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Computer questions answered free

Computer questions answered free

Computer questions answered free

Computer questions answered free

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The NCLEX exam is a CAT exam or Computerized Adaptive Testing instrument.

The goal of Computerized Adaptive Testing or CAT, is to determine your nursing competence, based on the LEVEL OF

DIFFICULTY of questions you can answer correctly, AND NOT ON ONLY how many questions you can answer correctly.

NCLEX CAT examinations are individualized measures; each question and answer given to the exam taker and draws a score based

on level of difficulty

Over 3,000 questions in the pool are standardized by thousands of candidates every three years, then statistically analyzed

or compared carefully to find the average difficulty where most exam takers can pass or fail. Only 265 questions are given

to each exam taker. The NCLEX CAT may make a decision on or about the 60th question.

NCLEX From Easy to Hard Questions

All questions from easy to hard; there will come a point where you go from getting more right to getting more wrong.

It s part of the testing plan. Do not worry. This is the point where you are answering 50% correctly and 50% incorrectly.

It s part of the testing plan.

NCLEX is power based instrument, but also a speed test in a sense because it has a time limit of five hours or so.

Plenty of time for 60 or so questions.

Everybody Fails the Hardest Questions

Questions harder than those standardized, will not probably answered correctly by most recently grad nurses.

Nursing experts could probably answer at least one-half of the hardest questions we could ask.

NCLEX Your Competence Level Tested

Your competence level is related to the difficulty level of the questions at the point where you can answer half of the

questions correctly. The goal of CAT is to find that point for you. Your nursing competence level as an entrant to

nursing practice. As exam takers continue answering correctly, the questions get harder and harder.

That point represents your competence level.

NCLEX The 60 questions CAT Pass or Fail ruling

After you have answered the minimum number of questions (about 60 or more ), the computer compares your

competence level to the passing standardized level and makes one of three decisions: (scores are NOT given)

NCLEX No point asking more when know or don t know the answers

If you can NOT answer the easy questions correctly, the CAT see no point in wasting time giving you out a lot of

difficult questions. In fact, the computer often could make a decision after giving you less than the minimum of 60

questions, but 60 questions are necessary to cover the NCLEX Test Plan.

Some NCLEX exam takers competence level is very close to the passing standard. For some of these people, all 265

questions in the item pool still might not be enought to make it clear whether they should pass or fail.

These are the people who take the maximum number of questions. The CAT need to determine their competence level.

NCLEX Do not skip or return to questions answered

You are not allowed to skip questions or go back to review or change previous answers; the CAT methodology adaptive

branching makes skipping or revising earlier answers logically invalid. Once an answer is recorded, all subsequent questions

administered depend, to some degree, on previous responses used to increase difficulty level for questions ahead.

If you answered incorrectly, the next question presented to you will be easier, withing your level of difficulty, making it

more likely you will answer correctly. Each question is selected randomly from the item pool and any similarity between

items is a coincidence.

Test anxiety is indeed a problem for many people. NCLEX CAT removes test anxiety. Candidate may test on the time

and day of their choice, and pace. Considering the NCLEX makes a decision at about 60 questions and average question

time is 2 and 30 seconds; there is plenty of time in 5 hours to do a test of about 60 questions.

The sample questions give you an opportunity to remove anxiety by helping you adapt to the testing situation and to

practice with the necessary keyboard strokes. The first 10 real questions do not count towards your score.

Nursing Psychiatry questions are failed by a great number of exam takers, both national and international nurses.

Review your psychiatric nurisng. You may see from 12 to 16 questions only, but this section accounts for about 14%

of the total questions on the test. Visit the links on this website for a full review of Nursing Psychiatry.

Learn about symptoms, signs, medications and intervention in psych nursing.

NCLEX Safety and Effective Intervention

All your correct answers are based on a safe and effective intervention, whether in non-psych nursing or

psych nurisng or any other specialty.

NCLEX name is register mark/brand name by the National Council of State of Board Nursing.

and its Capitals

Delaware RN NCLEX

Pennsylvania RN NCLEX

Pennsylvania RN NCLEX

New Jersey RN NCLEX

Georgia RN NCLEX

Atlanta RN NCLEX

Connecticut RN NCLEX

Hartford RN NCLEX

Massachusetts RN NCLEX


Maryland RN NCLEX

Annapolis RN NCLEX

Nclex Masters counter restarted at 335,000 Oct. 2013.

Add figures to visible count now for visitors update tally.

Computer questions answered free

On average about 2/3 of all foreign educated nurses PASS the NCLEX and under 1/3 FAIL per information from USA National Council of State Boards of Nursing.

A common section usually failed by many nurses is the section for Psychiatric nursing which total about 12 questions.

NCLEX RN exam takers may include nurses from Filipinas, India, China, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Chilea, Uruguay, Bahamas, Curacao, Trinidad Tobago, Virgin Islands, Peru, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala. Salvador, Bolivia, Hawaii, Ecuador,Argentina, Africa, South America, Mexico, Mejico, Canada, Middle East, Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Iran, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Costa Rica, Philippines, Manila, Pinoy Nurses, Korea, Israel, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Jordan.

NCLEX Russia, Japan, Spain, England, Australia, Belize, Poland nurses, Filipino,Panama, Grenadines, Jamaica, Haiti, Cuba, Canada, Bahamas, St Martin, Trinidad Tobago, Ecuador,Suriname,Australia, GN s from USA, California, Florida, Texas, Georgia, Tennesse, Kentucky, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, Oregon, wyoming, Montana, Dakota, Missouri, Mississipi.

NCLEX Alabama, Nebraska,Kansas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Michigan, Indiana, Colorado, Arizona,Massachusett, New Hampshire, Delaware, Washington, Minessotta, as a sample of exam takers internationally.

NCLEX Algeria, Benin, Cameroon, Cote d Ivoire, Eritrea, Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya Madagascar Maldives Mali Mauritius Morocco Nigeria Senegal Somalia South Africa Tanzania, United Republic of TogoTunisia Uganda Zimbabwe Afghanistan Bangladesh.

NCLEX China India Indonesia Japan Kyrgyzstan Malaysia Mongolia Myanmar Nepal Pakistan Philippines Singapore South Korea Sri Lanka Taiwan Thailand Viet Nam Albania Armenia Austria Azerbaijan Belarus Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Georgia Germany Greece Hungary Ireland Italy Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Macedonia Malta Moldova,Republic of Netherlands (Holland)

NCLEX Norway Poland Portugal Romania Russian Federation Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey Ukraine United Kingdom Uzbekistan Yugoslavia Bahrain Egypt Iran Israel Jordan Kuwait Lebanon Oman Qatar Saudi Arabia Syrian Arab Republic United Arab Emirates Yemen Antigua and Barbuda Canada Dominican Republic Honduras Mexico Nicaragua Panama Trinidad and Tobago United States Australia Fiji New Zealand Argentina Bolivia Brazil Chile Colombia Ecuador Guyana Peru Uruguay Venezuela Ethiopia.

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