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GCSE Maths Passports Grades 1 to 9 Revision

My maths answer sheet

The new grades 1 to 9 GCSE maths passports are a resource designed to encourage students to have independence of their revision. However the maths GCSE passport resources also provides direction for the students about how to revise maths, which maths topics to revise and where to look for maths resources. Students commonly struggle to be able to correctly revise mathematics. Many believe reading through a revision guide is enough no matter how many times you tell the students the need to complete maths questions.

Since the new 1-9 curriculum has been launched, I thought very carefully over whether to make a new version of the passports and I have decided it would agian be useful. A word of caution I have given each passport targeted grades, this does not mean the subjects inside the passports are grade x, it is just roughly what I see students of each ability are generally able to achieve.

The new grades 1 to 9 GCSE maths passport resources are more detailed than ever before. Instead of there being only three passports there are now five. The GCSE maths passports support students with revision of basic numeracy skills up to complex mathematical concepts. There are five different passports in total two foundation, one cross over foundation/ higher and two higher passports.

Passport Break Down

New Grade 1 to 9 Maths GCSE Revisom Passports

Students need to work through each topic using the content provided, if students don’t have access to a QR Code reader then there are web links below each QR code. The maths passports resource link to both support videos and practise questions. (These are links to Corbett Maths, Hegarty Maths, MissBsResources and Diagnostic Questions) Unlike previous passports I have categorised the topics into number, algebra, shapes and measures and statistics. I’ve also eliminated the majority of overlapping topics and questions between the passports and made sure each passport is in line the with the new GCSE specification. However, this isn’t an exhaustive list of topics.

My maths answer sheet

My maths answer sheetStudents need to provide evidence to their teacher that have done the tasks, as wel as answering the exam style question in the maths passport. If you are happy a student has completed the topic then you sign it off. This allows you to have a way to check up on the students revision and there revision practices.

Tracking Progress

I like to keep track of students in a simple spreadsheet of which maths passports and topics they have completed. This also gives me data I can easily provide to parents and tutors to help futher support the student.

Traveling Quizes

Each new maths passports also includes four traveling quizes. The categories are;

These provide students opportunities to attempt topics which may not have appeared in the passport but are still just as relevant.


So it’s time for students to collect their maths air miles by completing the new maths GCSE passport revision resources.

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