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Best Brain Teasers: Pictogram Puzzles With Answers #crossword #puzzles #with #answers

#rebus puzzle answers


TOP 20 PUZZLES FOR ADULTS Puzzles for adults Puzzles For Adults 1. Popular Age Problem Difficulty Popularity Two o.

(1). Murder Mystery Humour Riddle Difficulty Popularity A donkey behind another donkey I m behind that se.

Top 10 TRICK QUESTIONS TRICK QUESTIONS 1. Hard Math Riddle Difficulty Popularity Take 9 from 6, 10 from 9, 50 from 40.

Hard Math Problems 1. Smart Math Problem Difficulty Popularity As they say, beggars can t be choosers, in fac.

Murder Riddles 1. Murder Crime Riddle Difficulty Popularity A dead body is found at the bottom of a multistory.

Best Brain Teasers: Rebus Word Puzzles With Answers #answer #questions #online

#rebus puzzle answers


TOP 20 PUZZLES FOR ADULTS Puzzles for adults Puzzles For Adults 1. Popular Age Problem Difficulty Popularity Two o.

(1). Murder Mystery Humour Riddle Difficulty Popularity A donkey behind another donkey I m behind that se.

Top 10 TRICK QUESTIONS TRICK QUESTIONS 1. Hard Math Riddle Difficulty Popularity Take 9 from 6, 10 from 9, 50 from 40.

Hard Math Problems 1. Smart Math Problem Difficulty Popularity As they say, beggars can t be choosers, in fac.

Murder Riddles 1. Murder Crime Riddle Difficulty Popularity A dead body is found at the bottom of a multistory.

What are the best riddles by the Riddler (Batman)? #ask #answers

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What are the best riddles by the Riddler (Batman)?

Q: I have billions of eyes, yet I live in darkness. I have millions of ears, yet only four lobes. I have no muscle, yet I rule two hemispheres. What am I?
A:The human brain

Q: We re five little items of an everyday sort; you ll find us all in a tennis court .

Q: What is the beginning of eternity, the end of time and space, the beginning of every end and the end of every race?
A: The letter E

Q: What weighs six ounces, sits in a tree, and is very dangerous?
A:A sparrow with a machine gun

Q: What is it that walks on four legs then two legs and finally three legs?
A:The answer to all three is a baby. True, it crawls on all fours, but cut off its legs and it can only wiggle on two limbs. Give it a crutch, it can hobble around on three.

Q: When is the time of a clock like the whistle of a train?
A:When it s two to two.

Q: What belongs to you, but is used by others?
A:Your name

Q: Mr. Van Jones, why are you like a clock at midnight?
A:Because both of your hands are going straight up, right now.

Q: What is it that no man wants to have but no man wants to lose?
A:A lawsuit

Q: There are three men in a boat with four cigarettes but no matches. How do they manage to smoke?
A:They threw a cigarette overboard, and made the boat a cigarette lighter.

For more riddles from the 60 s Frank Gorshin s Riddler – Riddle Me This, Riddle Me That – Vintage Riddler Riddles

Answer: Because both need to be peeled

Riddle: When is the time of a clock like the whistle of a train?

Answer: When its two to two

Riddle: Why is a quarrel like a bargain?

Answer: It takes two to make one

Riddle: What kind of pins are used in soup?

Riddle: What was Joan of Arc made of?

Answer: She was maid of Orleans

Riddle: How many sides has a circle?

Answer: Two, inside and outside

Riddle: Which President of the United States wore the biggest hat?

Answer: The one with the biggest head

Riddle: What has neither nails or bones, but has four fingers and a thumb?

Riddle: There are three men in a boat with a pack of cigarettes and no matches. How did they manage to smoke?

Answer: They threw one cigarette overboard and the boat became a cigarette lighter.

Riddle: When is a person like a piece of wood?

Answer: When it s a ruler

Riddle: Question, what is it that no man wants, but no man wants to lose?

Answer: A law suit!

Riddle: What is black and white and red all over?

Answer: A newspaper

Riddle: What have branches and leaves but no bark?

Answer: A library

Riddle: What has yellow skin and writes?

Answer: A ball point banana!

Riddle: What people are always in a hurry?

Answer: Rushing people. Russians!

Robin: I ve got it! Someone Russian is going to slip on a banana peel and break their neck!

Batman: Exactly Robin! It s the only possible answer!

Riddle: What is always on its way here, but never arrives?

Riddle: The more you take away from it the larger it grows, what is it?

Riddle: Why is silk like grass?

Answer: They are both sold by the yard.

You can know more about him in this article with the best facts and quotes by The Riddler.

Here are few Riddles by The Reiddler-

Q:Why do million dollar deals breakdown in the wasteland?

A:A calling card for Daniel Mockridge that he should meet The Riddler in his club called The Wasteland

Q:What is the shortest distance between a point in Nomme, Alaska and a point in Miami Florida?

A:A curved line on a globe

Q:Do you know what happens to gate crashers?

A:They have to match wits with The Riddler

Q:When is a Minotaur s owner as high as an elephant s eye?

Q:Which way to the eating place? (translated from Farsi)

Q:I have billions of eyes, yet I live in darkness. I have millions of ears, yet only four lobes. I have no muscle, yet I rule two hemispheres. What am I?

A:The human brain

What Is Reality?Edit

Q:Where does a 500 pound gorilla sleep?

A:Anywhere it wants

Q:What s worse than a millipede with flat feet?

A:A giraffe with a sore throat

Q:How do you fit 5 elephants into a compact car?

A:Two in the front seat, two in the back seat, and one in the trunk.

Q:Those were things of the past Batman. Ancient history thats gone now. I m a new man, but you probably won t figure that out till it s too late.

A:A clue he planned to rob R. Newman Imports of antiques

Q:Riddle no. 31753701

A:A clue he intended to rob the First National Bank whose address is 10 Leslie (31753701 upside down and reversed)

Q:Go back to where it started with toys

A:Directions to a death trap planned for Batman at the toy fair held at the Gotham Convention Center

For more amaizng and difficult Riddlers riddles subcribe to out blog and we will email you NerdySaint – Holy place for comic nerds

5.9k Views View Upvotes Answer requested by

List Of Best Free Online Question Answer Websites #peter #answers

#question and answer sites


Question And Get Answered 15 Free Online Question Answer Websites

Internet is a huge pool of knowledge where you can always get your questions, answered. But sometimes, there may be situations where you need an expertise to find your answers. Luckily, there are some sites that not only collects people views and reviews regarding a particular topic but also help in finding an expert in a concerned field. These are called as Question Answer websites.

Recommended Posts for you

Here are some of the Question Answer websites that may help you to find your answer.

1. Answerbag

Various questions from various categories get answered in Question Answer websites.In this website you can either browse through various categories to find your answer or you can also post one which requires a registration. Different people having different opinions and thoughts post their views regarding a particular question. This helps in finding a suitable answer to your question. You can also read questions and answers posted by others.

2. Yahoo! Answers

Undoubtedly ,the most popular among the Question Answer websites where millions of users across the world participate. The questions are categorized accordingly for one to search an answer. Various answers are given for a particular question. These answers get voted by website visitors. Depending on the number of votes the answers are displayed. One needs to register himself/herself before putting up a question.

3. Blurt it

This is among the few Question Answer websites where you need not register, neither to ask your question and nor to give any answers. One can browse through various categories which contains questions regarding that topic. You can also get your answer for some selected knowledge boundary.

4. Anybody Out There

This is a very interesting site in which questions asked, get answered instantly. It is able to find the correct person who can answer your question by taking in to account how they have solved others before. It lets you post your general question and then searches for the answer.

5. WikiAnswers

Having a humonguos database of information and aboye 5000 categories of questions make it a tough competitor in becoming the best among a huge collection Question Answer websites. Here you can post your question, answer to the questions asked by others, browse through various categories. Relevant answers are displayed. Reference library is also provided in case of some more research. Once registered to the website, you can get e-mail notifications each time your question get answered.

6. FunAdvice

FunAdvice amalgamates questions, answers, photos, queries in a fun way which makes it easier to share thoughts. This website is the fastest growing website among all the other Question Answer websites. It is slowly attracting attention of thousands of people who wants to get their answered.

6. AskVille

The most important part about this website is that when you ask your question, all the related questions along with their previous answers get displayed for you to search a suitable answer. In case the question is different, then you can also post your question and wait for answers. As soon as your question gets answered, an email notification will be send to you, thereby making the whole process simpler.

7. Ask Me Help Desk

Here you need to follow a simple registration process to create a free account and then you can post your question. The same process of email notification once answered goes in here also. An interesting fact is that you can get paid for answering questions. Paying for answering is not so popular in Question Answer websites.

8. Answer Bank

You can ask questions regarding a wide variety of topics which include music, body-building, law etc. Lot of questions are related to current affairs. So you can ask questions relating all round the world.

9. AskDeb

Ask questions online to people around the world and get instant answers. Questions of various genres and topics can be asked and can be answered easily.

10. Able2Know

Online discussions about a particular topic to come to an optimal solution can be done in this website. Very few Question Answer websites allow online discussion.

11. Mahalo Answers

Answers related to all the questions are submitted in this site as like all other Question Answer websites. The answers are voted and most voted answer is displayed for the question.

In its own terms twitter helps in finding a solution to a particular quesion. Unlike all the other Question Answer websites, Twitter also allows you to express your thoughts and opinions on any topic.

13. eHow

eHow have a huge database of technical knowledge such as reports, videos etc. which can help in solving the technical queries. It is one of the few Question Answer websites that take up technical questions.

14. 5min

It is a among some unique Question Answer websites in which instructional videos are provided for solving common questions. Graphical solution helps to solve the problem much more quickly and efficiently than other question answer websites.

15. Cramster

Very few Question Answer websites are solely dedicated to students studying in schools and colleges. Cramster is one of them which provides online tutoring and gives answers to academic questions.

Internet is a huge resource of information which contains an innumerable number of Question Answer websites in which you can definitely find the answer of your questions.

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13 Best Sites to Get Your Questions Answered! #biology #answers #online

#question and answer sites


13 Best Sites to Get Your Questions Answered!

The Internet is a huge resource of knowledge and information where you can find virtually anything. But, very often there are situations where you aren’t able to find the answers to your questions. Your question may require local knowledge or particular expertise.

Fortunately there are sites out there that can not only be used to find peoples thoughts and opinions about a particular topic but will also will help in finding experts in various fields. Herein find some best sites where you can ask questions and get answers from real people online.


Do business with 5,000 people

TNW NYC is our New York technology event for anyone interested in helping their company grow.

You can find answers to various questions from different categories on Answerbag You may ask questions on any topic but will need to register to do so. You can also browse through questions in selected categories of your choice and read all the questions and answers posted by other people.

Yahoo! Answers

Probably the most popular community Q A powered site with millions of users and thousands of questions asked and answered every day. All the questions are categorized in such a way that you can easily search for a related question in a category or place you question in a relevant category. Answers are rated by visitors and the best rated answer will be displayed as the best answer for a question.

You need to register with the site in order to ask or answer the questions. To make the users participate actively, it has a points system. When you ask a question you’ll spend points and when you answer the questions you’ll earn them. Based on the points earned, the user level will be defined.

Blurt it

This is another site where you can ask questions and answer them without registration. You can also browse through questions in various categories and browse through the Q A’s posted by other people.

You can explore answers across various topics and categories and get opinions from various people across the world on a selected knowledge area.

Anybody Out There

AnybodyOutThere is an interesting concept and platform that provides instant and relevant responses to your thoughts and questions by connecting you to people the people who should be able to help.

AnybodyOutThere lets you post the general topic of your question then goes to work finding the best person to answer your question based on how they’ve helped others before.


Wiki answers have a huge database of questions and answers and they are arranged in about 5,372 categories for easy reference. On the homepage you can post questions and also see new questions and new answers for the questions asked.

You can also answer to questions asked by other people and most of the answers are moderated and the best and relevant answers will be displayed. Reference library will help you get the reference you needed on a select topic.

You can browse through un-answered questions to answer them or browse through the answered questions and add your answer to a question. If you are registered with the site, you will get email notifications whenever your question is answered.


FunAdvice integrates questions, answers and photos in a unique experience that gives people a fun way to ask for advice, share information, and make friends. Despite the site looking a bit plain, the site is in fact on the fastest growing Q A sites out there gaining a great deal of traction over recent months.


This website is powered by Amazon. The most interesting part of the site is, when you ask a question all the related questions will be displayed for you to easily find the answer instantly. If the question you have asked is unique then, you can post your question on the site to get it answered by people. from across the world. When your question gets answered, you will get an email notification so that you can easily go through the answers.

To encourage user participation, it will issue gold points unlike yahoo. You can earn gold points when you have asked or answered a question. You can comment on answers and also give a compliment to questions and answers.

Ask Me Help Desk

You need to register with this site and create an account for free in order to ask and answer questions. When your question gets answered by others you will get an email notification about the answer. The key feature of this site is that, you can also get paid for providing answers to questions.

You can also become expert on this site by answering more questions so that you can build reputation. It also allows you to communicate with other members privately to exchange knowledge with others.

Answer Bank

On this site you can get answers to questions related to a wide variety of topics including music, law, sesonal, jobs, family etc.,

A lot of questions on the AnswerBank are topical, relating to what is going on in the news or in the world of entertainment and sport. You can ask as many questions as your imagination can provide.


You can ask questions about any topic on this site and get answers, opinions and advice from experts and real people.

You can ask questions related to daily and professional life. This is also a blogging site where in you can find articles about various topics and information about many things.


In this site you can ask a question and also start a discussion on a topic to get answers and opinions from various people.

You can also provide answers to un-answered questions and exchange knowledge with others. Help others to get answers and in turn you will get help from others on your questions.

Mahalo Answers

This is one another up and coming community powered question. Most of the data present on the site is submitted by users. It will also check for quality of answers and users can also vote for their favorites. The most voted answer will be picked as the best answer for the question.


Answerly lets you search across a scope of Q A sites using a custom Google search.

Aardvark uses an entirely new method to get answers to your questions. Described as Yahoo Answers meets Twitter. Aardvark primarily uses email and IM to send and receive answers to questions.

The site uses your network of friends and their friends as a resource, and when a question is posted, it will look for the most appropriate person among them to answer it.


Twitter in its own right, is another very good platform to get answers and opinions from people. Similar to Aardvark in some respects, but where it does fall short is that you’re limited by the number of people who follow you. Thanks to the retweet however, there’s always a good chance someone will be kind enough to share it with their followers. There are a number of services that use the Twitter API to create their own Q A service, examples include: IKnowTweet. ToAnswer. TwitQA.


Recently acquired Friendfeed is another fantastic way to find answers to your questions. Thanks to a feature called “groups” which lets users create groups for discussion around a particular topics, you’ll find if your question is about a particular subject area – there’s bound to be someone who can help.

To find a group, use the search tools on the site. You have to join the respective group to post your question and you can get answers from people. in real time.

Srikanth writes on Tech Inspiration blog about tips, gadgets, and technology.

Top 10 Best Question And Answer Websites To Solve Your Queries in

#question and answer sites


Top 10 Best Question And Answer Websites To Solve Your Queries in Minutes

People always have some questions in their mind. Generally, people search Google to find out the answers and if they fail to get satisfying answers from Google, then they will move on to some other option. The better option and most preferable option are to search or use the question and answer websites. Though we have many such question and answer sites available online, there are some commonly preferred and famous sites available in the internet. Referring such sites will offer you most predominant answers for your questions and so, you can save time because you can avoid searching and visiting the different question and answer sites for a better answer. Many online experts will be there as a member in the top websites to provide the suitable answers for your questions.

You can ask your questions directly under any category in most of the sites. You can even prefer to answer any question if you are knowledgeable in that category. You can even link your content in your website or blog and thus make your website more popular by attracting more visitors. The main thing here is you can even earn money, as some of the question and answer websites allow you to earn cash when you answer for a question. Revenue sharing program is one such kind of it. Many online users are making use of this opportunity to both share their knowledge with others and to make profits from their knowledge. Here you go with the list of top 10 question and answer sites.

Top 10 Best Question and Answer Websites

1. Yahoo! Answers

Yahoo Inc, a well reputed online company which offers many facilities like Yahoo search, Yahoo mail etc. also offers the most efficient question and answer site called ‘Yahoo answers’. Using your Yahoo account, you can simply sign in and you can continue with your task, i.e. either ask or answer a question. You have so many members registered with Yahoo and so, you can be sure that you will get answers to your questions in a short time. Yahoo Answers can be considered as one of the top visited websites in the world.

2. Answers. com

The website calls itself as ‘World leading question and answer website’. Just register with the website and you are then eligible to ask or answer the questions. You are allowed to ask questions under any category. This site also has so many members and so, you can expect to receive answers within a short period.

3. Wiki Answers

It is possible here to ask any kind of questions without registering with the website. However, it will be more useful and easy to track the flow of questions and answers if you register with them as a member. Like other sites, you can answer for others’ question too.

4. rediff Q A

It is the most famous and the best Indian question and answer site. You can ask your questions as per your choice and answer to other’s questions. If you own a Rediff account, then you can easily ask and answer here. Rediff has its own set of members and so, there is a greater possibility to get perfect answers in the shortest possible time.

5. ask ville by amazon

Amazon is a popular site that sells most of the branded and popular products online. Askville is owned and controlled by Amazon Company. You tend to gain experience points here based on the level of genuine and perfectness of your answer. The site is easy to use for posting your questions and answers.

6. AOL Answers .

It is a fun filled place to share your experience and knowledge with others. You can easily connect with others through this site. You can have a great comfort level here in managing your search for the answers. Get connected to professionals, experts and brilliant minded people to make your queries resolved.

7. answer bag

In this site you will have to register to ask question. You can ask questions on any topic and you can be sure to get it answered by thousands of members. If you feel lazy to answer a question you can browse through the topics to search your query, you may find it answered!


It offers you a real time chat to discuss about your questions with other members of the site and so, you can expect that you get immediate answers to your queries. You can even participate or analyze the discussions that are online. You can flag certain replies as inappropriate, can reply for the post. comment etc.


It is a new site, but they managed to get so many members at the initial stages itself. You may have some queries on web development and you may be thinking about the right place to ask about it. Here you go. Ask it on and get your website development issues resolved. Though you have many questions and answer sites, this site is specifically developed for the purpose of solving queries on web development and related stuffs. You can set language options here and thus it makes a better place for all people to solve their queries. I feel proud to say that WebmasterQuery solved many of my answers also within a very short period of time. The members are very friendly and cooperative. The debate page is a very unique feature of this question and answer site. Debates related to Webmaster Debates can be found here. All the debates get good exposure.

10. All

It is one of the oldest, biggest and free question and answer site. There are many categories listed on the site to post your questions. Starting from the category of animals, pets, arts and till travel, you can ask anything that you have in your mind related to these. The site assures that nearly 2 million questions have been answered until now.

Few More

This is a new qeustion and answer website which is few months old only but already gaining some popularity especially in India.

Ask Opinion is a different kind of question answer website. Here users asks abot anything and everything. It is very similar to Quora.


The above listed sites are not the ultimate question and answer websites, but the best. I am sure you must have answered or asked any question on at-least one of the above website. Feel free to share your experience and also tell us if you think any other question and answer websites is worth to get listed here.

If you own or related to any similar websites or apps, please contact us we will be happy to add your website in this list.

This is a guest post by Debarshi for Webtarantula which serves free seo analysis for your sites .

What is the best question and answer platform? Why? #sadlier #oxford #vocabulary

#question and answer sites


That would be Quora.

  1. Users can communicate with everyone, giving you a wider pool of people to ask.
  2. Quora somehow convinced and manage to regulate it s users in giving a meaningfull and well thought answers.
  3. Quora offers a very wide network of brains, not only relating to one subject but also encompassing almost all topics ever thought of.
  4. I really like their tag line or motto (whatever they call it)

The best answer to every queation.

And the makers of Quora really did try their best to portray it.

649 Views Not for Reproduction Answer requested by Jordan Alexander

  • What are other question-asking websites like Quora?

  • Is there any open source question and answer web platform like Stack Overflow?

  • What is the best answer to the question why ?

  • What is the best app for asking questions and getting answers from people geographically around you?

  • Which is the best theme for a questions and answers platform?

  • What are some open source question answer applications like Quora?

  • What does a good answer on Quora look like? What does it mean to be helpful ?

  • 15 Best – Most Pranky Websites To Fool Your Friends – Make

    #peter answers trick


    15 Best Most Pranky Websites To Fool Your Friends Make Fun

    So friends, are you ready to get some fun? Personally, I am a pure technology enthusiast (much inclined to web). I love to explore new and amazing things online and trust me, there are a hell lot amazing websites which will let you to enjoy, do very interesting stuffs as well as amaze your fans/friends/relatives.

    Today, I am showcasing 15 Most Pranky websites that I ever find on internet. However, the list is not pure list of mere 15 Sites, some of them are lists telling you other similar websites under a category.

    1. Peter Answers Virtual Tarot

    One of the most popular Internet prank, Peter Answers tells your answer for every asked question. You can ask what is the color of your friend s shoes, what your mom is baking inside kitchen, which movie your sister is watching now, etc. and Peter will answer all the questions correctly. Just use friend and positive language while asking.

    2. Google Secret Code Tricks

    Google, the web giant is itself great place to play pranks. There are a lot of secret tricks, codes and easter eggs that will let you to play prank with your friends with lets say, calling snowfalls, termites on your web browser, breaking Google Search Engine down, etc.

    Google Secret Tricks

    This article is revealing almost all secret tricks. Read Here

    3. Net Disaster

    Do you want to destroy internet websites, web browser, and even your desktop? Yeah, Its very simple to do as a piece of cake. You can get destructive code, put in your website that lets you to show amazing stuffs like nuclear bomb falling on screen, flood, storm and a lot of things.

    Net Disaster, The Protest Effect

    There are numerous effects available. You can also download desktop application.

    4. Facebook Most Amazing Tricks

    The article showcases 35+ most amazing Facebook tricks that you might never heard of.

    The trick includes changing Facebook color themes, modifying anchor text of Tagged Profile/Page, create awesome albums of your Facebook Pics, auto-post pages, groups and even get free recharge from Facebook. Read Here

    5. Cartoonize Yourself

    Wanna create cartoon of your face and use it as avatar on your social media profiles, online gaming account or anywhere else? Then, the article will let you know some of the best websites over internet that let you to create cartoon character of yourself within few minutes.

    Try it, the trick is not gonna waste your single penny. Read Here

    6. Scary Maze Game

    Seems to be talented to solve toughest maze but I bet, you ll not able to complete more then 4 or 5 levels of this really very simple maze.

    Scary Maze Game

    Wanna try? Obviously you can, but unlike Facebook, don t touch the walls out there.

    7. Where s Waldo?

    Waldo will hide (in front of you) somewhere inside the gadgets available on the screen but you ll not able to find him at the easiest. Let me see if you have guts to find him or not.

    The path is dangerous though don t come crying at me if you actually find him

    8. Amazing Photo Effects

    Searching for unique effects to put on your special pics? Here is the list of some most amazing websites that will let you to put most appealing effects on your photographs.

    You can change environment around, create animated pics, make your pics wild, prank your friends by modifying their cute face to ugly and do a lot of other things. Read Here

    9. PrankSpace

    The website is having numerous of prank available to play with your friends at home, school or at office. PrankSpace also provides you numerous online pranks. You can also learn some magic tricks and do Audio Pranks, Flash Pranks, Video Pranks, etc.

    So hurry now, just visit the website and learn most innovative pranks to play with.

    10. Dial People is a website for you type people who get bored easily. Along with a numerous interesting stuffs like videos, games and humor, its Dial People is a tool where you can enter the phone number to call, the number that you want to show up on Caller ID, and what you want the automated message to say.

    11. What s Wrong With The Room?

    Ready to face a strong pulse of fear? Then visit the website. Let me tell you, this scary website is not for faint-hearted people . Search the room, explore every single stuffs around your screen until you start observing something haunted. Don t blame me, You have been warned!

    Haunted room ghost

    12. News of Future

    Wanna explore the future now? We got a perfect site for it. News of Future is a website that serves you Future News. You can read hottest news of Year 2020, Year 2035 and even Year 2050. I don t know if the website owner have a time machine but the news are really very interesting and trusting.

    Exclusive Future News For You

    Let me tell you, it gonna consume all of your remaining time of today.

    13. Miniclip

    One of the best online-gaming website. You can play arcade, adventures, racing, fighting, puzzle games online. There are thousands of game available to play online. You can register there for free and participate in their contest which can help you to win lots of rewards. You can even visit there catalog and download the game of your choice for free.


    I am sure you might aware of the fact that almost all big games like God of War, DevilMayCry, Need For Speed, etc. comes with cheat codes that are not mentioned everywhere in their manual. You need to google them, but these cheat codes can make your player immortal, increase power of your player, unlock characters, level, secret places, get you unlimited ammo and do a lot of things.

    So, is a website where you can find cheat codes of almost every popular games including Windows Minesweeper, Pinball Cheats also.

    15. The Flash Mind Reader

    This is one of the best prank that I am including. This small pearl can read your mind and I am not joking. Get your friend to think hard enough on how the Flash Mind Reader can read your mind. I reckon you won t even figure it out yourself.

    The Flash Mind Reader

    Choose a 2-digit number, add its both digits and minus the answer with that 2-digit number. For the ultimate answer, notice the symbol corresponding to it, click on the blank pearl and it will automatically show that symbol. Its not trick, Its MAGIC. Must Try!

    This is an on-going list and we are about to include more websites to this amazing list so bookmark the article to stay updates with new websites listed here.

    50 Best Question And Answer Jokes #odysseyware #answers

    #question and answer jokes


    Q: What do you call a boomerang that won’t come back?
    A: A stick.

    Q: What do you call a clairvoyant midget who just broke out of prison?
    A: A small medium at large.

    Q: What’s the best thing about having Alzheimer’s Disease?
    A: You can hide your own easter eggs.

    Q: What’s the difference between �Oooh� and �Aaah�?
    A: About 3 inches

    Q: How do you know if a blonde has been sending e-mail?
    A: You see a bunch of envelopes stuffed into the disk drive.

    Q: Why do most women pay more attention to their appearance than improving their minds?
    A: Because most men are stupid but few are blind.

    Q: What do you call a group of blondes on roller skates?
    A: A mobile sperm bank.

    Q: How do you tell a male chromosome from a female chromosome?
    A: Pull down its genes.

    Q: What do breasts and martinis have in common?
    A: One is not enough and three are too many.

    Q: What do you call a row of rabbits jumping backwards?
    A: A receding hair line.