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Company Overview of ODYSSEYWARE, Inc.

ODYSSEYWARE, Inc. Key Developments

Odysseyware Announces LTI Integration with Canvas Learning Management System

Odysseyware announced its certified partnership with Canvas by Instructure and integration with the Canvas learning management system through LTI. Odysseyware is IMS Global Certified and Learning Tool Interoperability (LTI) V1.0 compliant through the IMS Global Learning Consortium. Through this integration and partnership, Canvas users can utilize Odysseyware’s extensive and rich catalogue of core, elective and Career and Technical Education courses and instructional content. The foundation of Odysseyware is dynamic and pedagogically sound curriculum designed to empower students to build proficiency and progressively move toward content mastery, capture accomplishments, and engage in rich and challenging real world concepts. Odysseyware’s dynamic learning activities, direct-instruction videos, and interactive content emphasize real-world scenarios, captivating students through the use of rich audio and visual components, and addressing diverse learning styles. Odysseyware is utilized nationwide in a variety of instructional settings and models, such as blended, one-to-one, virtual, alternative and learning labs.

Odysseyware Partners with NAF to Create Learning Opportunities in Agriculture

Odysseyware has announced a partnership with The National Academy Foundation to expand its career and technical education offerings in the field of agriculture. Through this partnership, NAF’s more than 700 academies nationwide can now offer agriculture courses including Agricultural Mechanics I, Agricultural Mechanics II, Agricultural Biology, and Veterinary Sciences. These courses were specifically designed to meet NAF’s rigorous third-party review process and to prepare students for NAF’s industry-recognized credential, NAFTrack Certification. The blended learning courses incorporate industry-validated, career-themed curricula based on current industry standards and practices, such as those recommended by the Future Farmers of America, literacy strategies, and STEM integration frameworks. A balance of online, blended learning, and real-world internships provide a dynamic and flexible instructional approach, helping students acquire valuable workplace skills and see their education as a step toward long-term career options. Upon successful completion of NAFTrack Certification, students are eligible for NAFTrack Certified hiring.

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World Of Information: Peter Answer Virtual Tarot #any #question #answered

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ni ada website yang bisa anda pakai buat ngerjain teman anda Namanya Peter Answers Virtual Tarot. Website ini meng-klaim mampu menjawab semua pertanyaan anda, apa saja! Nah, anda bisa membuat teman anda terbengong-bengong, sama seperti saya terbengong-bengong waktu dikerjain teman saya.
Sebelum anda bertanya, anda diwajibkan untuk membuat petisi seperti: Peter, please answer the following question: atau Peter, please answer:. Anda tuliskan petisinya di textboxPetition:. kemudian anda tuliskan pertanyaan anda di textboxQuestion:.

Langsung aja to the point ya, rahasianya begini:

  1. Di textbox Petition. sebelum anda mengetikkan petisi, tekan dulu tanda titik (. ) di keyboard anda. Maka akan muncul huruf P di textbox Petition: tadi.
  2. Kemudian setelah anda tekan tanda titik, anda ketikkan jawaban yang anda inginkan untuk muncul! Misalnya anda ketik Jimmy lagi pakai baju warna hitam . Nah ini rahasianya, walaupun anda mengetikkan Jimmy lagi pakai baju warna hitam , tapi yang muncul di textbox Petition tadi adalah Peter, please answer the following question:
  3. Karena jumlah huruf di kalimat Jimmy lagi pakai baju warna hitam lebih sedikit daripada jumlah huruf di kalimat Peter, please answer the following question:. selesai anda mengetikkan jawaban teruskan saja dengan menekan tombol tanda titik.
  4. Kemudian anda ketikkan pertanyaan anda di textbox Question. Misalnya berdasarkan contoh di atas, ketik Jimmy lagi pakai baju warna apa?
  5. Akhiri pertanyaan anda dengan tanda tanya atau tekan tombol Enter. Maka jawaban yang muncul adalah jawaban yang sudah anda ketik tadi.

Cara mainnya, pertama-tama suruh teman anda yang mencobanya, maka ia akan mengetikkan petisi Peter, please answer the following question: lalu mengetikkan pertanyaannya, dan akan dijawab bahwa si Peter ini belum bisa menjawab dengan berbagai alasan: anda harus bersabar, anda belum sepenuhnya percaya pada saya dan lain2.
Lalu anda maju ke komputer dan gunakan rahasia tadi Oh ya, untuk ngerjain teman anda, ada beberapa syarat:

  • Teman-teman anda harus berada satu ruangan dengan anda (ya iya lah)
  • Usakan teman anda tidak melihat apa yang anda ketik ketika anda bertanya pada si Peter.
  • Pastikan teman-teman yang mau anda kerjain belum pernah membaca postingan saya ini.

Easily communicate school alerts, homework, and classroom information with parents and students

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Communicate Better .

Through a browser, email, text messages, Apps for iPhone Android, Facebook. HomeworkNOW.com makes it possible for schools to easily communicate school alerts and classroom information with parents and students in the manner they prefer. HomeworkNOW is a web based service. No software or staff needed. Communicate without cost.

Reach Everyone .

Did you know that parents and students are 4 times more likely to acknowledge an electronic communication in minutes compared to a voicemail? So why spend so much on call-out solutions that just leave voicemail? HomeworkNOW lets users choose how they want to receive school or classroom alerts/updates (email, text, mobile apps for iPhone and Android, Facebook, RSS Feeds and more)

Simple for Teachers .

Teachers quickly and easily communicate classroom related information such as homework, classroom activities, reminders, newsletter, notes, files, photos, videos, references, extra credit and more. HomeworkNOW helps teachers maintain an open line of communication with their students and parents.

School/Student Alerts .

School administrators trust HomeworkNOW to deliver real-time school alerts, backpack notices, and announcements to students and parents in the manner in which they choose. Student Information System alerts. such as Powerschool, can also be fed through HomeworkNOW to extend the ways parents can receive important alerts.

Preferred By Parents .

The MyHomeworkNOW student/parent portal allows students and parents to view school content as well as subscribe to receive school content and alerts via any number of communcation channels they prefer. HomeworkNOW is no cost to parents & students, 100% advertisement free, and complies with all child safety regulations.

HomeworkNOW is the school-to-home communication solution used by teachers, administrators, and parent-teacher organizations of thousands of k-12 schools. Learn More.

Receive real-time school alerts (such as closings, emergencies, back pack notices, announcements, etc.), view classroom happenings & homework via email, phone, Facebook and more! Learn More.

We have changed our school wide licensing structure for the 2016/2017 school year. If you are a current subscriber to the service, you should have been emailed details on the change.

HomeworkNOW fully complies with all various children online protection acts. View our privacy policy here.

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insideARM.com – News and Information about the Debt Industry

Data and information management

6 September 2017 at 11:54 a.m.

Data and information management

Data and information management

Data and information management

Data and information management

Other Stories

Data and information management

FDCPA Case Law Review for August 2017

Data and information management

Rosen and Lunn Named to Independent Standards Board

Data and information management

Department of ED to CFPB: Thanks, We’ll Handle Oversight of Student Loan Servicers by Ourselves

Data and information management

What to Include in an Interim Response on CFPB Complaint Portal

Data and information management

Meet the Revenue Cycle Vanguard: Russell Safirstein Says ERISA Is Your Friend

Data and information management

Innovative E-Pay Solutions appoints Jennifer Brummett as Vice President and General Manager

Data and information management

PDCflow Roundtable at DAKCS Interchange Summit

Data and information management

RMA Recommends Suspension of Communications to Consumers Located in Areas Affected by Tropical Storm Harvey

Data and information management

ContactRelief Offers Free Harvey-Related Disaster Data to Call Centers

Data and information management

TCPA Case Law Review for July and August 2017

Data and information management

Portions of New York DFS Cybersecurity Rules Now in Effect

Data and information management

New Collection Letter Lawsuits in California and New York: What Your Agency Needs to Know Now

Data and information management

3 Lessons You Should Take From the Latest 1099(c) Letter Case

Data and information management

SWC group Donates More Than $3,500 in Needed Supplies to the Boys Girls Clubs of Greater Dallas

Data and information management

Court Rules Revocation of Consent for One Creditor Does Not Revoke Consent for Another

Data and information management

ED Updates Court on Debt Collection RFP Status; Requests Extension

Data and information management

CAC’s Collection Boot Camp Is Underway! Have You Enlisted? (sponsored)

Data and information management

Another U.S. District Court Rules Human Call Initiator is Not an ATDS

Data and information management

Court Dismisses CFPB Lawsuit Due to Willful Failure to Participate in Discovery and Obey Court Orders

Industry Blogs

Data and information management

Data and information management

PDCflow Roundtable at DAKCS Interchange Summit

Data and information management

Data and information management

Kaulkin Ginsberg Announces the Acquisition of Remit Corporation by Eastern Revenue

Data and information management

Data and information management

“Driving Response: The Art and Science of Great Design“ Webinar


Data and information management

Credit Reporting Practices: How to Understand What Condition Your Condition Codes Are In

14 September 2017 at 02:00 p.m.

Data and information management

A Candid Conversation about Compliance – Minneapolis, Minnesota

18 September 2017 at 10:00 a.m.

Data and information management

A Candid Conversation about Compliance – Washington, DC

10 October 2017 at 10:00 a.m.

Data and information management

Education Anywhere, Homeschool, High School, Accredited diploma, Curriculum, Online classes #homeschool, #high


Homeschool, Credit Recovery Classes, Alternative Educational Services for Middle School and High School, Accredited Curriculum and Diploma With ED Anywhere!

ED Anywhere!

Welcome to ED Anywhere, an affordable middle school & high school educational program designed to help youth & adults build strong academic skills, effective personal and social problem-solving and critical thinking techniques, and productive pre-career and workplace skills. ED Anywhere provides youth & adults with the very best in on-campus programs, homeschooling online education, rigorous curriculum, and teacher support. ED Anywhere provides homeschoolers, private schools, and public schools with the opportunity to use the latest technology equipment to:

  • Earn an accredited high school diploma with online classes & excellent for summer school, homeschooling, & credit recovery
  • Attend accelerated classes that will allow students to quickly earn a High School Diploma in less than 18-24 months.
  • Prepare for the GED online
  • Prepare for a career pathway using the latest career assessment tools
  • Prepare for SAT prep & ACT exams
  • Build basic academic skills
  • Develop positive choices & life skills
  • Prepare for state standardized exams
  • Enroll in K to 8th Technology Classes
  • Gain official credits for classes taken as a homeschool with our unique Pre-Assessment & Testing Program
  • Earn money with the Friends & Family Rewards Program, YYC
  • Provide the best possible added service for public schools, private schools, and homeschool environments.

Get Personalized Attention at ED Anywhere

In ED Anywhere, we look at education differently. For us, education does not lie in the quantification of knowledge. But it lies in the quality of knowledge and practical skills that helps form the character of students. Nobody knows this need more than ED Anywhere. This we achieve by offering a custom approach to education – because we know that each student has a different need. We offer FREE consultations for students to make sure they get the program that works for them. Our staff has years of experience with all levels of student needs – we know what motivates them and what can get in the way of learning.

If you are looking for the best comprehensive educational services for your student then please arrange for your FREE consultation. We offer a comprehensive assessment of your students needs either by phone or in person that will provide you with a complete educational plan. Our customized program of study will find the best way to learn, whether it’s seeking an accredited High School diploma, summer school classes, remedial classes, credit recovery, homeschool, GED, vocational services for your home school–public or private school program or any one of the other programs we offer. ED Anywhere offers both on campus and off campus (online) placements depending on your need and location. Contact us today!

Leave No Student Behind

We stand firmly behind our pledge to leave no student behind. We work closely with students and parents to provide creative solutions to challenging cases.

The GOAL of ED Anywhere is to build independent young adults who possess strong academic skills, effective personal and social problem solving techniques, and productive pre-career and workplace skills and values.

Popular News

A note about homeschool and education.
– ED Anywhere

Accredited Diploma Requirements and Program of Studies for Middle School High School.
– ED Anywhere

Financial Help for Homeschooling Support Groups.

ED Anywhere High School provides several campus services for Loudoun County Public School students in Northern Virginia.

Loudoun County School Board adopts new alternative education policy, References about ED Anywhere and interesting comments from sensitive citizens.

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Mental health worker sample resume

This free sample resume for a mental health worker has an accompanying sample mental health worker cover letter and sample mental health worker job advertisement to help you put together a winning job application.

Jason Richardson

Riversdale NSW 2001

Professional Profile

Compassionate and supportive qualified mental health worker with an ability to relate to clients and their families to facilitate a collaborative environment that fosters opportunities for independence and social acceptance. I have three years of experience providing recovery-focused initiatives for clients seeking housing and accommodation and who are also diagnosed with a mental health condition. I am now seeking a rewarding role in mental health work where I can contribute my knowledge, skills and personal attributes in working with clients to promote mental health recovery within the community setting.


Key Skills and Abilities

Ability to deliver high quality care

I have a proven ability to provide high standard quality of care that is in line with current evidence-based models of practice and national practice standards. My commitment to continuing professional development, combined with my career experience and qualifications, allows me to confidently and capably develop innovative and responsive health services to meet my clients needs. In my current role as Mental Health Outreach Worker I use a recovery-oriented model of service and client participation as an important part of the program activities. I consistently evaluate interventions and initiatives using outcome measures and adjust my program depending on changes to my clients health, environment and circumstances.

In my current role I develop and maintain strong relationships with a local network of agencies to provide clients with access to the widest range of services available. Internally, I also work within a multidisciplinary team including psychiatrists, nurses and occupational therapists to meet the complex needs of clients. My ability to understand my clients needs and work with a broad range of professionals from many different sectors has been key to my success in assisting clients to maximise their personal recovery and capacity to manage their own lives.

Employment History

Mental Health Outreach Worker

Sunnydale Community Health Service (SCHS)

Sunnydale Community Health Service is a major provider of health and community services in the region with services spanning allied health, drug and alcohol, mental health, casework, family violence, and sexual and reproductive health. My role as outreach worker is to provide support, information, referral and assistance to people who are experiencing difficulties with their mental health and who are homeless, or at risk of becoming homeless.

  • Provide proactive and recovery-focused engagement with people who appear to be experiencing mental illness and who have issues with homelessness.
  • Contribute to relationships with SCHS stakeholders (such as families and carers, housing services and mental health services) to maintain links to recovery and rehabilitation pathways for clients.
  • Provide short- to medium-term case management services including client identification, screening, entry, ongoing assessment, counselling, care planning, care coordination, referral, intervention and support.
  • Provide support, training and educational services to the community and to staff within the Community Health Service on recovery initiatives and programs.
  • Successfully developed and introduced a goal development paper-based tool for clients called the Goal Plan Diary to help support the development, implementation and review of personal recovery goals. Clients who used the tool improved their goal achieving targets.
  • Developed safety and wellness plans and interventions for clients, which I would adjust as required in response to changes in the client s mental health, and communicated these to both the client and the healthcare team.
  • Have helped to support and counsel clients with serious mental health issues in collaboration with other health professionals and organisations.
  • Have been able to use my high level of knowledge and strong inter-agency relationships to ensure all clients have continued access to specialist services.

Social Worker, Riversdale Hospital, Mental Health Services

The Riversdale Mental Health Services Department offers a comprehensive range of medical and psychiatric services. My role as social worker within the department was responsible for working with clients once discharged as outpatients, to assist them with engaging in social activities, facilitate patient and family/carer support initiatives, and support ongoing recovery.

  • Case management followed up on outpatients, and identified and reported on any decline in patient mental health.
  • Home visits provided information, support and advice to families and carers, and delivered carer programs.
  • Undertook supportive counselling and therapeutic interventions.
  • Assessed psychosocial needs of clients in accordance with professional practice standards and Code of Ethics.
  • Advocated for clients and coordinated services with other departments.
  • Assisted clients to find long-term housing.
  • Identified clients at risk of homelessness and successfully implemented interventions such as working with the client to develop personal budgets and support plans, and organising respite services to avoid loss of accommodation.
  • Successfully worked with hospital psychiatrists and nurses to develop multidisciplinary care plans for clients who I d identified as suffering from substance abuse.
  • Built up excellent relationships with all clients and their families and was commended by clients for my ability to make them feel comfortable and safe.

Professional Associations

Member of the Australian Counselling Association and Australian Association of Social Workers

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Buy Memory Foam | Spring | Latex | Coir | Mattress For Back pain Online

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Established in 1981, have been among the leading brands manufacturing high quality mattresses in India. Have presence across all the south Indian states which includes Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Goa. Restolex Mattresses have been most popular among the urban cities like Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad. Restolex is known for making mattresses for back pain which is a very common problem especially in metro cities in India.

Restolex provides variety of mattress like coir mattress, memory foam mattress, latex mattress and Spring mattress. You can get the mattress in various sizes, the most popular ones are king size mattress, queen size mattress single mattress.

The best part of Restolex Mattress delivery model is that you can see and select the mattress online on website and buy at your nearest store in your city. You can get the dealer details from store locator page on the website. For example, you want to buy mattress in Chennai or Hyderabad, you can select the respective state/city and you will get all the dealers with their contact details and location for Chennai, Bangalore or Hyderabad. Its very simple to use and can extract the information very quickly.

All the time you spend selecting a mattress and the bedding to go with it, are about ensuring a good night s sleep. However, a good night s sleep can turn into a nightmare if not backed up with the right choice of mattress. Visit the Pillow Talk page on the Restolex Website and you can read simple tips and facts you must keep in mind when choosing a mattress for yourself.

Price alone should never be the only criterion when you are looking for a suitable mattress. Premium mattress brands like Restolex recognizes the fact that individual patterns of sleep, as well as the physical requirements of customers need mattresses of different configurations. Technological advancements have ensured that there are now a range of mattresses available to suit you and your family!

Restolex provides range of high quality mattresses like coir mattress, memory foam mattress, latex mattress and Spring mattress.

What is Memory Foam Mattress?

Memory Foam mattress is another name for viscoelastic foam discovered by NASA. The material has high energy absorbing and body contouring properties. It absorbs body heat, and moulds itself to the shape of the sleeper. This makes it the best mattress for back and neck pain.

Restolex offers a range of memory foam mattresses in multiple combinations, at the best price. Comfortable, long-lasting and affordable, a memory foam mattress is the best way to ensure a restful sleep.

What is Latex Mattress?

Latex Mattresses are quite popular nowadays. It is important to understand the different types of Latex available in the market before going ahead and purchasing one. While it is commonly believed that a Latex Foam Mattress is a made from the sap collected from a rubber tree, the truth is latex can be natural, synthetic, or blended. This detail is usually mentioned in the fine print of the mattress you buy.

Even Natural Latex Mattresses can include a significant percentage of synthetic filler content. At Restolex, we only use 100% natural latex without resorting to artificial fillers. A mattress made of natural fillers is a good mattress for back pain. A hypoallergenic mattress, this product from Restolex is suitable for people with allergies too. Browse through the range of latex mattresses available, and find one which is customized to your needs!

What is Coir Mattress?

Coir Mattress is the answer if you are looking for a firm mattress made of natural fibre. These mattresses provide adequate ventilation and have cooling properties. Coir also makes the perfect base for a good mattress for back pain.

Did you know that your Coir Mattress is more than just Coir?

Besides Coir, a Coir Mattress contains fillers. While industry standards allow 20% of fillers, Restolex coir mattresses have a maximum of 10% quality filler content to deliver the true benefits of a coir mattress.

The popular, affordable coir mattresses are not only comfortable, but also long-lasting. They retain their shape for years, ensuring a good night s sleep every night.

What is Spring Mattress?

A good Spring Mattress is just what you need for a good night s rest. Restolex offers Pocket and Bonnell Spring Mattresses to buyers looking for the best mattresses in India.

In both Bonnell and Pocket Spring Mattresses, the high tensile steel springs are enveloped in Open Cell Structure (OCS) enabled Latex Foam or Memory Foam to release heat, making sure you stay cool.

Pocket and Bonnell Spring Mattresses are sure to change the way you sleep. Choose from the wide range of options at Restolex and sleep like a baby!

Extremely high quality standards have made Restolex products unique popular. Restolex does not only promote good sleep, It advocates good health too. The products are designed to provide much needed orthopedic support to the discerning Indian Customer.

Impeccable quality control measures, exceptional craftsmanship and innovative technology has enabled Restolex to earn an ISO 9001 certification from TUV Rheinland, Germany a certification that is a first-of-its-kind. Thanks to the quality and finish of the mattresses, Restolex is the mattress of choice, not just in India, but in many countries abroad, like Greece, Maldives and SriLanka. Restolex is also a member of the International Sleep Products Association (ISPA) USA, and has won several state and central government awards for export excellence.

Healthy Sleep is the path to a healthy mind and body. Choose Restolex, not only to sleep long, but to sleep well!

Bring Home the joy of sound Sleep! Bring Home the Restolex !

Restolex. Cradling Dreams Since 1981.

Complete a great night
sleep with the right accessories

Online MS in Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance Temple University #ms #information


Temple U RAQA Partnership with NUS in Singapore

FIRST RAQA DEGREE. Temple University School of Pharmacy (TUSP) pioneered graduate education in Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance for the pharmaceutical and related industries nearly 50 years ago. We continue to be the gold standard in this dynamic professional discipline.

MORE CHOICES. Since 1968, TUSP has remained in the forefront of industry education. We offer more than 80 courses in Regulatory Affairs, Quality Assurance, Medical Devices, Biotechnology and Biosimilars, Generic Drugs, Clinical Trials, Pharmacovigilance and more. We offer the most comprehensive curriculum in Regulatory Affairs and Pharmaceutical Sciences:

Online Master of Science in Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance Non-Thesis MS in Pharmaceutics (also available remotely)

Twelve certificate programs. most of which are completely online: Drug Development * Clinical Trials * Medical Devices * Global Pharmacovigilance * Biosimilars Generic Drugs * Sterile Process Manufacturing * Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and RA (Biotechnology) * Food RA and QA * Labeling, Advertising Promotions * Advanced Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance.

REAL WORLD ISSUES. Our courses expose students to real-world issues in the pharmaceutical, device and biotechnology industries, from current quality practices to the latest trends in domestic and global regulation. Our Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance graduate students gain a deep appreciation of the complexity of blending pharmaceutical and regulatory science on a global scale.

DISCUSSIONS WITH EXPERTS. Our master’s degree in Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance (RAQA) is completely online. We offer live interaction between instructors and students. Students may also complete certificates and the MS in RAQA on-campus at Temple University Fort Washington. Courses can be videoconferenced directly to pharmaceutical companies.

Students may earn certificates online and apply all credits towards the Master of Science degree in Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance.

OUTSTANDING REPUTATION. Join the more than 2,000 graduates from our Master of Science in Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance (RAQA), who continue to be leaders in the industry.

To receive our information packet, click the red icon below:

Vistaar #laghu, #udyog, #small, #business, #hindi, #information, #jankari, #training, #murgi, #palan, #bakri,


मसाला उद्योग | Spice Industry.

मसाला उद्योग या Spice industry की यदि हम बात करें, तो इंडिया को प्राचीनकाल से ही मसाले बनाने में महारत हासिल है | यही कारण है की अपने देश भारतवर्ष को मसालों का घर कहा जाता है | इंडिया में भिन्न भिन्न spices की अच्छी पैदावार होती है | जिनमे मुख्य रूप से मिर्च, धनिया, हल्दी, लहसुन, जीरा, पुदीना इत्यादि हैं | ग्रामीण इलाकों में जहाँ इनकी पैदावार होती है, अधिकतर उन लोगों के द्वारा इनका उपयोग बिना संसोधित किये हुए किया जाता है | अर्थात हल्दी की गुठली, मिर्च, धनियाँ के पत्तों या बीज को एक पत्थर में पीसकर प्रयोग में लाया जाता है | जबकि शहरों में संसोधित मसालों अर्थात पाउडर का अत्यधिक उपयोग किया जाता है | अब धीरे धीरे पीसे हुए मसालों का चलन ग्रामीण इलाकों में भी बढ़ रहा है | जो की मसाला उद्योग को एक नए मुकाम तक पहुँचाने का सामर्थ्य रखता है |

मसाला उद्योग क्या है :

Spice industry अर्थात मसाला उद्योग से हमारा अभिप्राय उन उद्योगों से है | जिनमे भारतीय कच्चे मसालों को प्रसंस्कृत कर उन्हें खाने में सरलता से उपयोग करने हेतु, तैयार किया जाता है | मसाला उद्योग द्वारा अधिकतर मसालों को पाउडर के रूप में प्रसंस्कृत किया जाता है | ताकि खाना बनाते समय इनका आसानी से उपयोग हो सके | उदहारण के तौर पर इंडिया में वर्तमान में Everest, MDH, Catch इत्यादि spice industry से जुड़ी हुई कंपनियां हैं |

List and state wise production of spices in India:

Uses of Spices (उपयोग):

जैसा की आप सब को विदित है की spices या मसालों का उपयोग खाने में स्वाद की बढ़ोत्तरी हेतु किया जाता है | और यह केवल आपकी रसोई में नहीं, अपितु भारत की हर एक रसोई में देखने को मिलता है | अलग अलग खाना बनाने के लिए अलग अलग मसालों का उपयोग किया जाता है | लेकिन इनमे से कुछ मसाले जैसे हल्दी, मिर्च और धनिया पाउडर का उपयोग लगभग हर तरह के खाने में किया जाता है | हल्दी का उपयोग न केवल खाने में बल्कि कुछ cosmetics दवाइयों के निर्माण में, textile उद्योग में और पेन्ट उद्योग में भी किया जाता है | उसी प्रकार मिर्च का उपयोग भी बहुत सारी दवाओं, और आचार, चटनी, केचप इत्यादि बनाने में किया जाता है | मसालों का दवा निर्माण में उपयोग होने का कारण इनके अन्दर carminative stimulating digestive गुण का होना है |

Business Scope in Masala udyog:

Spices industry में आप Business scope का अनुमान इसी बात से लगा सकते हैं | की इंडिया में शहरों में शायद ही कोई ऐसी रसोई होगी | जहाँ आपको कोई कोई न कोई मसाले का पाउडर न मिले | धीरे धीरे यह चलन ग्रामीण भारत की ओर भी बढ़ रहा है | और ग्रामीण भारत में भी अब मसाला पिसने के बजाय, मसाले पाउडर का उपयोग होने लगा है | हालाँकि spices industry के सबसे बड़े ग्राहक होटल, रेलवे और सेना की कैंटीन इत्यादि हैं | और यदि कोई लघु उद्योग अच्छी गुणवत्ता के मसाले उत्पादित कर सकता है, तो इस business में उत्पाद को निर्यात कराने की संभावना भी अधिकाधिक है |

Machinery and equipments for spices business:

Cleaner: इसका काम कच्चे माल से कंकड़, पत्थर, धूल, मिटटी इत्यादि दूर करना होता है |

Pulveriser or Grinding Machine: यह मशीन कच्चे माल को पाउडर के रूप में परिवर्तित करने का अर्थात मसाले पीसने का काम करती है |

Powder Grader: इस Grading Machine का काम पीसे हुए पाउडर को अलग अलग Grade में विभाजित करना होता है | सबसे बारीक पाउडर सबसे नीचे और सबसे मोटा पाउडर ऊपर रह जाता है |

Bag Sealing Machine: इस मशीन का उपयोग मसालों की पैकेजिंग हेतु किया जाता है |

Spices making process in Hindi:

  • कच्चे माल से अशुद्धियो जैसे धूल, मिटटी, कंकड़, पत्थर इत्यादि को दूर किया जाता है |
  • उसके बाद कच्चे माल को dryer या धूप के माध्यम से सूखा दिया जाता है |
  • उसके बाद इसको पीसने हेतु Pulveriser or Grinding Machine में डाला जाता है | और मसाले को अत्यंत बारीकी से पिसा जाता है |
  • उसके बाद Grading Machine के माध्यम से मसाले की ग्रेडिंग कर इसको बैग सीलिंग मशीन द्वारा पैक कर लिया जाता है |

मसाला उद्योग Spice industry इंडिया में और विस्तृत रूप इसलिए लेनी वाली है, क्योकि अभी ग्रामीण भारत में पूरी तरह से लोगो द्वारा spice powder उपयोग में नहीं लाया जा रहा है | लेकिन जैसे जैसे लोगो के रहन सहन में सुधार हो रहा है | वैसे वैसे लोग मसाले पिसने की बजाय मसालों के पाउडर का इस्तेमाल कर रहे हैं | इसलिए spice industry में लघु उद्योग लगाना फायदे का सौदा हो सकता है |

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