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Funny Trivia Questions and Answers

hahaa troll!111111 – bob [April 19, 2014]

Which movie was the quote no more rhyming. i mean it from
And who said it – Ray m [November 6, 2013]

It’s lame improve it dumdum. BUT SOME OF THEM WERE REALLY AWESOME. LOL GOOD JOB MAN. – Rose [June 2, 2013]

fun. helps me with planning. thanks x – maddie [April 14, 2013]

URBAN MYTH ALERT! Walt Disney was not afraid of mice. – MIB [March 7, 2013]

can i take a quiz – zynika D [March 6, 2013]

nice facts – v. drum [September 18, 2012]

can’t wait to have a trivia night. to see if they can get the kids ones right first. – Lyn Campbell [July 26, 2012]

wow Trivia on the yearrrr. is, I’am Pretty hahaha. )) Piece – Bhabiee DoLL [July 16, 2012]

i think the answer to the first question is wrong. i have read an article which says that the memory of a goldfish lasts for 3 months and not 3 seconds. ) – ot [July 16, 2012]

this is very cool – liz [May 4, 2012]

Where are the answers. – jack [April 14, 2012]

Actually, a group of ravens is called an unkindness . It can also be a constable or a conspiracy depending on what the group is doing. A murder is a group of crows. – Debbie J [March 22, 2012]

hahahahha nakita koh – lourdiann [January 5, 2012]

I liked your fun trivia. I have a question for you! A seven year old boy wanted to know if fish drink the same water that they use the bathroom – philly [January 1, 2012]

there are many diving courses, PADI is just one, you have SSI, NAUI, PSAI just to name a few – Shawn [October 25, 2011]

Very entertaining site – Nishi jain [August 25, 2011]

In regard to question #10. I thought footballs were made of pig skin. – nancyt [February 22, 2011]

Question 4 above car at 100 mph, how long to reach nearest star? If you Google that question, the answer is the sun is closest star and would take 106 years. Not sure which answer is correct. – T [January 6, 2011]

Thought that all the Trivia questions & answers were super. We will use them at our Trivia charity nite. – Lorraine Franks [November 16, 2010]

it is so funny i love it – jae l [July 29, 2010]

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