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Jamb Cbt Practice Software 2017/2018

You are Welcome to our site.

Its finally here. you can now download Markup Jamb cbt practice software 2017/2018 with jamb past questions and solutions(2016 jamb cbt past questions included) .

Here you would have an unfettered access to Jamb Past Questions. in various accessible formats, Ranging from Jamb cbt application software. Jamb past questions in pdf form and jamb online practice .

We are here to equip our prospective jamb candidates with the necessary tools to excel in their forthcoming exams. We have a proprietary jamb cbt software for pc carefully tailored to meet the requirements of our prospective UTME candidates. A snapshot of our application software is seen above.

Our price is 1000 naira only. Its an unbeatable bargain. we will keep upgrading our question database, so please come back to get more .


jamb cbt practice software.

The Complete Migration of Jamb from the traditional paper based Test to cbt thus calls for the practice of using a computer based software (CBT) to prepare aspiring Jamb Candidates for their upcoming Jamb CBT Exams. Practice. they say brings about perfection. Adequate preparation is a vital ingredient to success in any of life s undertaking. It is especially important to get well acquainted with the interface of a computer based test (cbt) so as to garner the necessary confidence before the real examination and its also paramount to practice past questions to have a feel of the structural composition of the approaching examination.

Practising past questions especially the immediate past questions generally increases the students level of preparedness and overall confidence because he/she has been exposed to the recent format and structure of the exams set by the examination body in this case JAMB.

The MARK-UP team took the initiative and then decided to come to the rescue, We have created a Jamb CBT software which has embedded in it, jamb past questions and answers with detailed explanations to help prepare UTME candidates in their upcoming exams. Our Desktop app works with windows xp sevice pack 2 and 3, windows 7, 8 and 10).

Our jamb cbt practice software works completely offline and does not require internet connectivity. This of course is to remove the costs associated with bandwidth consumption and the frustrations included with irregular network connectivity. you do not need to be connected online to use our jamb cbt practice software. you only need a one time Activation code. We have questions in English, Maths, physics, chemistry,Biology,Crk ,Accounts, Economics, Literature in English, Commerce. Irk. Arabic. Hausa, Geography and Government. The questions were carefully selected from 1978 to 2016(yes, 2015 and 2016 past questions included).

Also note that in this version, detailed explanations(workings) are now available for most questions in physics and maths but note that some years do not have all detailed solutions to all their questions. this will be provided freely in a future update.

download Markup jamb cbt software 2017 for pc ( Current Version) 42.5mb

Frequently asked questions

1. What are the features of your jamb cbt application software?

our jamb cbt software has real jamb past questions and answers. year by year. that is we have full past questions for each subject, for instance. 1983 English jamb past questions has complete 100 questions and they come with solutions, you can select four subjects at once. just the way its done in jamb cbt, you an also navigate easily from any question to another.

2. why are your questions not randomized?

We are not convinced of a strong argument to support question randomization, While randomization has its own merits, we believe the demerits outweigh its potential benefits. for instance the form and structural integrity of questions set by the examination body (jamb) is lost to randomization. the student cannot adequately evaluate his /her strenghts because questions are arbitrarily chosen at random. Also a student loses the power of choice he cannot isolate and then decisively deal with a particular question targeted to a particular year.

3. how many jamb exam years do you have in your software?

English 13 years including 2016 jamb past questions a total of 1300 questions.

Biology 17 years including 2016 jamb past questions a total of 850 questions.

chemistry 12 years including 2016 jamb past questions a total of 600 questions.

physics 11 years including 2016 jamb past questions a total of 550 questions.

Government 14 years including 2016 jamb past questions a total of 700 questions.

Literature English 13 years including 2016 jamb past questions total 650 questions

Economics 12 years including 2016 ,jamb past questions a total of 600 questions.

Mathematics 11 years including 2016 jamb past questions. a total of 550 questions.

Accounts 9 years including 2014, a total of 450 questions.

Commerce 9 years including 2016 jamb past questions, a total of 450 questions.

Crk 9 years including 2016 a total of 450 questions .

Geography 5 years a total of 250 questions.

Irk 4 years a total of 200 questions

hausa 2 years a total of 100 questions

Arabic 1 year a total 50 questions

4. how do i get an activation code ?

please pay a sum of 1000 naira ( include your phone no in the payment details )to

Name. Ogunmisi Babatunde

Account Number. 0159485177

Name. Ogunmisi Babatunde

Account Number. 3101384664

you would receive a 17 digit activation code sent to your email address to unlock the full features of the software.

5. Is your software time limited?

The software comes with a default set of 2 questions per subject per year for evaluation, so you over 200 free practice questions.

you can use the software for as long as you want. but remember, you have to keep up with the trends of questions set by jamb, so you know what has changed and then you try to get the latest past questions.

download Markup jamb cbt software 2017 for pc ( Current Version) 42.5mb

To request for an activation code Please call 09098705082. 07062776875 or whatsapp 07062776875 (Lagos,Nigeria). Our download is now live .


Are you a school owner. Perhaps, you manage a cyber cafe, or a jamb tutorial centre, you can consider leveraging our jamb cbt training software to further prepare your students for their jamb cbt examination .

Have you considered setting up a jamb cbt training centre, or you would want a customizable cbt training software, we can customize a cbt training software for you.

Our customizable cbt training software would allow you input your own questions and answers then grade your students.you have complete control over the administration of your exams.

However, if your requirements are centred around training students preparing for jamb cbt exams, we believe MARKup our proprietary jamb cbt software which offers jamb past questions and answers with detailed solutions, with carefully selected questions from 1978 till 2016, should suffice for your jamb cbt training programme.

Marketing and Distribution

Are you a student. A Teacher. A proprietor/proprietress. An owner of a jamb / waec tutorial centre? A fresh graduate. Nysc youth corp Member? or a Veteran Distributor/Marketer. An owner of a cybercafe.

Would you like to partner with us and earn great commission distributing our products? you can earn up to 50% commissions on sales and make up to 100% return on Investments, Marketimg/Distribution Partners are welcomed from all over the Nation.

09098705082. 07062776875. whatsapp 07062776875.

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