Should any question that can – t be answered be asked? #answers #to #riddles

#any question answered


That may depend on what you mean by questions that cannot be answered.

First: on questions for which there is no clear answer, or at least no answer on which a majority of us can agree.

I have asked two such questions on Quora.

Apparently, there is no final answer on which everyone can agree for either question.

The biggest question on Earth. Does God exist. may itself be unanswerable. Or at least it has no definitive answer.
But I think the question is too important not to ask. We will likely never come to a consensus over whether the answer to that question is yes or no. But I think we can agree: the answer, whichever way it may be, is surely significant to all of us.

Such questions should be asked, and I am all for their being asked on Quora. And though today we do not have a definite answer, it may be that tomorrow someone will bring the answer.
I think that the question can and should wait until such time as someone finds the answer.

And. to connect this to the next point. we can all imagine an answer to the question, Does God exist? More: we can all imagine both answers.
Atheists can also imagine the existence of God, just as theists can imagine the nonexistence of God. Without either of us believing in these opposite scenarios, we can nonetheless imagine them

As for questions that are unanswerable:

I can only think of two:

  1. When is Yellow?
  2. Why is Thursday?

To those, I cannot imagine a good answer. I cannot even imagine a stupid answer to those questions. I cannot in fact imagine any answer being possible.

I think to seriously post When is Yellow? as a question on Quora would be a waste of everyone s time.

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