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It’s never been simpler: just give EclipseCrossword a list of words and clues, and it does the rest. In seconds, you’ll have a crossword puzzle with just the words you want. EclipseCrossword has been downloaded more than five million times by people just like you.

Answers to crossword puzzles

Who can use EclipseCrossword?

  • Teachers and parents: Use crosswords to review vocabulary and lessons for all subjects. Students may actually even enjoy doing the assignment! Crossword puzzles encourage logical thinking and correct spelling. Crosswords can be printed or uploaded to your website.
  • Webmasters: You can easily create interactive crossword puzzle web pages with EclipseCrossword crossword puzzles are a great way to get people to stay on your site, and come back in the future. Your visitors can play the puzzle right on your website, or you can post a printable version so they can solve it at their leisure.
  • Newsletter editors: Nobody reads your newsletter? Try adding a crossword puzzle next time, and maybe people will look at it before throwing it away. EclipseCrossword lets you easily save files that can be used in your word processor or publishing software.
  • You! Anybody can use EclipseCrossword to produce great-looking crossword puzzles. If you re not sure what you d make a crossword about, check out these ideas.

Answers to crossword puzzles Take the EclipseCrossword tour and see what EclipseCrossword has to offer.

Not sure yet? Read what others have said about EclipseCrossword, or check out some projects by other EclipseCrossword users. We’re sure you’ll be convinced. And remember, EclipseCrossword is free!

Answers to crossword puzzles

EclipseCrossword is a free product for Microsoft Windows and includes no spyware or ads. It is not a trial version. (You’re responsible for your own internet fees.) Need help with EclipseCrossword?

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