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the act of defining, or of making something definite, distinct, or clear: We need a better definition of her responsibilities.

the formal statement of the meaning or significance of a word, phrase, idiom, etc., as found in dictionaries. An online dictionary resource, such as, can give users direct, immediate access to the definitions of a term, allowing them to compare definitions from various dictionaries and stay up to date with an ever-expanding vocabulary.

Definition of definition (continued)

the condition of being definite, distinct, or clearly outlined: His biceps have great muscle definition.

Optics . sharpness of the image formed by an optical system.

Radio and Television . the accuracy of sound or picture reproduction.

Origin of definition

1350–1400; Middle English diffinicioun

Related Forms

  • adjective : definitional
  • adverb : definitionally
  • noun : predefinition
  • noun : redefinition
  • noun : self-definition
  • noun : subdefinition


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Examples from the News

  • Those who are by definition free of the biases that come with living near or working with those entrusted to protect us.

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  • Editor s Note: This article has been revised to include the definition and text of Section 12.

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  • Under that definition, forced kissing can certainly constitute as a form of sexual assault.

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  • But she still wants to make the point that it is still a romantic comedy, in the way that the definition of that term is evolving.

    Confessions of a Rom-Com Writer: Liz Tuccillo Talks ‘Sex and the City,’ ‘Take Care,’ and More

  • But IBC is also a fair bit more inclusive in its definition of war casualties.

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  • Examples

    • Merely to abstain from definition was like a load taken off my mind.

    The Conquest of Fear

  • Examples will give a better notion of this than can be conveyed by any definition.

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  • You must listen to the definition of a catachresis:— A catachresis is the boldest of any trope.

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  • The Assistant Commissioner gave this definition in an apologetic voice.

    The Secret Agent

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