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go spel

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Go spel Go spel Go spel Go spel

Go spel

is a browser based economy simulation set in the Middle Ages, which means it can be played on every computer with internet access. Downloads or plugins are not necessary. Registration is for free.

The basic features of this game are:

Build your village with more than 40 different buildings and turn it into a business empire. You can breed cattle, cultivate crop, brew beer and much more

There are about 100 different products you can produce in different qualities. Work together with other players or build your own production chains.

Sell your products to non player characters or trade with real players to get the best prices. Send contracts or offer your products on the board or in the chat.

From rags to riches, in Kapi Regnum your dreams will come true.

Do you have what it takes to become Archduke?

War had devastated the lands and, like a blast of fire, had left devastation in its wake. Entire families had been wiped out. Food was running out, for there was no one left to till the fields. Times were rough and life had not been kind to anyone in a long time.

Go spel

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