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A Fun Way to Test Your Knowledge of Everything
Learning new things is one of the joys of life, but it is even better if you can retain that knowledge. When it comes right down to it, we all remember far more from our education than we think we do, and proving that is as easy as sitting down and solving a crossword puzzle. ProProfs offers a massive collection of crossword puzzles to test your knowledge of just about every subject, and can even create puzzles of your own to test yourself or others and then share (or embed) your puzzles on your social network or blog.
Choose a puzzle, read the clues, and fill in the blanks. You will be surprised how much you really know each time you work to finish a ProProfs crossword puzzle!

ProProfs Crossword Game Instructions

Click to select an across or down clue.

Look at puzzle and type in the answer. If it is right the background will turn green.

Continue filling in hints until the puzzle is solved.

Clicking “hint” will give you the first letter of the answer. No points will be allocated.

Clicking “word” will fill in the entire word. No points will be allocated.

The more answers you fill in on your own, the higher your score. The quicker you solve the puzzle, the higher your score.

The Origin of Crossword Puzzles:

Not as Old as You Might ThinkCrossword Puzzles are now one of the most popular games in the world, but they have not really been around all that long. People have been playing with words for centuries on end, but the first modern crossword puzzle was created by an English journalist named Arthur Wynne and published in the newspaper called New York World. Ten years later, crossword puzzles were featured in newspapers all over the United States, and by 1922 they were starting to appear in Europe as well. Today crossword puzzles are published in languages including English, Hebrew, Japanese, Italian, and many more.

Create Your Own Puzzle:

A Fun Educational Tool
At ProProfs we enable you to make your very own crossword puzzle based on any subject that you choose. Simply click the Create A Crossword and follow the instructions of our online crossword software. You will be able to save the puzzle here, embed your crossword puzzle on your own site ,or create a direct link to your puzzle. All you will need to do is register for a free ProProfs account and you can make your own puzzle to stump friends, help students study for a test, engage your website audience and more.

Solving Crosswords: Tips for Starting and Finishing that Tricky Crossword Puzzle

There are several ways to go about solving a crossword puzzle. Here are just a few tips to help you along.

Start with the clues you know:
Go through all the across clues and fill in what you are able, then fill in all the down clues you can. Following this, go back through the across clues and try to solve the empty ones, using the hints provided by the now filled-in down clues. Repeat the same process with the down clues, using hints from the filled-in across clues for help.

Try solving short words first:
Fill in all the three and four-letter clues in the crossword puzzle. The clues for these words can be among the easiest to solve, and can provide hints to help you fill in the longer ones.

Think of intersecting words:
If you are unsure of the answer you have found for a clue, try thinking of words that might intersect with it. Suppose that you believe the solution to an across clue is the word carton and the letter c would be the first letter of the solution to a down clue. If none of the possible solutions to the down clue start with a c, you can be sure that the word carton is not the correct answer to the across clue. If you can think of several possible answers to the down clue that start with c, then the word carton must be the solution to the across clue.

Insert plural endings:
Sometimes you might not know the answer to a clue but know that whatever it is, it must be plural. Insert the s or other plural ending in the last box of the answer as it might help you with other clues.

Think less literally:
Crossword puzzle writers are sometimes tricky. The answer may come only if you do not read the clue literally but think of figures of speech and other possible things to which the clue might be referring.

Share your crossword:
Do a crossword puzzle with a friend or family member. This makes it more fun and when it comes to crosswords, as the old saying goes, two brains are definitely better than one!

Get Started With Our Crossword Puzzle Maker Today

ProProfs invites you to test your crossword acumen today by making a puzzle. Choose one of our many crossword puzzles or get right on making your own crossword puzzle. You will be glad that you did and surprised at just how knowledgeable and creative you really are when you make a crossword.

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