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Justanswer – Unauthorized drafts I asked and recieved a question about towing a trailer with my car. They were suppose to make one draft but they continued to draft my account every month. I wa.

Justanswer – Charged my credit card twice I contacted JustAnswer regarding a simple question about my dog. We were on holidays and the issue was not serious enough to take the dog to the vet. I reciev.

Justanswer – Just Answer Treats its Experts Like ***


I “work” as an Expert at Just Answer even though they say they are not “. an employer” and “. no employer employee relationship is implied by this Agreement the one every HAS TO agree to in order to be “employed” there and Experts are simply users of this site just like clients.” However, my argument is Just Answer takes money from clients, takes a large) cut, then passes the money on to me (an Expert). Doesn t that sound like an EMPLOYEE to you?

Also, should a client be so generous as to leave a Bonus, Just Answer takes a cut of that Bonus, too. Now a Bonus is something like a tip, or a thank-you for excellent service. No excellent service, no bonus. But doesn t “BONUS” sound an awful lot like a “TIP”? If that is the case, I think it unfair that Just Answer should take a cut of my tips. Call a horse a donkey, but it still walks.

Therefore, if Just Answer is in fact an Employer it is acting outside the law and the Labor Code by stealing tips from its employees.

Just my biggest gripe. Oh. And it s against the rules, for which suspension of my account or access to Just Answer for an indefinite period is the penalty, for expressing myself like this in a public forum.

And, as required by Just Answer: “Just Answer has not reviewed these remarks and makes no warranty or claim of fitness of merchantability concerning same”.

This review is a subjective opinion of a user.

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Anonymous 15 hours ago #1231443

I used to make a lot of money off justanswers, but then they changed the format, and now it sucks. Also, I just checked today, and the homework section has 1 question, which is usually some weird computer programming section. Can’t sustain your business model if you have no customers.
I think the mechanics section and other things in justanswer might do better, but the homework and writing help has dropped off considerably.

Sean Oct 09, 2012 #553007

I actually do work under computers for Just Answer and have been extremely satisfied with the results, just for the month of September I made enough to by a used transmission for my car that unfortunately went out on me. Yeah they take a cut. thats business, they’re a broke/median type. get over it people.

Does it matter? Sep 13, 2012 #541653

My first month as a new expert I earned $500 and they sent me an email that one of my categories was being investigated for fraudulent activity. Therefore I would get paid for NONE of my categories. So I took to only answering one question per day, just to barely stay active. Now I just got another fraud notice for a different category. They should have just told me that they never had any intention of paying me ever, and I would not have wasted my time feeding their content farm.

1airplanejoe to Does it matter? Feb 17, 2013 #610286

Hey does it matter I have a question for you. what could you have done wrong. I used to be a customer of ja but they started doing *** stuff to customers. like me. I paid very good.

Scott L Mar 05, 2012 #442674

The above response is absolute nonsense and false. You have to have a verified current license to become an expert in any medical field. Anyone can try to sign up as a expert but that is only the first step. No proof of professional license, no access to the site.

Englebert to Scott L Feb 19, 2013 #611230

I have been on Just Answer for a year now.
They deliberately have vague,contradictory
fine print that makes no sense even among the experts.Customers furious about being billed
for subscriptions and double billed.
Every rating is a billing,some think
they are punishing by rating badly 2-3 times
a question, however Just Answer simply bills
them $30 or whatever they agreed to for each
volt, they do not pay the expert unless the
customer accepts,and 40% never pay,the experts
with 95% ratings and above are the worst trolls,
they search the archives and use old answers
rephrased, The top rated experts are trolls
who make false accounts to make bad ratings
and manipulate the ratings, then they buy
$60 a month subscriptions and ask themselves
questions and rate themselves excellent 300
times over a year, this is *** they get 95%
rating,with a free warranty they have many who
never acceptand think they get refunds but only
if they spend hoursfor $30, most write it off
and many do not look at their credit card bill
and are billed for a year! The old trolls abuse
the new experts by peer reviewing them over
anythingor nothing, there is rampant scripting,
money laundering and fraud, they treat the experts
like *** are rude and do not give a *** about
anything but getting money,they. place ads to trick
customers into thinking we are factory mechanics
saying 6 Toyota mechanics online,
many ask, how did I get here!lol!
It is a complete fraud,experts exist in
fear of shill accounts made to damage the
ratings and boot any experts who have skills
as the trolls are scared of educated experts,
making sure through treachery the ratings are
skewed. many bad answers and the top rated experts
are really the worst, they have archived accepted
answers and look up the question and rephrase it
and act as if they have this knack but its all fake,
may burnt motors they do not even warn anyone about
power they care less. Show more

Jim P Jan 03, 2012 #402313

Just Answer is nothing more than a scam to screw people out of there money! Just answer has retained tens of thousands of dollars in customer deposits. These deposits are for question not answered or accepted. Your money is not returned unless you threaten them with legal action! They claim they have experts? Anyone can be an expert. I signed up using my dogs name and within a week I could have answered medical questions. Woof!!
SCAM = Justanswer.com

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