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This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Thesaurus – definition of thesaurus by The Free Dictionary, thesaurus for free.#Thesaurus


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the sau rus










  • thermotherapy
  • thermotic
  • thermotics
  • thermotolerant
  • Thermotonus
  • thermotropic
  • thermotropism
  • Thermotype
  • Thermotypy
  • Thermovoltaic
  • -thermy
  • theroid
  • therology
  • Theromorpha
  • Theron
  • therophyte
  • theropod
  • theropod dinosaur
  • Theropoda
  • Theroux
  • Thersites
  • thersitical
  • Thes
  • Thes.
  • thesaural
  • thesaurus
  • these
  • Theseus
  • Thesicle
  • Thesiger
  • thesis
  • thesmothete
  • thesp
  • Thespesia
  • Thespesia populnea
  • thespian
  • Thespis
  • Thess
  • Thess.
  • Thessalia
  • Thessalian
  • Thessalonian
  • Thessalonians
  • Thessalonica
  • Thessalonike
  • Thessalon ki
  • Thessaly
  • theta
  • Theta function
  • theta rhythm
  • theta wave
  • thersitical
  • thersitical
  • THES
  • THES
  • Thes.
  • Thes.
  • THES1
  • THES2
  • Thesaban
  • Thesalonika
  • Thesalonika
  • Thesalonika
  • Thesaloniki
  • Thesaloniki
  • Thesaloniki
  • thesaural
  • thesauri
  • thesauri
  • thesauri
  • thesauri
  • thesauri
  • thesaurismosis
  • thesaurismotic
  • Thesaurocyte
  • Thesaurocyte
  • Thesaurocyte
  • Thesaurocyte
  • thesaurosis
  • thesaurus
  • Thesaurus & Linguistic Integrated System
  • Thesaurus Combined File Postings Statistics
  • Thesaurus des Activités Médicales
  • Thesaurus Europeo dei Sistemi Educativi
  • Thesaurus for Graphic Materials II
  • Thesaurus Indogermanischer Text Und Sprachmaterialien
  • Thesaurus Linguae Graecae
  • Thesaurus Linguae Latinae
  • Thesaurus of British Surnames
  • Thesaurus of Geographic Names
  • thesauruses
  • thesauruses
  • thesauruses
  • thesauruses
  • these
  • these
  • these are early days
  • these are early days
  • these are early days
  • These Are the Days of Our Lives
  • These are the Lost Tribes of Israel
  • These Are the Voyages
  • These Arms Are Snakes
  • These Bones Shall Live
  • These Colours Don’t Run
  • These Come from Trees
  • These Days
  • These Days
  • These Four Walls
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Free Online Thesaurus, thesaurus for free.#Thesaurus #for #free online thesaurus

It’s an free English online thesaurus that helps you find the meanings of words and show connections among associated words. You can easily see the meaning of each by simply placing the mouse cursor over it.

Underneath Graph Words lays the WordNet – a large lexical database of English. Nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs are grouped into sets of cognitive synonyms (synsets), each expressing a distinct concept. These meanings and semantic relationships are revealed graphically by the HTML5 canvas made available by Graph Words.

Usage of this Online Thesaurus tool

To search for associated words, type the word in the search box at the top of the window and press the “Draw” button. You may also press the enter key instead. After searching for a word, the main display will populate with thesaurus. The word you searched for will appear in the center of the display, and will be surrounded with words and meanings that are related to it.

To save what is currently displayed in the Graph Words, you can press the “Save as image” button on the toolbar.

Examples of thesaurus for popular words

  • Thesaurus for free Friend
  • Thesaurus for free Color
  • Thesaurus for free Plan
  • Thesaurus for free Figure
  • Thesaurus for free Ground
  • Thesaurus for free Talk
  • Thesaurus for free Way
  • Thesaurus for free Love
  • Thesaurus for free Note
  • Thesaurus for free Mind
  • Thesaurus for free True
  • Thesaurus for free Reach

Color coding

Thesaurus for free

Free Online Thesaurus from Macmillan Dictionary, thesaurus for free.#Thesaurus #for #free

Macmillan’s free online thesaurus and how to use it

Read our blog post about the most recent changes rolled out for Macmillan Dictionary’s Thesaurus feature:

Let us know what you think of those changes in a comment! We’d love to hear your view.

What is the Macmillan Thesaurus?

The Macmillan Dictionary includes a free thesaurus.

Every word, phrase, phrasal verb, and individual meaning in the Macmillan Dictionary has a corresponding entry in the Thesaurus, introduced by the symbol Thesaurus for free.

To use the thesaurus, juck click on the ‘Explore Thesaurus’ button which appears underneath every word and meaning in the dictionary.

Thesaurus for free

A thesaurus with a difference

The Macmillan Thesaurus was developed at the same time as the dictionary, so these two resources work together to provide exactly the help you need. This makes our Thesaurus unique in three ways:

(1) The synonyms it provides relate to the particular meaning you are looking for, not just to the word.

For example, the word bright has plenty of synonyms but the ones you need will depend on whether you’re interested in bright meaning ‘shiny’ or bright meaning ‘intelligent’. In the Macmillan Thesaurus, each meaning of bright has its own separate list of synonyms. Just click on the thesaurus link at the end of the particular meaning you’re looking at, and you’ll see the synonyms for that meaning.

Thesaurus for free

(2) The Thesaurus doesn’t just give synonyms, but related words too. Most of the time, you’ll be looking for another way of expressing a particular idea, and the Thesaurus will give you a carefully-selected list of similar words and phrases. But some types of word don’t have synonyms. There aren’t really any synonyms for cottage, for example, but cottage belongs to a lexical set of words for buildings that people live in words like house, apartment, mansion, and condo. So when you’re looking at a word for a concrete object a plant, an animal, a machine, or a building, for example the thesaurus provides a list of related words.

Try looking up tennis or palm tree, for example, and you’ll see a list of all the words to do with tennis or the words for types of tree.

(3) Finally, the Thesaurus provides definitions for the words it lists. It’s hard to choose exactly the right word if all you see is a list, so every word or phrase in our Thesaurus comes with a full definition to help you make the right choice.

The meaning of thesaurus

The term thesaurus comes from an Ancient Greek word meaning ‘treasure trove‘ or ‘storehouse‘. Macmillan Dictionary’s free online English thesaurus is exactly that! More than just a list of synonyms, it draws distinctions between similar words and helps you choose just the word you need. Explore and enjoy!

Macmillan Dictionary, Free English Dictionary and Thesaurus Online, thesaurus for free.#Thesaurus #for

Thesaurus for free

the practice of reducing the size or quantity of a product but keeping its price the same or increasing it read more

Thesaurus for free

Thesaurus for free

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Synonyms and Antonyms of Words at, thesaurus for free.#Thesaurus #for #free

Thesaurus Synonyms

  • 25 NOV
  • 24 NOV
  • 23 NOV
  • 22 NOV
  • 21 NOV

1 : causing sluggish inactivity or inertia.

E : Should you contemplate purchasing a copy of Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garc a. More examples

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The Impossible Quiz 2 Answers – Find them on Not Doppler, answers

answers for the impossible quiz

Question 2: Paint

Question 3: Earth (all the others are chocolate bars)

Question 4: American (A merry can)

Question 5: Type what Frank says (with your keyboard)

Question 7: Press the right key! (As in, the right arrow key on your keyboard!)

Question 8: 10 letters in

Question 9: Keep clicking the creature to evolve it. (There is also a skip hidden on this level!)

Question 10: Click and drag the words ‘A Penguin’ in the question to reveal the answer. Question 11: Follow the instructions

Question 12: Fine

Question 13: Lederhorsen

Question 14: Click the question number twice. (Drag the dots into the correct spots step back from the screen. It will tell you exactly this).

Question 15: A backward’s dog

Question 16: Chris

Question 17: Touch the brown balloon with your mouse

Question 18: Fly Sandwhiches

Question 19: Fusestopper

Question 20: Turn on the light and pop all the pimples. (Pop the purple one in the ear for a Fusestopper

Question 21: Question 22: Question 23: Question 24: Question 25: Question 26: Question 27: Question 28: Question 29: Question 30: Question 31: Question 32: Question 33: Question 34: Question 35: Question 36: Question 37: Question 38: Question 39: Question 40: Question 41: Question 42: Question 43: Question 44: Question 45: Question 46: Question 47: Question 48: Question 49: Question 50: Question 51: Question 52: Question 53: Question 54: Question 55: Question 56: Question 57: Question 58: Question 59: Question 60: Question 61: Question 62: Question 63: Question 64: Question 65: Question 66: Question 67: Question 68: Question 69: Question 70: Question 71: Question 72: Question 73: Question 74: Question 75: Question 76: Question 77: Question 78: Question 79: Question 80: Question 81: Question 82: Question 83: Question 84: Question 85: Question 86: Question 87: Question 88: Question 89: Question 90: Question 91: Question 92: Question 93: Question 94: Question 95: Question 96: Question 97: Question 98: Question 99: Question 100: Question 101: Question 102: Question 103: Question 104: Question 105: Question 106: Question 107: Question 108: Question 109: Question 110: Question 111: Question 112: Question 113: Question 114: Question 115: Question 116: Question 117: Question 118: Question 119: Question 120:

That’s all for now! Check back later as we may add more solutions soon. But for now, Good Luck!

Impossible Quiz – Play The Impossible Quiz Now, answers for the impossible

Impossible Quiz

If there’s one thing I have found online, it’s that you never know everything. That is certainly true in the impossible quiz!

The impossible quiz is a very difficult quiz where the answer may not be immediately obvious. Then again it may seem obvious but be incorrent.

Each question will test your skill and lateral thinking ability to the max!

Give it a try and try not to pull your hair out answering the questions. If the answers seem to be eluding you then try thinking a little differently (outside of the box as it were).

Here is the impossible quiz, enjoy!

Impossible Quiz Controls

Playing the impossible quiz is pretty much all about using the mouse. There isn’t much else to say really, except think before you click because it’s not always the obvious that provides the right anwer. This quiz isn’t as straightforward as it seems!

Answers for the impossible quiz Answers for the impossible quiz Answers for the impossible quiz Answers for the impossible quiz Answers for the impossible quiz Answers for the impossible quiz Answers for the impossible quiz

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How To Play The Impossible Quiz

The impossible quiz is best played with some lateral thinking applied to it. The answers may sometimes seem crazy but there is usually a reason why the answer isn’t what it should be. The quiz will often try to trick you into clicking the wrong answer. One way it likes to do this is to place answers in a group with a number for each answer, but the answer is actually not in this group at all and actually somewhere else on the screen.

Another tip for playing the impossible quiz is to not take it too seriously. The whole point of the game is to amuse you and change the way you think about things. So if you find yourself getting frustrated when playing it perhaps you just need to change your perspective a little.

The Impossible Quiz 2, answers for the impossible quiz.#Answers #for #the #impossible

answers for the impossible quiz

Answers for the impossible quiz

Answers for the impossible quizThe Impossible Quiz 2 is a puzzle game that was originally created by inXile s Sparkworkz. It is named impossible based on the fact that you cannot know everything in this life. We are all limited in thought and knowledge. The game could be addictive because you tends to always want to win, and by so doing you found yourself going on and on with it. Although, the flash game tends to be very engaging, but there are yet some pros and cons associated with it.

The impossible game interface is very easy to understand. It is designed for both beginner and intermediate computer user. It contains series of random questions and answers. Most of the questions are backup with simple sketch boxes and sometimes accompanied with sound tracks related to the questions. The series of questions could be very hilarious. The first few times you begin playing Impossible quiz, there’s no doubt you are going to burst out laughing. Either the questions are just too simple for you to answer or somehow very funny for you to frown face. For example, you are asked the question “What follows December 2nd”? And you are given the following answers:


C. is A question mark and;

D is 142 DWARVES.

Although, as simple as the questions might sound, it could be frustrating when you choose wrong answers.

As common with most games of this nature, when you play through in a couple of times, you quickly got gist of the whole questions and answers, and the addicting nature fade off pretty fast. The order of questions is written the same way everytime. However, once you figure out the answers in couple of times, the next time you see such questions you already know the answers. It would have been much more better, if the quesions order are resuffled so that you’ll less register the questions in memory and mentain concentrations everytime it’s being played.

Despite all odds, The Impossible Quiz 2 is a good flash game, but not the best of it kind. You can actually enjoy the hillarious aspect of it. It’s great for that. The questions get repeated often, it’s therefore not best for brain development program.

The Impossible Quiz 2 Answers @, answers for the impossible quiz.#Answers #for

The Impossible Quiz 2 Answers

Answer 1: Up his sleevies

Answer 3: Earth (the rest are candy bars, remember)

Answer 4: American (A merry can)

Answer 5: Type what Frank tells you to (either ****, carrot, or udder)

Answer 6: 8 (sentence has 8 letters)

Answer 7: Press the right arrow (On your keyboard)

Answer 8: 10 letters in

Answer 9: Click the creature several times. Click the bubble on the right for a skip.

Answer 10: Click and drag “the penguin” to reveal the answer.

Answer 11: Follow the directions. Don’t touch the blue parts and don’t release the mouse button until the end.

Answer 13: Lederhosen

Answer 14: Click the 14 twice (drag the dots around so that the red markings line up with the white boxes to make letters)

Answer 15: A backwards dog

Answer 16: Chris (you can see it in the credits)

Answer 17: Touch the brown balloon with your mouse, but don’t touch any of the others.

Answer 18: Fly sandwiches

Answer 19: Fusestopper

Answer 20: Turn on the light then pop the guy’s zits. (Pop the zit on the guys ear to get a fusestopper)

Answer 21: 30 (under “other impossible quizzes”)

Answer 22: Pink Clouds

Answer 23: Drag the circle around 23 to the appropriate spot (I thought this one was quite clever :P)

Answer 24: Space (under the “c” key)

Answer 25: When it’s a jar

Answer 26: You run. You run so far away.

Answer 27: Press 1 on the keyboard.

Answer 28: It’s Sparta

Answer 29: Move the mouse to the small area to the right of the stream of water to find a gem.

Answer 30: Click the 0 in 30.

Answer 31: Drive down the M4

Answer 32: Click the finger

Answer 33: Click the 33

Answer 34: Click the death button

Answer 35: Aim for the face

Answer 36: Tequila (to kill her)

Answer 37: Move the mouse off the flash window and an elephant will fall.

Answer 38: Mash two of the arrow keys at the same time repeatedly or hit the space bar repeatedly to fill the meter. (Arrows are faster)

Answer 39: Same as 11, only your pointer disappears. Use the circles to guide you.

Answer 40: Toucan

Answer 41: Wait for one of the circles to shrink, then click it. In the bottom-right corner is a fusestopper.

Answer 42: Drag the guy’s fist and drop it on the other guy.

Answer 43: This one somewhat requires that you’ve played the previous impossible quiz. It pops up a random question from it until you get one right. So either be good at guessing or play through the first one.

Answer 44: What you say!!

Answer 45: Click the second E in “I see” (it’ll turn green) then the I, then the E, then the I, then the O in “O RLY?”

Answer 46: Around Orion’s waist

Answer 47: Universal Serial Bus

Answer 48: USB Port

Answer 49: Follow frank’s directions. Be careful not to do anything if it doesn’t say “Frank Says” at the top, though.

Answer 50: Click the dog’s mouth to chew the bone, then move your mouse over it to “pet” it

Answer 51: Click “came last” (it will turn into camel)

Answer 52: Move the mouse back and forth over the lamp to clean it.

Answer 53: Click next to the G (notice it looks like an arrow)

Answer 54: There is a little mouse tail near the bottom right corner. Put that mouse onto the circle.

Answer 55: Pokemon

Answer 56: lol micropenis

Answer 58: Press Space (It’s displaying the exosphere, AKA Space)

Answer 59: Grab and move the “R” in Varnish.

Answer 60: Just keep dragging the cat down as quickly as you can.

Answer 61: To get to the other side.

Answer 63: Press the “Quality” thing on the bottom of the screen. Type “Q” on your keyboard to get a skip.

Answer 64: May want to use one of your bomb defusers here until you get it memorized. There are 6. The Planet, a very small cloud missing on the right side, near the missing cloud one of the mountain tops is missing it’s peak, a crease under the critter’s eye, the smallest tooth closest to it’s cheak is missing, at the very bottom near it’s right hand the ground is a different color.

Answer 65: Goat’s Blood

Answer 66: Click all the lighter colored leaves off the body. (Also, hit the flower on it’s necklace for a bomb defuser)

Answer 67: Invisible maze, go to the green light on the left first, then get the key and head through the sliding walls to the finish. When you hit the green dot you get a message saying “To remove the universe the code is 8275? Thought it might apply to #58 but haven’t figured it out yet.

Answer 68: Checkpoints are for the weak and mentally challenged.

Answer 69: Press the bomb when it hits 2

Answer 70: Click the screen first,then memorize how many times that Chris the cat got beaten till faint(remember how many punch the gangster’s hand had punched him till he faint)

Answer 71: 28.8kbps modem

Answer 72: violence

Answer 73: cut the tree thingy quick

Answer 75: Replica to Q70,how many punch land chris to faint

Answer 77: A fat bloke

Answer 78: Err… for this turn the wheel of the box till the box open,any one has complete ans for this may help me,turn till it open,if not enough time(15s Bomb) then use fusestopper

Answer 79: Take the Dragon the ‘On’ to the circle

Answer 80: A corpse bra

Answer 81: 2nd row the bottom one the 4th one(looks like a duck . from left to right)

Answer 82: Click obvious when the bomb starts flashing or gets to 2

Answer 83: Drag the screen away(theres a hidden platform when u drag the circle,then click next.

Answer 84: blue red blue yellow… tip before the game

Answer 85: NEVAR!

Answer 86: type U

Answer 87: arrow instead of carrot

Answer 88: dont do anything

Answer 89: you would have thought one of them would have ducked

Answer 91: Not sure about this, but I click her forehead when the red thingy appears

Answer 92: none, im on the impossible quiz question no. 92

Answer 93: Click “the odd one out”

Answer 94: Silence

Answer 95: Click the numbers in ascending order, then click “enough” that will appear on the top left of the picture

Answer 96: Click the number of lives you have

Answer 97: Click ‘K” in “BLACK”

Answer 99: Burst 99 red balloons. Blue will kill you, Green will minus one (balloon).

Answer 100: Click 8275 then click the red (flashing) lever

Answer 101: Type “abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz”

Answer 102: Drag away all the pictures, then click chris’ face

Answer 104: Clean the windows. I usually use the fuse stopper. z.

Answer 105: Click the switch behind the question number

Answer 106: Remove the eye of the left thing and put it one the metal thing in the middle, then drag the ball in the hand into the place where the eye originally was

Answer 107: A question from this quiz will come out. Click where the answer can be found for that question.

Answer 108: Follow the green arrow (it’s best to rmb the path)

Answer 109: Graphite

Answer 110: Click the red squares

Answer 111: TEBAHPLA EHT

Answer 112: Drag the can of food to the can opener. Use the mouse to operate the can opener by going round and round. When the can is open, drag it to the dish

Answer 113: Click the colour of “nicest”

Answer 114: Use the left and right keys of the keyboard to brush the teeth

Answer 115: Caturday

Answer 116: Drag the shapes into the box

Answer 117: A question from Giucob’s impossible quiz.

Answer 118: don’t do anything

Answer 119: type “horse”, then “peanut” then “chihuahua”

Answer 120: Changes each time I think. You need to pay attention…