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Alltel Live Phone Answering

Live telephone answering is a virtual reception service that answers calls for busy entrepreneurs and businesses. When activated, calls to your designated numbers are redirected to a professional operator who answers in your business name. A virtual receptionist takes a message and sends it to you immediately via SMS and email, or connects the call to you based on your availability.

Running a business is a juggling act and marathon mashed up into one. By trying to do everything yourself, other aspects of your business may suffer. Alltel Live Phone Answering services helps you manage your time and resources more efficiently by taking one thing off your plate, and giving you the freedom to focus on other tasks which are crucial to your operations without blowing up your overhead costs.

Unlike voicemail and other automated messaging services, a live answering service keeps customers at ease, simply by having a real person at the other end of the line. Our operators are all native speakers and based locally in Australia, so your messages never get lost in translation.

How will Alltel handle my calls when I can’t?

Messages 24/7

What is Messages 24/7?

Messages 24/7 is a telephone answering service available 24 hours, 365 days a year. Australian-based operators answer for a specific person/department, and forwards the message immediately via SMS and email.

Ideal for:

Sole operators, small companies, tradies, and startups looking for a basic live phone answering service as a call overflow or after-hours option for their business.

Team Messenger

What is Team Messenger?

Team Messenger is a team answering service for multiple people or departments within a business. Messages are taken and relayed to the appropriate person or team via SMS and email.

Ideal for:

Medium-sized and growing businesses looking to share calls and work more effectively within their organisation. This service is also highly recommended for sales, support, and emergency response teams.

Reception Connect

What is Reception Connect?

Reception Connect is a complete virtual reception service that answers calls and checks your availability before connecting the call to you, or takes a message when you’re unavailable.

Ideal for:

Any business looking for an affordable, yet effective alternative to hiring an in-house receptionist. Alltel Reception Connect makes your business look big and professional, minus the overhead costs.

Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill 2017-19 – Commons Library briefing – UK

Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill 2017-19

This paper explains the policy background to and contents and purpose of the Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill 2017-19 (HC Bill 112).

The Bill was introduced in the House of Commons on 18 October 2017. It is scheduled to receive Second Reading on Monday 23 October.

The Bill extends to the whole of the UK with the exception of clauses 1 to 7 on insurance for automated vehicles, which extend only to Great Britain. For Part 2 (electric vehicle charging) a legislative consent motion is being sought from the Northern Ireland Assembly in respect of the application of these provisions in Northern Ireland.

Insurance for automated vehicles

The application of intelligence to cars is gathering pace and there is a strong push by manufacturers to develop automated vehicles which will drive themselves. Currently, insurance law is driver-centric: all (human) drivers have to have insurance in order to provide compensation for third parties for personal injury or property damage due to a driving related incident. The Government s view is that such principles need to be extended to cover automated vehicles when the car is the driver and the driver is sometimes a passenger.

The intention behind the legislation is to emphasise that if there is an insurance event (accident) the compensation route for the individual remains within the motor insurance settlement framework, rather than through a product liability framework against a manufacturer.

The Government believes that answering the insurance questions sooner rather than later will encourage manufacturers to develop transport technology in the United Kingdom with the confidence that they can exploit market opportunities.

Since 2009 UK governments of all parties have sought to provide a framework in which electric vehicles, or ultra low emission vehicles (ULEVs) can grow. The decarbonisation of both private cars and goods and passenger carrying vehicles is seen as critical to helping the UK achieve its climate change obligations and to improving air quality, particularly in cities such as London.

The measures in the Bill are intended to help deliver the aim in the Conservative Manifesto commitment for almost every car and van to be a zero emission vehicle by 2050. Taken together, the proposed powers would allow Government to regulate if necessary in the coming years, to improve the consumer experience of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, to ensure provision at key strategic locations like Motorway Service Areas (MSAs), and to require that charge points have smart capability.

This paper will be updated as the Bill progresses through its Parliamentary stages.

Further information on roads/motor vehicle policy can be found on the transport policy page of the Parliament website.

Customer Service Done Right: When an Actual Human Being Answers the Phone,

Customer Service Done Right: When an Actual Human Being Answers the Phone

The ninth circle of customer service hell usually begins with a phone call looped through a maddeningly automated system known as IVR (Interactive Voice Response)—you know, the one in which you Press 1 to continue in English and Listen closely to our list of options, as they may have changed. Turns out, not all Internet retailers use such systems. Instead, many top retailers utilize what s known as live human beings to answer the phone. Perhaps most surprising of all, the companies that employ living breathing customer service reps to answer phones also tend to have shorter wait times for callers.

Stella Service, a company that rates customer service quality among Internet retailers based on factors such as the fastest response time to customer e-mails, just released a study showing that (surprise!) it s highly unlikely you ll hear an actual human voice on the line right away when you call the typical customer service department. Of the top 100 Internet retailers, 79 use automated phone trees that require callers to press buttons or speak requests into the phone—and that often seem to purposefully steer customers in every direction except the one that leads to a human being.

But with 21 of the top 100 Internet retailers, when you call the customer service line, amazingly enough, a genuine living customer service agent answers the phone. No pressing of buttons or talking to a computer required.

The Internet retailers that pick up the phone are listed below (with their ranking for sales in parenthesis):

Neiman Marcus (#39)

Urban Outfitters (#48)

Stella Service notes that the #101 Internet retailer, 1-800 CONTACTS, also has live service agents answering phones, and that Amazon is the only business in the top 10 that does so. The rest of the top ten—Staples, Apple, Dell, Office Depot, Walmart, Sears, QVC, OfficeMax, and CDW—all use automated phone menus.

It s easy to understand why companies use such automated phone systems: They re cheaper and more efficient than hiring more people to handle all the callers.

It s also easy to understand why some companies don t use such systems: Customers hate them, and, generally speaking, it s a bad idea to agitate your customers. Consumer expectations for customer service have gotten so low that a company scores some points, and perhaps is viewed even as having superior customer service, simply by the fact that somebody with a pulse answers the phone.

Perhaps the automated systems wouldn t drive customers quite as nuts if they take up so much time. Many bank customers prefer ATMs to live tellers nowadays because using the ATM is quicker and more convenient. But callers forced to deal with automated phone systems can expect longer hold times when seeking customer service. The average hold time for a customer dealing with an automated system is 1 minute, 51 seconds, according to Stella Service. Customers calling a company that employs live agents to answer the phones, on the other hand, are on hold for an average of just 51 seconds.

Brad Tuttle is a reporter at TIME. Find him on Twitter at @bradrtuttle. You can also continue the discussion on TIME’s Facebook page and on Twitter at @TIME.

Brad Tuttle @bradrtuttle

Brad Tuttle covers business and personal finance for TIME. He lives in Massachusetts with his wife and four sons, and also teaches journalism at UMass-Amherst.

24×7 Medical & Business Answering Services – Word Class Service Since 1972,

24/7 Medical and Business Call Center Services

family owned and operated since 1972.

We are your traditional answering service providing the most technically advanced services at all times. There are NO limitations to the services we provide and you deserve. Our name, although it gives the impression that we only service the medical community we actually have a very diverse client base that includes many commercial accounts.

Bay Area Medical Exchange is traditional in that we have been OWNED and OPERATED by the same family for over 43 years now. It was started with a husband and wife team, a handful of physicians (literally) an original cord board and 2 phones lines. Since 1994 we have been operated by the next generation in the family, we have clients all over the world, utilize the most advanced technology and are up to 5,000 incoming lines. The original idea of opening our doors came when the owner, Dave Reynard was a police officer and used the 2-way radios for communication with the Police Department. He was the very first person to bring this technology to the local physicians to use in the same manner as the police department but instead he purchased his own radio license so that he could have the physicians on separate frequency. They LOVED the idea that they could leave their home or office and still be reached while doing rounds at the hospital or out to dinner. Although he retired from the daily operations over 10 years ago he still is active in developing software that remains on the cutting edge of technology.

Since 1994 his daughter Heather Whitlock has taken over the daily operations along with Amanda Brenner. Every client is taken care of as if they were Bay Area Medical’s ONLY client. You will always receive one on one customer service. Our policy is NEVER get too big that you cannot service the clients in the same fashion you have since inception!

Automated answering service

Instantly reduce your labor costs with Bay area medical exchange.

Save payroll dollars for:

Expensive recruiting/hiring mistakes and training.

Rushes of calls for short time periods

Sick days, overtime, FMLA, weekend and premium pay.

Lunch hours or breaks.

Vacation, holidays or paid time off.

Employee benefit costs. Such as FICA, SS, Medicare, Worker’s Comp, Insurance, etc

Automated answering service

bay area medical exchange can offer you:

Telephone coverage any time – 24 hrs / 365 days.

Accurate information and detailed messaging.

Sophisticated and Advanced custom automated services.

Professional, friendly and caring telephone assistance.

Staff committed to quality management excellent customer service.

Instant / Automatic emergency dispatching.

Continuous service through any power outages.

Over 100 years combined staff experience.

Automated answering service

contact us

Bay Area Medical Exchange, Inc

1185 Ponce De Leon Blvd

Clearwater, FL 33756

Corporate Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm

Call Center Hours: 24 hours / 7 days a week / 365 days per year

Pinellas Phone: 727-562-6600 or 727-381-1131

Pinellas Fax: 727-562-6610

Pasco Phone: 727-815-4545

Pasco Fax: 727-847-7887

Hillsborough Phone: 813-222-5200

Hillsborough Fax: 813-222-5201

Sarasota/Manatee Phone: 941-749-9000

Sarasota/Manatee Fax: 941-749-9100

Sales Email Contact: [email protected]

Customer Service: [email protected]

Toll Free Number: 1-877-381-1131

meet our administrative staff

We at Bay Area Medical Exchange, Inc. built our company by always placing our client’s needs first. Our mission is to provide you with great service, reasonable rates and continuous innovative technology. If you need to make any changes, customize something to your specific needs or have any questions, please feel free to call our staff anytime.

dave reynard, president

Automated answering service

Founded Company in 1973; now retired from daily operations.

heather whitlock, vice president

Automated answering service

Business/Client Relations since 1995.

david whitlock, systems administrator

Automated answering service

Administrator/Programmer since 2012.

Kimberly Erturk, Director of Operations

Automated answering service

The newest member of our team.

amanda brenner,

Automated answering service

Serving BAME and its clients since 1995.

joy holley,

Automated answering service

Serving BAME and its clients since 2002. Automated answering service

Automated Voice Message System, AccessDirect, automated answering service.#Automated #answering #service

Automated Voicemail

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An automated voicemail system includes advanced features for routing calls, retrieving messages and other functions. Automated voicemail systems may be set up to convert and forward incoming messages via text or email. They can also prompt callers to leave their message with a specific desk or extension, ensuring it gets to the right person – and gets an informed response – faster.

Almost all automated voicemail systems allow businesses to record a personalized greeting that creates a more professional impression on incoming callers. Users can also create information-only mailboxes that provide clear, prerecorded answers to frequently asked questions.

Key benefits of an automated voicemail system include 24/7 call management, more effective call routing and the ability to connect seamlessly with remote employees, among other features. Systems are often highly customized to reflect the needs of individual businesses. To learn more about your options, keep reading or contact an AccessDirect representative for assistance.

Automated answering service

No Missed Calls with Automated Voicemail

Automated voicemail is an integral feature of our virtual phone system and will minimize your chances of missing important calls. A voicemail system present recorded audio messages to recipients, and allow them to leave a detailed message for you to respond later.

If your customers are unable to reach you live, they’ll want to have the option to leave a message and receive a prompt reply. As a business owner, you understand the importance of retrieving these messages and returning calls as quickly as possible. A voicemail system from AccessDirect provides a cost-effective, cloud-based communication solution for businesses of all sizes. This service can be easily integrated into your existing business phone system.


Whether you’re a large company or a mom-and-pop shop, we can provide your business with a voicemail box that will enhance your company’s image. Callers receive a professional-sounding customizable greeting (record your own greeting or we can record one for you at no additional cost) that gives the impression of a Fortune 500 company.

You can also use your stand-alone voicemail system to offer information-only lines that give your callers instant answers to frequently asked questions about your business.


Our voicemail service allows you to retrieve messages by email, text or via a mobile phone app so you can stay connected even when you’re out of the office. You can also listen to messages on your desktop or mobile device and return calls simply by clicking on the caller ID imbedded in the notification.

You can also manage your settings and make changes using our online web interface, either from your desktop PC or using the mobile phone app. Because our stand-alone mailbox is accessible from anywhere, it’s the perfect solution for businesses with remote, local or franchise offices.

With our voicemail services, you can use your existing local or toll-free number or get new numbers from us. Do you need voice mailboxes for each staff member? We offer voicemail auto attendant solutions with a professionally recorded company greeting — free of charge — and multiple extensions so each staff member has their own voice mailbox.


We recently provided an income tax service with an AccessDirect voicemail system. The firm employs remote tax preparers, many of whom work at home. We supplied the business with a main phone number and a separate extension, call transfer number and email address for each preparer.

The preparers were also able to record personalized greetings to provide a professional image when reaching their virtual voicemail number. The owner was pleased with the increased efficiency of the business’s phone system.

Our automated voice messaging services were also useful for an American antiques dealer whose work involved connecting buyers to shops in Europe and beyond. One persistent challenge involved the reluctance of these shops to using conventional voice mailbox systems. AccessDirect set up a stateside number, which allowed incoming callers to leave messages that would be forwarded to the business’s European partners in email format. This helped save time and ensured requests were communicated effectively.

In today’s world, you don’t have to be a big corporation to do business overseas. Through our automated voice messaging systems and other services, AccessDirect is helping smaller organizations stay connected with customers around the world.


An automated voice message system was instrumental for a Canadian businessman splitting his time between Toronto and Hong Kong. To help him maintain a presence at home while working abroad, AccessDirect set the client up with an automated voice message system which could be accessed from anywhere in the world. Messages were also relayed directly to his email account, so the client was alerted immediately and could respond without delay.

Our automated voice messaging services were also useful for an American antiques dealer whose work involved connecting buyers to shops in Europe and beyond. One persistent challenge involved the reluctance of these shops to using conventional voice mailbox systems. AccessDirect set up a stateside number, which allowed incoming callers to leave messages that would be forwarded to the business’s European partners in email format. This helped save time and ensured requests were communicated effectively.

In today’s world, you don’t have to be a big corporation to do business overseas. Through our automated voice messaging systems and other services, AccessDirect is helping smaller organizations stay connected with customers around the world.

Phone Answering Service, automated answering service.#Automated #answering #service

Answering Service Call Center Services

Solutions for 24 hour phone coverage, appointment setting, and more. There s no easier way to get competitive prices on all your answering service needs.

Free Trials No Credit Card Required No Obligation

Compare Quotes Now!

Saving Time Through a Phone Answering Service

Almost every small business owner is constantly trying to find ways to save time. It always seems that there are so many things to do, including office management, sales, product development, customer service, hiring, training and what amounts to a never ending to-do list. Many pieces of software, services, and third party organizations promise time-saving solutions, but in reality most of them just end being another drain not just on time, but also on your wallet. However, if you really want to find more hours in the day and make the most of not only your own time, but also your whole teams, then the solution may lie in hiring a professional answering service company to work with you.

Automated answering service

Automated answering service

Automated answering service

Your Virtual Receptionist

If you already employ reception staff at your organization, you may be wondering why you need a phone answering service. First of all, most receptionists do a lot more than answer the phones, and many of these tasks are specific to your company. For instance, they may be responsible for filing orders, entering sales into your record keeping system, greeting in-person clients or even basic bookkeeping. While a virtual receptionist can most of these things too, these tasks are all company specific and less commonly outsourced. By allowing a 24/7 answering service to field your incoming calls when the lines are busy or after hours, you save your reception staff the time of having to listen to all the messages, return calls, or route messages to the appropriate party. Instead, the answering service will take care of all of these tasks and allow your reception staff to focus on the internal tasks that only they can do.

Affordable answering service price quotes for medical, legal, and small businesses in many other industries.

Answering Service for Lead Capture, Order Processing, and More

Whether you take care of sales yourself or leave it to a sales professional or sales team, an answering service will save anyone involved in sales a great deal of time. When people interested in your products or services call into your business and are greeted with an automated attendant or voicemail, they are probably just going to hang up and move on to the nearest competitor who will actually answer their call. However, when they speak to a phone answering service, they know that a real person has taken their message and will be taking action on their request. The call center will capture the lead, process sales orders, and even schedule appointments for you. This helps gather prospects at an accelerated rate, keeping your sales team busy closing deals and answering customer questions instead of searching for prospects.

24/7 Customer Service Phone Coverage

When a person leaves a voicemail, or even sends an email to a customer service team, it is so easy for the details of their situation to be overlooked or explained unclearly. This leads to a lot of wasted time trying to second guess customer requests and meet their expectations. A 24 hour answering service can probe to get to the heart of the customer’s request so that when the information is relayed to your customer service team, they have everything they need to take swift and decisive action to resolve the customer’s request.

Phone Answering Service – Anserve, Inc, automated answering service.#Automated #answering #service

Anserve’s Phone Answering Service

Anserve, Inc. is a phone answering service that provides numerous answering services to many types of businesses across a handful of industries. We work with government entities, commercial businesses, hospitals, in-home health services, private medical practices, health clinics, and more. Our answering services include all of your basic phone answering services and then some at competitive rates.

We manage more than 8,000 calls on a daily basis with 25 dedicated management and operator stations running 24/7. We have nearly 100 employees who are fully trained and committed to giving outstanding service during every phone call. We designate 12 management and support staff to oversee daily operations, making sure we’re doing the best job possible for our clients.

Anserve uses the fully digital Pinnacle System, which means crystal clear voice quality, fast, seamless call handling, customized script on every account and an automated “on call” scheduler to assure that emergency calls get to the right person.

Expert Answering Services with Headquarters in New Jersey

Anserve company’s headquarters for their phone answering service is in Butler, New Jersey . We offer answering services for small businesses to a lot of local companies. We strive to provide affordable services to help all sizes of businesses. We have the staffing and resources to cater to large multi-location corporations and we also have the ability to offer that same level of service to small businesses. We understand that even small business owners manage increasing call volumes and daily operations, such as appointment scheduling, as they grow their companies

Call us today at 800-980-9770. Ask us about our Exciting New Service Packages and our Competitive Rates

Automated answering serviceAutomated answering service

Watch our video


Renewal By Andersen-Long Island

Anserve’s scripting technology adjusts to our time critical needs. We also have been happy with the quick response by Anserve management when we need to make an account change or add additional accounts.

Michele Zezima (Operations Manager)

Anserve Quality

How do we maintain our high

levels of customer service?

Click to learn about the Anserve Quality Assurance Program.

10 Tips

What should you look for in an

Check out our 10 tips for choosing the right telephone answering service!

Automated Business Phone Answering System, AccessDirect, automated answering service.#Automated #answering #service

Business Phone Systems

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It’s a dilemma that many small business owners face. You want to answer every incoming phone call as quickly as possible to ensure that you never miss a sale and are always providing the best service to your customers. However you also need to devote your attention to the day-to-day operations of your business. That’s where an efficient, cost-effective automated answering system can be a valuable tool for any business owner.

Automated answering service

Automated answering service

Call Answering Systems from AccessDirect

Our fully featured business phone answering systems offer excellent call management and help you focus on your core business tasks. A state-of-the-art virtual answering system from AccessDirect helps small and medium businesses deliver highly professional call management services and project a big business image. The automated answering system comes with premium call management features to deliver a quality customer interface to every caller.


Growing organizations face the unique challenge of trying to capitalize on opportunities while staying streamlined and navigating ongoing budgetary concerns. A customized small business answering system from AccessDirect can offer a number of key benefits to organizations undergoing a period of growth. Our services are customizable, easy-to-implement and require no long-term contracts or commitments. Best of all, our small business phone answering systems are backed by our commitment to outstanding customer service. Here’s what makes AccessDirect different:

  • We are an independent organization that can offer the personalized service major telephone companies can t. That means you ll deal exclusively with a single point of contact who can suggest the best products and services for your needs while steering you away from expensive purchases that won t deliver a good return on your investment.
  • We can respond faster in an emergency. With AccessDirect, you re not a number — you re a valued customer. Whenever you need to make a change or have an issue that needs to be resolved with your small business s phone answering system, we can correct it quickly, without a lot of red tape.
  • We’ve worked closely with clients of all sizes and have a verifiable track record of delivering on our promises. Check out our Testimonials page to read what some of our satisfied customers have to say.

What Is a Business Phone Answering System?

An automated business phone answering system is a virtual receptionist that efficiently receives and manages all your inbound and outbound calls. It allows callers to connect to your employees even when they are working off-site, during business hours as well as after hours.

What Does an Answering System Do?

The integrated voice response (IVR) feature of the auto attendant system greets callers professionally and routes calls to the appropriate extensions. The advanced find me follow me call forwarding system directs calls to alternate numbers including pre-assigned cell and home phone numbers.

Not available? The auto attendant system can also forward the caller to your automated, customizable voicemail box and send those voicemails to your email address.

Why Should I Choose a Business Phone Answering System Over Live Answering?

If you’re looking for a business call answering solution, you have the choice between a live receptionist and an automated internet phone answering service. Both have their advantages, but keep in mind that automated services have more benefits for business:

  • Automated business phone answering services never have a bad day. With a virtual professional phone answering service, you never have to worry about a receptionist being away from their desk or worry about a non-professional encounter. Your business phone answering service always has the same professional greeting, even after hours.
  • More control. With a PBX business telephone answering system, you get to determine exactly what tone of voice and professional message customers and leads get when they contact you. You can also determine exactly which departments and phone options are on the menu and how they are presented to callers.
  • Fewer dropped calls. With an automated answering service, calls are answered promptly, even if you have high call volumes or if everyone is busy. Customers and leads spend less time being placed on hold and more time reaching the right department.
  • More staff efficiency. Your staff likely has more productive uses of their time than answering questions about business hours or locations. With an automated small business phone answering service, you can set up info boxes to cover basic details.
  • Virtual phone answering systems save you money. You may not have to hire someone to answer your phones, saving you money on recruitment, salary, training, and other employee costs.

Can I Update My Business Phone Answering System as My Business Grows?

Your small business telephone answering service is only a good match if it meets your business needs now and as you grow. Whether you suddenly need to add new departments, have new professionals on board, or want to offer new products and services, you want your professional phone answering system to keep up with your organization.

AccessDirect makes it easy to update your system with our automated phone message service. Since there is no hardware or challenging software to contend with, it’s easy to update your system when you need to. With AccessDirect, you can:

  • Add info boxes or change the information in your existing info boxes
  • Change call forwarding options
  • Record new greetings
  • Update extensions or departments
  • Add new users

If you ever need help, AccessDirect is easy to reach for assistance.

Automated Phone Answering System Key Features

Our PBX phone systems with automated answering service are packed with advanced features for real-time call management. These include:

Call Answering Service For Your Business Telephone Calls: alldayPA, automated answering service.#Automated

Call Answering Services for Your Business

Outsourcing to Us Will Save You Time Money

Let us become an extension of your team, answering calls for your business as if we are based in your office. Our trusted service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to ensure you never miss an important call or a new business opportunity.

From basic reception calls to emergency response, our fully trained PAs will save you time and money, whilst ensuring that your business runs smoothly day in, day out. We’ll seamlessly transfer calls through to your team, or deal with the caller as per your request, sending you details in real-time to keep you informed of call activity.

Experts in Quality Call Handling

Before we start to answer your calls, we will fully immerse ourselves in your business and its culture. You can even give us specific training and instructions if you like. Then we will deliver a cost-effective call answering package that is customised to your company’s needs.

Our fully trained PAs will answer incoming calls for you as though they are based in your office. We aim to answer each call within three rings: no engaged tone, no automated voicemail – just a friendly professional who will look after your clients.

By choosing us, your business will have somebody there to answer calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. That means you’ll be covered during office hours, but also during the evenings and weekends – so your customers will always be able to get in touch with you.

Customise Your Call Answering Package

You choose exactly how we help you, your package can be as simple or as sophisticated as you want it to be. Here are some of our main offerings:

Message taking service we take a name, number, and message from all the calls we answer on your behalf.

Virtual switchboard we take your calls and transfer them through to the right person in your business.

Overflow reception our PA s support your in-house team as and when you need us.

Allegheny Answering Service, automated answering service.#Automated #answering #service

Allegheny Answering Service

Automated answering service

People Answering People

24 Hours a day, 365 days a year

We are here to meet the needs of both you and your business.

Founded in 1989, Allegheny Answering Service has over 28 years experience in assisting businesses of all sizes operate more efficiently. From assistance with your phone lines to ensuring your team is receiving their calls, our experienced personnel can meet the needs of every office – all day, every day.

Industries served include, but not limited to:

Hospice, Attorneys, Contractors, Dental, Universities, Medical, HVAC, Finance, Government, Small Business, Real Estate, Hospitality, Information Technology, Restoration, Plumbing, Property Management, Medical Supplies, Customer Support

Call us today, and never miss a call again.



539 Rochester Road

Pittsburgh, PA 15237


Our Features:

Here at Allegheny Answering Service we use a script based system. We are able to program an account according to our clients’ business needs. A script based system ensures that our operators never deviate from the questions they are supposed to be asking your customers. Below are some of our other features that we are capable of:

We offer an integrative appointment setting solution for any office that would like to utilize it. Operators at Allegheny Answering Service are able to set appointments in our appointment calendar, which is directly associated with an account. Clients are able to log into the online web portal, and view all of the upcoming appointments. We can also send an email to a client’s patients or customers, reminding them when their appointment is.

With overflow service your calls can be forwarded to us at all times of the day. If a call reaches a predetermined number of rings, all lines are busy, or in any other circumstance in which your voicemail would normally kick in, we will be here to answer your calls.

This feature allows us to test your telephone lines at any interval that you request, ensuring that your lines are forwarded to us. Unforeseen circumstances, such as power surges to the phones, can cause them to not be forwarded, resulting in a loss of calls for you.

Unsure of what you would like? Tired of getting non-urgent calls after hours? Let your callers decide by allowing them to press 1 to speak to an operator, 2 to leave a voicemail message, or 3 if you are calling from a certain facility/company. You can combine traditional services with any of our voicemail options, including the on-call genie, to better manage how your calls are being handled and who is receiving the information. Call control is one of the most vital aspects of any business today. With sales personnel traveling, doctors in patient rooms, and plumbers lying under the kitchen sink, each individual member of your office can have the feature that fits each and every one of their needs, ensuring all staff members are happy.

Communicate with your callers before they reach an operator or voicemail box with our Pre-line Announcements. These recordings can be custom made to include any information that you desire, such as office hours, new products that you offer, etc. The use of a pre-line announcement can even save you money by filtering out telemarketers and other unnecessary calls.

Secured Text Messaging (HIPAA Compliant)

Allegheny Answering Service recognizes the need for PHI security. To accommodate our medical practices, Allegheny Answering Service offers HIPAA compliant secured text messaging to our clients. Rather than sending a traditional text message, we send a secure message via https protocol to a secure app installed on the client’s cell phone. Furthermore, the app lets our operators know if the message has been read or not, ensuring that the doctor always receives their important messages. Just need an app for doctor to doctor conversation? Each doctor can simply sign up for the app on your answering service account, allowing your network to use the app between one another to securely communicate patient needs.

Web Access conveniently allows our clients to access their account via their own computer, at their leisure. Clients are able to give certain employees privileges to enter in on-call information, check messages, update/view appointment scheduler, and update account instructions FOR FREE.

Visitors to your website can interface with operators at Allegheny Answering Service via our Web Chat feature. Web chat dialogues can be emailed to you, ensuring that you have a clear record of the questions your site visitors have. Our experts will even provide a design tool for your Web designer’s, allowing them to create the on-screen chat button necessary to communicate with our operators. Messages may be made by our operators, and/or relayed to a staff member of yours to allow for immediate follow up if desired.

If client do not wish for their callers to speak to an operator, that is perfectly fine. We can set up a variety of custom voicemail accounts where the callers are able to leave voice messages. If a caller designates that a call is an emergency, by perhaps using the call control options, we can have our automated system call the client with the recording, or simply link our voicemail system to the on-call voicemail, allowing anyone to still receive the message as soon as it is taken. Just want to check it twice a day? Not a problem. Clients can call into their voicemail with ease and at their convenience. Additionally, password protection ensures that no competitors are able to retrieve your messages.

Voice Recorded Calls/Caller ID

Each and every call is recorded for quality and assurance purposes along with Caller ID. If you happen to have an inquiry to listen to a certain call, we are able to send that to you via a secure and encrypted email.