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UPDATE | NCBCA Collegiate Lane Patterns Released (September 29, 2016). The National Collegiate Bowling Coaches’ Association (NCBCA) has released a set of 14 different sport compliant lanes patterns: 4 long, 6 medium and 4 short. The patterns are the result of three years of planning and discussion by the NCBCA and were developed through the efforts and technical expertise of Kegel’s John Janawicz and Vincennes Head Coach Gary Sparks.

Coach Sparks also developed a set of Pattern Ratings (docx) aimed outlining the differences between the patterns using a scale of 1 to 10 on six important metrics: ratio, volume, foward/reverse, formats, surfaces and difficulty. A Rating Scale Key (docx) explains in detail the meaning of the 1 to 10 scale for each of the six variables.

All of the lane patterns, pattern ratings and scale key are available for download in a single complete package zip file.


at a Glance

43 feet; 26.5ml; 8.2ml For/18.3ml Rev; Ratio 2.7/1
Ratio-1.5; Volume-4.0; F/R-6.9; Formats-6.0; Surfaces-5.5; Difficulty-4.0

44 feet; 26.6ml; 16.1ml For/10.5ml Rev; Ratio 2.44/1
Ratio-3.2; Volume-4.2; F/R-3.9; Formats-5.0; Surfaces-5.0; Difficulty-4.0

45 feet; 27.0ml; 23.3ml For/3.7ml Rev; Ratio 1.96/1
Ratio-5.2; Volume-5.0; F/R-1.4; Formats-3.5; Surfaces-4.0; Difficulty-5.0

43 feet; 31.9ml; 13.15ml For/18.75ml Rev; Ratio 2.93/1
Ratio-1.3; Volume-10; F/R-5.9; Formats-7.0; Surfaces-6.0; Difficulty-5.0

38 feet; 33.25ml; 9.9ml For/23.35ml Rev; Ratio 1.59/1
Ratio-7.1; Volume-10; F/R-7.0; Formats-8.0; Surfaces-7.0; Difficulty-6.5

40 feet; 27.7ml; 14.0ml For/13.7ml Rev; Ratio 2.38/1
Ratio-3.3; Volume-6.5; F/R-4.9; Formats-6.0; Surfaces-6.0; Difficulty-5.0

42 feet; 26.45ml; 22.75ml For/3.7ml Rev; Ratio 2.26/1
Ratio-3.8; Volume-3.9; F/R-1.6; Formats-3.0; Surfaces-3.0; Difficulty-4.0

39 feet; 29.8ml; 15.95ml For/13.85ml Rev; Ratio 2.39/1
Ratio-3.1; Volume-9.9; F/R-4.6; Formats-5.0; Surfaces-5.0; Difficulty-5.5

41 feet; 29.6ml; 13.95ml For/15.65ml Rev; Ratio 2.68/1
Ratio-1.5; Volume-9.5; F/R-5.3; Formats-5.5; Surfaces-5.5; Difficulty-5.5

40 feet; 27.95ml; 16.65ml For/11.3ml Rev; Ratio 2.8/1
Ratio-1.3; Volume-6.9; F/R-4.0; Formats-5.0; Surfaces-5.0; Difficulty-6.0

34 feet; 25.15ml; 6.9ml For/18.25ml Rev; Ratio 1.25/1
Ratio-8.6; Volume-1.5; F/R-2.5; Formats-6.0; Surfaces-7.5; Difficulty-6.0

35 feet; 22.5ml; 12.5ml For/10.0ml Rev; Ratio 1.49/1
Ratio-7.5; Volume-1.0; F/R-4.5; Formats-3.0; Surfaces-5.0; Difficulty-5.0

36 feet; 25.9ml; 17.05ml For/8.85ml Rev; Ratio 1.48/1
Ratio-7.5; Volume-2.8; F/R-3.5; Formats-4.0; Surfaces-4.5; Difficulty-5.0

35 feet; 28.9ml; 13.6ml For/15.3ml Rev; Ratio 1.53/1
Ratio-7.2; Volume-8.5; F/R-4.7; Formats-6.5; Surfaces-5.5; Difficulty-6.5

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Physical Therapist Assistant

Physical therapist assistants (PTAs) are skilled health care providers who work under the supervision of a licensed physical therapist. Duties of the PTA include assisting the physical therapist in implementing treatment programs, teaching clients exercises and activities of daily living, performing treatments and reporting client responses to the physical therapist. In addition to direct patient care, the physical therapist assistant also performs functions such as patient transport, preparation for treatment and maintenance of equipment.

Physical therapist assistants work in a variety of settings including acute and rehabilitation hospitals, private physical therapy offices, community health centers, outpatient and sports facilities, corporate or industrial health centers, research institutions, extended care facilities, home health agencies, pediatric centers, schools, colleges, and universities.


PTA Application Information

The PTA program application period for the class of 2019 that would begin during the Fall 2017 semester has closed as of 3/1/2017.

The PTA program application period runs from 1/1 – 3/1 annually. Students will not be able to access, view or complete the program application until the application period opens on January 1st.

A link to application instructions will be posted each year around the time of the application period to assist students in applying to the program. It is the responsibility of the student to follow the application instructions for the year to which they are applying.

Failure to follow all of the instructions will result in an incomplete application. Incomplete applications will not be considered for acceptance. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that all application directions are followed.

The program does not utilize a wait list. Students must apply every year. The PTA program is a limited enrollment program. Completion of all or part of the application requirements does not guarantee acceptance.

PTA Information Session

NOTE: Attendance at an Information Session is mandatory to be considered for acceptance into the PTA program. Click the link below for a list of dates and times of upcoming sessions.

All information Sessions will be held at the Bradenton campus location in building 28.

Effective March 1 st. 2015, attendance at a PTA information session will be good for a period of 2 years from the date of the session. All students wishing to apply to the program who attended sessions greater than 2 years prior to the date of the application deadline will be required to attend another information session to be eligible for acceptance.

Links to Information about the PTA Program