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Choices Treatment Center

Choices is an outpatient treatment and recovery facility committed to helping individuals overcome problems related to gambling, substance abuse, and mental health through a holistic approach so all co-occurring issues may be addressed.

We offer a 24-hour helpline staffed by licensed counselors, individual and group counseling, and education sessions.

Our counselors are certified with the Nebraska Gamblers Assistance Program. This program allows us to provide, at no charge to the client, assessments for Problem/Pathological Gamblers, consultations/interventions for problem gamblers and their families, financial counseling, and individual treatment.

Choices Staff is also available for presentations to schools, community groups, churches and businesses on the problems of gambling/gaming.

Our counselors are dually credentialed – Choices also offers Mental Health assessments, Family Counseling, Marriage Counseling, Substance Abuse Evaluations, DUI/DWI Education Program, Anger Management Education, and Budget and Finance Counseling.

The Choices Mission

Choices mission is to provide quality services in a caring environment by offering a full range of treatment options to individuals and families.

Bryan LGH Medical Plaza
1500 S 48 St Lincoln, NE
Second floor of the Medical Plaza

GAMANON: Classroom 1B
1st Saturday of each month GA Gamanon meet together

Grand Island Gamblers Anonymous
Friday, 7pm (GA) Open Meeting-Family Members Welcome
St. Francis Medical Center, 2116 West Faidley Ave. Room A, Lower Level
Phone Contact: Connie 308-390-6398

Hastings Gamblers Anonymous
Monday, 6:30pm (GA) Open Meeting-Family Members Welcome
Mary Lanning Medical Services Bldg (Basement), 1715 North St Joseph Ave.
Phone Contact: Connie 308-390-6958

Kearney Gamblers Anonymous (12 Step)
Wednesday, 7:30pm (Gamblers 12 Step) Open Meeting- Family Members Welcome
Crossroads Rescue Mission, 1404 East 39th Street
Phone Contact: Geoff 308-293-8156, Patrick 308-293-4782

Scottsbluff Gamblers Anonymous (12 Step)
Thursday, 6:30 pm (Gamblers 12 Step) Open Meeting- Family Members Welcome
18 West 16th Street
Phone Contact: Lisa 308-641-8070

Phone Numbers



  • Free Assessments for Problem/Pathological Gamblers
  • Free consultations/interventions for problem gamblers and their families
  • Mental Health Assessments
  • Individual, Family Marriage Counseling
  • Substance Abuse Evaluations and Treatment (court approved individual, outpatient intensive outpatient)
  • DUI/DWI Education Programs
  • Budgeting Classes and Counseling
  • Anger Management Counseling


National Recovery Month

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Online PhD in Counseling

A few online and hybrid doctoral degree programs in counseling are available. Review the typical curriculum for these programs, and find out how the online format works. Read about the requirements for working as a counselor, and check your career opportunities with a Ph.D. in the field. Schools offering Mental Health Counseling degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

How Does a Ph.D. Counseling Program Work?

There are a limited number of available online Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) programs in counseling; however, you may find hybrid programs that require a residency period on-campus. For example, you may be required to meet with your classmates once a year for a 10-day instructional retreat. Some universities approach this online doctoral program in the mentor fashion, where each student receives a mentor faculty member with Ph.D. credentials and experience in counseling. These Ph.D. programs, which are available from private and public universities, offer concentrations in areas such as education and Christian counseling.

Additional Degree Requirements

Mandatory residency program

Statistics, counseling theories, Christian thought, quantitative and qualitative research methodology

Interactions are primarily conducted through virtual classrooms and online discussions

Teacher, counseling supervisor, researcher

What Types of Courses Will I Take?

Online coursework in a Ph.D. program in counseling is generally similar to that of an on-campus program. The types of course topics that you may cover include:

  • Quantitative research methodology
  • Qualitative research methodology
  • Counseling and career theories
  • Multicultural issues
  • Statistics
  • Marriage and family counseling
  • Group counseling theories
  • Christian thought

What is Involved in Online Learning?

In an online doctoral program, you may engage in course learning material at your convenience, which can include working from home, when traveling or even Wi-Fi locations. Online learning in these doctoral degree programs, whether offered fully online or in hybrid-style, involves distance education technology that utilizes online discussions, virtual classrooms, streaming video, online library databases, interactive TV, online science labs and access to learning material.

What Can I Do With It?

Counselors are required by their state to be licensed or certified in order to practice; however, this can vary based on your counseling area. Obtaining a Ph.D. in counseling from an online program can help you meet the requirement for any necessary licensing or prepare for career advancement. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) graduates with a doctorate degree can go on to pursue supervisory, academic or research positions in their counseling specialty ( ).

To continue researching, browse degree options below for course curriculum, prerequisites and financial aid information. Or, learn more about the subject by reading the related articles below:

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MS in School Counseling

Earning an MS in School Counseling from Walden can prepare you for a variety of rewarding career roles, including:*

  • School counselor
  • Academic counselor
  • Academic advisor
  • Counselor for college and career readiness

*Career options may require additional experience, training, or other factors beyond the successful completion of this degree program.

A bachelor’s degree or higher is required for entrance into this program. You will also be required to submit a completed online application, employment history, and official transcripts.

Your enrollment advisor will help you gather all of the required materials starting with your application all the way through your first day of classes.

Because tuition costs will vary depending on your previous education, you can get in touch with an enrollment advisor today by calling 8552035779 8552031384. to learn more about tuition costs for this program and financial aid options.

Walden’s enrollment advisors are committed to helping identify and leverage opportunities for you to save money on your education.

The MS in School Counseling program is offered by Walden University, an institution accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) which is a requirement to practice as a school counselor in some states. The MS in School Counseling program meets the standards for school counseling licensure or certification and is a state-approved program in Minnesota and Ohio. The MS in School Counseling program is accredited by the Council on Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP), a specialized accrediting body recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) which may also be a requirement to become licensed or certified as a school counselor in some states. In addition, some states require school counselors to have an existing teaching license or certification, and teaching experience, in order to be eligible for a school counseling certification/license.

Further, many states require school counseling programs to be approved in at least one state, either their own or another state. The MS in School Counseling program is approved by the states of Minnesota and Ohio, and while this approval is accepted by the majority of states which require state approval, it may not be accepted by all states.

Find information on costs, occupation types, completion rates, and median loan debt for these programs at .

Walden University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission, .

The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) is a regional accrediting association recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. The HLC is a U.S. membership organization for educational institutions that was created to develop and maintain high standards of academic excellence. When evaluating credentials, employers and universities often look for applicants who earned their degree from an accredited university.

2017 Walden University

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Pearland Counseling Center


Welcome to Pearland Counseling Center s official website. Here you will find information about our counselors, psychotherapy, and our philosophy of counseling as well as a variety of additional mental health information.

We all encounter times in our lives when we feel symptoms of emotional discomfort or distress ranging from mild to acute. The therapists at Pearland Counseling Center have experience in dealing with a wide range of issues such as:

  • Anxiety Depression
  • Stress Anger Management
  • Trauma Abuse Resolution
  • Grief Loss
  • Relationship Communication Skills
  • Individual, Marriage, Family Therapy
  • Discernment Counseling (See Discernment Tab for additonal details.)

At Pearland Counseling Center you can expect to find competent, caring, and professional therapists who will listen without judgment in a nurturing atmosphere. Our goal is to inspire hope and healing as well as provide a place for support and understanding where you can feel safe and at ease. We will partner with you as you discover new possibilities and learn new ways to accomplish your goals and enhance your life.

Please call us for an individual, couples, or family therapy consultation today.

Please note if you have new insurance, that information must be provided a minimum of 48 hours prior to your session.

Any legal/custody documents requested by our office must be provided a minimum of 5 business days prior to you or your childs session.

Spanish-speaking Therapist available. Please call during the following business hours for more information: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 9:00am – 1:30 p.m.; Wednesday 12:00pm – 7:00pm and Friday 12:00pm – 5:00pm

Address: 2217 North Park Avenue, Pearland, TX. 77581
Phone: 281-997-8400
Fax: 281-997-8408

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I hereby agree, upon a request made under the drug/alcohol testing policy of ____________________ (the Company), to submit to a drug or alcohol test and to furnish a sample of my urine, breath, and/or blood for analysis. I understand and agree that if I at any time refuse to submit to a drug or alcohol test under company policy, or if I otherwise fail to cooperate with the testing procedures, I will be subject to immediate termination. I further authorize and give full permission to have the Company and/or its company physician send the specimen or specimens so collected to a laboratory for a screening test for the presence of any prohibited substances under the policy, and for the laboratory or other testing facility to release any and all documentation relating to such test to the Company and/or to any governmental entity involved in a legal proceeding or investigation connected with the test. Finally, I authorize the Company to disclose any documentation relating to such test to any governmental entity involved in a legal proceeding or investigation connected with the test.

I understand that only duly-authorized Company officers, employees, and agents will have access to information furnished or obtained in connection with the test; that they will maintain and protect the confidentiality of such information to the greatest extent possible; and that they will share such information only to the extent necessary to make employment decisions and to respond to inquiries or notices from government entities.

I will hold harmless the Company, its company physician, and any testing laboratory the Company might use, meaning that I will not sue or hold responsible such parties for any alleged harm to me that might result from such testing, including loss of employment or any other kind of adverse job action that might arise as a result of the drug or alcohol test, even if a Company or laboratory representative makes an error in the administration or analysis of the test or the reporting of the results. I will further hold harmless the Company, its company physician, and any testing laboratory the Company might use for any alleged harm to me that might result from the release or use of information or documentation relating to the drug or alcohol test, as long as the release or use of the information is within the scope of this policy and the procedures as explained in the paragraph above.

This policy and authorization have been explained to me in a language I understand, and I have been told that if I have any questions about the test or the policy, they will be answered.


[Important note for the company [ omit this from any consent form. ]: Remember, involved in an on-the-job accident or injury means not only the one who was injured, but also anyone who arguably or potentially contributed to the accident or injury event in any way, i.e. the person suspected of causing someone else to get hurt gets tested as well. Testing only accident or injury victims can, in the eyes of some, appear to be a way of discouraging workers from filing workers’ compensation claims, and that in turn can have a very unfavorable effect on workers’ compensation retaliatory discharge lawsuits. See the sample drug/alcohol testing policy for an idea on how to reflect that caution in the policy.]

Signature of Employee Date

Employee’s Name – Printed

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Course in Counseling in South Africa

View Courses in Counseling in South Africa 2017

You can usually take higher education courses if you’re 18 or older. They’re regularly taught in universities, colleges and professional institutions such as art schools or agricultural colleges – nearly all of which have their own websites. You can get a wide range of skills, for example, diplomas, bachelor degrees, foundation degrees and post-graduate degrees.

Pursuing an education in counseling can prepare students for a variety of careers in the fields of academia, mental health and more. Examples of typical classes include personality assessment, social and cultural bases of behavior, ethics and professional standards, crisis intervention, psychopathology, family therapy and cognitive behavior.

South Africa, officially the Republic of South Africa, is a country located at the southern tip of Africa. It is divided into nine provinces. South Africa is not only a jumping off point, it is itself a fantastic destination rich in culture, fauna & flora and history.

Top Courses in Counseling in South Africa 2017