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Homeschool, Credit Recovery Classes, Alternative Educational Services for Middle School and High School, Accredited Curriculum and Diploma With ED Anywhere!

ED Anywhere!

Welcome to ED Anywhere, an affordable middle school & high school educational program designed to help youth & adults build strong academic skills, effective personal and social problem-solving and critical thinking techniques, and productive pre-career and workplace skills. ED Anywhere provides youth & adults with the very best in on-campus programs, homeschooling online education, rigorous curriculum, and teacher support. ED Anywhere provides homeschoolers, private schools, and public schools with the opportunity to use the latest technology equipment to:

  • Earn an accredited high school diploma with online classes & excellent for summer school, homeschooling, & credit recovery
  • Attend accelerated classes that will allow students to quickly earn a High School Diploma in less than 18-24 months.
  • Prepare for the GED online
  • Prepare for a career pathway using the latest career assessment tools
  • Prepare for SAT prep & ACT exams
  • Build basic academic skills
  • Develop positive choices & life skills
  • Prepare for state standardized exams
  • Enroll in K to 8th Technology Classes
  • Gain official credits for classes taken as a homeschool with our unique Pre-Assessment & Testing Program
  • Earn money with the Friends & Family Rewards Program, YYC
  • Provide the best possible added service for public schools, private schools, and homeschool environments.

Get Personalized Attention at ED Anywhere

In ED Anywhere, we look at education differently. For us, education does not lie in the quantification of knowledge. But it lies in the quality of knowledge and practical skills that helps form the character of students. Nobody knows this need more than ED Anywhere. This we achieve by offering a custom approach to education – because we know that each student has a different need. We offer FREE consultations for students to make sure they get the program that works for them. Our staff has years of experience with all levels of student needs – we know what motivates them and what can get in the way of learning.

If you are looking for the best comprehensive educational services for your student then please arrange for your FREE consultation. We offer a comprehensive assessment of your students needs either by phone or in person that will provide you with a complete educational plan. Our customized program of study will find the best way to learn, whether it’s seeking an accredited High School diploma, summer school classes, remedial classes, credit recovery, homeschool, GED, vocational services for your home school–public or private school program or any one of the other programs we offer. ED Anywhere offers both on campus and off campus (online) placements depending on your need and location. Contact us today!

Leave No Student Behind

We stand firmly behind our pledge to leave no student behind. We work closely with students and parents to provide creative solutions to challenging cases.

The GOAL of ED Anywhere is to build independent young adults who possess strong academic skills, effective personal and social problem solving techniques, and productive pre-career and workplace skills and values.

Popular News

A note about homeschool and education.
– ED Anywhere

Accredited Diploma Requirements and Program of Studies for Middle School High School.
– ED Anywhere

Financial Help for Homeschooling Support Groups.

ED Anywhere High School provides several campus services for Loudoun County Public School students in Northern Virginia.

Loudoun County School Board adopts new alternative education policy, References about ED Anywhere and interesting comments from sensitive citizens.

Best-Paying MBA Majors #mba, #mba #salary, #salary, #high #salary, #master’s #degree, #business


Best-paying MBA majors

If you want your MBA to pay off, choose your area of concentration carefully.

What is an MBA? An MBA is a Master of Business Administration, a graduate-level degree given to a student who graduates from a business school program.

Getting a higher degree is not always a win, so you really have to be aware of [the difference between] what is common in your field and what is desired in your field, says Katie Bardaro, lead analyst at .

In some fields, such as finance, an MBA is practically a requirement, even for entry-level jobs. In areas like technology, however, experience in the field may be more important.

Certifications can be almost as valuable, depending on the field. For example, the Chartered Financial Analyst certification earned by passing a difficult three-part exam can in some ways set you apart more than an MBA, Bardaro says.

Here s a look at seven common high-paying MBA specializations ranked by graduates typical mid-career earnings. For comparison, the average mid-career pay for all MBAs, regardless of specialty, is $104,000.

Median Mid-Career Pay: $121,000

Finance is known as an MBA-heavy field, even at the junior level. Financial analysts and portfolio managers often either have an MBA or are working on one.

It s very common, Bardaro says. If you want to stay in the field and everyone else in that field has an MBA, obviously, you don t want to fall behind.

Common jobs and salaries for MBAs with a finance concentration include:

International Business
Median Mid-Career Pay: $116,000

With the relentless pace of globalization, organizations need professionals who know how to conduct business around the globe. That need has increased the demand even at US-based companies for graduates with degrees in international business. Salaries vary by industry, but tend to be on the high end of the range.

Popular jobs and pay for MBAs who concentrate in international business include:

Find international business jobs.

Unlike finance, marketing is not an area that requires an MBA for low-level jobs. Still, it has become more common for workers to get MBAs in this field, in part due to the economy.

A lot of people went off to get graduate degrees because they couldn t find jobs, says Bardaro. This is also true, she says, in HR and accounting.

Common jobs and salaries for MBAs who specialize in marketing include:

An MBA in information systems can be a path to achieving an executive-level career in IT provided that you have a passion for computers and on-the-job experience proving that you can solve problems in a real-world environment.

Common jobs and salaries for MBAs who focus on information systems include:

Find information systems jobs.

Some may be surprised that the technology management MBA isn t higher on the list in terms of salary. This is partly because management jobs in the technology sector don t necessarily require an MBA.

Usually people who move into technology management positions started off as developers, software engineers [or] software architects, and move into [management] roles because they have a better understanding of the technology, Bardaro says.

Typical jobs and pay for MBAs with a technology management concentration include:

Find technology management jobs.

There are pros and cons to doing a general MBA concentration like business management. On the plus side, you won t be pigeonholed into a specific job. People with MBAs in business management often go into consulting, which can be lucrative. On the downside, a general-degree holder might lose out to a candidate with a specific concentration. A company searching for a marketing director, for example, may prefer someone with an MBA in marketing.

Common jobs and pay for MBAs who specialize in business management include:

Find business management jobs.

The MBA in accounting a popular advanced degree among professional number crunchers can lead to jobs from staff accountant to CFO.

Common jobs and salary levels for MBA graduates who concentrate in accounting include:

Source: All salary data and pay comparisons provided by online salary Median mid-career pay is defined as the national median (50th percentile) annual total cash compensation at 10 or more years of experience for MBA graduates. Total cash compensation includes base annual salary or hourly wage, bonuses, profit sharing, tips, commissions and other forms of cash earnings, as applicable. It does not include equity (stock) compensation, cash value of retirement benefits or value of other noncash benefits (e.g. health insurance).

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Happy New Year From RMS

I missed the opportunity to greet everyone a Merry Christmas, so I will start by wishing everyone have a Happy New Year. Every year around this time, I have the feeling to take a look back at how Ragnarok Online has come along. As I have probably said it before, what started out as a pastime once upon a time during a Christmas holiday had turned into a major part of my life for the last 10+ years.

Over the last year, I’ve seen many players feeling nostalgic and came back to RO looking for their happy memory. This is all thanks to the years of work from many talented people put into emulator projects. While keeping good record of the game’s development, servers are able to go back in time and create their own golden age of RO. It is a really nice concept that servers these days can choose to start at one episode and live back in the time that they think is the best. I appreciate every servers created by people who have a heart for RO and the effort they put into (re)building the shared memory we have.

As for 2016, I await for more quality server to come and keep the community strong. Once again, thanks for supporting RMS over the years. Also thanks for all the players and developers that have contributed to Ragnarok Online.

I wish you all have a wonderful year in 2016.

Definitive List of iShares ETFs, ETF Database, ishares high yield bond etf.#Ishares


ishares high yield bond etf

Ishares high yield bond etf

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Wait! Is your portfolio protected for what the markets will bring this fall?

Ishares high yield bond etf

The Low-Risk “All-Weather” Portfolio

Creating a properly diversified portfolio can be a difficult proposition, especially when.

Ishares high yield bond etf

Low Volatility ETF List

Low Volatility ETFs invest in securities with low volatility characteristics. These funds tend to have relatively stable share prices, and higher than average yields.

Ishares high yield bond etf

10 ETFs for Risk Reduction in Your Portfolio

Investors who suspect that the stock market may be about to decline can take action to reduce the.

Compare High Speed Internet Providers In Your Area, wireless high speed internet


Compare High Speed Internet Providers Special Offers: Cable, Dialup, Satellite DSL Providers

Wireless high speed internet providers

If you are considering switching or upgrading high speed internet providers you have come to the right place. In the event you already know what type of service you want, review the special offers page where you can compare the latest online-only offers from the top cable, satellite, dialup and DSL providers.

Which High Speed Internet Provider Is Right For You?

There are many choices to consider to avoid making a costly mistake that could tie you down with lengthy contracts. So selecting the right service is of paramount importance. Our unique approach helps you compare and find which high speed internet providers’ plan is right for you what level of service fits your lifestyle in a simple 2 step process. To get started proceed to: Step 1 – Matching High Speed To Your Needs Lifestyle.

We believe you should only pay for what you need not a penny more by:

  1. making a highly educated decision
  2. taking advantage of special internet only offers that cable DSL providers have tucked away.

We search for weekly changes to rates, online-only offers plans to keep the most current information on our site. You will also have the option of taking advantage of an abundance of special offers and deals from many of the most popular high speed internet services. The following are in order of popularity chosen by our visitors:

AT T DSL: With it’s vast network and proven infrastructure, AT T has made getting connected to the internet easy nationwide. AT T DSL is one of the most affordable and competitive services available today, and was the top selection on this website last year.

Verizon Internet Service: With several great speeds and packages to choose from, along with Verizon’s tested and trusted name behind the service, Verizon Internet Service is a great pick for high speed broadband. Verizon’s considerable network covers 13 states.

XFINITY: The name XFINITY is synonymous with reliable cable broadband. With great introductory packages available, XFINITY is a terrific choice for high speed internet.

Charter Internet: Counted among one of the top cable providers for internet service, Charter offers some amazing speeds between 5 Mbps to 16 Mbps now that’s highly respectable velocity in this industry.

CenturyLink DSL: With programs and speeds available to match your online activities, CenturyLink offers a selection of great packages and bundles. Free Wi-Fi included along with back-up protection and competitive speeds up to 20 Mbps.

By researching the best internet providers and their respective offers on an ongoing basis, we keep a beat on the industry thereby helping our visitors save money.

So Lets Get Started

DSL Providers Overview

Cable Providers Explained

  • Cable internet providers offer shared bandwidth so the more people online in your area will slow down your connection speed
  • Average speeds range are around 5-6 Mbps
  • Relatively more expensive than DSL
  • No need for an additional phone line

Compare High speed Internet providers In My Area

If you are curious to know what internet providers are available in your area, the process is quite simple. After comparing price plans, you simply click on any of the links on the offers and promotions page and enter your address. You will then see if that ISP is available in your area. Comparing internet service is always the best way to ensure you make a wise choice.

Featured Article

Wireless high speed internet providers4 Ways to Slash Your Telecom Costs

U-verse is dropping their triple play pricing to unprecedented levels. Find out what you need to know to get the best deal, as well as understand how to manage your overall telecommunications and entertainment costs without sacrificing service. We have tips on managing your usage caps and mobile broadband consumption.

Industry News – Read more about any of these news articles

Investment Into Barnes & Noble Gets Microsoft Equity Stake, Bundle Deal – April 30, 2012

Microsoft and Barnes & Noble, two companies with a combative history have signed a deal which will see Microsoft obtaining 17.6% equity stake in the company, as well as Nook digital bookstore software bundled with its latest version of Windows 8, scheduled to launch later this year.

Facebook Boasts New Record For Users – April 25, 2012

Active Facebook users, which are those who use the site at least once per month, now number over nine hundred million, according to information found in its regulatory filing.

New Google Cloud Storage Rumours Persist – April 17, 2012

A new addition to cloud storage options could soon be coming from Google. Called Google Drive or GDrive, the solution is rumoured to be officially announced next week, although a Google spokesman has said that the company does not comment on rumor or speculation.

Stolen Cell Phones Will Be Unsellable On Black Market – April 11, 2012

The Federal Communications Commission and major wireless carriers have united to ensure that far fewer stolen phones can be resold by thieves.

Facebook App Allows Tracking And Comparison Of Energy Use – April 03, 2012

A new Facebook app released today by Opower promises to help lower energy use across the nation. The app allows Facebook users to compare their energy use with friends, compete to improve efficiency, and share tips on how to reduce energy use.

Day Care Centers Enter Digital Age – March 27, 2012

A new app is revolutionizing the operation of day care centers, offering parents up-to-the-second reports on everything from diaper changes to tummy time.

Apple Not Only Company Benefiting From New iPad Sales – March 19, 2012

Apple saw many records being broken with the sale of its new iPad on Friday. But telecoms are also benefiting from the excitement, one of which recorded the most activations in one day.

How Much It Costs to Study at Some of Manila s Top


How Much It Costs to Study at Some of Manila’s Top High Schools

Estimated Tuition Cost: P107,000 annual fee

Location: Palm Avenue, Dasmarinas Village, Makati City, Metro Manila

De La Salle Santiago Zobel School

De La Salle Santiago Zobel School (DLSZ) is a K-12, coeducational, Catholic institution founded in 1978 by the De La Salle Brothers. DLSZ aims to transform their students to become Lasallian Achievers who live by the gospel values of the Lasallian: traditional faith, zeal for service, and communion in mission. The over 260 teachers at DLSZ promote relevant and progressive learning in their classrooms. This is in order to provide a holistic formation that would eventually lead to their students transforming society. For more information, visit

Estimated Tuition Cost: P110,000

Location: University Avenue, Ayala Alabang Village, Muntinlupa City

Everest Academy Manila

Everest Academy is a co-educational Catholic international school that belongs to a network of more than 150 schools around the world that are directed by the Regnum Christi Movement and the Legionaries of Christ. Everest prides itself on its ability to customize curriculums to students different learning needs. There are opportunities for students to pursue an educational track that is uniquely created for them. These tracks allow them to prepare for possible future college courses. AP courses and honors classes are also available to ensure a well-rounded education. For more information, visit


Location: 38th Drive North, Taguig City, Metro Manila

Immaculate Conception Academy

The Immaculate Conception Academy (ICA) is a private, Catholic, K-12, all-girls school that is run by the Missionary Sisters of Immaculate Conception. The school hopes to guide their students during their formative years and create mature Christians who are responsible for their people, God, and country. For more information, visit

Estimated Tuition Cost: P117,000 – P120,000

Location: 10 Grant Street, Greenhills, San Juan City, Metro Manila

International School of Manila

The International School of Manila (ISM) is a co-educational, nonsectarian school for all students from preschool to Grade 12. The school aims to create global citizens, which is why more than 90 percent of ISM’s 220 faculty members are expatriates from other countries. Similarly, ISM’s student body represents 80 nationalities from around the world. ISM offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) program for its 11th and 12th grade students hoping to use the diploma to pursue a higher education abroad. For more information, visit

Estimated Tuition Cost:

Location: University Parkway, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

La Salle Green Hills

La Salle Green Hills (LSGH) is an all-boys school that offers specialized tracks to all of its students. Some of these tracks include Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM), Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). The classes for these three main focuses are hosted in a series of air conditioned classrooms. LSGH also has automotive and culinary electives, a swimming pool, and a gymnasium. For more information visit:

Estimated Tuition Cost: P103,000

Location: 343 Ortigas Avenue, Mandaluyong City

PAREF Southridge School

In 1979, Southridge School was founded by Parents For Education Foundation Inc . in order to establish a school that would offer values-based formation during the formative years of boys. Southridge is a private, all-boys, 1-12 school that was founded by parents inspired by the teachings of St. Josemaria Escriva, the founder of Catholic religious group Opus Dei. Originally beginning with only 100 students, Southridge has grown to 10 times in population. For more information, visit

Estimated Tuition Cost: P200,000 annual fee

Location: Hillsborough Subdivision, Cupang Barangay, Muntinlupa City

PAREF Woodrose School

Woodrose School is considered to be the sister school of Southridge, both of which were founded by Parents For Education Foundation Inc. Woodrose was founded with the same values as Southridge, a safe place of learning that would offer values-based formation during the formative years of girls. Woodrose is a private, all-girls, 1-12 school, that focuses on balancing a student’s intellectual, moral, social, spiritual and physical development. For more information, visit


Estimated Tuition Cost: P180,000 annual fee

Location: Ayala Alabang Village, Muntinlupa City

Philippine Science High School

The Philippine Science High School (PSHS) is a service institute of the Department of Science and Technology whose main campus was established in 1964. PSHS offers free scholarships for secondary courses that focus on subjects pertaining to the sciences, the students granted these scholarships are expected to pursue a career in the sciences. The PSHS goal is to nurture Filipino scholars in the field of science so they may dedicate themselves to the service of the country and the pursuit of the truth. For more information, visit

Estimated Tuition Cost: Scholarship grants lead to free tuition

Location: Agham Road, Diliman, Quezon City

Saint Pedro Poveda High School

Saint Pedro Poveda High School, or more commonly referred to as Poveda, is a private Roman Catholic school exclusively for girls. The institution is run by the Teresian Association of Lay Missionaries. which was born from the intuition of Saint Pedro Poveda. The school is intent on creating “Povedans,” who prioritize: prayer and study, knowledge and virtue, and science and faith, in their education. For more information, visit

Estimated Tuition Cost: P140,000 annual fee

Location: P. Poveda Street, Ortigas Center, Quezon City

The Beacon Academy

The Beacon Academy is a co-educational, non-denominational four-year college preparatory school. Beacon offers students an opportunity to receive and succeed in a unique and globally recognized educational program that prepares them to enter local or international colleges or universities. The school focuses on finding the “best fit” for each of its students so that their talents will develop and allow them to make a positive contribution to the country in the future. For more information, visit beaconacademy .ph.

Estimated Tuition Cost:

  • Annual fee for Grades 11 to 12: $3,200** and P574,500 (Total: P736,036)

Location: Cecilia Araneta Parkway, Binan City, Laguna Province

Xavier School

Xavier is an all-boys, Filipino-Chinese, K-12 school managed by the Society of Jesus. The school is well known for its eye-opening immersion program in China that is designed to improve students understanding of both the Chinese culture and language. For the students in Grade 11 and 12, Xavier now offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. For more information, visit

Estimated Tuition Cost: P110,000 – P130,000

Location: 64 Xavier Street, Greenhills, San Juan City, Metro Manila


Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools – Flourishing Together #high #schools #in #ontario


News stories

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On June 5th, 2017 by Carla Alblas

“As soon as our teacher started talking to us about this project in September, we knew we’d be doing something very different this year,” shared Nisha, a grade 7 student at Sonrise Christian Academy (SCA) in Picton. “And we were right!” Nisha stood with her classmates at the Macaulay Heritage Park.

On May 29th, 2017 by Carla Alblas

On May 8th, 2017, we published an article on the High School Improv team at Toronto District Christian School, and the way that improv has changed the lives of students who have been involved in it. This week’s story continues that theme, with TD Christian’s Communications Technology teacher Tim Buwalda and.

Staff blogs

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On May 23rd, 2017 by Ray Hendriks

The May long weekend is now behind us. It seems that the Victoria Day weekend comes at just the time many in education can use that extra day away. Hopefully your weekend was a time of relaxation and enjoying family and creation. For me, the weekend was a lot of hard.

On May 17th, 2017 by Judy Tomczak

When my body hit the floor hard, I knew instantly that I had done something terrible to myself. The commercial for the elderly went through my head: “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”. Seriously, did this just happen? There I lay, helpless and alone, limited by my sudden and.



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On May 16th, 2016 by Carla Alblas

It has been said that a well-run school can function for a day or so without the principal, but if the educational assistant does not show up in a classroom for work, the day can go off the rails very quickly. An educational assistant (EA) is a paraeducator who supports the.


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On December 21st, 2016 by Carla Alblas As Joanna Levy began her keynote address to teachers and educational leaders, she emphasized the importance of the role of the teacher in giving her students the sense that the work they are doing in the classroom is not just work for another student, or for the teacher—they are being.


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On May 26th, 2017 by Carla Alblas

Huron Christian School had a fundraising goal for their building expansion project – $3 million dollars. They expected their wider community would support the initiative, but they didn’t expect to blow past their goal only eight months into their 18-month campaign. HCS principal Nick Geleynse, who has been the principal at.

On April 20th, 2017 by Carla Alblas London District Christian Secondary School will be hosting a screening of the documentary, Most Likely To Succeed . at Fanshawe College in London next Thursday, April 27th, from 7:00-9:30PM. Most Likely To Succeed is the best film ever done on the topic of school — both its past and its future.

Partner voices

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On May 12th, 2017 by Jennifer Neutel

Digital learning is the new normal for schools across Canada. Eighty percent of kids in kindergarten now use computers in the classroom. Roughly half of the student body comes to school with his or her own device; 96 percent of classrooms have computers. Teachers communicate with parents less on paper.

On April 26th, 2017 by Diane Stronks

“I will pour out my Spirit on every kind of people: Your sons will prophesy, also your daughters; Your young men will see visions, your old men dream dreams. When the time comes, I’ll pour out my Spirit On those who serve me, men and women both, and they’ll prophesy.” Acts 1:16b-18 For those of us who are getting older.





Columbia Business School, uni high school.#Uni #high #school


Columbia Business School

Full-time, 2-year degree program

MBA degree for working professionals

Non-degree programs for today’s executives

The next generation of influential academics

Master of Science

Analytical study in specific business areas

Columbia Business School

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Early: Oct 4, 2017

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Final: May 30, 2018

*All deadlines are at 11:59 PM New York Time

Faculty Research

Uni high school

Subway Delays Spur a Radical Policy Change at the MTA

In response to mounting delays on the overburdened system, the MTA experiments with honesty.

Uni high school

Professor Katherine Phillips on the Benefits of Diversity

Uni high school

Professor Geoffrey Heal: Are Wind Farms the Answer?

Calendar of Events

The Student Experience


Uni high school

Kate Saksik

“And I was thinking to myself, I’m so lucky to be among those people.”


Uni high school

Sid Viswanath

“Say yes as often as you can at business school. It really is a learning opportunity.”


Uni high school

Hillary Wool

“I think all of those experiences have just been so incredible and I feel really privileged to have been able to have them here.”


Uni high school

Eric Yen

“I grew so much as a leader, and I grew so much as a person. So continue to step outside of your comfort zone.”


Uni high school

Kate Saksik

“And I was thinking to myself, I’m so lucky to be among those people.”


Uni high school

Sid Viswanath

“Say yes as often as you can at business school. It really is a learning opportunity.”


Uni high school

Hillary Wool

“I think all of those experiences have just been so incredible and I feel really privileged to have been able to have them here.”


Uni high school

Eric Yen

“I grew so much as a leader, and I grew so much as a person. So continue to step outside of your comfort zone.”

Myopia: Learn the Definition, Causes and Control, lasik for high myopia.#Lasik #for



Lasik for high myopia

Eye Diseases Pictures Slideshow

Pink Eye Slideshow Pictures

Eyes and Eye Conditions Quiz

Introduction to myopia

Myopia (or nearsightedness) affects 20% to 30% of the population, but this eye disorder is easily corrected with eyeglasses, contact lenses or surgery.

People who have myopia or nearsightedness have difficulty seeing distant objects, but can see objects that are near clearly. For example, a person who is nearsighted may not be able to make out highway signs until they are just a few feet away.

What Causes Myopia?

People who are nearsighted have what is called a refractive error. This means that the light rays bend incorrectly into the eye to transmit images to the brain. In people with myopia, the eyeball is too long or the cornea has too much curvature, so the light entering the eye is not focused correctly. Light rays of images focus in front of the retina, the light-sensitive part of the eye, rather than directly on the retina, causing blurred vision.

Myopia runs in families and usually appears in childhood. Sometimes the condition plateaus, or sometimes it worsens with age.

What Are the Symptoms of Myopia?

People who are nearsighted often complain of headaches, eyestrain, squinting or fatigue when driving, playing sports, or looking more than a few feet away.

How Is Myopia Diagnosed?

Myopia can be easily diagnosed using standard eye exams given by an eye doctor.

How Is Myopia Treated?

Glasses, contact lenses, or refractive surgery can correct myopia.

With myopia, your prescription for glasses or contact lens is a negative number, such as -3.00. The higher the number, the stronger your lenses will be.

Refractive surgery can reduce or even eliminate your dependence on glasses or contact lenses. The most common procedures for myopia are performed with a laser, including:

  • Photorefractive keratectomy. Also called PRK , a laser is used to remove a layer of corneal tissue, which flattens the cornea and allows light rays to focus closer to or even on the retina.

Reviewed by the doctors at The Cleveland Clinic Cole Eye Institute.

Quick Guide Common Eye Problems and Infections

Lasik for high myopia