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The Best Answering Services

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Industry-Specific Services

Answering Services Review

The top performers in our review are AnswerConnect, the Gold Award winner; AnswerAmerica, the Silver Award winner; and XACT Telesolutions, the Bronze Award winner. Here s more on choosing a system to meet your needs, along with detail on how we arrived at our ranking of the top 10 answering services.

What are Answering Services?

If you have a high volume of incoming telephone calls that you can t quite handle, but you don t want to hire more personnel, an answering service could be useful in providing your patrons with customer service, freeing your staff to handle other duties. Answering services provide real people to answer your phone calls, take messages, set appointments, handle sales and more. These services are popular in many industries, and can be especially useful in health care and retail, specifically in the small- to mid-market range.

The answering services we ve reviewed here handle inbound calls. If you re looking for outbound call services as well as inbound, or if you want to focus on lead generation services and sales, see our Call Center Services review. For more information on Answering Services, check out these articles.

How Answering Services Work

Answering services can help you provide customer service without overtaxing your existing staff or requiring you to hire new personnel. Their professionals can answer questions and resolve customer complaints, even after regular business hours.

All of the services on our lineup answer incoming phone calls and customer questions by following a script you provide to the service. You can put as much or as little information into these scripts as you d like. Most of these companies have customizable options so that agents have as much knowledge about your product or service as you want them to have.

How Answering Services Bill

Answering services vary in how they bill services. Most of the services we reviewed bill by the minute, which works especially well if your incoming calls tend to be short. NovusCall is the only service on our list that bills per phone call, which is beneficial if your incoming calls tend to be longer.

Regardless of the billing structure, you should make sure that the answering service you choose does not count spam calls, hang-ups or misdials toward your allotted monthly time or call volume. Most of the services on our list don t charge for these types of calls.

All of the services on our lineup are based in the United States. They all provide daily reports, toll-free or local numbers (though some may cost extra), call patching and strong customer service.

When using a phone answering service, it s important to remember that while not hiring extra personnel may be helpful to you, not all services will be equally helpful to your customers. It s important to make sure beforehand that the answering service will meet the needs of your customers. For example, if your customers need to make appointments, make sure the service you choose offers that function.

Likewise, if you need an answering service to process orders, be sure to give the company plenty of information so it can train its agents to answer calls to your and your customers satisfaction. It is also important to make sure that a company s customer service is top notch. Otherwise, your customers might find the service they receive lacking, which may affect whether they work with you again.

What We Evaluated, What We Found

When we looked at answering services, we evaluated each service in four different categories: Setup and Billing, Service Options, Industry-Specific Services, and Help and Support. All 10 of the services we evaluated offer order processing and accept orders by entering your customers information into the front end of your existing website. Some products, like 1-888-GO-ANSWER, also offer lead-generation services.

We evaluated how long it takes your account to be activated. A shorter setup time means you ll be up and running quickly. NovusCall can usually activate your account the same day. However, note that faster isn t always better. For example, if agents that will be answering calls require specialized training on your product or services beyond what a script will provide, a longer setup time will allow for adequate training.

Most of the answering services we reviewed have competitive setup fees that go toward software and training. VoiceNation s basic plan has no setup fee, however, which could be helpful if you re on a tight budget. AnswerAmerica also does not charge a setup fee.

The majority of answering services bill based on a set number of minutes each month; that is, an estimated number of minutes the service s employees will spend answering calls and engaging with your customers.

While the services we reviewed have several different plans available, an average plan across the board is 500 monthly minutes of call time, which equates to about 150 calls. Most of the services we reviewed charge by the minute; NovusCall charges by the call. The cheapest plan for 500 minutes or 150 calls is offered by AnswerAmerica.

We also considered the service options provided by each company. In our evaluation, we included whether bilingual options, mainly English and Spanish, are offered and if the answering service is available 24/7. All but one of the services we reviewed answer calls all day, every day, which means they can offer service to your customers even when your business is closed. Most of these companies also offer online account access so you can easily view messages and reports. MAP Communications offers especially useful reports full of analytics and other information.

Besides what the services offer to your customers, we also looked at what they offer you, the business owner. Most offer to help you with script development, and most offer month-to-month options that don t require a long-term contract.

All of the services on our list send daily reports to you about the calls they receive, they transfer calls to you as needed, and they send you messages via email, text and fax. All of these services have domestic locations in the United States, and you can email them or call with any questions, comments or concerns you have.

Answering services can be a popular choice for medical offices, and we ve highlighted the companies that offer specialized services to medical offices of all sorts. One of the most important features for a medical answering service is HIPAA compliance because it can ensure the safety and security of patient information and may help you avoid lawsuits. Almost all of the services we reviewed follow HIPAA regulations. Stericycle Communications takes it further and has its own HIPAA team to ensure its processes are HIPAA compliant. It also trains its employees on HIPAA protocols regularly.

Also for medical practices, the service you choose should have the capability of scheduling patient appointments. Most answering services will use your scheduling software. Others, like MAP Communications, prefer online systems such as Google Calendar or Yahoo Calendar. Many answering services include appointment setting in the cost of their services, but some charge extra, so check for extra fees before deciding on a service.

Order processing is another common feature answering services provide. All 10 companies we reviewed provide this. Some charge extra for it, while others include this service in their basic plans. Be aware that not all companies process orders the same way. Most companies enter your customers information into the front end of your website. Others, like Professional Communications Messaging Service, offer their own software, in addition to yours, as an alternative to processing orders. This can be helpful if you don t currently have a website with a shopping cart or other established software to help with order processing.

The best answering services offer email, FAQs and live chat to answer your questions. We also evaluated our own experiences with each service, including who was most likely to give us a surplus of information without significant delays and without transferring us to different people. AnswerConnect and NovusCall provided especially high-quality customer service. Overall, we had a positive experience with each of the companies, though some were more responsive than others.

Each service on our top 10 list is worth considering. The best answering service for your business, however, depends on the features and extras you re looking for. If you want a service with solid customer service, Xact Telesolutions is a good choice. Stericycle Communications is especially well suited for medical services, and Professional Communications Messaging Service has strong features for order processing.

Answers to tricky biblical questions •, answers to bible questions.#Answers #to #bible #questions

Answers to Tricky Questions

Answers to bible questions

Answers to bible questions

H ere’s our short answers to some of the stickier, trickier questions that come our way from time to time. Try these on your friends as conversation starters.

Answers to bible questions

If God is all-powerful, can He create a rock so big that He can’t lift it?

No. God cannot do the logically impossible, any more than He can act out of character with Himself. God cannot, for instance, create a square circle, stop being good, or cease being God. God can do everything that is possible to do, which includes those acts for which there may be no simple, immediate, apparent, human explanation, i.e. miracles. For further study, see Jeremiah 32:17, Matthew 19:26, Hebrews 6:18, and 2 Timothy 2:13.

If God created Satan, and Satan is evil, is evil God’s fault?

No. God did not create Satan (or men, for that matter) as evil—only with the capacity for evil. (Isaiah 14:12)

Could Jesus have sinned?

Only if He had wanted to sin.

Could Jesus have really ever wanted to sin?

No. Not really. Not ultimately.

In His humanity alone, the answer would be “yes,” which is why the temptations that Jesus faced (Matthew 4:1, Hebrews 4:15) were indeed very intense and real. Nevertheless, though Jesus was fully human, He was not only human. And in terms of His Divine nature—when it came right down to it—He would never, and could never, have actually ever willed to sin. To have done so would mean that He (as God) had actually willed to occur what He actually willed not to occur, which makes no sense at all.

The Bible says in James 1:13 that God (i.e. by inference, the Divine nature of Christ) cannot be tempted by evil.

For further insight, see: Could Christ have sinned? Answer (ChristianAnswers.Net/q-acb/acb-t003.html)

If God is everywhere, is He in Hell?

Yes. Insofar as Divine omnipresence implies access and involves, or interrelates to, the other Divine attributes of infinitude, omnipotence (control), and omniscience (awareness), God is present even in hell. No door anywhere is closed to God. No room is locked. No corner of the universe or reality is off-limits to Deity. The Bible affirms this truth in texts like Psalm 139:7-10, Colossians 1:17, Amos 9:1-4, Isaiah 66:1-2, Jeremiah 23:23-24.

God, however, is not relationally present with, or available to, those in hell. That is, He is not present to bless, deal with, or grant even common grace and light in hell, which explains the terrifying sense of Matthew 25:41, the external extrapolation of a spiritual separation that occurs even now when sin is present (Isaiah 59:2, Matthew 27:46).

Answers to bible questions

Leviticus 11:7-8 says that touching the skin of a dead pig makes me unclean. May I still play football if I wear gloves?

You may still play football. And you don’t even need to wear gloves. Just receive Christ as Savior, read Acts 10:15, and get with the times, for this is the New Testament era, friend. And by the way—most footballs these days are made from cowhide, not pigskin. In fact, one source reports that it takes 3,000 cows to supply the NFL with enough leather for a year’s supply of footballs.

Answers to bible questions

Couldn’t life on Earth be the result of mere chance? Thomas Huxley is reported to have once stated that if enough monkeys randomly pressed typewriter keys for a long enough time, sooner or later Psalm 23 would emerge.

Answers to bible questions

First of all, monkeys don’t type.* But even if they did, chance alone could never adequately account for the growing number of factors being cited by the Intelligent Design movement, e.g. irreducible complexity (Darwin’s Black Box, by Michael Behe), the generation of complex specified information (Intelligent Design, p165ff, by William Demski).

* Instructors at Plymouth University, England, once put six Sulawesi crested macaque monkeys in a room with a computer and keyboards for four weeks. One monkey frequently typed the letter “s,” but the other monkeys ignored the keyboard. One eventually smashed it with a stone and the others then began to repeatedly urinate and defecate on it. —with thanks to columnist Dennis Prager in “Monkeys and Atheists.”

Answers to more questions

Is it LOGICAL to believe that the biblical miracles really happened? Answer (AIIA)

If I can’t see God, how can I know He really exists? Answer

If God made everything, who made God? Answer

How can a God of LOVE send anybody to Hell? Answer

How can the Bible be infallible if it is written by fallible humans? Answer

Did Adam have a navel? Answer

How can one God be three persons? Answer

Text Copyright © 2003, AIIA Institute, All Rights Reserved—except as noted on attached “Usage and Copyright” page that grants ChristianAnswers.Net users generous rights for putting this page to work in their homes, personal witnessing, churches and schools.

Answers to bible questions

Christian Answers Network

Answers to bible questions Answers to bible questions Answers to bible questions

Answers to bible questionsAnswers to bible questions

The Secret to Powerful Prayer – How God Answers Prayers, i need a prayer answered.#I #need #a #prayer #answered

i need a prayer answered

The secret to effective prayer is faith in Jesus Christ and absolute trust in the Word He has spoken.

This is my commandment: love one another, as I have loved you.

and I commissioned you to go out and to bear fruit, fruit that will last;

and then the Father will give you anything you ask him in my name.

What I command you is to love one another.

We cannot truly love one another if we harbor bitterness in our hearts. This is why we must release such bonds, and the way we release them is through the action of forgiveness in prayer.

Increasing the Power of Prayer

1. Pray to God in the name of Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

2. Surrender your problem entirely to God.

3. Your release should be total and complete.

4. Be humble. This is why many kneel.

5. Forgive all your enemies by name.

6. Have faith. Do not doubt.

7. Know that your prayer has already been answered.

8. Have patience. God is granting a perfect fulfillment.

9. Do not impose limitations which restrict God’s answer.

10. Thank God in advance and praise Him.

11. Pray in a group of at least 2 or 3.

12. Petition church prayer groups to include your prayers.

13. Encourage small children to also pray.

14. Do not discourage prayer in tongues.

15. Persist. Do not give up.

Confess your sins to God.

Repent in earnest

And if you have not aleady done so,

Commit your life to Christ.

I need a prayer answered

I need a prayer answeredDownload Free Books, Maps and Documents Here

Goodnews Christian Ministry

Goodnews Christian Ministry.

To find out more about Goodnews Christian Ministry,

World Wide Web Home Page:

I need a prayer answered

Marilyn and Sarah Answered PrayerHome – Marilyn Hickey Ministries, i need a prayer answered.#I #need #a #prayer #answered

Answered Prayer

I need a prayer answered

We thank God for these answered prayer requests and hope that they will encourage your faith to trust Him with all your needs.

Hallie, Marilyn and Sarah were praying against cancer on their program. Hallie had a knot (lump) on her hand that had been there for many years. The doctors said it was skin cancer. Hallie didn’t have the resources for continued medical treatment. She came into agreement prayer with Marilyn and Sarah and suddenly the lump disappeared on her hand as they were praying. She returned to the doctor and received confirmation that her hand was healed.

Louise, called for prayer for her husband. The doctors said he needed a heart transplant. After prayer, Louise informed us that the doctors said he doesn’t need the surgery. He is healed!

Jaiah, was going through depression and almost to the point of ‘giving up’. There were problems in his family and church that were ‘insurmountable’. While watching the program each day, he felt renewed hope and encouragement to his heart and mind. He said, “Marilyn and Sarah’s enthusiasm and knowledge of the Word of God revived me and increased my faith to believe and to put my trust in God.” He attributes his victory over depression toward watching Today with Marilyn and Sarah.

Shirley, one day Marilyn and Sarah were praying for those who had diabetes. Shirley’s sugar/glucose level was between 300-400. She placed her hand on the TV and felt warmth all throughout her body and ‘knew something was happening in her body’. She returned to the doctor and it was confirmed, she was healed and her pancreas and insulin/glucose levels are normal.

LaDonna, attributes the following testimony toward being a Partner with Marilyn Hickey Ministries. There had been many problems in the family that caused a division between her and her daughter. Her daughter moved away with the grandchildren and LaDonna didn’t know their whereabouts for over 7 years. Meanwhile, she started watching the program on a daily basis and was encouraged by the ministry and mission outreaches all over the world. She decided to become a partner and support Marilyn Hickey Ministries’ endeavors. Less than one month after becoming a Partner, she found a note taped to her door with a phone number written on it to call. She called the number and, much to her surprise, was rejoined with her family. There are still some issues that need to be worked out, but she attributes this miraculous reunion to Marilyn and Sarah and their prayers for their Partners!

Barbara, on the program, Sarah prayed for those with back troubles, and Barbara noticed later on that her back was healed and on her birthday!

Beverly, while watching Marilyn teach on forgiveness and let go of bitterness on the program, Beverly was instantly able to forgive and let go of bitterness and has a new joy in the Lord.

Linda, had called for prayer for her son’s healing from heart surgery on the aorta. His heart stopped twice after the surgery, but was able to be revived. He is now at home and doing well.

Ruben, called to say that he had been out of work for six months had been having trouble sleeping worrying about financial difficulties. His wife told him she was watching the Marilyn Sarah program Sarah had a word from the Lord “that someone was not able to sleep at night worrying about problems bills, but not to worry about it because God is going to handle everything.” Ruben had just received a letter saying his unemployment was going to be extended he called to say that God is working his way right now.

John, called the ministry to let us know that numbness had subsided in his body, while watching the television program, after Marilyn had prayed.

Noami, requested prayer online one month ago for her son who needed a job. God answered her prayer and her son now has a job and is getting multiple job offers.

Kim, had a financial need on Monday, and while watching the program, Kim felt led to give a financial gift. By Friday, her financial need had been met.

Annette, on the television program, Marilyn prayed for anyone with tumors; Annette had 3 fibroid, which caused discomfort. After Marilyn prayed, Annette discovered that the tumors were gone.

Bobbie, was in need of a job and called for prayer. After praying with a ministry partner, Bobbie was blessed with a job.

Mark, called the ministry one week ago wanting prayer regarding money that was owed him. We prayed and he received his money back!

I need a prayer answered

I need a prayer answered

Funny Icebreaker Questions for All Occasions, funny questions and answers.#Funny #questions #and #answers

Funny Icebreaker Questions

Funny Icebreaker Questions Funny questions and answers Funny questions and answers Funny questions and answers

Welcome to Funny Icebreaker Questions.

The whole purpose of this site is to let you get to know the people you meet and the people you love with fun interesting questions. There are some that are silly, some that are funny and some that are a little deep. Ask any or all of them and have fun.

Have you ever been to a party where everybody stands around with an appetizer up their nose? Sometimes it is difficult to talk to people about interesting subjects. The whole idea is to get people to open up and reveal a little bit about themselves and have a few laughs at the same time. You don t have to talk about the weather, hollywood movies, terrorism or the economy all the time. Have some fun and have a laugh with Funny Icebreaker Questions for Parties.

One of the best parts of a good vacation is connecting with interesting people. When you are out on vacation you can multiply your good times factor with Funny Icebreaker Questions for Vacation. If there is one thing that is true about vacations is that no matter where you go – the people that you meet and interact with can make the difference between a great vacation and an absolutely fantastic vacation.

How often do we sit beside someone for years at work and not have a clue as to who they really are. These questions will help you connect with your coworkers and allow you to have a laugh or two. They can also be used to Break the Ice at seminars and business functions. If oyu have any additional Funny Icebreaker Questions for the Office or meetings please submit them.

Most of these questions are specific to Church groups and religious functions. Some are funny, some are silly but most of them will draw out honest answers and allow people to connect with each other on a spiritual level. Funny Icebreaker Questions for church groups and religious functions will help you uncover some interesting tidbits form your fellow man and woman.

Play maths, love maths, go spel.#Go #spel

Bring your classroom to life

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Browse the curriculum to find an appropriate task and assign it to a single student or a group.

Go spel Go spel

Track each student’s performance and effort across the curriculum. In this example, Chris is ready to be pushed onto ’12 Times Table’.

Go spel Go spel Go spel Go spel

Use powerful analytics tools to identify gaps in students’ learning and assign tasks pitched at the right level.

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Inspire anytime anywhere learning using our multi-device platform

Innovative HTML5 technology means Mangahigh works seamlessly on all devices from Chromebooks to iPads

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Unleash your students’ potential with interschool maths competitions

Watch how competition drives engagement

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