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Question And Get Answered 15 Free Online Question Answer Websites

Internet is a huge pool of knowledge where you can always get your questions, answered. But sometimes, there may be situations where you need an expertise to find your answers. Luckily, there are some sites that not only collects people views and reviews regarding a particular topic but also help in finding an expert in a concerned field. These are called as Question Answer websites.

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Here are some of the Question Answer websites that may help you to find your answer.

1. Answerbag

Various questions from various categories get answered in Question Answer websites.In this website you can either browse through various categories to find your answer or you can also post one which requires a registration. Different people having different opinions and thoughts post their views regarding a particular question. This helps in finding a suitable answer to your question. You can also read questions and answers posted by others.

2. Yahoo! Answers

Undoubtedly ,the most popular among the Question Answer websites where millions of users across the world participate. The questions are categorized accordingly for one to search an answer. Various answers are given for a particular question. These answers get voted by website visitors. Depending on the number of votes the answers are displayed. One needs to register himself/herself before putting up a question.

3. Blurt it

This is among the few Question Answer websites where you need not register, neither to ask your question and nor to give any answers. One can browse through various categories which contains questions regarding that topic. You can also get your answer for some selected knowledge boundary.

4. Anybody Out There

This is a very interesting site in which questions asked, get answered instantly. It is able to find the correct person who can answer your question by taking in to account how they have solved others before. It lets you post your general question and then searches for the answer.

5. WikiAnswers

Having a humonguos database of information and aboye 5000 categories of questions make it a tough competitor in becoming the best among a huge collection Question Answer websites. Here you can post your question, answer to the questions asked by others, browse through various categories. Relevant answers are displayed. Reference library is also provided in case of some more research. Once registered to the website, you can get e-mail notifications each time your question get answered.

6. FunAdvice

FunAdvice amalgamates questions, answers, photos, queries in a fun way which makes it easier to share thoughts. This website is the fastest growing website among all the other Question Answer websites. It is slowly attracting attention of thousands of people who wants to get their answered.

6. AskVille

The most important part about this website is that when you ask your question, all the related questions along with their previous answers get displayed for you to search a suitable answer. In case the question is different, then you can also post your question and wait for answers. As soon as your question gets answered, an email notification will be send to you, thereby making the whole process simpler.

7. Ask Me Help Desk

Here you need to follow a simple registration process to create a free account and then you can post your question. The same process of email notification once answered goes in here also. An interesting fact is that you can get paid for answering questions. Paying for answering is not so popular in Question Answer websites.

8. Answer Bank

You can ask questions regarding a wide variety of topics which include music, body-building, law etc. Lot of questions are related to current affairs. So you can ask questions relating all round the world.

9. AskDeb

Ask questions online to people around the world and get instant answers. Questions of various genres and topics can be asked and can be answered easily.

10. Able2Know

Online discussions about a particular topic to come to an optimal solution can be done in this website. Very few Question Answer websites allow online discussion.

11. Mahalo Answers

Answers related to all the questions are submitted in this site as like all other Question Answer websites. The answers are voted and most voted answer is displayed for the question.

In its own terms twitter helps in finding a solution to a particular quesion. Unlike all the other Question Answer websites, Twitter also allows you to express your thoughts and opinions on any topic.

13. eHow

eHow have a huge database of technical knowledge such as reports, videos etc. which can help in solving the technical queries. It is one of the few Question Answer websites that take up technical questions.

14. 5min

It is a among some unique Question Answer websites in which instructional videos are provided for solving common questions. Graphical solution helps to solve the problem much more quickly and efficiently than other question answer websites.

15. Cramster

Very few Question Answer websites are solely dedicated to students studying in schools and colleges. Cramster is one of them which provides online tutoring and gives answers to academic questions.

Internet is a huge resource of information which contains an innumerable number of Question Answer websites in which you can definitely find the answer of your questions.

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