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Funny questions and answers

Silly Dumb Trivia Questions

Who said “I’ve watched a lot of baseball – on the radio”?

In Michigan it is illegal to chain what to a fire hydrant?

Where are 40,000 Americans injured each year?

A: In the toilet

In 1987 the Jockey Club disqualified a horse that had eaten what?

Where can you find the best funny silly and dumb trivia questions with answers?

A: Right here at Trivia Country!

What web site is the best for “Funny Silly and Dumb Trivia Questions With Answers”?

A: This one, Trivia Country!

Mr. Cat Poop was the Chinese translation of what Jack Nicholson movie?

A: As Good as it Gets

In Connecticut, a pickle must do what to be legal?

One third of Taiwanese funeral processions include what?

In Vermont, woman can’t wear what without written permission from their husbands ?

In Wisconsin when is it illegal to fire a gun?

A: During your wife’s orgasm

How do members of the Walibri tribe in central Australia greet each other?

A: By shaking penises

In the city of some areas have private flush toilets for who / what?

What did people in the Middle Ages throw at the bride and groom?

In Equatorial Guinea , what is it illegal to name your child?

33% of the world’s population can’t do what with their fingers?

A: Snap their fingers

With what did the ancient Romans dye their hair?

In Ohio, by law, all pets have to carry what at night?

A: Lights on their tails

In Oklahoma City its illegal for a prisoner to wear what?

A: Pink Bikini Underwear

In Massachusetts, what is it illegal to have in the bathroom?

A: A light switch

It is illegal in Alaska to look at a moose from where?

A: The window of any aircraft

In which Tennessee city it is illegal to lasso fish?

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