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Seattle Bankruptcy Attorney Who Gets Debt Relief Fast

When times are tough and you’re struggling to pay your bills, choosing to work with a local Washington State law firm that has helped hundreds of people can make all of the difference. Symmes Law Group helps people just like you who are feeling the financial burden of their growing debt and are looking for answers.

Help Is On The Way

Seattle bankruptcy lawyer Richard J. Symmes has filed hundreds of bankruptcy petitions, saved numerous homes from the brink of foreclosure, and assisted consumers in the settlement of numerous debts and now you can benefit from the years of experience Symmes Law Group has in dealing with creditors, debt collectors, and big banks who want to garnish your wages or foreclose on your home.

When you hire a great debt relief attorney you will instantly feel at ease in knowing that you have an expert in your corner who can answer all of your questions and make sure you are being taken care of. Symmes Law Group strives to offer unparalleled personal service to help keep you sleeping well at night.

During your free initial consultation, all of your questions and concerns can be addressed and you will learn if you are a good candidate for chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy or whether the Washington State Foreclosure Fairness mediation or debt settlement makes more sense. If there are other matters in which you need assistance with involving credit repair, business or trademarks, we can help you out with those questions as well.

How Do I Get Started?

It’s easy to get started, just call us right now at 206-682-7975 or submit your information to us on our contact form to schedule your FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION and learn about what options are available to you.

Don’t wait to call. Your consultation is free and even if you don’t plan on taking action immediately it is a good idea to start planning your next moves prior to seeking professional help as your actions now could affect whether you qualify for a specific course of action at a later date.

Symmes Law Group Practice Areas

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is known as the “fresh start” bankruptcy because it allows debtors to eliminate most if not all of their unsecured debt, including credit cards, medical bills, and payday loans, while stopping garnishments and foreclosures. In essence, it allows a debtor to get a fresh start and begin rebuilding credit immediately. In most cases you get to retain all of your assets. Read more here

A chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to file a 3-5 year repayment plan that will be overseen by the Chapter 13 trustee in which you will pay off all or part of your debts from your future income. You can use Chapter 13 to prevent a house foreclosure, pay back taxes, make up missed car and mortgage payments, stop interest from accruing on your tax debt (including Washington State, or Federal taxes), and keep non-exempt property. Read more here

Debt settlement is an alternative to bankruptcy in which attorney Richard Symmes will negotiate with your creditors and settle your unsecured credit card debts for on average between 20%-60% less than what you owe. People who consider debt settlement either don’t qualify or want to file for bankruptcy for various reasons or they have funds available in which to negotiate with their creditors for a lump sum payment. Read more here

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Graduate Study in Canada: Guide for International Students #cheap #graduate #school


Graduate Study in Canada: Guide for International Students

Combining the great outdoors with great student cities, Canada holds its own among the world’s leading study destinations. It welcomes around 16 million tourists each year and is currently hosting over 300,000 international students. Those with a passion for snowsports and other outdoor activities will be spoilt for choice, while the wealth of nightlife, cultural and sports venues in Canada’s lively cities provides a guarantee against boredom during downtime from studies.

Higher education in Canada

There are over 90 universities in Canada. of which 17 are private. As is common elsewhere, Canadian universities offer three levels of degree: bachelor’s (usually lasting four years), master’s (requiring an additional year or two) and doctorate (usually an additional three years).

Canada also has around 150 colleges – also known as community colleges, technical colleges, regional colleges or CÉGEPs (in Québec) – which offer short courses and diplomas. In addition, the country has a long history of specialized career colleges, which seek to prepare students for specific vocations.

How to apply for graduate study in Canada

The application process varies depending on the province and the institution. You’ll need to research the entry requirements of the specific course you want to join, and apply directly to the university.

You can apply to study in Canada from one year before the start date. You should apply by March at the latest for the September intake, although if you’re applying for a popular course, apply earlier than this to optimize your chances of success. There’s usually a second intake in January or February of each year.

Admission requirements

There are two important requirements for international students applying to study in Canada: language proficiency and sufficient finances. Both English and French are spoken in Canada, with the latter being the official language throughout the Québec province, and Canadian universities offer courses in both tongues. If you’re not a native speaker, you may need to submit proof of proficiency in the language you intend to study in.

You will also need to show you have enough money to cover your living expenses throughout your studies. This is currently set at CA$10,000 (

US$7,470) for each year of your stay (CA$11,000/

US$8,210 if you’re applying to study in Québec) on top of your tuition fees.

Thinking of studying a PhD in Canada? Read advice on how to do so here .

Getting a Canadian study permit

You can study in Canada for up to six months without a visa, which means it’s relatively easy to spend a semester abroad there. To study in Canada for longer than six months, you’ll need to gain a Canadian study permit. This will be your visa for the duration of your stay. Depending on your nationality, you may also need to obtain a temporary residence permit, which can be processed at the same time as your study permit application. Apply through the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website well in advance of your departure date to ensure you receive the documentation in time, as it can take up to 10 weeks.

To apply for your study permit you’ll first need a letter of acceptance from a recognized higher education provider. For Québec you also need a certificate of acceptance (known as a CAQ) from the government before you can apply for a study permit. Next, you should obtain a Canadian student visa application package from the CIC website, your local visa office or the Canadian embassy or consulate in your home country.

You’ll be given a personal checklist code to submit your application online. To do so, you must create a MyCIC account. where you’ll fill in your details, pay your fees and upload the required documents. This includes showing you have a ticket home and a valid passport. Some applicants may also need to attend an interview at their local visa office, and those from certain countries may need to provide biometrics, a medical exam or a police report.

On approval you’ll be sent a letter of introduction, while students from countries which require an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) and/or a temporary residence visa will be issued these if required. Bring these along with your passport, proof of your finances and your letter of acceptance to the border control agency in Canada, where you will receive your study permit.

Read more detailed advice on how to get a Canadian Study Permit.

Tuition fees living expenses

As is common in many countries, tuition fees in Canada are higher for international students than domestic students. Rates vary depending on the province, institution and course. Graduate programs could cost anywhere between CA$6,500 (

US$4,860) and CA$33,000 (

US$24,680) per year.

Your living expenses, including accommodation, are likely to be approximately CA$10,000-15,000 per year (

US$7,480 -11,220). You’ll need to include compulsory health insurance in your budget, along with the usual items – food, travel, course supplies, and of course social, sports and cultural activities.


Exceptional international students may be able to obtain scholarship funding. which is available both from the Canadian government and individual universities. Examples include the Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship Program, and the ‘International Tuition Award’ offered by many Canadian universities. The latter aims to assist international graduate students registered full-time in research-oriented master’s and doctoral programs. International students are automatically considered for this award if they meet certain criteria.

When searching for funding, check each university website for details of available scholarships, grants, assistantships, fellowships and bursary opportunities. You may also find it useful to consult the information provided by the Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials website. or the Canadian government’s dedicated website for international scholarship programs .

Your study permit entitles you to work up to 20 hours a week alongside your studies, and full-time during semester breaks.

Post-graduation work in Canada

If you want to stay in Canada once your studies have finished, you’ll need to apply for a post-graduation work permit. allowing you to stay for up to three years after graduation. The country is reporting high demand for skilled graduates across a diverse range of sectors, including engineering, finance, graphic design, human resources, information technology, healthcare and natural sciences.

Meet Canadian graduate schools

Join an upcoming QS World Grad School Tour event in a city near you, to meet grad schools from Canada and around the world. You’ll have the chance to speak to admissions directors to get personal answers to your queries, attend free seminars, and be eligible to apply for exclusive scholarships.

This article was originally published in January 2015. It was last updated in November 2016.

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Life Insurance Quotes

Term Life Insurance Quotes with No Hassles

The team at is dedicated to answering all of your questions with regard to life insurance. We are a no-hassle online quote service combining professional expertise and the best rates from top rated life insurers nationwide. Don’t waster your time submitting your personal information to our competitors, we do all the heavy lifting so you can make a wise, informed decision for you and your loved ones.

2 Types of Policies

Before you compare term life insurance quotes online and get hassled by countless people you don’t know you will first want to consider what type of coverage that you need in a policy. The following are our most popular options that we offer – no medical exam or fully underwritten:

No Medical Exam Life Insurance

Acquiring a life insurance policy often involves a detailed medical exam, and this, sometimes, deters individuals from attempting to buy life insurance. One life insurance option we offer significantly simplifies the process and eliminates some of the stress involved in acquiring life insurance is our simplified issue term life insurance policies, or policies for which you do not need to undergo a medical exam. Purchasing a simplified issue term life insurance policy also decreases the amount of medical red tape you have to go through in order to take out a policy. Instant issued coverage provides solutions and options to individuals who might have a history of medical problems or who simply don’t wish to go through a medical exam.

Fully Underwritten Term Life Insurance

Fully underwritten term life insurance policies generally require you to submit a blood test and answer more questions about your health history. The shortest term during which you can take out a level term life insurance policy is generally 10 years. A level term life insurance policy guarantees your beneficiaries a cash payout if you die within the year. The death benefit amount is agreed upon when the policy starts, and although premiums are lower than they would be in a whole life insurance policy, there are no benefits paid back if the policy owner does not die before the policy’s term is completed. A level term life insurance policy is much like an annual renewable policy, except that it is generally longer term-10, 20, or 30 years for example-and guarantees fixed premium amounts throughout the policy’s life or for a number of years that is decided upon before the policy goes into effect.

Carefully consider all of these options – and any quotes on policies that you have been offered by life insurance providers before committing yourself to a life insurance policy. The decision between “whole life” and “term life” should be fairly simple depending on your wants, needs and financial situation, but the particulars of which insurer you decide upon and which particular policy is best for you can be tough questions which is why we offer our experience to you for free – call us day or night.

The Necessity of Life Insurance

There are some financial decisions in life that can have a significant impact on the future of both you and your family. Although it can be cumbersome and tedious to weed through the intricate details of your options when making such a decision, the more research you put into the subject, the more likely it will be that you will avoid financial nightmares in the coming years and that your family will carry on and flourish while enjoying financial prosperity.

Life insurance is a necessity for any individual who is the primary income provider in a household that includes one or more dependents. Regardless of how healthy or young you are, you should always keep in mind your mortality when considering the well being of those who depend on you. While important, life insurance is by no means a simple product to understand. When you make the decision on which policy to purchase, you should be sure that you have thoroughly explored two vital topics: the different types of life insurance available (whole, universal, term, etc.), and the various policies offered by the life insurance providers doing business in your area. At, we provide information pertinent to both of these topics, and we offer a valuable and helpful resource to those who are currently in the market for the perfect life insurance policy for their circumstances.

The first step towards finding the right life insurance for you is to understand the difference between “term life” and “whole life” policies. When you purchase life insurance, you should decide whether you want to take out one policy that will last the rest of your life, or take out a temporary insurance policy that will last a certain length of time.

As the name implies, whole life policies are permanent investments- usually called whole life insurance-and their value grows over time depending on the growth of the overall market but will cost SIGNIFICANTLY more than “term life” If you do not want your life insurance policy to be a life-long investment, but rather a temporary assurance that your family will be provided for in the event of your untimely death, you can take out a term life insurance policy.

Ask yourself the following question when deciding which type of insurance policy to go with: Are you more interested in the investment aspect of life insurance, or the safety net aspect of life insurance? A permanent life insurance policy is best for you if you have the financial ability to afford these types of coverage, wish to invest through your policy and if you want to be sure that every penny you devote to your insurance policy will provide benefits to you and your family. But, if cost is important and you don’t want to break the bank or are concerned for the financial welfare of your dependent spouse and/or children while you are their sole provider, term life insurance will often meet your needs.

Policies provided are licensed nationwide with each State and we can find the best plan to meet your needs. Call us today for a no-obligation consultation or if you have questions about your quotes: 1-888-890-6211

State Guides

For assistance call 1-888-890-6211 8am–7pm Monday-Friday (Mountain time). – 6225 Meeker Place Suite 1000 Boise, ID 83713.

Todd Ruplinger is a licensed life insurance agent in all states and the District of Columbia. The following life insurance agent license numbers are provided for Todd Ruplinger as required by state law: CA agent #0F94101, LA agent #423861, MA agent #1838064, MN agent #40024026, UT agent #256321. Commercial use by others is prohibited by law. This site provides term life insurance quotes. Each rate shown is a quote based on information provided by the carrier. No portion of may be copied, published, faxed, mailed or distributed in any manner for any purpose without prior written authorization.

What People Are Saying

“Life Insurance Quotes provided a one-stop shopping experience and excellent assistance in finding the policy to fit my needs.”

Sharon B. Thompsonville, IL

Used Cars Calgary AB, Pre-Owned Autos Canmore, Bad Credit Car Loans Banff,


Do you have bad credit?

Rush Autos can help you get approved for a used car loan in Calgary AB regardless of your bad credit. Welcome to Rush your source for “Rent To Own” used cars in Calgary Alberta. Are you looking for a Used Car in Calgary AB but have damaged credit? If so, don’t worry we can help you. Everyone is approved at in Calgary AB. We have a large selection of used cars, used vans, used trucks, used SUVs, used sedans and family crossovers for you to choose from in Calgary. All of the used cars that we carry come standard with a Car Proof vehicle history report to ensure the quality of the inventory that we sell. Don’t let your bad credit hold you back from getting auto financing approval any longer. We can help you get quick and easy used car loan approval today!

What is Rent-To-Own?

With our “Rent To Own” auto financing program, we can get you approved regardless of your past bad credit history. Have you had past: bankruptcies, repossessions, foreclosures, or unpaid medical bills holding you back from driving the used car of your dreams? If so then you owe it to yourself to come down to Rush Autos in Calgary and finally hear the words “Yes, You’re Approved!”. We don’t let your bad credit score affect your approval process. Let one of our highly trained In-House financing bad credit specialists get you into the used car of your dreams with affordable payments that fit your current budget.

Bad Credit is OK, No Credit is OK, and Bankruptcies are OK! Rush Autos is located in Calgary Alberta, however we also offer bad credit auto loan approval to residents in: Calgary, Canmore, Banff, Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, Red Deer, Edmonton, Airdrie, Cochrane, Crossfield, Okotoks, Irricana, Black Diamond, Strathmore, Carstairs, High River, Didsbury, Olds, Nanton, Sundre, Three Hills and Vulcan Alberta.

Texas Home – Texas Homeowners Insurance Quotes #texas #homeowner #insurance, #fort #worth


Our Clients Tell Our Story!

“I wish I had done business with you years ago. Sitting in another office for 3 hours is just too long considering it took you less than 30 minutes to send my policy by email! Thank you so much for your assistance.”
T.M. Galveston, TX

“Thank you for your prompt response. While this New Home purchase did not work out for me this time, I know who I will be contacting should another Home purchase work out soon. You were the most prompt and responsive of all the agencies I contacted. Thank you again.”
J.S. McKinney, TX
Our Competitive Texas Homeowners Insurance Rate Samples:

$557,000 Home in Dallas, TX.
Built in 2001, 1% Deductible.
Broad Form Policy

$350,000 Home in Collins County, TX.
Built in 2014, 1% Deductible.
Broad Form Policy

$400,000 Home in McKinney, TX.
Built in 2014, 1% Deductible.
Broad Form Policy

$250,000 Home in Austin, TX.
Built in 1999, 1% Deductible.
Broad Form Policy

$350,000 Beachfront Home
in Galveston, TX.

Built in 1999, 1% Deductible.

Our Agency Takes Major Credit Cards:

Texas Home,
An Online Service of Brad Spurgeon Insurance Agency, Inc.

1118 14th Street No. | Texas City, TX 77590 (Office Map/Directions )
Office Phone: 409-945-4746 | Fax: 409-761-5657

Texas Home is a Texas City, TX serving Central Texas homeowners. Our staff of highly trained agents is expert
in finding insurance for ALL TEXAS Homeowners! Let us locate the best Texas homeowners insurance prices for your Home.
We give instant TX Texas Home insurance quotes, and fast online TX home insurance quotes for all Texas residents.
Some of the keywords which can be used to find our services include: Texas homeowner insurance, Fort Worth homeowners insurance,
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Rockport TX, Crystal Beach TX, Port Bolivar, TX home insurance policy, Wharton County, TX home insurance, Ellis County TX insurance,
Collins County TX homeowners, Galveston County TX home insurance, Brazoria County TX homeowners insurance quote, Whole State of Texas home insurance, cheap Texas homeowners insurance. TX Homeowner’s insurance quote. Get a Free Texas Home Insurance Quote today!

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Shipping Cars Across Country

Call us free 888-599-1147


Call us free 888-599-1147


Shipping a car across the country can be a difficult and expensive endeavor without the proper information and planning. Cross Country Car Shipping offers a plethora of services and options for moving your car from one side of the country to the other. We try to keep the process of moving a car as simple and easy as possible for our customers. You simply have to drop off your car at one of our many terminals across the U.S. and we’ll take care of the rest! You can choose to either pick up your car at one of our depots or have your car delivered right to your door with our door-to-door transport option.

For a most cost effective option, we also offer terminal-to-terminal transport, which is briefly outlined above. Unlike door-to-door car shipping, you have to both drop off and pick up your vehicle on both ends of the transaction. We try make this process as convenient as possible by maintaining terminals in major cities throughout America.

Cars are typically one of the bigger purchases made outside of buying a house and you should treat your auto as such. Letting just any car transport company move your vehicle can often be a mistake, especially if you decide to take the absolute lowest quote given. It’s always a good idea to get several quotes before shipping a car, but stay away from quotes that are so low that they appear out of place compared to the others. These lowball quotes are often used by unethical auto shipping brokers and companies to win a competitive bid, only to raise the price later in the process.

Cross Country Auto Transport Services

  • Individuals families relocating/moving to a new home
  • Car dealerships
  • eBay/craigslist online car buyers and sellers
  • Military relocation
  • College students
  • Car shows and More.

Useful Information


TED HOLIDAY Coral Gables, FL

“My job relocated me to Arizona after 12 years working in Tennessee. This was a big transition and since I am a single male with no children, there wasn’t much for me to consider. I packed a few boxes and thought it would be easier to just fly out and let the moving company get my stuff from Tennessee to Arizona. However, there was the issue of my car. I used Cross Country Car Shipping to get my car to the Southwest and the company they turned me on to did a great job.”

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See what our previous clients have to say about us! Get An Instant Quote


There are many benefits to enlisting the services of a qualified car shipping professional, some of which are not immediately obvious. Anyone can recognize the obvious benefit of not having to physically drive your car from one state to another or across the U.S. The time savings can be huge when you’re looking at a drive that may take a couple days to complete.

An advantage of hiring a professional is that there is significantly less mileage and general wear and tear on your vehicle during transit. Driving for several hours consecutively for multiple days in a row is not good for the lifespan of your car and could end up causing damage and an unnecessary delays.

Another factor to consider is that any professional car moving company should be licensed, bonded and insured according the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. These are consumer protections that cover the value of your car if anything should happen to it during transport. You can also purchase additional insurance if you’re moving a collectible, classic or antique car to ensure that you are covered up to the true value of your investment.


Researching companies and prices for car shipping is easy and requires no commitment on your part. Any auto shipping company worth should provide you with a free estimate, which you can then use to compare to the other prices and services being offered by different companies. We always encourage our customers to shop around for the service that best fits their needs and we happily offer no-obligation car shipping quotes to give you an accurate idea of the cost of moving a car. Try us and see for yourself!

Cross Country Car Shipping Proudly Services The Following American States Cities:

Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting, (888) 237-6637- ServerMania, vps hosting cheap.#Vps #hosting #cheap


Hosting Empowered

High-availability. Fully redundant. Extreme performance.

Business Cloud Special

2 CPU Cores 4 GB RAM

DDoS protection Included


Single Tenant. Custom Hardware. Complete Control.

Instant Bare-Metal Special

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Virtual Servers Hosted on Physical Servers with Dedicated Resources.

Hybrid Server Special

4 CPU Cores 16 GB RAM

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Only the best hardware with true 24×7 support. The perfect fit for every project.

Dedicated Servers

A single tenant, physical server allowing you full access to its resources.

Optimal for high-performance workloads that demand optimal IO performance, large amounts of memory, or heavy-duty processing.

  • Single & Dual Processor
  • 1 Gbps Port Speeds
  • Minimum 16 GB of RAM

SSD Cloud Servers

Fully redundant, easily scalable and maximally flexible virtual machine.

Optimal for developers, dev servers, clusters of servers that separate activity over multiple nodes, web and eCommerce hosting, file servers.

  • Easily Scalable
  • Instant failover recovery
  • Lighting fast SSD

Hybrid Servers

Virtualized server platform hosted on enterprise-grade physical servers.

Optimal for almost any project: testing and dev servers, web hosting servers, backend servers for mobile applications, digital media companies.

  • Scalable to 64 GB RAM
  • Instant Provision
  • Dedicated Resources

Why ServerMania?

We have over 12 years of experience building high-performance, infrastructure hosting platforms for businesses globally and a 24/7/365 team of experts standing by to assist you. We make it our mission to ensure you receive the highest quality of service possible.

Best Car Insurance For Bad Driving Record #cheap #nj #car #insurance


Bad Driver Auto Insurance At Freeinsurancequotation

Get Qualified For A Cheap Car Insurance With Bad Driving Record

Normally, those having a bad driving record can expect car insurance rates to be higher. But it could be possible to insure cars at the most affordable prices if buyers knew their options as well as the right way to explore them.

  • Preferred Drivers Buyers: with no traffic tickets or accidents
  • Standard Drivers: Buyers with one or two tickets or accidents
  • Non-Standard Drivers Buyers: with more than one ticket or accidents

While it’s easier to secure manageable premiums on auto insurance for people with bad driving records if you belong to either the first or the second category, it could be challenging to secure low rates if you are a non-standard driver who poses a high risk to auto insurance companies. However, nowadays there may be few insurance providers that specialize in providing affordable solutions to even those young drivers who are deemed highly risky.

Apply Today! Get 4 Quotes in 2 Mins, Save $500

Search The Best Car Insurance For Bad Driving Record Online Today

Depending on the state in which you live, it’s possible to qualify for the best car insurance rates if you are a driver with a fantastic driving record and unblemished credit history. But all drivers may not enjoy such a reputation; because of which they have to pay more on their auto insurance coverage. However, nowadays there are some insurance providers that offer cheap auto insurance for bad driving record in the form of specialized low cost car insurance programs to help risky drivers insure their vehicles.

Therefore, if you have been involved in collision or issued a ticket in the past because of which your existing auto insurance company hiked the premium, may be its time you engaged in some shopping for finding a better policy. A few blots on your otherwise good driving record might not attract increased premiums from some special bad driving record car insurance companies. Just research your options.

Getting Auto Insurance With Bad Driving Record-Do You Qualify?

Lenders will use several parameters to determine whether you are a high risk or bad driver. Some of these may include the following:

Driving Record:

If you have met with two or more accident previously, you may be considered to be a reckless driver. In addition, if you have also been collecting tickets frequently, then you may be deemed a riskier driver and a fit candidate to receive car insurance for people with bad driving record.

Personal Profile:

Vehicle insurance companies generally find adult drivers safer then teen drivers, women drivers less risky as compared to men and rural drivers safer than city folks.

Coverage continuity:

It may be difficult to justify gaps on car insurance coverage histories as mostly insurance providers will either presume that you have driven the car uninsured or your insurance coverage had been revoked by some previous company. If such is your case then you may obtain a cheap insurance bad driving record.

Buyer’s Credit Rating

Apparently, driving records and credit scores are totally unrelated. However, a majority of the insurance providers run credit checks to determine whether you can pose a risk to them. Past researches have revealed that motorists who have poor credit scores tend to file claims more often than those vehicle owners who have good credit ratings.

Learn How To Get A Low Rate Bad Driving Record Auto Insurance:

To improve your chances of securing cheap car insurance with bad driving record, it could be better if you first determined the actual amount as well as the type of coverage you need. For riskier drivers, it could be advisable to settle for a limited liability which accords protection against collisions as against a policy which provides a comprehensive coverage. Such a policy may also include medical coverage to you as well as a passerby who may get injured in a fatal accident involving your vehicle.

This way you may cut down on costs and at the same time have the opportunity to work with a reputed auto insurance company which provides the best insurance for bad driving records.

As much of the frills you can cut out of the policy will help lower costs, and find a reputable insurance company that not only sells “cheap” insurance, but good insurance coverage.

Important Tips To Find Cheap Car Insurance For Bad Driving Record

It may be challenging to secure easy to afford premiums on auto insurance covers especially when you are being presumed a risky driver by some auto insurance company. However, it could be still possible to seek better rates on your cheap auto insurance with bad driving record if you follow few important guidelines as mentioned below.

  • You may think of getting the cost of car insurance reduced by cutting down on the coverage that you need.
  • If you are a high risk driver, you can check out of you can get a family, group or co-op auto insurance plan for insuring your vehicle. But such plans may not be available in all states.
  • In some U.S. states, high risk drivers have to apply for vehicle insurance with their respective states. The states then assign some conventional car insurance company for providing coverage to such drivers. This way cheap car insurance for bad driving records could be secured.
  • There may be some companies which provide non-standard auto insurance covers that are specially designed to cater to the needs of high risk drivers. The premiums charged could be affordable and you may qualify for insurance rates that fit your budget.
  • Based on your personal circumstances, it could be better if you become realistic and opt for a short term policy which has a higher premium. Try and improve your driving record during that period so that the risk factor in your case gets negated. Besides, one must not switch companies too often as this can have a negative impact on your profile.
  • One of the ways to lower rates on your auto insurance for bad driving records is to undertake a course in safe driving from some reputed institution. Auto insurers do consider such efforts while determining car insurance prices.

Buy Cheap Car Insurance Bad Driving Record With SR-22 Policy

You may think of purchasing a SR-22 policy if you have already been issued multiple tickets for traffic violations and are on the verge of losing your driver’s license on account of reckless driving. Such an auto insurance bad driving record coverage could be mandated by state laws for protecting persons who are likely to be victims during accidents because of your dangerous driving.

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I had my doubts as to whether your company would be able to save me money on my insurance. Thank you for putting those doubts to rest and helping me save on my auto premiums.
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After my SR-22 I was worried whether or not I would be able to get coverage. Thanks for making this possible.
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Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes in Washington D #cheap #auto #insurance #in #dc


Best Cheap Auto Insurance in District of Columbia

Insurance Fraud in Washington, D.C.

Like every other state in the nation, Washington, D.C. has its own share of insurance fraud. Something as seemingly harmless as listing a friend’s home address (as yours) on an insurance application in order to get better insurance rates or exaggerating accident injuries does constitute insurance fraud. Millions of dollars are lost in Washington, D.C. annually to auto insurance fraud.

Consumers must make up the difference by paying higher insurance premiums. Here are several other forms of Washington, D.C. auto insurance fraud:

  • Hiding a car in a friend’s garage and reporting it “stolen” in order to collect on the insurance policy.
  • When mechanics and body shops use second-hand or junkyard parts while billing the insurance company for new parts.
  • Selling a fraudulent insurance policy.
  • Tampering with the insurance card of an expired policy to make it look like it is currently in effect.
  • Staging accidents.
  • Filing a claim for an auto accident that never really happened. This is called a “paper” accident because the accident occurred only on paper.
  • Referring people injured in a collision to doctors, mechanics, body shops and attorneys for a fee.

Alcohol-Related Accidents in Washington, D.C.

In any given year, Washington, D.C. has fewer than 100 traffic fatalities. The District has one of the highest rates of alcohol-related traffic deaths in the nation, with fatalities increasing by 6.2 percent from 2013 to 2014.

Strange Laws in Washington, D.C.

All states have some very interesting laws on the books. Here are a few of Washington, D.C.’s :

  • All lollipops are illegal.
  • It is illegal to walk around in public if you have a common cold.
  • You will be punished by a fine and/or incarceration if you harass Sasquatch, Bigfoot or any other undiscovered species. Doing so is a felony.

Driving in Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. has so many historical sites that it will take days to tour them. It is a good idea for tourists to find these sites on a city map, and drive around the capitol locating as many historical monuments, buildings, cemeteries and museums as possible. Then they can determine which sites they want to visit. Did you know that much of Washington, D.C.’s National Mall was once under water?

Auto Insurance Center Methodology

Auto insurance quotes are for a hypothetical driver who has state minimum coverage with $500 deductibles for one vehicle. The driver is male or female, 35 years old, has good credit, a college degree, and is employed with a clean driving record, no lapse in coverage, or claims. The vehicles are driven 16,000 miles per year for commuting and are garaged on premises. The auto quotes include common discounts and are estimates, but not guaranteed.

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Cheap Young Drivers Car Insurance #young #drivers #auto #insurance, #young #drivers #car


Insurance In-Depth: Exploring Cheap Young Drivers Car Insurance

First of all, let’s dispel the rumor that there is such a thing as cheap young drivers car insurance. Young, inexperienced drivers cost more to insure than the rest of us for two reasons: they’re young and inexperienced. So what, you say? From an insurance provider’s standpoint, young and inexperienced means dangerous, distractible and, well, stupid. And they have the stats to prove it. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t steps you can take to cut your teen or young adult’s insurance rate, however. Here is a list of things you and your kid can do to get the closest thing to cheap car insurance for young drivers on the market.

Why Cheap Young Drivers Car Insurance Doesn’t Exist

We could wax on for pages about how insurance companies weigh risk, how their assessment of risk influences insurance rates, and how that carries over to teen auto insurance rates, but in this case the statistics speak for themselves. According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death among Americans 15-20 years of age, teens and young adults are involved in 4 times more accidents than any other age group, teens have the lowest rate of seatbelt use of any age group in the country, and they engage in risky driving habits (speeding, distracted driving, following too closely, driving under the influence, etc.) at a much higher rate than the rest of population.

How to Get the Next Best Thing to Cheap Car Insurance for Young Drivers

That said, there are things every concerned parent can do to help make insuring their teen driver’s more affordable, even if cheap car insurance for young drivers is more fiction than reality.

  • Make Your Student Take a Driver’s Education Course — Driver’s education courses have been proven to increase the safety awareness and basic driving skills of young drivers. As such, most insurance companies offer discounts for teens who complete a certified driver’s education course prior to getting a license. It’s not cheap young drivers car insurance, but it’s something!
  • Restrict Where and When Your Teen is Allowed to Drive — According the CDC, the risk of teens being in an auto accident drastically increases between Thursday and Sunday, and after 9:00 p.m. That being the case, by limiting your teen to daytime driving and restricting where they are allowed to drive (e.g. – limiting their driving to school and work only), you can take a big step towards a safer teen driver.
  • Stress the Importance of Good Grades — Most insurance providers offer good student and/or honor roll discounts, since studies show that good students tend to be more responsible and safer drivers. Whether you use driving privileges as an incentive for a good report card, or just stress the importance of getting good grades, this is an easy way to cut insurance premiums.
  • Choose Your Teen’s Car Carefully — Tempted to buy your teenager a new Mustang for their senior year? Don’t. Not only do new cars cost more to insure than used ones, but certain vehicles (like sports cars) raise red flags and insurance premiums. On the flip side, giving your kid a $500 beater isn’t the answer either. Safety discounts can make big dent in annual auto insurance premiums, and few older cars have the safety features required to make the grade. Finding a happy medium should be your goal if you’re looking for cheap young drivers car insurance.
  • Ban Cell Phones and Texting While Driving — National Highway Safety and Transportation Administration (NHTSA) studies have found that dialing a cell phone increases your chance of getting in an accident threefold, while talking on a cell phone nearly doubles it. Add to that the findings of the Transportation Research Laboratory that texting while driving reduces reaction times by 35% (compared to 12% for those under the influence of alcohol and 21% for those under the influence of marijuana), and making the car a no-cell phone zone should be a no-brainer.
  • Restrict How Many Teens are Allowed in the Car — Whether it’s due to inattention, distraction, or peer pressure, young drivers perform even worse when other young adults are in the car in almost every measureable safety category. That being the case, you’re wise to enforce a strict occupancy limit when your teen is behind the wheel.

By adopting these proven strategies, you’ll be encouraging safe driving habits (and thus a safer driving record), and you’ll be taking full advantage of the discounts available to teen and young adult drivers. Add to that the savings you can find by using an online quote service like to help you shop around for the best rates, and the end result is the closest thing to cheap car insurance for young drivers that a parent is going to find.