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Free Answers to Riddles

Do you want free answers to riddles? Riddles are meant to challenge the brain, usually with wordplay, and typically the answer is overlooked.

History of Riddles

Puzzles have been around for thousands of years. Many riddles in ancient times were humorous rather than intellectual. The modern form of the riddle emerged in the middle ages from traveling entertainers, often singing bards. There have also been occasions where riddles were used to communicate information on a secret level.

Nowadays, riddles appear in all forms — funny, serious, hard, simple — and for (link to riddles for kids article)all ages. Sometimes, a riddle for a first grader is harder than many riddles for adults!

Where to Find Free Answers to Riddles

So you’ve been told a riddle and, despite not knowing the answer right away, the riddle-teller decided not to give you the answer. Where to you find free answers to riddles?

One of the first things you can do, if you have access to the Internet, is to type the riddle into a search engine. Just type in the riddle exactly as you heard it. Use Google or Bing to see if the answer or a website that holds the answer appears. For example, typing in “Why did the chicken cross the road” will locate websites with the answer. You’ll also get variations of the original riddle you may not have heard before.

You can also use a search engine to find riddle answers for free even if typing in the exact riddle doesn’t elicit an answer. Type in a few key words from the riddle and see what gets presented to you. Using the chicken riddle above, you could try typing in “riddle chicken road.” It’s possible you may receive some of the same answers as the full riddle, but you should receive some additional answers as well.

If you are just curious about riddles and don’t have one you need an answer for, you can visit any number of riddle websites. Some of the more popular ones are:

  • Riddle Nut Offers over 800 riddles and free answers. You can add your own riddles, but note that this website is ad-heavy.
  • has thousands for riddles showcased in a nice little interface. When you first visit the site for the day, you’ll be presented with a joke of the day. You can select jokes by topic or title.
  • Riddle Spot is more of a user-generated site where visitors and members add riddles to the site. The riddles are listed under categories like logic, words, numbers, “What am I?” and more.
  • Rink Works lists riddles in an easy format for you to read. Most of the riddles on the site have you guess what the riddle is describing.

Besides searching online for riddles and free answers to riddles, you can go to your local library or book store and browse the joke and riddle books on the shelves.

Try Something Unique

A different method to finding riddle answers is by posting the joke in a joke forum, especially a popular one. Since a large number of users will read your post, your free answer is sure to be out there. One other possibility is you might get an answer to a riddle that isn’t the classic answer, but it makes sense.

Along similar lines is to post the riddle on any of the social media sites you frequent like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. The difference between this way and posting in the forum is that most of the answers will come from friends.

You basically have unlimited resources to find answers to riddles. The Internet should be your first choice since there are so many users online every day. If you want a funny or personal answer, then ask your friends since they might give you a wrong but humorous answer if they don’t know the real one.

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