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We handle all the calls you can t for only $39 per month!

Having a live person to answer your calls, can mean the difference between your client choosing you, or calling your competitor.

  • US-based operators available 24/7.
  • Calls answered in three rings or less that s fast!.
  • Receive your messages via text, email or fax.
  • No set-up or programming fees for your phone script.

Why use an answering service?

The most beneficial aspect of our phone answering service is that it provides both existing and potential customers with the ability to communicate with a company during its off-hours. Most small businesses do not stay open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, making it pertinent that clients still have a point of contact to speak with a representative about their inquiries; this is exactly what a business gets when it implements our affordable answering management service .

Unanswered calls lead to missed opportunities. Customers don t want to speak to a machine they want to talk to a human being. For proof, look no further than the 2011 study by Consumer Reports the devil is always in the data.

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most irritable, consumers ranked the inability to get a human agent on the phone at 8.9. When multi-step processes are required, consumers rated the process at an irritability level of 8.5.

For comparison purposes, consumers rated pushy in-store salespeople at 8.2 meaning dealing with a pushy salesperson is less annoying than not being able to get a human on the phone!

Relying on voicemail creates a whole new set of problems. The main one: A lot of callers will not leave you a message. Why should they wait for you when they can quickly and easily get in touch with one of your competitors.

When the matter is urgent or time sensitive, it s common for callers to select the first company they can get in touch with. If they can t get in touch with someone, they move down the list, and you ve lost them for good. Our service gives you a higher-quality alternative to the often robotic and inefficient voicemail.

With our telephone answering, you can focus on the things you do best, and not have to worry about missed calls.

Our Affordable Answering Plans have your back

How does the process work? If your unavailable to answer the phone, the caller is automatically rerouted to one of our helpful operators. The operate greets the caller using your script, and then takes a message and phone number. That message is then forwarded to you by text, email or fax (your choice). From there you can make a decision to respond immediately if deemed necessary. Depending on the matter, simply reaching out to the customer via email may be acceptable just to let them know they ve been heard.

If you or your employees are too busy to answer the phone, or if you get slammed with multiple calls, or if a customer calls your business after it s closed for the day, you don t have to worry that you lost a caller to a competitor because he or she was unable to reach you. All callers are handled with TLC so you don t lose business due to call overload.

Starting at only $39 per month, our service is among the most affordable in the industry.

Our service to you can t be beat

A friendly, US-based operator – not an automated system or overseas contractor answers your missed calls with professionalism and courtesy.

Our answering service is great for offices in need of an affordable answer to missed calls. With our call service, your current clients and hopefuls will not be handled by an impersonal recorded voice, busy signal or never-ending rings.

Ready to get started?

Sign up for our service below or contact us if you have additional questions before making your decision:

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