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WebAssign is an on-line homework system used in Math 112, 113, 115, 115B, 140, 140, 140H, 141, 141H, 220 and 221.

Please read through the directions below before logging into WebAssign.

Logging into the WebAssign system:

    • There are two methods of payment: credit card, or at the bookstore. You will see more information about this when you log on to webassign. The cost is $19.95 per semester per course as of Fall 2012.

Selecting an Assignment:

    • Once you have successfully logged in, you will see an assignment list with information such as how many tries you have to complete each problem and when the assignment is due.
    • Select the assignment you want to work on.

Question Types – Within WebAssign there are different types of questions that can be asked, including Multiple Choice, Numerical, and Symbolic. Each type of question should be handled slightly differently.

      • Appearance: The question will be followed by a list of possible solutions. Next to each will be a square containing a circle called a radio button.
      • Use: Radio buttons only allow you to select one answer. If you try to select more than one, only the last answer you select will be counted.
      • Example: Problem 1 of the Assignment WA1.
      • Appearance: Like Multiple choice questions, Multiple Select Questions will be followed by a list of possible answers. However, next to each possible answer will be a square checkbox.
      • Use: A checkbox allows you to choose more than one answer. To get the problem correct you must check all of the correct answers. If you check an answer and then decide this answer is not correct, simply click on the box again and the check will disappear.
      • Example: Problem 2 of the Assignment WA1.

Numerical, Symbolic, and Fill-in-the blank

      • Appearance: Numerical, Symbolic, and Fill-in-the-Blank questions will all appear the same on the screen. Somewhere within or at the end of the problem, you will see a rectangular box.
      • Use: Clicking in the box will allow you to enter your answer.

How do I know the difference? If the question asks for an answer which is a word, then this is a fill in the blank question. If the question says that you may use specific variables or constants within your answer, then it is a symbolic question. Otherwise, it is a Numerical question.

Things to keep in mind:

    • Fill-in-the-Blanks are not case sensitive but be very careful to enter the answer with the correct spelling.
    • Symbolic questions are case sensitive. If the question states that you may use the variable “t” if you use “T,” then your answer will graded as wrong.
    • Numerical questions accept only numbers. You may not use any type of variable or function within your answer.
    • After answering all the questions, submit your assignment. Be aware of the maximum number of times you can submit the assignment (this may vary with the assignment).
    • Some of the symbols within the problems might look unusually large or small compared to the text
    • The equations seem to be wrapping around and becoming jumbled and unreadable.
    • The symbols within your assignments have been formatted to match a reasonable text size. If your computer web browser is not set to this size you may have trouble reading the problems. To change this setting, you must change the text size in your browser preferences. Here is how you would do this in Internet Explorer or Firefox:
        • Open the View menu at the top of the browser window.
        • Select Text Size from this mune
        • Set the text size to Largest
        • Open the Edit menu at the top of the browser window and go to Preferences (in some versions of Firefox) or the Options menu in the upper left (in more recent versions).
        • Select the Content tab and then go to Fonts and Colors .
        • Set the Font Size to 18 (both variable and fixed width).
    • Most of the problems within your assignments were created using some sort of formatting table. If your browser window is too small, this can cause the equations to line up improperly. To fix this, you should maximize your window by clicking on the maximize button in the top right hand corner of the window.

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