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computer questions answered free

Computer questions answered free

Computer questions answered free

Computer questions answered free

Computer questions answered free

We advise you to get in touch with your mobile phone provider to double check their rates to our access numbers (for mobile operator customer services click here).

Once the negotiated special deal comes to an end we will also have to change the access number back to its original price.

To ensure you are always calling the cheapest access number possible, simply sign up for our free newsletter.

Sometimes it could happen we send free messages about special actions to our customers.

But we only do this when changes at the side of a (mobile) operator has great impacts for our customers.

If you don’t want to be informed in cases like this, please feel free to opt-out by sending a mail to our customer service via the website.

We advise you to get in touch with your service provider to protest your bill (for customer services telephone numbers please click here). Should your service provider not settle the issue satisfactorily please contact Ofcom on 0845 456 3000.

However if you are abroad with your mobile (i.e. not in the country the mobile number originates from) your mobile provider will charge you for receiving calls whilst abroad also known as roaming charges. For more information please contact your mobile provider.

For the NTL pricelist please click here.

For Telewest charges prices please visit the Telewest website.

When you call a destination via Telediscount from a landline, your landline provider does not know the international number you are calling via Telediscount, your landline provider can only show you the Telediscount access number you have called. As the international number has appeared on your landline providers bill, this suggests that the call was made via your normal landline provider and not via Telediscount. So next time you make an international call, remember to dial the Telediscount access number before you dial the international telephone number.

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