Daniel Puig-Pey at Oakland Community College – Auburn Hills, webassign answers.#Webassign #answers

Daniel Puig-Pey

Webassign answers

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prof. daniel is a pretty great lecturer gets to the point while still explaining the material enough. he does move a little fast but he always waits to take questions if someone doesnt understand him. p.s. he is hilarious, but he doesnt joke around TOO much during lectures.

The nest math professor I’ve ever had, hands down. Explained the calculus concepts in a way that I understood. Very fair grader, gives you partial credit. Not an easy A professor but his lectures are clear and organized. Super friendly and always willing to help.

Really great professor. He is organized and posts his notes online. Quite a lot of homework like in all math classes. He made class fun and was very clear. Totally recommended!

He’s an awesome professor! Alot of homework, but anything math-based requires you to practice to grab the concepts. He’s funny too. Attending majority of classes is recommended. He’s also great to work 1-on-1 with during office hours if you need help. He really wants students to succeed!

I took Calc 2 with Mr. Daniel. He’s clear on his lectures and he always helped me out when I had questions. Never made me feel stupid, no matter how easy was my question. Quite a lot of homework, but you cannot avoid doing hw in Calc 2, so it’s ok. 4 tests and final. The tests were doable and he tells you what hes going to ask. He’s funny!

By far one of the best professors I have ever had! He’s very organized and is always willing to answer questions. He asked us if we understood the material constantly. Test questions are similar to the notes and webassign. Webassign is optional but it helps your grade. Don’t hesitate to take his class if you have a chance.

great teacher and really wants his students to do well! I’m taking him again for 1100

Easy class for me. Mr. Daniel made it as enjoyable as a math class can be. He collects homework and gives you credit for it. I really liked that he gave us individual feedback. I’m taking him again for my next class.

I agree with most of the reviews, great professor. Lectures were clear, he’s very meticulous and explains everything carefully. He solved quite a lot of problems in class, more than my other calc professors. Online homework was optional, but a great way to improve your grade. 4 tests and the final and he drops the lowest test. Very approachable.

Highly recommended! He explains the material in an understandable way and makes sure you get it before moving on. Lots of homework but it’s Calc2, so what do you expect? His tests are based on homework and gives you an extra credit question. Attendance is non mandatory but I wouldn’t be doing well if I were not in class. Great guy and funny!

The best math professor I’ve had so far. He likes to show why every formula works but that makes me understand them better. Tests are made of hw problems. Love his sense of humor.

He might be a good fit for beginning classes but definitely not advanced one. He goes way too fast and rushes through lecture and examples. Doesn’t give reviews or any outlines for tests. Online homework that’s very confusing. Stay away.

Very good professor. Clear lectures. He helped me a lot during office horus.

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