in Lawrenceville offer 24/7 emergency toilet repair, replacement and installation service in Lawrenceville, GA and Atlanta. Do your toilets leak, run constantly, clog up, or have low flushing power? Whatever toilet repair issue you have our plumbers can fix.

We offer 24 / 7 emergency local plumbing repair services in Lawrenceville, GA and Atlanta. We are proud to be the go-to local plumber for home and business owners in Lawrenceville, GA Metro Atlanta area. Call us now to schedule an expert local plumber to fix your plumbing issues.

Shower Tub Leaks, Sink Leaks, Toilet Leaks, Slab Leaks, Toilet Leaks. Our local licensed plumbers can help. Mr. Rooter offers professional water leak repair in Lawrenceville. We offer 24/7 plumbing water leak detection and repair services in Lawrenceville, GA Metro Atlana Area. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with an expert local plumbers in Lawrenceville Atlanta.

Contact us now to schedule a local plumber to fix your sewer issues. We guarantee to be there in 60 minutes or less. Mr. Rooter Plumbing offers 24 / 7 sewer pipeline repair, cleaning and replacement services in Lawrenceville, GA and Metro Atlanta Area.

Clogged Toilets, Drains, Showers Sinks. A clogged drain can be a real hassle, but Mr. Rooter local plumbers cen fix. Call us now to get your clogged drain repaired. Mr.Rooter Plumbing experts offer 24 / 7 emergency and reliable drain cleaning and repair in Lawrenceville, GA and Metro Atlanta Area.

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24 / 7 Emergency Plumbing Repair Services in Lawrenceville, GA

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I Had to have a water service line replaced, because mine was broken and leaking water into my basement. I had 6 other plumbing contractors come out and look at it and there estimates ranged between 2350 and 4300. So i kept on with my search and came across mr. plumber check up on them they don’t single bad comment anywhere.

The plumbers from mr. plumber came out gave me a quote of 1225 and I agreed right there on the spot signed the contract they were to come out monday by 10 am they did not make it there until 11. I was not mad or did not say one word to them about it but them manager.

Editorial review from Citysearch

Please don’t use this plumber, Justin Macnealy, he has a record and has been in jail for fraud and passing bad checks (in 2012). Google his name, you will find out. He is totally undependable. His wife is on here is giving an excellent review for the business under the name of Nancy Darst, her real name is Jamie Macnealy. You have to write your checks to Jamie stating she is the “”owner”” of the business. He never tells you she is his wife. She is supposedly on disability, so she is ripping off the government if she owns a business. These people need to be reported.

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Mission Statement: To meet our customer’s needs by utilizing the latest technology and standards in professional service, making Mr. Plumber a symbol of dependability and satisfaction. History: Mr. Plumber was founded in 1995. We are a family, locally owned and Operated company with a tradition of professionalism and Quality. Mr. Plumber is led by the most experienced people in our local.

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Established in 1995, We strive to set the bar in Reliability, Quality, Performance, and Customer satisfaction! That is why we back all our work with a 2 year Parts & Labor warranty. Which is double the normal standard. We also back our performance with a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, So if your not happy with the quality of our services. You get your money back!

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Slab Leak Cost

Many houses are built on a concrete slab foundation, a single layer of concrete several inches thick, usually resting on a bed of crushed gravel. Often, pressurized water pipes and sewer lines are installed under the foundation before the concrete slab is poured. These pipes can deteriorate over time (especially copper piping in acidic soil), creating what is known as a slab leak.

Slab leaks can be hard to detect. Symptoms include: a sudden spike in the water bill; a noticeable drop in water pressure; the constant sound of water running; damp carpeting or other flooring; foundation cracks or settling; and mildew in the walls or in the basement. If the leak is in a hot water line, the floor above it may feel warm to the touch. It’s important to find and fix slab leaks as soon as possible.

  • Detecting leakage and finding the site of a slab leak can require specialized equipment and skills, at a cost that can range from $125-$400. [1 ] in California, for example, offers water leak detection for a flat rate of $125, while in Texas charges $375. Some plumbing companies offer slab leak detection as part of their repair services, but many use contractors who specialize in slab leak detection.
  • Jack-hammering the concrete slab and repairing the leaking pipe typically costs a minimum of $500-$800, but can cost $1,000-$4,000 or more, depending on local rates, the extent of the problem and the ease of access. charges a minimum of $1,850 for a slab leak in a pressurized water pipe and a minimum of $2,500 for a slab leak in a sewer (drain) line.
  • If a pipe is deteriorating, repairing a leak in one section can put added pressure on the rest of the pipe, increasing the possibility of future slab leaks. One option is to close off the leaking line at the nearest manifold, and re-route a new pipe, usually above ground. In simple situations, costs for re-routing a short length of pipe can start at $200-$600, but more often will run $1,000-$3,000, and can go as high as $5,000 or more. SlabLeakPro [2 ] advertises re-routing starting at $550 ; in contrast, a homeowner [3 ] was quoted $1,650 to run a new line through a manifold inside a wall.
  • If the slab leak is just one symptom of a disintegrating plumbing system and it appears that leaks will continue to occur throughout the house, it might be time to replace all the pipes, which could cost $2,000-$15,000 or more. See How Much Does Replacing Copper Pipes Cost and How Much Does Sewer Line Replacement Cost .
  • If a leak is undetected and neglected for a long period of time, it can cause extensive water damage to the foundation and to the home’s interior flooring, walls and furnishings. Repairs can cost from $100-$4,000, and much more if items such as a deck or porch have to be replaced. See How Much Does Dry Rot Cost and How Much Does Water Damage Cost .
  • Typically, homeowners insurance does not cover the cost of repairing the leaking pipe, rerouting pipes, re-plumbing the house or any foundation repairs, but may cover any water damage to flooring, carpeting, cabinets, personal belongings, etc. depending on the terms of the policy and the deductible amount.

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What should be included:

  • The overall system should be tested to confirm that there is a leak. Water lines are typically tested with a pressure gauge or compressor; sewer lines by blocking the outlet to the sewer main and filling the pipes with water. Identifying the specific location of any leaks may be done with various electronic listening devices or video cameras.
  • Repairing a slab leak typically requires removing any flooring material, breaking through the concrete foundation, cutting out the damaged pipe, installing new piping, then pouring new concrete and replacing the flooring.
  • Rerouting pipes involves locating and uncovering the nearest manifold, closing off the leaking line and running new pipes through an alternative location, such as the attic. If the main water supply enters the house through pipes under the slab foundation, and the secondary pipes coming off that main line are all aging, replacing the all the pipes might be the most efficient (but expensive) option.

Shopping for a slab leak:

  • Referrals are available from the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association [4 ] .
  • Get cost estimates from several firms. Check to see if the contractor is licensed [5 ] in all 50 states. Ask for (and check) references, and see if there are complaints with the Better Business Bureau [6 ] .

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For All Your Residential & Commercial Plumbing Needs

Local and Convenient

Looking for a local New Jersey plumbing company with guaranteed workmanship and an unparalleled reputation for putting customers first? Then call on ALL CLEAR for all your Plumbing, Heating, A/C, Drain & Sewer Cleaning needs.

We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. Call day or night and speak with our cheerful office staff! We offer one-hour emergency service. There is never an extra charge for same-day service including nights, weekends and holidays!

Free Estimates

We charge by the job, not by the hour. One of our professional service technicians will come out and assess your plumbing, drain or sewer problem for free. You will know the cost of the job before any work is performed. We guarantee our work!

If you need quality plumbing services with affordable rates, give us a call and we will radio dispatch a nearby technician out to your residence or business.

That’s right, we do commercial work too!

Residential & Commercial Repairs 24/7

Whether you own a home or run a restaurant, office, or any other type of business, you know how vital rapid and reliable plumbing repairs can be.

Having the ability to replace your broken sump pump during a bad rain storm can save you potentially thousands of dollars in damages to your home and your belongings. And being able to stay open on a Saturday night because drains were unblocked or restrooms and/or kitchens were repaired when you needed it can make a big difference for your bottom line.

Professional and Reliable

You can trust ALL CLEAR to be professional, reliable, and easy to work with. It’s about doing whatever it takes to keep things running smoothly.

We know there are a lot of plumbing companies out there. That’s why we always do our best! We appreciate you taking the time to consider our company for your plumbing and heating needs. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you!

We are also proud to announce that ALL CLEAR has earned the service industry’s coveted ANGIE’S LIST SUPER SERVICE AWARD. We appreciate all the high marks and kind words that our customers have given us to earn this distinct recognition! Read more

We Handle All Your Residential & Commercial Plumbing Needs

We can fix it all! We’ll dig up your underground sewer or water lines with a backhoe. or just come out to fix that leaky faucet or running toilet. All Clear specializes in both residential and commercial plumbing. Whether it’s your home or place of business, we can help! Not many companies can say that.
Call us today for your free, no obligation estimate!

We Can Unclog Any Drain!

From rooter snakes to high pressure jets, All Clear will clear your drains and sewers in the most efficient way possible. Whether it’s a collapsed sewer pipe underground or just a back-up in your basement, you can trust All Clear. We even perform video inspections before performing any major work on underground pipes to isolate the trouble. Call today for your free, no obligation estimate!

High Efficiency Savings & Professional Installations

We offer choice and convenience when selecting a new hot water system that best fits your home, your needs and your budget. Rely on the expert advice, great value and professional installations you’ll receive from All Clear. Choose from the best brands on the market, with industry-leading warranties that offer complete peace of mind.
Call us today for your free, no obligation estimate!

We Can Show You How to Save

The EPA says that one of the most important factors in heating and cooling efficiency is a professional installation. All Clear offers energy-saving solutions, utility rebates, and more. Services include repair and installation of boilers and furnaces, central air conditioning systems, and A/C condensers. We also perform oil to gas conversions for boilers. Call us today for your no obligation estimate!

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Toilet leak repair

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Bathrooms with Unique Features

How Tos

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How to Install a Toilet Paper Holder in Tile 8 Steps

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Water-Saving Bathroom Update 8 Steps

Toilet leak repair

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Harwin Plumbing Service, Houston TX – Drain Cleaning

Like a factory that produces a lot of waste that needs to be properly discarded, your home generates waste water that if not efficiently disposed of it can ruin your home environment and pose a risk to your health. When you have a problem with your drains and need Drain Cleaning our services are available to help you if you call us. Harwin Plumbing Service in Houston TX avails its services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which is especially suitable for your emergencies. Give one of our customer service specialists a call today and make an appointment to have a plumber come to clean your clogged drains.

Emergency Water Leak Detection

In case you have a Water Leak anywhere in your home, we can stop the leaks quickly and efficiently. We even have a leak detection system to detect leaks in your home if you think you are losing water somewhere in your home, but aren’t sure where the leaks are. Our services can easily and quickly save you money that is lost in water drips, however small they are. We are available 24 hours a day if you have an emergency.

Leaking Water Heater

Do you have Water Heater issues related to loss of water? Our plumbers have the right skills as well as the experience to help you. If your heater is leaking resulting in low hot water in your home for your showers, laundry or cleaning dishes, we can stop this leak at once. We know what areas to fix when this problem arises. Call for an evaluation of your system and to have us fix it for you.

Sewer Backups Services – Blocked Toilet Repair

If you experience sewage pipe issues, call our plumbing customer service operator and we can provide you with Sewer Repair services. We have a full service that takes care of your blockages, backups and new pipe installations. We also have a crew that knows a lot about cleaning sewers and you will like their results. Harwin Plumbing Service in Houston TX also help you with Toilet Repair if you have drainage issues such as when your toilet is blocked and your regular plunger doesn’t do the job. We also fix water leaks in toilets as well. If you call us, we will send one or two of our team of plumbers to help you immediately.

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Earn Referral Money Now Water Damage Emergency Services!

Make Extra Income With Our Water Damage Referral Program

If you are a plumber yourself, or anyone who knows someone having problems with water damage, you can earn extra income by contacting us with customer referrals.

The Plumber Referral Program

We have a list of local plumbers who refer our services to their clients with water damage. Professional plumbers know when damage has occurred, and know to call Rhino Cleaning Restoration when professional restoration services are required. If you are a plumber, call Rhino Cleaning Restoration to discuss the Plumber Referral Program that is right for you call us at 210-646-4379. Or fill the form bellow to become part of our network partners and start receiving referral fees right away.

The Insurance Referral Program

We pride ourselves in the quality work we perform, and insurance companies are proud to refer us as well. Rhino Cleaning Restoration is Advanced Xactimate Certified and are actively looking for insurance providers to partner with. If you are an insurance specialist and we are not on your list of preferred service providers, Call Rhino Cleaning Restoration 210-646-4379 to discuss how we can help ease the trouble of your insured clients.

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The Customer Referral Program

Our customers refer us to their family and friends because they trust us and are happy with our services. Rhino Cleaning Restoration was based on customer referrals, and today those referrals not only keep us in business, but also help our company grow so we can continually offer better service to everyone. Whether you are referring someone to us, or have been referred to us by someone else, be sure to let us know by filling out a short form on our contact page or calling one of our locations at 210-646-4379.

Call 24 Hours A Day With Your Referral And Earn Cash Now


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Seattle Water Leak Detection

Call us at (206) 792-7495 today for dependable Seattle water leak detection. We will send an experienced plumber to find those hidden leaks and save you money. Click here to take a look at our current online specials and coupons.

Water leak detection has become a plumbing service that is valued because it has the potential to save homeowners huge amounts of money and property damage. A water leak that goes undetected can result in dangerous mold growth, rotted wood and standing water that could attract bacteria and other organisms. Finding the leak and repairing it at the source will minimize the damage and the health risks.

Do you want to know what other people are saying about our range of services? Click here to find out!

Dangers of an Undetected Water Leak

The degree of danger that exists from an undetected water leak depends on how long the leak has gone undetected. Things may seem just fine on the surface, but if a pipe has split or even has a small leak and no one can see it, serious damage may result. If this type of leak occurs under a vanity, behind a wall or under a floor, it may result in mold growth, rotting wood, ruined carpets and drywall, and a long, expensive cleanup. Undetected leaks also lead to elevated water bills, which is another reason it’s important to catch them as soon as possible.

Reasons to Call Right Away

Along with higher bills, you may notice excess moisture or condensation in the area of the leak; you might see small patches of mold, smell a musty odor or feel dampness on walls, floors or ceilings. If the leak is in a pipe that’s outside the house, you might notice the excess moisture on the ground when you walk on it.

Benefits of Professional Service

Plumbers that specialize in leak detection use special diagnostic equipment and cameras and are trained to find even the most challenging water leaks. Professional, experienced service means your leak will be found and it will be fixed, and any other issues related to the leak will be addressed. The key is to call in a reputable company, then sit back, and allow them to do their jobs.

Trying to figure out where a water leak originated is an exercise in futility for most homeowners. The longer you search, the more damage is being done, so it’s wise to call for professional assistance as soon as you notice a problem. Call Gene Johnson Plumbing Heating at (206) 792-7495 in the Seattle, WA area and we will send a plumber to get the situation under control.

Plastic Padding Leak Fix #fix #leak #roof


Plastic Padding Leak Fix

Plastic Padding Leak Fix

Plastic Padding Leak Fix

The Plastic Padding Leak Fix is a hard polyester based filler designed for repairing leaks in petrol tanks, radiator and sumps. Suitable for metal or fibreglass, is has a working time 5 mins before curing in 20 mins.

Plastic Padding Leak Fix Extra Info

  • Working time is 5 min and sets in 20 min
  • Resistant to petrol, diesel, oil, water, high temperatures and most common chemicals
  • Suited to metal or fibreglass
  • Temperature resistant on steel to +160 C

Plastic Padding Leak Fix is rated 5.0 out of 5 by 2.

Rated 5 out of 5 by peacourt from cost effective easy repair i have a micra with a rusty sump,tried the putty then this leak fix. it does what it says on the lid. i dried off the bottom area under sump this is whlist engine still full of oil, then applied a small amount of leak fix to the area, it soon hardened and i noticed a slightly small leak, so once again i cleaned the area and applied a small amount to cover the area. now after a relativly small amount of time and effort i have a drip free engine sump and saved me about 300 ponds to have it replaced, worth trying as its only a tenner

Date published: 2017-04-01

Rated 5 out of 5 by VIR018 from Does what it says Had about a 2mm Dia. Hole in the bottom of my Motor Cycle fuel tank, followed the instructional, then sanded and painted. Now it is leak free and you can’t notice the repair a

Date published: 2016-07-21

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Before you return your old unit please make sure it s in re-serviceable condition. So if you re returning caliper casings, you ll need to double check they aren t badly damaged or broken. If the part you ve sent is found to be unserviceable, we reserve the right not to refund the surcharge.

Please note that if you re returning your old unit to our National Returns Centre then this will be at your own expense.

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Plastic Padding Leak Fix