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We represent individuals and businesses in connection with a range of tax matters. We advise clients with issues related to income taxes, estate taxes, property taxes, license taxes, sales taxes and disputes involving local, state and federal authorities. Our lawyers represent clients in administrative proceedings before the IRS and Virginia Department of Taxation and in litigation in state and federal courts. We leverage the skill, knowledge and experience of our tax law practice to serve clients involved in other matters that may have substantial tax consequences, such as divorce, estate planning, business formation and real estate transactions.

Our services include:

  • Income tax preparation
  • Sales and property tax filings
  • Licensing, use and sales taxes
  • Payroll tax claims
  • Counsel regarding gift tax and estate tax matters
  • Federal, state and local sales tax controversies
  • Structuring and negotiating offers in compromise
  • Filings under the innocent spouse rule
  • Filing offers in compromise or otherwise seeking to resolve disputes with the taxing authority regarding back-taxes and inaccurate assessments.

Proactive tax planning is often the best way to minimize the eventual tax liability that may be present in any situation. Parker, Pollard, Wilton Peaden P.C. works closely with our individual and business clients to reduce the tax consequences of a matter to the greatest degree possible and to help our clients balance tax considerations with other objectives in order to formulate the best course of action.

Taxation Attorneys

Our Attorneys

Many of our clients consider us to be “their attorneys” and rely on us for ongoing counsel. Applying more than just technical ability, our attorneys work hard to maintain clear, honest and open communication with clients.

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Our Commitment to You: We re on Your Side

We are on your side! Those are important words to hear from your Lafayette Louisiana Personal Injury Attorney Joseph Joy. At Joseph Joy Associates, our personal injury lawyers have stated those words and met that commitment for more than 40 years. Our clients are people who have been injured through no fault of their own, or they are the families of people who have been killed in accidents. They need Lafayette Louisiana Personal Injury Attorney Joseph Joy who will aggressively fight for what is right and just.

At Joseph Joy Associates, we do not represent insurance companies, hospitals or large corporations. Louisiana Personal Injury Trial Lawyer Joseph Joy knows their goal is to pay injured people as little as possible — or nothing at all. Joseph Joy s goal is to ensure that injured people and the families of wrongful death victims are treated fairly. Louisiana Personal Injury Trial Lawyer Joseph Joy has successfully obtained million and multi-million dollar settlements and jury verdicts in processing:

Call us now! You can be assured, we have handled a case similar to yours.

Trial Lawyer Joseph Joy Will Go to Court for You.

You need to know if the Louisiana personal injury attorney you choose to represent you has won large jury verdicts and will fight for you in court. Lafayette Louisiana Personal Injury Attorney Joseph Joy has successfully tried cases for more than 40 years in State and Federal Courts. Insurance companies know Joseph Joy is tough in the courtroom and Joseph Joy will never settle for 50 cents on the dollar. If Insurance Companies do not offer you a fair settlement during settlement negotiations, Joseph Joy and his legal team with trial attorney Gordon Schoeffler will go to bat for you in court.

Your Legal Right to File a Lawsuit

You have a legal right to file a lawsuit against any person, business, or insurance company who has caused injury to you and/or the death of a family member. This legal right enables you to seek money damages for the injuries, medical expenses, loss of income and disability, and the death of a family member.

Beware, there is a legal time limit known as the statute of limitations for you and your attorney to file a lawsuit. This time limit begins from the date of the accident and counts to the future date set by the law for filing your type of lawsuit.

Call us now! Have Joseph Joy evaluate your case and explain your time limit for taking legal action.

Talking to Lafayette Louisiana Personal Injury Attorney Joseph Joy About Your Case Costs You Nothing.

You will pay no fees for our legal services unless we at Joseph Joy Associates obtain compensation for you. In some cases, Louisiana Personal Injury Trial lawyer Joseph Joy can even help you get the medical treatment you need but cannot afford.

Call Joseph Joy now or contact us at Joseph Joy Associates today and tell us about your car accident, 18-wheeler accident or offshore accident. You can be assured that we are the experienced legal team who has handled a case similar to your accident.

If you or a loved one has been injured, talk to experienced Lafayette Louisiana Personal Injury Attorney Joseph Joy Associates. Lafayette Louisiana Personal Injury Attorney Joseph Joy Associates specializes in Personal Injury, Maritime, Commercial Environmental Law Specializing in Personal Injury, Maritime, Commercial Environmental Law. We have represented people injured in Louisiana car accidents, truck accidents, offshore accidents (including oil platform and oil field accidents), boat and barge accidents, helicopter and airplane accidents and industrial accidents. Lafayette Louisiana Personal Injury Attorney Joseph Joy Associates has won substantial verdicts and settlements for people who have suffered serious injuries, including burn injuries, spinal cord injuries and brain injuries.

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I am a second generation native Coloradan. My Colorado lineage
dates even earlier as the famous frontiersman, Daniel Boone’s,
oldest sister, Mary Boone, married Thomas Hartman. Thomas and
Mary Hartman’s four sons settled on the western slope of Colorado.
They are living in and around Saguache, Gunnison, and Montrose.

  • Phone: (303) 762-1525

    Joe,Hartman. Family Denver Child Custody Lawyers, Englewood Bankruptcy CO

    Attorney Denver Co, Joe Hartman, Child Custody attorney, Divorce Lawyers Co. Bankruptcy Lawyer

    People Law Professional Legal Firm Family representation in Colorado is for individuals who will be filing for divorce or legal separation as well as for individuals with legal issues after the dissolution of marriage’s decree has been entered and require assistance with modification of parenting time and/or child support and/or other issues. Englewood Bankruptcy Lawyer. Divorce Lawyers. Bankruptcy Lawyers near me CO Child custody lawyer. Attorney Denver Colorado, Denver child custody lawyer, family law attorney Denver Divorce Lawyer Denver

    Colorado Divorce attorney. Bankruptcy, Denver Family lawyer

    As a Attorney I can also assist Family individuals with Adoption and Different Matters. Child and Legal Custody, Englewood Bankruptcy

    Family Law in Co

    We are an Family in Colorado Defensor. Family law matters can be very emotional, especially when children are involved. I have been assisting people with family law cases since 1986 primarily in the Colorado metro area. I have also assisted people in countries outside of this area.

    People Law Professional Legal Firm

    In my initial consultation with a potential client. it is my desire to be a good listener, to understand the client’s objectives, and to recommend a strategy for achieving the client’s desired results. In all of my family law cases, I encourage my clients to keep their own hard copy paper family law notebooks. I make it a habit of hand-delivering and/or forwarding any pleadings I generate on the client’s behalf and/or any pleadings received from any other party and/or their defendant and of course the court. We all have life experiences with someone who has gone through a family law proceeding in Denver .

    I encourage my clients to use their life experiences to assist them in their current law matter.

    As a parent and a caring family law attorney, I encourage my clients to focus on first and foremost what is best for their children. Children always have to be the most important for us. Englewood Law.

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    Call Today (602) 277-4736

    Practicing Family Law Since 2001

    Our family law office has represented many individuals in the State of Arizona for several different types of family law issues ranging from divorce. child support, child custody. visitation. legal separation, prenuptial agreements and spousal maintenance. The Law Office of Laura Gillis is a law firm who provides each client with the personal attention and first class service. Our legal team is dedicated to making your experience in working with us a positive one. Family law cases, especially a case involving divorce and child custody can be complicated issues. Our staff does a great job in handling client issues as well as dealing with difficult situations that family law cases can often times present to an attorney or law firm. We promise to treat you right and make you a priority when you hire our team of legal professionals.

    We offer a free consultation to all potential clients. Our law office provides a few different options concerning your legal issues in regard to representation from flat fee based representation and payment plans to help you with the financial aspect of hiring a quality legal team that will work hard in protecting your interests and provide you with proper legal advise concerning divorce and family law guidelines as they pertain to your individual case.

    Each case is different from the next, and experience really matters when it comes to family law representation.

    If you are in need of an attorney to help you file divorce in Arizona, or any other family law related issues give our law office a call to discuss your case and obtain a free consultation with Phoenix family law attorney Laura Gillis by calling 602-277-4736.

    Areas of Practice

    Family Law:
    I provide free consultations as well as a low flat fee option for your Arizona family law or divorce case. We handle cases focusing on family law, divorce and child custody in Arizona. Our legal team is able to assist you with any and all family law matters including spousal maintenance, alimony, divorce, child custody, grandparents rights, annulment, prenuptial and post marital agreements, visitation, child support. read more

    I have several years of experience in family law and divorce. Divorce is a life changing event, make sure you know if you need an Arizona divorce attorney prior to filing your divorce paperwork. read more

    Child Custody:
    If you are going through or have been through a divorce and need to fight for custody of your child. Take a look at this page to help you better understand the Arizona child custody guidlines and laws. Arizona child custody cases can be complex, however Arizona divorce attorney Laura Gillis can help you understand your rights and Arizona child custody laws. read more

    Loco Parentis Custody:
    The term In Loco Parentis refers to situation where a party who is not a legal parent of a child but who has stood like a parent to a child(ren) may apply to the Court for custody or visitation rights. To determine a custody right for a non-parent the Court must find that there has been a meaningful parental relationship formed for a substantial period of time in order for this type of order to be entered. read more

    We handle all family law legal matters in:

    Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Peoria, Glendale, Avondale, Goodyear, Buckeye, Sun City, Surprise, El Mirage, Queen Creek, Casa Grande, Anthem, and Apache Junction Arizona.

    Kelly Karr

    Sandy McMillan

    Attorney Laura Gillis and Her Assistant…

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    Personal Injury Attorney

    Auto Accident, Medical Malpractice and Serious Injury Law

    We are different from the typical law firm. Everyone in our family is an attorney.

    Our firm was founded in 1972 by husband and wife attorneys Herbert Fuller and Carol Fuller. We have been a family business for nearly forty years. We have two generations practicing injury law together to represent you.

    Thousands of people in our community have trusted our firm to help solve their problems. Our pledge: We will do our very best for you and your family. The law firm you choose does make a difference. Let generations of experience help you!

    Personal Injury Attorney Olympia Can Trust

    Washington law allows for compensation and damages for personal injuries caused by another individual’s negligence. A personal injury attorney in Olympia can assist in proving your personal injury claim.

    At Fuller Fuller, our attorneys concentrate on personal injury and medical malpractice cases. We concentrate on those areas because we believe that by limiting our practice, we can better represent our clients.

    With a lawyer from our firm as your personal injury attorney, Olympia personal injury victims have the legal support they deserve. We act as your advocate providing advice and accident related bill management while we work to find supporting evidence for your case.

    Our attorneys focus on auto accident and personal injury claims in Olympia, Tacoma, Port Orchard and surrounding communities.

    Our attorneys also handle all types of medical malpractice claims throughout Washington.

    Free consultations allow us to review your case, so call (360) 352-2000 or our toll free number 1-800-570-4878 or Contact Us for a personal injury attorney in Olympia. Let our family help your family.

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    Divorce in Thailand

    There are two types of divorce in Thailand, administrative and court divorces. Generally speaking, if either you or your spouse currently resides in Thailand you may be able to file for a divorce in Thailand courts provided there are lawful grounds (reasons) for the divorce. If your marriage was originally registered in one of the Thailand district offices and both you and your spouse consent to the divorce, then the process is administrative and relatively simple compared to a court divorce.

    Thailand Consensual Divorce or Uncontested Divorce

    If you registered your marriage at a Thailand local district office (Khet or Amphur) you and your spouse may register for an administrative Thailand divorce. Registering an administrative divorce at the local district office requires that you and your spouse do not have any disagreements over child custody or property. If there are assets to be divided or issues regarding custody of children, then the divorcing spouses can negotiate a settlement agreement for the divorce and this should be registered at the same time as the administrative divorce is registered.

    An administrative divorce is also referred to as a consensual or uncontested divorce. However these terms are not totally accurate because, it is possible to have a consensual divorce in a Thailand Court (subject to negotiation and settlement agreement). Additionally, an uncontested divorce in other jurisdictions are often handled within the Court system and signed by a judge. In Thailand, an administrative divorce does not involve a Court or a judge.

    What if my spouse does not consent to a divorce?

    If your wife or husband does not agree to a divorce, or if you can agree to divorce but have disputes regarding financial issues, division of asserts or child custody or other issues, then a divorce may be filed with the Thai Court (provided that other requirements are met). Grounds for divorce must be proven to the satisfaction of the court and you normally must make a personal appearance in the court. In Thailand grounds for divorce include:

    * A 3 year period of separation
    * One spouse has deserted the other for over one year
    * The husband has taken another woman as his wife
    * The wife has committed adultery
    * One spouse is guilty of misconduct (criminal or otherwise)
    * One spouse has been imprisoned for more than one year
    * One spouse has physically or mentally harmed the other
    * Lack of marital support
    * One spouse has had incurable insanity for at least 3 years
    * One spouse has broken the bond of good behavior
    * One spouse has an incurable communicable disease
    * One spouse has a physical disability so as to be unable to cohabitate as husband and wife.

    Can spouses living outside of Thailand file for a divorce in Thai Court?

    If the divorce is administrative, both parties will still need to appear at the District office to register the divorce. A contested divorce however requires a judgment from the Court. If you are now living abroad, the Thai Court may, potentially, still have jurisdiction over a divorce action under some circumstances. Therefore an attorney may still be able to file a divorce complaint on your behalf although you may not currently be located in Thailand. However, normally a plaintiff (the spouse who files the divorce complaint) must appear in person at least one time during the court process to provide testimony that establishes the grounds for the divorce.

    If you reside in Thailand but your spouse is not present or will not return to Thailand for the divorce process, you may still be able to proceed provided that he or she has received adequate notice of the divorce action. Service must be applied through a Thai court. However, if your spouse is not in Thailand and substitute service, (such as by publication) may be allowed in certain circumstances. If you spouse does not respond to a lawful service from the court, the divorce case may proceed by default.

    How are property and outstanding debts divided in the event of divorce?

    Thailand is a Community Property jurisdiction. When a couple divorce in Thailand, separate property ( sin suan tua ), namely assets and property acquired before marriage, generally remains the property of the original owner. Assets and property acquired during marriage are commonly considered community property ( Sapsin somrot ) with both spouses having equal ownership rights. The rules regarding division of property are complex and the Thai Court will divide the property according to the law and individual facts of the case.

    However, in a negotiated settlement divorcing spouses may alter their division of property normally required by the law if the divorcing couple chooses a different division of assets. Also, prenuptial agreements can alter the distribution of property during a divorce.

    Debts incurred during the marriage, whether they are household, medical, or educational, are normally the responsibility of both parties.

    Does Thailand allow �No-Fault� divorce?

    In one sense, Thailand does allow for no-fault divorce: When the divorce is consensual and registered in an administrative process at one of Thailand s District offices.

    However, not all marriages are able to be ended through the administrative process. In general, only those married couples who originally registered their marriages in Thailand may also divorce through the administrative process at District offices.

    For marriages that do not qualify for the administrative divorce process, lawful ground for divorce must be proven to the Thai courts for a divorce to be granted. Therefore, in this sense, Thailand courts do not allow for No-Fault divorce.

    What if I have a prenuptial agreement?

    Prenuptial agreements are allowed in Thailand provided they meet the procedural and substantive requirements of Thai law. A properly executed prenuptial agreement is usually considered a valid legal agreement in other international jurisdictions that accord with basic principle of fairness and due process. Procedural requirements for prenuptial agreements may be stricter in Western Common Law jurisdictions. On the other hand, many western jurisdictions have fewer requirements for approving prenuptial agreements. Thailand has its own requirements for registering a prenuptial agreement at the time of marriage. If your marriage and prenuptial agreements were executed or registered in another nation a Thai Court will normally accept the agreement if it adheres to requirements of the foreign law.

    Will my country accept a Thailand Divorce as legal?

    Normally pursuant to the legal principle of Comity Thai divorces are accepted by most if not all developed nations. (Fundamentalist Muslim nations, however, may have different requirements pursuant to Sharia law.)

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    Orlando Criminal Attorney / Orange County FL Criminal Defense Lawyer

    The Wilson Law Firm represents individuals who have been charged with criminal felony, misdemeanor, and DUI offenses in the Orlando and central Florida area. In every case we handle, our goal is to keep our clients informed of their legal rights and options, and to protect their interests and freedom to the fullest extent possible.

    Call the Wilson Law Firm Today at: (407) 648-5255

    If you or a loved one have been arrested for a criminal offense, call us today to speak with a experienced Orlando criminal attorney about your situation. An experienced Orlando criminal attorney will be able to recognize the legal issues that exist in your case and properly prepare and present your defenses. In many criminal cases, a properly prepared defense will result in either reduced penalties, reduced charges, or a dismissal of the charges. Even in criminal cases where the evidence of guilt is overwhelming, a properly prepared defense and presentation of mitigating circumstances by a Orlando criminal attorney can result in significant decreases in the penalties you receive.

    Experienced Orlando Criminal Attorney:

    Attorney Joel Wilson is a former felony prosecutor who has handled thousands of complex felony, misdemeanor and DUI cases. Joel is also an experienced trial attorney, having tried numerous cases during his career. While most cases do not result in a trial, there are some that will go to trial. When a case cannot be resolved except by trial, you will want an experienced trial attorney to present your side of the case in a persuasive and effective manner. For more information about Joel s background and experience, please visit our attorneys link on the top of this page.

    Free Initial Consultation Available 24 Hours a Day:

    We provide a free initial consultation, where you will meet with a Orlando criminal attorney to discuss your case. We will go over the criminal process, your legal rights and options, and the cost for our services. For many people this is their first contact with the criminal justice system. The system can be confusing to understand. This can make an already stressful situation worse. We work to alleviate this stress as much as possible for our clients by keeping them as informed as possible about their case and their options.

    Florida Criminal Defenses:

    The defenses available in a case can vary significantly depending on the evidence, facts and circumstances surrounding the case. In some cases, evidence may be suppressed due to errors on the part of law enforcement. In others, the State may lack the necessary physical or testimonial evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant committed the crime. For more information on the defenses that may be available in your case, call us today to speak with a Orlando criminal attorney or visit the following web page:

    A experienced Orlando criminal attorney will be able to recognize the defenses that may be available in your case and help protect your freedom, rights and interests.

    The Defendant s Rights:

    A defendant has the following rights in a criminal case:

    1) The privilege against compulsory self-incrimination which includes the right to plead not guilty.
    2) The right to a trial in which the State must prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.
    3) The right to a speedy and public trial by an impartial jury.
    4) The right to confront the witnesses against them.
    5) The right to compulsory process to obtain witnesses in their favor.
    6) The right to have the effective assistance of counsel for their defense at trial.
    7) The right to appeal.
    8) The right to present any defense on their behalf.

    Florida Criminal Penalties:

    The penalties for a criminal charge include: Jail, Probation, Fines, Community Service and Court Ordered Programs. Visit the following page of this website for more information on the criminal penalties associated with your or a loved ones case:

    In addition to these criminal penalties, there are many other negative consequences that may affect the defendant as well, such as:

    1) Termination or denial of employment.
    2) Loss or Denial of professional licenses.
    3) Suspension or expulsion from school.
    4) Loss of grants or scholarships.
    5) Loss of civil rights, including the right to vote.
    6) Loss of right to possess firearms.
    7) Administrative drivers license suspension.
    8) Deportation or denial of citizenship.
    9) Loss of reputation in your community.

    For more information on Florida criminal penalties, call us today to speak with a Orlando criminal attorney.

    Frequent Questions, Bond and Jail Information:

    Visit the following web pages for more information about the criminal process, bonds and jails:

    You can also call the firm to speak directly with a Orlando criminal attorney and Orlando DUI lawyer to discuss your situation and the legal issues involved in your case.

    NOTE: Calls From Inmates at the Jail are Recorded:

    If you receive a call from someone in jail, do not discuss any details regarding the criminal offense that the defendant is alleged to have committed. Prosecutors use the statements recorded from these calls against the defendant. Your discussion about the facts of the case with the inmate and their responding statements may be the piece of evidence that later results in their conviction.

    Our Orlando Criminal Attorney Services:

    We represent people in all criminal matters and cases. For more information on certain crimes or criminal matters, please visit the following links:



    Murphy, Campbell, Alliston – Quinn, Sacramento, California, real estate attorney sacramento ca.#Real


    Real estate attorney sacramento ca

    Real estate attorney sacramento ca

    Real estate attorney sacramento ca

    (916) 400-2300

    Murphy, Campbell, Alliston Quinn A Sacramento law firm

    Welcome to Murphy, Campbell, Alliston Quinn, PLC. Our main office is strategically located in, Sacramento, the capital of the State of California. We represent clients throughout California and beyond, with attorneys also licensed to practice law in Alaska, Washington, New York, Illinois, Texas, and Nevada. Our firm has received the highest possible rating of A-V from the preeminent attorney rating service of Martindale-Hubbell.

    Murphy, Campbell, Alliston Quinn enjoys a diverse practice spanning insurance coverage advice and litigation, civil appeals and writs, trial representation in such matters as real estate, construction, business disputes, contract disputes, professional liability, intellectual property and personal injury. We also provide business consultation, entity formation and estate planning services.

    Our clients include developers, contractors, property owners and managers, public entities and joint powers authorities, insurance companies, professionals (doctors, lawyers, dentists, and brokers), individuals, small businesses and multi-national corporations.

    We are committed to providing the highest quality and most effective representation possible, in an efficient and responsive manner. In all we do, we always keep our client s overall interest paramount.

    Latest News

    • Real estate attorney sacramento caMind Your Business: Part 1 Entity Selection August 24, 2017
    • Real estate attorney sacramento caSurfrider Foundation Blocks Billionaire s Attempt To “Drop In” On The Public’s Use Of Martins Beach August 15, 2017
    • Real estate attorney sacramento caNew Associate Attorney Julio Colomba August 13, 2017

    Read All Latest News »

    Murphy, Campbell, Alliston Quinn

    8801 Folsom Boulevard, Suite 230

    Sacramento , CA 95826

    • Real estate attorney sacramento ca
    • Real estate attorney sacramento ca
    • Real estate attorney sacramento ca
  • © Copyright Murphy, Campbell, Alliston & Quinn. All Rights Reserved. The information at this site is not legal advice, and no attorney-client relationship is created by the viewing of this site or sending email to the firm. You should not act upon this information without seeking professional counsel.

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    Dui attorney charlotte nc

    Dui attorney charlotte nc

    Latest Headlines

    2 killed as mountain of garbage collapses in New Delhi

    NEW DELHI (AP) — At least two people were killed when part of a huge mountain of garbage came crashing down in a landfill on the eastern out

    Dui attorney charlotte nc

    The Latest: Governor: Yearslong recovery for flood-hit Texas

    HOUSTON (AP) — The Latest on Tropical Depression Harvey (all times local): 8 a.m. Gov. Greg Abbott says it will take years for Harvey-swampe

    Durham County Detention Facility set to offer detainees free video visitation

    Barbecue bandit identity thief nabbed in Florida

    Middle school student struck by vehicle while waiting for bus in Knightdale


    Current Conditions

    Dui attorney charlotte nc

    • Feels Like: 70 F
    • Wind: 0
    • Humidity: 100%
    • Dewpoint: 70 F
    • Sunrise: 6:46 AM
    • Sunset: 7:41 PM

    Dui attorney charlotte nc

    Dui attorney charlotte nc

    Key US gasoline pipeline aims to carry more fuel by Sunday; Cooper urges caution

    The pipeline provides nearly 40 percent of the South s gasoline.

    Dui attorney charlotte nc

    We only kill black people, Georgia cop says to white woman during traffic stop

    The video shows Lt. Greg Abbott trying to convince the woman she had nothing to worry about because she wasn’t black. “Remember, we only kil

    Dui attorney charlotte nc

    No swimming advisory issued for popular section of North Myrtle Beach

    A popular section of beach along North Myrtle Beach s Grand Strand has been placed under a temporary swimming advisory.

    Peoria Child Custody Lawyer #law #firm, #law #office, #legal #advice, #lawyer, #attorney,


    Understanding Child Custody in Illinois

    Child custody cases are a priority with Murphy Dunn, P.C. While our attorneys try many child custody cases in the Peoria and Central Illinois area, the majority of cases we handle are ultimately settled by lengthy and hard fought negotiation.

    Our belief is that two parents acting rationally and with the help of two experienced family law attorneys will make a better decision regarding the care and custody of their children than will one judge who barely knows you. However, that does not always work. In those cases, we are there for you to litigate the issues in a favorable manner for you to win custody.

    Allocation of Parental Responsibilities

    In Illinois, there used to be two types of child custody: legal custody and physical custody. Illinois custody laws changed on January 1, 2016. To eliminate the feeling that one parent was winning control and the other was losing control, courts now distribute parental responsibilities between the parents. The court may allocate parental responsibilities, to one parent or both parents. These responsibilities include the right to make and be involved in major decisions concerning the health care, education and religion of your child or children.

    Physical custody commonly refers to where a child lives. Parents could have shared or on parent could have sole physical custody, with the other parent entitled to visitation. Visitation is now referred to as parenting time. Like visitation, parenting time refers to a schedule that is negotiated between the parents and their attorneys.

    Custody issues are the most important issue you can have in a divorce case and should not be taken lightly. You need a high-quality custody lawyer to assist you in this area of the law no matter what.

    Resolving Child Custody Disputes

    In Illinois, child custody is determined by the best interests of the children. If the two parents cannot agree on the child’s best interests, then Illinois courts will require that the parents participate in mediation .

    Founding attorney G. Edward Murphy is a certified family law mediator. We can help you mediate or arbitrate a child custody dispute.

    Schedule a Free Initial Attorney Consultation Today

    Contact us today for your free initial consultation. Parking is free. To set up an appointment, please call us at 866-681-5405, or fill out the contact form on this Web site. “We now have two office locations to serve you better. Our main office is located at 456 Fulton Street, Suite 425, Peoria, Illinois, 61602.”